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  1. Sapper 9

    Last night while on my long drive,I was listening to Mark Levin; he referred to an article which I found this morning, admittedly it is a few years old.

    It is about how Jewish students were treat for admission at prestigious University and similarities with what is being done to Asian students.

    ** prestigious doesn’t really fit them today**

      1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

        Aided and abetted by their co-conspirators on the other “side”. Government of the people, by the government, for the government.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Good evening Sarge! ☺️☺️☺️

      How are you doing?
      How was your day?

      I’m going to read the article Be’Ezras Hashem tomorrow.

      I had a crazy day and am still working on healing.

      The electric board on my thermostat had to be replaced as well as a wire.
      The repairman had to come back.
      The steam came back on a short time ago, BH.

      I’ve been bundled up all day, LOL.

      I also had a few “fires” to put out today.
      I’m always happy to help.

      I’m awaiting good news from a relative of mine tomorrow.
      I’m waiting for it to be finalized.
      (I’ve been busy with it since the summer.)

      I’ve been up since 4 A.M.

      My eyes are hurting.
      I have to force myself to stay up another hour and a half if possible.

      It’s always so awesome to see you.

      Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving?
      My best wishes to you with everything!

      1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

        Doing OK, just damp and overcast for several days now. Absolutely do not like winter! Just have to outlast it. 🤠

          1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Born on the Texas Gulf coast in August, set my thermostat for life! You can have my share of winter! Lol

        1. Lorraine

          I find a fire in the fireplace to be the great blessing of winter.
          It gives comfort and solace and a great place to relax and unwind.
          Good music and good book complete the scene. I also catch up on correspondence.
          I’m a summer person myself Sarge!

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      Just read the article.
      I feel like we’ve been had.
      This is exactly where we were.
      Deja vu from 2020.

      The Dems perfected the steal.

      The Red Tsunami was stolen.

      As I have said ad nauseam, unless cheating is prevented, nothing will ever change.

      Thank you most kindly for sharing this article.
      I really like The American Thinker.

    3. Weary Traveler

      Here’s how I see it. There were those of us who were aware of the system being rigged, which was more than you might think, but unlike most who believed that, actually would not simply accept that “it’s just how it is.” Then there are all the normies who believed all the lies from the pundits about this ot that segment of the populace, or even the American people as a whole, and accepted the narrative of being outnumbered by a bunch of uninformed saps.

      There are those of us who were, and are still aware, that such narratives being pushed by the “political experts” in corporate media where just cover stories to mask their own crimes against our very system.

      For people like myself, this is frustrating. But, this position also gives one the 40,000 ft view. Where most are right now is the early stages of grief of dealing with the corrupt reality. The good news is that those early stages, which tend to be more paralyzing, are just temporary, and do pass.

      And when that happens, that is when we will start acting more like Brazil, who just suffered a stolen election, and peacefully take to the streets. And that is when things change, and we get our country back.

      1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

        “…Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security….”

        Hopefully peacefully anyway.

    1. george linker

      That appies to the democrats as well. They are the ones who used loan forgiveness to lure votes and then had the courts throw it out. Now the democrats buy that the courts were the problem when in fact it was all a ruse.

    1. Sapper 9

      That might last till January, then the regime will do anything to raise the prices and blame the new congress.

        1. Sapper 9

          Or his role in the “transphobic” Kindergarten cop where the little boy said: ” boys have a penis, girls have a vagina”, transphobe, transphobe, transphobe, the actor that played the little boy should never work again. lol

  2. IMSarahAnn

    Hello to you, everyone. I hope that each of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of peace, and joy. Love, Sarah. I’ve not forgotten you at all. I hold each of you in great friendship and admiration.

      1. IMSarahAnn

        The same for you, my dear friend! It’s always good to see you and I hope that you enjoy good health and happiness in every way! Bless you! 🤗🤗🤗💞💞💞

    1. Sapper 9

      It is a felony to leak a person’s tax information, but, that is exactly what they will do and no one will be charged.

      Cough, cough schiffty.

      1. Sapper 9

        No government would equal total anarchy, the smallest government possible, with states doing most of the work would be great.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          That’s from Judaism.

          Tractate Avos 3:2:

          “Rabbi Hanina, the vice-high priest said: pray for the welfare of the government, for were it not for the fear it inspires, every man would swallow his neighbor alive.”

        2. george linker

          As long as there is government there will be dissatification with said government. Someone will be screwed. Hence peace can only come from no government.

          1. Sapper 9

            Without government, power will be controlled by those with the least humanity and the most guns.

            No matter the situation, there will ALWAYS be dissatisfied people and there will always be people taking advantage of others.

          2. george linker

            Governments only real purpose is conflict resolution. Basically a court system. Anything else is just government overreach, forced control.

          3. george linker

            The governments only legitimate purpose is conflict resolution. Basically a court system. Anything else is government overreach and forced control

          4. george linker

            With governments the world is controlled by the ones with the most guns and the biggest weapons.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Like I have said before, Lake has more…. Err… Guts… Than most Republican males out there.

        But she is not the only one in Arizona fighting back.

        I think I’ll post a video I was watching yesterday that should also be encouraging on that same subject.

          1. John Gillis

            Cats are good creatures. I had one who would make eye contact with me via the mirror’s reflection and she’ trill to get my attention. Never meowed, but made that ‘urrf’ sound. And was a heck of a mouser!

  3. Proud Conservative Mom

    @disqus_bULCnI0MIm:disqus, I normally don’t do this, but if I can explain it to you:

    I am attaching your postings to me.

    Here’s the thing.
    We’re told that The Almighty G-d of Israel is ONE.
    Deuteronomy 6:4.
    “Hear O’ Israel. The L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is ONE.” (Emphasis added.). That’s our most cherished creed.
    We say it five times a day in our prayers.
    Isaiah 43:11 “I, I, am the L-rd and besides for Me there is no other Savior.”
    (💥💥💥 BOOM!)

    Numbers 23:19, Samuel l 15:29, and Hosea 11:9 declare that G-d is NOT a man. He doesn’t lie or change His Mind.

    His track record is impeccable.
    He always keeps His Promises.

    I NEVER want or desire anything or anyone else.

    To quote my very dear friend @Sarahlacubana:disqus “HASHEM IS EVERYTHING.”


    Trust me when I tell you that my life is all about being divinely driven, every single day of my life.
    I feel Hashem with me every moment.
    I talk to him in pro forma prayers and informally several times a day.

    You err in that you are self-projecting your feelings onto Jews.

    We have EVERYTHING.
    WE, are eternally Hashem’s beloved and Chosen People.

    Orthodox Jews, are Jews who keep Torah.
    I am a Torah Jew.

    You need to understand something else, what you explained to me is IDOLATRY for a Jew.
    I cannot sugarcoat it.

    For a JEW, it is one of the three cardinal sins for which a Jew must forfeit his life rather than transgress. (The other two, is adultery and murder. (Self-defense isn’t murder.))

    Since there are thousands of sects to Christianity, I was fascinated to know what you believe in.

    Please don’t feel sorry for me.
    I’m exceedingly blessed beyond measure.

    I am very happy with the life that I live.
    It’s what Hashem wants from me.

    His Opinion is the only one that matters.
    I know what that is from TANACH.
    He authored it, and it’s gorgeous.

    1. SoundMind

      I read every scripture you referenced from my KJV Bible because I love the word of God and believe every word. The Lord God Almighty is the living God, God of gods, King of kings and Lord of lords, and none is higher. Twice He said that He is a jealous God, so I avoid idolatry, too, because I don’t want to hurt or upset Him.

