Shavua Tov, The Open Forum 09.22.22

Especially in the context of Israel, world news, current events and politics, what’s on your mind? Anything goes except hate, trolling and religious disputes.

Know any good jokes?

Seen any good videos lately?

Read any interesting articles?

Feel free to post them here…

 שָׁנָה טוֹבָה

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4 thoughts on “Shavua Tov, The Open Forum 09.22.22

    1. Ozraeli

      That’s the link I followed, which was weird, but subsequently Bill posted the link to here on that page.

  1. Ozraeli

    Well, it’s been a while, and it’s a liitle late, but Shana Tova leCoolam, Happy New Year, Hag Sameach, Happy Holidays, and I hope everyone has repented, cleared their consience, disposed of all their sins, & are looking forward to the clean, fresh, unblemished New Year!

    The video is stunning!

    For your pleasure & edification:

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