      I have a question about Genesis 3:22, ” And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us,” Who do you think the “us” is? How do your scriptures translate that verse?

      BTW I do not belong to any sect or denomination nor do I refer to myself as “Christian” because the meaning of the word has been watered down to mean “a nice guy.” Instead I relate to God as my loving Father who has adopted me into His forever family (1John 3:1-2, Galatians 4:6). Like you, what matters is what HE says of me, not what others say.

      You are the first Jewish person I have conversed with about beliefs. I appreciate your educating me about its tenets. I’m glad that you seem so content.

      1. Sapper 9

        ” Content” is an understatement when referring to PCM, she is a very devoted ✡️ Jew, she has taught me much about Judaism.

        Note: there are a few of us here that are not Jewish , but we respect Israel and the Jewish people.

        1. Weary Traveler

          I’m not even Jewish, but she has become my unofficial Rabbi. LOL

          (Yes, I know there are no female rabbis in Judaism. That’s part of the joke.)

          And as Rabbi Daniel Lapin has said on his show numerous times, everyone needs a Rabbi, even if they are not Jewish. I know I learned a lot form him too, and not just about Judaism.

          1. Sapper 9

            My first wife was Jewish, but not a devoted one, my oldest daughter is about to finish her service to Israel.

          1. SoundMind

            The trailers stacked two high with concertina wire atop seemed to work in the interim. Texas says it will build its own wall. People from all over America will chip in, too.

          2. SoundMind

            Agreed, friend. Illegals keep switching names and family units, swapping kids back and forth in order to get maximum food stamps, so not even the FDA which issues EBT cards can’t say how many there are. Plus kids get 2+ meals a day at public schools courtesy of our property taxes which is double-dipping if you ask me.

            It was bad policy for Biden to end Trump’s protocol of a DNA data base in order to match up true relatives. Poor kids must wonder who their real parents are, and are taught to lie like rugs. I bet they all know how to acquire fentanyl. Deport them all!

            Thanks for letting me blow off steam, pal. I’m signing off so have a good night!

          3. SoundMind

            Good morning, WT. Without the DNA database, there’s no telling how often kids get recycled over the border with different family units. Was dismayed at reports claiming sleeping toddlers found with groups sneaking over the border were actually drugged to keep them quiet! You wonder if they ever find mommy again.

            While I’m waiting for PCM to answer my question, have been reading other comments and find several clever good-humored posters. Hope you have a good Wednesday, my friend.

          4. Weary Traveler

            You will certainly find many good humored posters here. Wait until you meet our site owner, Bill Smith. FYI: He loves to put hidden meanings in the page graphics, and have us guess what they are.

            Again, welcome, and glad you found your way here.

          5. SoundMind

            Like I said when I came in the door, I wanted to celebrate the shellacking of a vile member of Congress with others having likeminds, and no one downvoted me, lol. Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!

          6. Sapper 9

            This particular post looks exactly like something that I would have written., to include the double -dipping.

          7. SoundMind

            Thank you, Sapper. I may be retired but feel the pinch. Wis has raised property taxes by 25% the past 2 years in order to feed school kids who should not be here, and to pay for bilingual translators in every classroom.

          8. Sapper 9

            We have a small school district that is close to where I live, they bragged about 54 languages being spoken in the school, all I hear is a minimum of 54 paid translators.

            The town has a population of under 2,000.

            The zero liability voters in Missouri love to vote for property tax increases because the not only do not pay them, they get a check = to the property taxes that their landlord paid for their unit.

          9. Sapper 9

            We had a Chinese translator, who translated for one child, when he graduated she was going to be out of a job, so she ADOPTED a Chinese child, and got continued employment.

          10. SoundMind

            Good grief, sounds exploitive. It’s high time that English becomes our national language, and insist that students enrolling in public schools be fluent in English.

          11. SoundMind

            I could see tenants getting a receipt, but cash? Nice windfall. Not as good as last year’s moratorium on rent but still they own nothing and are happy, who knew?

          12. Sapper 9

            The state “refunds” the taxes paid by the landlord to low income tenants.

            If an apartment building has 4 units, the state sends them a check for 25% of the property taxes paid by their landlord.

          13. SoundMind

            Thank you, Sapper. I may be retired but feel the pinch. Wis has raised property taxes by 25% the past 2 years in order to feed school kids who should not be here, and to pay for bilingual translators in every classroom.

        2. Proud Conservative Mom

          You’re extremely kind.
          It’s an honor.

          You absolutely NAILED it!

          In my response hereinabove, I wrote: “I’m more than content.
          There is no adjective to describe my happiness of being a Torah Jew.

          I didn’t get to choose the fantastic family (with very holy lineages on both sides of my family) that I was born into.
          Hashem chose me as one of His Chosen People.
          I choose Him every day of my life, very lovingly serve Him and keep His beautiful Torah.”

      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good afternoon!


        It should surely be fascinating to explore what the Creator Himself had to say about the subject.

        A good way to begin the presentation of God’s point of view is with the following passage of Maimonides:

        Every human being has control over himself. If he wants to push himself towards the right path and become a tzaddik (holy man) he is able to do so. If he wants to go down the wrong path and be a rasha (evil man) he is able to do so. This is what the Torah writes: Behold man has become like the Unique One among us knowing good and bad: and now, lest he put forth his hand and take from the Tree of Life and eat and live forever. (Genesis 3:22)

        That is to say: This species man is unique in the universe and there is no other creature like him in the respect of 1) being able to determine what is right and what is wrong through the use of his own thought processes without any outside guidance; and 2) being able to do as he wishes without anyone being able to stop him. Seeing that this is so, there is a distinct possibility that he may choose to eat from the Tree of Life if he is left where he is in Paradise; therefore God banished him. (Maimonides, Laws of Repentance, 5,1)

        (A careful reading of the text will reveal that the Garden of Eden contained two special trees. The famous one is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, whose forbidden fruit prompted the commission of the first sin. The other special tree was the Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22). The fruit of this tree was not originally forbidden as Adam was created as an immortal anyway. But after the edict of mortality was imposed on him following his sin, God naturally did not want him to partake of its fruit and thus reverse His edict.)

        But surely, if God is able to banish man from Paradise then He is equally able to prevent him from reaching out to eat from the Tree of Life even if he were allowed to stay. What is the conceptual difference between putting the Tree of Life out of man’s reach by banishing him from Paradise or leaving him where he is but preventing him from reaching out to the Tree of Life by force?

        In answer, what Maimonides is telling us is that even God cannot interfere directly with man’s freedom of action. Such interference would need to assume one of two forms:

        God could program man’s mind so that he is not tempted to reach for the Tree of Life. This He cannot do, as man must be capable of deciding on his own what is right and what is wrong. Or,

        God could forcibly restrain man from surrendering to his temptation to partake of the Tree of Life. But God cannot do this either, this sort of interference would also nullify man’s free will.

        The conclusion:

        Nullifying man’s free will amounts to destroying him, because the ability to determine his own choices is not one of the facets of man; it is his very essence.

        As God was not prepared to destroy man, He was forced to transport him to an environment where he could be allowed the fullest freedom of will and yet still not be able to eat from the Tree of Life.

        Thus, man’s free will is his human essence according to the Torah view. To be human is to be free to make up your own mind and implement your decisions. A restriction on human freedom is a negation of humanity itself.

        Indeed, the first interaction between man and God described in the Torah revolves around reward and punishment and the consequences of making free will choices. The present state of humanity and the universe it occupies is presented by the Torah as the end result of man’s losing the first battle with the Satan.

        It is through our own act of choice that we were driven out of Paradise and were condemned to a mortal existence. The Torah emphasizes that man’s mortality and his life of struggle and travail was a matter of his own choosing. It was not the type of existence imposed by God at creation.

        What I just posted hereinabove, is an excerpt of an excellent read.

        The Determinism of Free Will by Rabbi Noson Weisz

        Here’s the link for the complete article:

        FYI, there are no capital letters in Hebrew. The Church had an agenda for capitalizing “L-RD.”
        It always has an agenda and still does.

        I need you to understand that per G-D, I reject the entire Xtian Bible. It is not Divine.

        I’ve been sick this week, so I am not in my best form for this.
        But I think I can do well enough.

        I inadvertently forgot to mention that Judaism is the only religion with a mass revelation. Over THREE MILLION Jews heard Hashem speak.
        There are no physical attributes to Hashem in any way whatsoever.
        That is one of the foundations of Judaism.

        (Before I forget to mention it, the KJV is the most inaccurate “translation” of TANACH.)

        Deuteronomy 4:12:
        “The L-rd spoke to you out of the midst of the fire; you heard the sound of the words, but saw no image, just a voice.”

        Only Hashem could guarantee that there would never again be a mass revelation or a hoax that could be perpetrated!

        Deuteronomy 4:32-34:
        For ask now regarding the early days that were before you, since the day that G-d created man upon the earth, and from one end of the heavens to the other end of the heavens, whether there was anything like this great thing, or was the likes of it heard?
        Did ever a people hear G-d’s voice speaking out of the midst of the fire as you have heard, and live?
        Or has any god performed miracles to come and take him a nation from the midst of a[nother] nation, with trials, with signs, and with wonders, and with war and with a strong hand, and with an outstretched arm, and with great awesome deeds, as all that the L-rd your G-d did for you in Egypt before your eyes?

        Deuteronomy 4:35:
        You have been shown, in order to know that the L-rd He is G-d; there is none else besides Him.”
        (Through EMPIRICAL knowledge!)

        Deuteronomy 4:36:
        “From the heavens, He let you hear His voice to instruct you, and upon the earth He showed you His great fire, and you heard His words out of the midst of the fire,”

        Deuteronomy 4:39:
        “And you shall know this day and consider it in your heart, that the L-rd He is G-d in heaven above, and upon the earth below; there is none else.”

        How much more clear could Hashem have made it?!

        Moreover, the Jewish People are a witness people and Hashem’s Chosen Servant.
        Isaiah 43:10-11
        (We’re often referred to as if we are one person because the Jewish People share a unique and singular destiny.)
        “”You are My witnesses,” says the L-rd, “and My servant whom I chose,” in order that you know and believe Me, and understand that I am He; before Me no god was formed and after Me none shall be.”
        (The Servant in Isaiah is the nation of Israel!!)
        I, I am the L-rd, and besides Me there is no Savior.
        “I told and I saved, and I made heard and there was no stranger among you, and you are My witnesses,” says the L-rd, “and I am G-d.”

        You’re very welcome and I appreciate your courteous way of asking me.
        It’s very much appreciated.

        I’m more than content.
        There is no adjective to describe my happiness of being a Torah Jew.

        I didn’t get to choose the fantastic family (with very holy lineages on both sides of my family) that I was born into.
        Hashem chose me as one of His Chosen People.
        I choose Him every day of my life, very lovingly serve Him and keep His beautiful Torah.

        Please feel free to ask me questions.
        People ask me questions all of the time.

        If I neglected to answer something inadvertently, please just ask.

        I was offline almost the entire morning so I couldn’t address this earlier.
        I somehow managed to scratch my eye.
        (Never a dull moment. 😂🤣. I have no clue as to how it happened. When I woke up, my eye felt like it was on fire. I’m going back to my optometrist Friday morning, Be’Ezras Hashem (with the help of Hashem). The drops that he gave me are really helping the pain, in addition to the Tylenol and Advil. I’m exceedingly grateful. 🥲)

        1. SoundMind

          Oh my, you believe that every word in your scriptures is divinely inspired, and I believe every word in the KJV Bible is, yet they differ substantially, and I’ll tell you why: According to Deuteronomy 29:29 Almighty God exercised his prerogative and revealed secrets to Paul, secrets which in other ages were not made known unto the sons of men (Ephesians 3:5) and that new knowledge changed everything to do with how God relates to men.

          So, Rebecca, I’ll just agree to disagree, and leave you with a list of what God made me into after making me a new man the moment I believed the gospel of Jesus described in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4.

          WHO GOD SAYS I AM

          I am loved with an everlasting love. (Jeremiah 31:3)
          I am the salt of the earth and the light of the world. (Matthew 5:13-14)
          I have abundant life. (John 10:10)
          I am a joint heir with Christ. (Romans 8:17)
          I am free of shame and condemnation. (Romans 8:1)
          I am the temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6:19)
          I am sealed by the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1:13)
          I am being changed and conformed to the image of Christ. (Rom 8:28, Phil 1:6)
          I am forgiven; all my sins were washed away. (Ephesians 1:7)
          I am God’s forever-child. (1 Peter 1:23)
          I have everlasting life. (John 6:47)
          I am a saint. (Romans 1:7)
          I am holy and without blame before God. (Ephesians 1:4)
          I am a new creation. (2 Corinthians. 5:17)
          I am accepted in Christ. (Ephesians 1:6)
          I am alive with Christ. (Ephesians 2:5)
          I am God’s workmanship. (Ephesians 2:10)
          I am complete in Christ. (Colossians 2:10)
          I have overcome the world. (1 John 5:4)
          I am strong in the Lord. (Ephesians 6:10)
          I have the peace of God, which surpasses understanding. (Philippians 4:7)
          I can do all things through Christ. (Philippians 4:13)
          I am beloved and chosen of God. (Colossians 3:12, 1 Thessalonians 1:4)
          I am healed by the wounds of Christ. (1 Peter 2:24)
          I have been called by God. (2 Timothy 1:9)
          I am raised up with Christ and seated in the heavenly places. (Colossians 2:12)
          I am reconciled to God. (2 Corinthians 5:18)
          I am a super conqueror through Christ. (Romans 8:37)
          I am victorious. (Revelation 21:7)

          Thank you for explaining yourself to me. I prayed for your eye to heal, G-d bless. Shalom, Rebecca
          [p.s. If you don’t want to see my 3 misspellings, refresh the page, lol]

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            You’re missing the point.
            Ergo, I will reiterate.

            The final prophet was Malachi.
            Prophecy was disappearing until the true Moshiach comes.

            What were our final instructions?!
            Malachi 3:22 “Keep in remembrance the teaching of Moses, My servant-the laws and ordinances which I commanded him in Horeb (Sinai) for all Israel.”

            Keep Torah.

            Ecclesiastes 12:13 “The end of the matter, everything having been heard, fear G-d and keep His commandments, for this is the entire (duty of) man.”

            The verse in Deuteronomy has NOTHING to do with Paul.
            Idolatry is one of the sins that can be committed by thoughts, alone.

            Only Hashem knows the thoughts of man.

            Ironically you quoted a verse that deals with idolatry.

            The verse:
            “The hidden things belong to the L-rd, our G-d, but the revealed things apply to us and to our children forever: that we must fulfill all the words of this Torah.”

            Idolatry is a sin that can be committed by thoughts and actions.
            Since only HASHEM knows the thoughts of man, it is in his realm alone to issue the consequences for these things that are hidden to man.

            Where someone is caught committing idolatry after being warned, and witnessed by two kosher witnesses, that idolator is put to death as idolatry is a capital offense in Judaism.

            Since in that situation, the sin is revealed, it is incumbent (while the Jewish People had the Sanhedrin) for the community to ensure that justice is carried out.

            We are to show no mercy to those who commit idolatry.
            Deuteronomy 13:7-12:
            “If your brother, the son of your mother, tempts you in secret or your son, or your daughter, or the wife of your embrace, or your friend, who is as your own soul saying, “Let us go and worship other gods, which neither you, nor your forefathers have known.”
            Of the gods of the peoples around you, [whether] near to you or far from you, from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth;
            You shall not desire him, and you shall not hearken to him; neither shall you pity him, have mercy upon him, nor shield him.
            But you shall surely kill him, your hand shall be the first against him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.
            And you shall stone him with stones so that he dies, because he sought to lead you astray from the L-rd, your G-d, Who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
            And all Israel shall listen and fear, and they shall no longer do any evil such as this in your midst.”

            Who told you that Paul is in this verse?
            It’s INCORRECT.

            Now with regard to your one quote from TANACH:
            Jeremiah 31:3 “I am loved with an everlasting love.”

            The entire verse. In TANACH, it’s verse 2.
            “From long ago, the L-rd appeared to me; With everlasting love have I loved you; therefore have I drawn you to Me with loving-kindness.”

            That verse is talking about the Jewish People.
            It has nothing to do with gentiles whatsoever.

            Context is always key, by the way.

            All of the other quotes are from the Christian Bible.
            You are free to believe them.
            I’m a Reaganite Conservative.

            In addition to how @dr_darko:disqus so very aptly and succinctly described this blog yesterday, I want to make another point.

            The owner of this blog, @nicetomeetyou2:disqus, is a Noachide.
            That means that his religion is Judaism.
            He is just not a member of the Jewish People.

            He also understands that Jews need to remain Jews.
            In this point in time, three active members including myself are Jews.
            Three others are on temporary hiatus.

            Thank you very much for your kind wishes.
            It’s very much appreciated.

            As I stated before, I am a Torah Jew and Reaganite Conservative.
            I believe that people should have the freedom to practice their own religion as they see fit (as long as it doesn’t include crimes against humanity).

            Full disclosure: I do anti-missionary work (and Jewish outreach).

            Judaism doesn’t recruit, never has, and never will.
            I am not trying to convert you.

            To be candid, it’s offensive when I get told that my Bible is incomplete on its own, and/or that I am being deprived by not accepting the “gifts” that Christianity has to offer.

            When one lives a life of truth, one feels complete, whole, and extremely happy.

            Part of our morning blessings is to thank Hashem that we’re Jewish.
            I savor that blessing with all of my heart and soul (along with so many others).

            I hope this posting flowed and made sense, because today was a very long one.

            I didn’t have time to check my notifications, but wanted to send you a response.

            Have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

          2. SoundMind

            While I’m in disagreement with some of your points, Rebecca, you know I cannot express it without it being considered as religious dispute, which is against site rules. So I decided this site isn’t a good fit for me and won’t be returning. Shalom and goodbye.

          3. SoundMind

            A coffee lounge with open dialog is more to my liking whereas Tex’s was more like a tavern, a little too rowdy for me. But I’m not looking for a place, don’t have time to goof off much. That reminds me, is Goofy still there?

          4. SoundMind

            She was a good wingman for Tex when I used to visit, and had spunk, too..! I pretty much stick to Disgust, don’t know why.

  4. Proud Conservative Mom

    @disqus_bULCnI0MIm:disqus, I normally don’t do this, but if I can explain it to you:

    I am attaching your postings to me.

    Here’s the thing.
    We’re told that The Almighty G-d of Israel is ONE.
    Deuteronomy 6:4.
    “Hear O’ Israel. The L-rd is our G-d, the L-rd is ONE.” (Emphasis added.). That’s our most cherished creed.
    We say it five times a day in our prayers.
    Isaiah 43:11 “I, I, am the L-rd and besides for Me there is no other Savior.”
    (💥💥💥 BOOM!)

    Numbers 23:19, Samuel l 15:29, and Hosea 11:9 declare that G-d is NOT a man. He doesn’t lie or change His Mind.

    His track record is impeccable.
    He always keeps His Promises.

    I NEVER want or desire anything or anyone else.

    To quote my very dear friend @Sarahlacubana:disqus “HASHEM IS EVERYTHING.”


    Trust me when I tell you that my life is all about being divinely driven, every single day of my life.
    I feel Hashem with me every moment.
    I talk to him in pro forma prayers and informally several times a day.

    You err in that you are self-projecting your feelings onto Jews.

    We have EVERYTHING.
    WE, are eternally Hashem’s beloved and Chosen People.

    Orthodox Jews, are Jews who keep Torah.
    I am a Torah Jew.

    You need to understand something else, what you explained to me is IDOLATRY for a Jew.
    I cannot sugarcoat it.

    For a JEW, it is one of the three cardinal sins for which a Jew must forfeit his life rather than transgress. (The other two, is adultery and murder. (Self-defense isn’t murder.))

    Since there are thousands of sects to Christianity, I was fascinated to know what you believe in.

    Please don’t feel sorry for me.
    I’m exceedingly blessed beyond measure.

    I am very happy with the life that I live.
    It’s what Hashem wants from me.

    His Opinion is the only one that matters.
    I know what that is from TANACH.
    He authored it, and it’s gorgeous.

        1. Weary Traveler

          That name sounds familiar. I think he may have been one our regulars on the President Trump Channel. Either that, or I am confusing him with someone else.

          If it is the same one I am thinking of, I remember him challenging some libTARD troll, who went by the moniker, Evil Monkey, to a fistfight, and then showing literal receipts to prove the guy was a no show. LOL

          1. John Gillis

            I remember that. Evil Monkey is a coward and a blowhard.

            Wee Willy hasn’t shown his face in a few days. Life is good!

            Though giving him the online shellacking was fun! 😆

          2. John Gillis

            Like a guy I knew by the name Crab Apples. Boasted of his alleged 140 IQ and cursed like a 5th grader. He hated gun owners and threatened to sue me for slamming him. 😄

          3. Weary Traveler

            I’ve encountered fools like that before. They are so smart, but want to sue you for hurting their fee-fees. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

          4. John Gillis

            I’ve always found that trolls who boasted of having high IQs are overcompensating for their inferiority complexes.

            Speaking of fee-fees, still no word from Wee Willy.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I think that is a valid question. I know there has been some rumblings in other states, and there’s a good chance they are waiting for someone else to be first before any of them stick their necks out.

        Any way you look at it, Arizona could very well a domino that falls.

      1. Sapper 9

        She actually graduated a little while ago, but, I thought it was funny that she is sitting on the top of the helicopter. Lol

          1. Sapper 9

            No, she is a commissioned officer, this was flight school graduation.

            She graduated law school before joining the Army, what a strange change of course.

          2. Sapper 9

            She was always an over achiever , taking advanced placement classes ans maintaining a 4.0 throughout both college and law school, her twin sister is sweet, but an under achiever. Lol

    1. John Gillis

      I saw that. It doesn’t matter. When he’s convicted, he will be spending the rest of his days in a miniskirt and a tube top.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Explosion reported in entrance to Jerusalem, Weizmann boulevard. 7 injured so far, 2 of them in serious condition.

        Second explosion in Ramot: two lightly injured from shrapnel after an explosive detonated near a bus stop.

        Initial reports: first explosion from bomb that was left by a suspect on a motorcycle who escaped. Second explosion from a scooter that was locked near the bus stop.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            “Look from heaven and behold that we have become [an object] of scorn and derision among the nations; we are considered as the sheep led to the slaughter to be slain and destroyed, tortured and humiliated. And yet despite all this, we have not forgotten Your Name; please, do not forget us.”

            (From the Tachanun (You shall favor) prayer. Part of the morning prayers.)

  5. Tony

    Jerusalem bombings don’t mark beginning of third intifada – analysis

    The two bombings in Jerusalem have people thinking about the two intifadas, but the circumstances are different now.


    NOVEMBER 23, 2022 20:11

    I have great difficulty in making sense of the garbled mess that is the writing of Herb Keinon.
    The impression id that the terrorists can go out with impunity, but I suppose it is more subtle than that.
    Not much of a stair in the media over here.

      1. John Gillis

        Hi Rivka! Hope all is well with you.

        Yes, I thought this was worth a re-share. I’ve gotten away from some of the later music and decided to change up my music library with some 80s gothic stuff. Even some of the hardcore stuff from the 80s is vastly superior to what we have now. Especially when you consider that country musicians are becoming ‘woke’ and infusing their music with hip-hop.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          It was a very interesting day.
          I woke up this morning feeling like I was being stabbed in my left eye.
          To make a long story short, during the night I somehow managed to scratch my eye. It’s a big and long linear scratch. I saw the images.

          BH, my optometrist had some drops to grant me adequate pain relief.
          I’m also taking Motrin and Tylenol simultaneously as he instructed.

          I’m very grateful that I was able to get the pain under control.

          Hashem is exceedingly kind.

          How have you been doing?
          What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

          We’re going to be home.
          I’m serving chicken with roasted potatoes and salad.

          No one in my family likes turkey.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Not many Turkey lovers in our family either.

            I know I myself can’t stand it. And I love how people try to say “you just never had it prepared right.” Really? They are sure of that? And even if that is true, doesn’t mean I want it.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Kale is a punishment. It should only be served at Gitmo.

            As far as I am concerned, that was Hashem’s reason for creating it. LOL

          3. John Gillis

            I’m on my own this Thanksgiving. I’ll take time to reflect on my life and count my blessings. With luck in the New Year, I’ll gain full employment.

            I’m sorry about your eye injury. I hope it will heal quickly!

        2. Weary Traveler

          Yeah, what is up with that?

          Country and Hip-Hop mix about as well as chocolate covered sardines. LOL

          1. Weary Traveler

            The big problem in secular music is the “pop” aspect of it, when big money labels get involved. Independent music, thankfully, is free from that influence, but, promotion is very so-so.

            You may be able to carve out an okay living for yourself as an independent artist, but you really have to work overtime putting yourself out there since you have no agent working on your behalf. But even then, independent musicians don’t get rich like those who sell out to the hit factories of Hollywood and NYC.

          2. Weary Traveler

            You either love the music, or you love the fame. Those after the fame, end up on the big labels.

            Those who do it for the love of the music, self-release, or go to indie labels.

            There’s actually some interesting stories out there about the better known indie labels, and how they were like a community of their own for independent musicians of their genres. My dad did something very similar with instro-surf bands for years. He loved it, and those were some fun days.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Funny enough, I actually heard some of it before. I am guessing it is an “acquired taste.” LOL

    1. Weary Traveler

      Thanks, John, and a Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

      I heard some really good live versions of that song on YouTube, where Ronny actually shouts out certain lyrics towards the latter part of the song, and you can really hear the frustration and anger he felt when he wrote it.

      1. John Gillis

        Happy Thanksgiving, Weary Traveler!

        Hope all is well. I’m going to have to update my music library with some more of his music.

          1. John Gillis

            This is a fantastic video! This music is extremely moving and I feel like I’m in a Boston basement bar, back when the Rathskeller was the coolest place to be in Kenmore Square.

          2. Weary Traveler

            And the lyrics are good too…

            Burning eyes, it’s no surprise
            The heat of the night won’t go
            Frail white stars above the crawling cars
            We need to stay at home

            How long ? How long ?

            I shed my tears from my eyes
            I watched my dreams all die
            My life has changed
            Looks for the human race
            Our freedom is gone in dire straights

            How long ? How long ?
            How long ? How Long ?

            I walk alone and rage against
            The dying of our rights on end
            The air of dread is in our breath
            We see no light in dark they said

            Dry your eyes
            Scream out loud
            Hear their lies
            A world’s gone mad

            Our normal world is gone
            You work from home
            Your life’s on hold
            For months on end

            How long ? How long ?
            How long ? How Long ?

          3. Weary Traveler

            We had some cool places out here too. I think my favorite was One Step Beyond in Santa Clara. My brother and I went to a few concerts there.

            There was also a place in Palto Alto my brother went, mostly to see concerts that was called “The Edge.”

            We saw Front Line Assembly.


    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Good afternoon George!
      I’m not a subscriber and cannot read the Washington Compost (that’s not a criticism).

      My Urgent Care PA told me on Monday that people are having terrible side effects from the oral Covid medication as well.

      He warns people not to take it or get the vaccines.
      He was against it from the beginning.

      I reconnected with an old friend this past Shabbos in Cleveland.
      She took the vaccine to keep her teaching job in the Board of Education in NYC.
      She has had terrible side effects that effect only women.

      We knew this was poison.

      1. Sapper 9

        They are taking the WRONG ORAL MEDS, the ones that work are only pennies, while the dangerous ones are very expensive, I trust Ivermectin, HCQ, and the Zelenko protocol and they have been around for a LONG time.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          CORRECT on all fronts.

          I did the Zelenko protocol and it really works.
          It didn’t prevent the post Covid side effects, but I am ALIVE.

          Despite the awful post Covid side effects that I experienced, I have ZERO regrets for not getting jabbed.

    2. Sapper 9

      This is why they wanted to force vaccines on all, they wanted to get rid of the CONTROL GROUP of the pure bloods; there are certain BATCHES that had more side effects than others, I wonder if that was by design?

    1. Weary Traveler

      That reminds me of the sick garbage that came out of the mouths of people like Jerry Falwell after 9/11. An innocent victim is an innocent victim.

      This is like I have said 1,000 times over; many of the Atheists I have spoken to, when you ask them why they reject God, and they tell you that they would never worship a god who …., they are, 999 times out of a thousand, describing the Christian god. In which case, can you blame them?

      Yeah, I don’t worship that god either, because THAT god is deranged sociopath. Again, look at who Christianity’s true founder was; a lying murderous thief who called himself an “apostle.” Only a murderous lying thieves sees no problem in harming innocents who don’t do what they want. And only murderous lying thieves use coercion and fear.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I should try to be fair and say not every Christian feels the same way she does, but it disgusts me when self-righteous people want to paint everyone with a broad brush.

            What if the people who were murdered where Christians, and did live up to her standards of one? Does that make it more tragic and evil?

            If she can say this about other Christians, I can only imagine how cheap the lives of those of us who don’t accept her man god are. She’s no better than a Jihadi or a woke leftist.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good morning WT!

            ABSOLUTELY, there are good Christians in the world.
            The ones on this blog are a sterling example.

            In her world, if the victims would have been Christians who subscribed to her mental derangement, the murder would have been a huge tragedy.

        1. Sapper 9

          I morally disagree with the lifestyle of the LGBTQALPHABET crew ; however, I do not think that changes the tragedy for their families.

        2. Sapper 9

          I morally disagree with the lifestyle of the LGBTQALPHABET crew ; however, I do not think that changes the tragedy for their families.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        “The Post’s insidious omission of the Arab attack on Israel after its creation in 1948 was clearly calculated to suppress pro-Israel sympathy. It is unethical journalism by any standard. Why is the Post trying to sway its readers against Israel?”

        Because it’s an antisemetic Leftist rag.
        I’m sure this news will come as a huge shock to everyone.

        On another note, are you having a huge family get together for Thanksgiving?

        We have several over Chanukah.

        1. Sapper 9

          No, my son is having his holiday with his wife’s parents, I am spending a few days with my wife to be, and have volunteered to pull a road shift with the sheriff’s Department tomorrow night; however , we will have a get together on Friday.

          1. Sapper 9

            She has it planned, but won’t tell me when or where, my kids know , but they won’t tell me. Lol

            I gave her a small list of people that I want to attend, I consider this to be her day.

            My kids really like her, but told me they are afraid to cross her by telling me. 🙄

            Her father if from Portugal, her mother from Brazil, she was born and raised in Argentina , and owns a business here, so I have no idea, except it will be in the Spring.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh, for crying out loud! 😑🙄
            They’re afraid to cross her.

            No judgments on my part.

            It’s extremely magnanimous of you to consider it to be her day.

            Personally, I was always under the impression that it’s a day that belongs to the couple.

            But that decision is between you both.

            I come from a totally different world in this regard.
            To reiterate, no judgments.

            I wish you tremendous happiness and health.

            May everything work out very smoothly in every single manner.

          3. Sapper 9

            They really like her, but, no, they do not want to cross her, should I be scared? Sarcasm

            When she asked for my input, I was pretty much useless, so now it is her joke on me and I love it.

            She is barely over 100 lbs, of little bad azz I guess. Lol

            She is a perfectionist, so it will go very smooth.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            I didn’t think for a nanosecond that YOU would be scared. LOL!

            “When she asked for my input, I was pretty much useless, so now it is her joke on me and I love it.”

            Ah, you left that part out. 😉🙃

            “She is barely over 100 lbs, of little bad azz I guess. Lol”

            I’ve seen couples that have tremendous height differences.
            I have two close friends whose husbands are an entire foot taller than they are.

            One of my cousin’s daughters is 4″9′. Her husband is 6″2. It’s a riot.

            I cannot believe that you don’t know the date. 🙈🙉🙊

          5. Sapper 9

            My daughter in law is 5 ft 6 inches and my son is 6 ft 7 in plus.

            I only have a general timeline but all the people on my small list know and they all assert that I will be very happy. Lol

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            I have tall genes in my family, but not that tall.
            My father is a little less than six foot three and my youngest is six foot three.
            My husband is six feet. I am five feet and six inches.

            (He’s just perfect for me in every single manner. May you be equally blessed and happy. Height doesn’t define happiness. 😃😄)

          7. Sapper 9

            It is always nice when a perfect pair is made, and clearly you and your husband are blessed with that; may your union be long and happy.

          8. Weary Traveler

            When my dad remarried, he did it the way I would want to do it if I ever tie the knot.

            The wedding was small and intimate. Immediate family only. So the only attendees were me, my brother, and my dad’s wife’s two kids. It was very casual = come as you are, and was on the front porch. And in typical Santa Cruz fashion, the minister was this older Italian guy who pulled in to the driveway in a Woodie that had a surf board on the roof rack. LOL The dude was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts.

            The big deal was the reception. Again, come as you are. Buffet, and some of the surf bands my dad was promoting at the time played for the entertainment. Everyone just kicked back and did their own thing.

            That’s how I would want to do it.

  6. Proud Conservative Mom

    Itamar Ben-Gvir, who is set to become the minister in charge of police under Netanyahu, said the attack meant Israel needed to take a tougher stance on Palestinian violence.

    “We must exact a price from terror,” he said at the scene of the first explosion. “We must return to be in control of Israel, to restore deterrence against terror.”

    — JewishNews24

  7. Proud Conservative Mom

    Hundreds of people attended the Wednesday afternoon funeral of 15-year-old Aryeh Schupak, a resident of Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood who was killed in a bombing at the entrance to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning.

    — JewishNews24
    (Hashem Yakim Damoh! (Hashem will avenge his blood.))

  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    The U.S. is sending another $400 million in ammunition and generators to Ukraine, the White House announced Wednesday, and is pulling the gear from its own stockpiles to get the support to Kyiv as fast as possible as Russia continues to target Ukraine’s energy sources and winter sets in.

    Including the latest aid, the U.S. has committed more than $19 billion in weapons and other equipment to Ukraine since Russia attacked on Feb. 24. The new package of aid will be provided through presidential drawdown authority, which allows the Pentagon to take weapons from its own stock and quickly ship them to Ukraine.

    — JewishNews24

    1. Sapper 9

      Our stocks are being depleted and the Democrats will fight against replinshing them when the new congress takes over.

  9. bill smith

    Canada has a dismal record in the World Cup.. today they played remarkably, but still lost to Belgium.

  10. bill smith

    Crypto currency fraud artists is looking like it’ll be the largest fraud ever… makes Enron look like kindergarten.
    And where did all the money go? Who know, but many many many millions went to the DEM party. Yes, DEMs showing in the recent elections has started right from the get go, with fraud.

    Then the campaign….
    Elon Musk literally tweeted that he is shock the more he uncovers… he admits that DEMs could call up twitter, as for their political opponents to be de-platformed and censored, and the twitter employees would gladly oblige.

    Then the actual election….
    The usual vote harvesting, lost ballots and other funky business going on.

    Any objectively honest person would agree that it was rigged.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Yes, this was most definitely rigged and in a very spectacular manner.

      The Dems perfected the art of cheating and no one is stopping them from continuing to do it.

      Our votes don’t count anymore.
      The United Socialist States of America is in full tyranny mode.

      The worst part about it is that the GOP doesn’t put up a fight.

      America used to be a great country.

  11. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good morning/afternoon everyone!
    Chodesh Tov Umevorach!
    Chodesh Kislev!

    Translation: (The) month (of) Kislev, full of miracles and light.

    Translation: (A) good month!

    For those celebrating Thanksgiving: Have a very happy and healthy holiday!

  12. Proud Conservative Mom

    Apologies for not being on top of my game this week.

    I wanted to hone in on a very important point in Judaism.
    There was capital punishment.

    HOWEVER, it was rare that it was necessary.

    This is because many factors had to be present in order for it to be carried out.

    So why does the Torah talk about the consequences in such a strong manner?

    Rabbi Tovia Singer gave a great analogy.
    (@dr_darko:disqus that was in the video that I sent you about the “wages of sin” by Rabbi Tovia Singer, as you know.)

    If you look at a box of cigarettes, it has an extremely strongly worded warning.
    To inform the public of the consequences of smoking.
    It’s to attempt to make people think very strongly before smoking.

    This is the same for the consequences for some of the Commandments listed in the Torah.
    (It only lists a few of them in the Torah. Overall, the consequences are listed when Torah is not kept.)

    There is cause and effect in the physical world and spiritual realm.

    @disqus_bULCnI0MIm:disqus, I inadvertently left out this very important point yesterday.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        You’re very kind.
        Very much appreciated!

        If you see her last posting, she won’t be back.

        Rabbi Tovia Singer said a couple of times as a joke: “Why did G-d create Mormons? So Christians would know what Jews feel like.”

          1. Weary Traveler

            Had to eat earlier than I wanted, because the only place I liked that was open today, closed at 1pm.

            So in typical bachelor fashion, I’ll be baking a frozen pizza. But, on the good side, Marty is on his way to watch American Thought Leaders.

          2. Weary Traveler

            I will. I just sent you an email in response to your vm mail. Thank you again for your warm holiday wishes.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Uh… Wow…

          Didn’t I say “welcome” to her twice? Did Fauci manage to change the meaning of that word too, like he did for vaccine, and now “welcome” suddenly means “buzz off”?

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      You should have stopped with your first sentence.
      You just couldn’t leave well enough alone.

      “They guide people away from sinning, a commendable quest for sure.”

      That’s your takeaway from the TANACH?

      Torah, is the blueprint authored by The Almighty G-d of Israel, as to how to become the most perfect person possible.
      The Commandments, enable a person to become closer to Hashem.

      The longest Psalm (119), is in detailed praise of the Torah.

      Psalm 19:8-9: “The law of the L-rd is perfect, restoring the soul; the testimony of the L-rd is faithful, making the simple one wise.”
      The orders of the L-rd are upright, causing the heart to rejoice; the commandment of the L-rd is clear, enlightening the eyes.”

      I have a personal connection with Hashem.
      I am not a slave to my Evil Inclination.
      And when I do the wrong thing and sin I, MYSELF, get to make it right with Hashem.

      The entire epic Chapter 18 of Ezekiel positively excorciates Christianity’s creeds in great detail.

      No Christian was EVER able to give any rebuttal to me regarding it, because one cannot.

      Isaiah 45:17 “Israel shall be saved by the L-rd [with] an everlasting salvation; you
      shall neither be ashamed nor disgraced to all eternity.”

      “However, I find they fall short…”

      Your opinion doesn’t matter.
      Only HASHEM’S does.

      Behold your future shame and disgrace:

      Jeremiah 16:19-21: “O’ L-rd, Who are my power and my strength and my refuge in the day of trouble, to You nations will come from the ends of the earth and say, “Only lies have our fathers handed down to us, emptiness in which there is nothing of any avail!
      Can a man make gods for himself, and they are no gods?”
      Therefore, behold I let them know; at this time I will let them know My power and My might, and they shall know that My Name is the L-rd.”

      You most definitely don’t belong here.
      The people herein are good and kind.
      I wouldn’t describe you as such.
      No one here tried to make this Jew feel like two cents.

      You didn’t succeed.
      I hold the Truth and I KNOW it.

      1. Weary Traveler

        As far as what Tanach and Torah are, that one I am sure I can answer. Tanach is what you would refer to as “The Old Testament”, and Torah is one of the three sections of it, which would be the first five books pertaining to “the law”.

        It’s not really any different from how “the gospels”, and the books therein, are a section of your “New Testament.”

        Normally I would not interject in to a conversation like this. I’ll let you and PCM argue over the scriptures, as that is not my bag. But since I was partly dragged in to this discussion by another comment you made, I think I need to clarify what I actually said to you, because it seems that you may have misunderstood my comment to you on the previous page when I was making you aware of the house rules here. Especially the part where I explained that this is a Zionist blog, and gave you the definition of Zionism.

        The entire point being is that the Jews that come here, are Zionists, and as Zionists, wish to remain Jews. Therefore, if your intention is converting any of the Jews, then you would be correct in your previous assessment that this is not a good fit for you.

        As that would be viewed here, as say, how you would likely view an Atheist coming to a Christian blog, stating something along the lines of, “how can such an intelligent person believe …”, which as I am sure you know, is a common talking point among Atheists. I am sure you would take umbrage to someone saying that to you, and rightfully so, even if the Atheist saying it, did not intend it to be so.

        As the Christian theologian, C.S. Lewis — I own and have read some of his books and essays — once put it: “To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason, or those who never will to be classed with infants, and domestic animals.” A point he also reiterated in a scene in “The Great Divorce”, which is a story based on what Medieval theologians referred to as “refrugium”, in one of the vignettes that take place in the forecourt of Heaven.

        The TL;DR is that this is how Orthodox Jews see it when a Christian tells them that they do not know what they are missing out on, or that their scriptures are incomplete, just like Mormons would say to you, not having the Book of Mormon. It is not taken as lightly as say a coworker or neighbor bragging to you about a delicious steak they had a restaurant the night before, and telling you how wonderful it is by saying to you that ‘you haven’t lived until you had the Filet Mignon at such and such restaurant.’

        As to what any of this has to do with Zionism is simply, as I pointed out previously, that if Jews cannot remain Jews, then Israel would no longer be the Jewish state, which can only be interpreted as a form of conquest, much in the same way the Left here in America works to subvert the Bill of Rights and undermine the Federalist papers = invasion from within = conquest, which it would ultimately be if they were to become victorious in their endeavors.

        It’s really not different for the Jews here, like PCM, from how you sincerely believe that you must remain a Christian. As you sincerely believe as a Christian that rejecting Christ is a one way ticket to Hell, likewise, Jews sincerely believe the same if they were to worship Christ.

        My only dog in this fight, to be perfectly clear, aside from clarifying my previous comment to you, is that I am a strong believer in individual sovereignty. And to also point out how and why this conversation between you two here is getting so heated, which is part of my job as a moderator = to try to enforce house rules.

        I generally don’t like playing Hall Monitor, but I am trying to be as fair as possible.

        1. SoundMind

          WT I think you’re a good hall monitor since you explain yourself at length, and politely, as well; thank you, sir. I’m sad to see my presence here is causing a commotion, not my intention at all. Nor is “converting” someone my objective–for that is the purview of the Lord and His Spirit since it is He who decides which hearts to open (Acts 16:14). I do like to share the joy I have in the abundant life my heavenly father gives me and wish the same for everyone, which is an act of love.

          When I first came here, I thought the site was related to the Jerusalem Post. Does “ntjp” mean NOT the Jerusalem Post? If so, sorry for my misconception. I keep an eye on events in Israel to gauge how God’s timer is winding down.

          As far as Israel goes, I consider it a country or a nation (not a state) that is the apple of God’s eye, and look forward to watching its people rejoice on that one day in Zechariah 3:9 when iniquity is removed and every knee will bow to the BRANCH (who according to Phillipians 2:10 is Jesus, but PCM believes my belief is idolatry). Given that disparity and PCM’s ill health, I wish I could have lifted her countenance but think only my disappearance will soothe her ruffled feathers And here I thought we had made a connection, sad. I won’t darken your door again unless in response to a comment from your site.

          BTW I never refer to myself as “Christian” as I already said, but you keep reducing me to one; however, I take no offense. I’m really no one of importance but my Father is the King of kings. God bless and Shalom WT, hope to run into you again someday.

          1. Weary Traveler

            “Does “ntjp” mean NOT the Jerusalem Post? If so, sorry for my misconception.”

            Correct. As the Jerusalem Post became a very left wing Newspaper, and much less pro-Israel. The site’s original founders were regulars in the comment section of J-Post articles, and this blog was started in protest to the J-Post’s more left wing editorial positions.

            Although some here would argue that since American politics has dominated much of the conversation here, we should be NtWP = Not The Washington Post.

            I didn’t mean to offend calling you a Christian, as you present New Testament scripture and refer to the teachings of Christ in your life, I just put two and two together.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Afraid so.

            I’ll just let you two slug it out from here. I did my part. If a ruling is needed, we’ll let Bill chime in.

            Speaking of, I should probably ask him for a raise on the next page, but knowing him, I’ll just get a shipment of Bamba and Goth themed bloomers. LOL

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m not bothering to slug it out.
            If she wants to worship Casper the Ghost, enjoy.

            She just cannot stop.

            Bill made it very clear that missionaries are not welcome on the site.
            I screenshot one of his comments on a prior page which he highlighted.

            There are plenty of Christian sites where she can spread her “good news” therein.

            This was precisely what I was concerned about regarding these people.

            I may just ban her myself if she doesn’t cease and desist.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good morning WT!
            For some reason, my ban didn’t take.
            The crazy part is that it showed up in my panel that she is on the banned list.

            Can you please look into why it didn’t take?

            I banned her again and deleted some of her postings.
            I can rebut everything that she posted.

            If anyone herein wants to know the rebuttals, I will be happy to type them up.

            I’m not wasting my time on missionary scum.
            I don’t care what THEY think.

            You can see from the mod panel what I saw this morning.

            Just in case, I screenshot it.

            She is an ignorant and arrogant FOOL who understands NOTHING.

            cc: @nicetomeetyou2:disqus


      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        I am extremely familiar with those like yourself.
        Frankly, I don’t care what you call yourself.
        You are conducting yourself like a missionary.

        As we say in the legal field: “If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.”

        I find it hilarious for you to make assumptions as to what I do or do not know.

        The correct translation of verse 13: “Who understands errors? Cleanse me of hidden [sins].”

        RASHI explains (regarding verse 13)
        Who understands errors?: I was careful with them but it is impossible to be so careful that one does not err in them, and You cleanse me of hidden sins, which were hidden from me; of which I was unaware when I sinned inadvertently.

        “No one rebutted you on a channel that doesn’t allow religious disputes? Go figure, LOL”

        Oh, for crying out loud!
        I made it very clear in a prior posting that I do anti-missionary work.
        Do you understand what anti-missionary work entails? I deal with people offline, in person, and/or on the phone.

        “No one here tried to make this Jew feel like two cents.

        You didn’t succeed.”

        I never even remotely implied that I ever held myself in such low self esteem.

        “Two cents? Not one of God’s creations is worth that little, Rebecca. I have been praying that the Lord guide your optometrist to help bring healing to your eye so that you may see clearly, and will stop if you wish, but that’s gotta be worth at least $100!”

        Oh, I vehemently disagree with you about that.
        Antisemites, missionaries, and terrorists, are most definitely worth even less.

        “You seem to have preconceptions as to whether, when, how and to whom He reveals them,”

        Not at all.
        How you arrived at that conclusion is ludicrous.

        “whereas I believe those are HIS prerogatives.”

        Of course, it is Hashem’s prerogative as to whom He chooses to share things with.

        Indeed, He chose to share many secrets with His Chosen People.

        Psalm 111:6 “The strength of His works He related to His people, to give them the inheritance of the nations.”

        RASHI explains:
        The strength of His works He related to His people: When He gave them the inheritance of the nations, He let them know His strength and His might. And Midrash Tanchuma (Buber, Bereishith 11): He wrote for Israel [about] the Creation to let them know that the earth is His and that it is in His power to settle in it anyone He wishes, and to move these out and settle others, so that the nations will not be able to say to Israel, “You are thieves, for you conquered the land of the seven nations.”

        Moreover, Hashem also revealed to the Jewish People many other secrets such as the true age of the world.

        “Since Jews refused to spread the gospel of Jesus to Gentiles,”

        Of course the righteous Pharisees rejected it.
        Christianity is idolatry for a Jew.
        Why would any Torah Jew promulgate idolatry?! 😂😂😂

        “He appeared to Paul instead with new revelations, which has worked marvelously.”

        Because Paul said so.
        Paul, the chameleon, shyster, and lying piece of garbage!

        In his own words: 1 Corinthians 9:19-23: “For though I am free from all, I have made myself a servant to all, that I might win more of them. To the Jews I became as a Jew, in order to win Jews. To those under the law I became as one under the law (though not being myself under the law) that I might win those under the law. To those outside the law I became as one outside the law (not being outside the law of God but under the law of Christ) that I might win those outside the law. To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel, that I may share with them in its blessings.”

        (Very heavy sarcasm.)

        No authentic and true prophet of Hashem would EVER conduct themselves in such a manner
        How very evil and despicable!

        No authentic Orthodox Jewish Rabbi would ever do such a thing either.

        “He appeared to Paul instead with new revelations,”

        You can believe that.
        It doesn’t make it true.

        “I wouldn’t try to put him into a box,”

        He did that all on his own.

        “so tread carefully there.”

        Oh my.
        I’m positively quaking in my boots.
        Now you’ve done it.
        I won’t be able to sleep for many nights.
        Goodness gracious, whatever shall I do?!

        Elijah the Prophet demonstrated very well how to deal with false prophets.
        We MOCK them.

        Kings I 18:27 “And it was at noon that Elijah scoffed at them, and he said, “Call with a loud voice, for he is a god. [Perhaps] he is talking or he is pursuing [enemies] or he is on a journey; perhaps he is sleeping and will awaken.”

        I don’t want or desire your prayers.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          The trouble with you is that you know so much that isn’t so.

          It would take many hours to educate you, and I don’t see any benefit to my doing so.

          I love when missionaries reveal themselves.

          I was onto you almost immediately when you posted to me about being deprived of Peter’s gift.

          As per @nicetomeetyou2:disqus’s rules, you are banned.

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            We did not. I slept not a wink last night and napped most of the day. We have a local venue that does a wondrous job on turkey. UncleE went and did a pick up; 3 fat turkey slices, 2 scoops of dressing/stuffing, huge scoop of mashed potatoes and huge quantity of green beans for $9.99. They are the provider of Thanksgiving meals for two retirement complexes, hence reasonably priced for the holiday.

          2. AuntiE*TFL

            I am better, yet still very slightly tired.

            It was very good. They do a “special price” for Thanksgiving and heap the servings.

        1. SoundMind

          Thanks and same to you, friend. Thanksgiving is such a rewarding pursuit, isn’t it. We need more of them!

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Happy Thanksgiving Diaspora! 🦃🦃🦃😂😂😂

      I slept for four hours this afternoon.
      (I’m very under the weather from multiple issues. I have to wait it out. I’ll get there, Be’Ezras Hashem.)

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          That’s very sweet of you!
          Somewhat better than earlier today.
          (I’m still in my winter coat though… 😂😑🤣. It will pass. That’s the most important part.)

          Very much likewise!

    1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

      Chilly, rainy day so made a pot of chicken stew. Warm and dry inside, not a bad day at all. 🤠

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        It’s a great attitude!
        May Hashem bless you.

        What do you put into your chicken stew?

        My husband surprised me by making supper.
        My chicken cutlets were defrosted.

        He also prepared the green beans.

        I’m very grateful.
        I never take him for granted.

        1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

          Never same ingredients, this pot had green beans, corn, chopped onion. parsley and a bit of sage. Broken up fettucine and the chicken. Tasty with garlic bread!

          1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            No chef but a fairly good cook. Cooking for one is not so easy so I do a lot of stews, casseroles, and such.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            It’s a wonderful skill to have.
            Cooking for one is difficult.

            Do you freeze leftovers into individual portions?

            Casseroles and stews are very tasty.

            Some of the best meals, are simple ones from my perspective.

          3. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Sometimes I freeze part of it, depending on how much is left. Nothing fancy but simple and nutritious.

          4. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Yes it is! Hardly ever throw any food away, no recipes just combine things and season to taste. Culinary adventuring! Lol

          5. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Afternoon! Another chilly, rainy day but inside and dry. Can’t complain. Should be sunny and dry tomorrow, hopefully. 🤞

          6. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Made it to upper 50’s, breezy but sunny and dry. Good to see the sun again! 👍🤠

    1. williamdiamonz ghost

      Thank You Mom !
      A Happy and healthy Thanksgiving to you and yours !

      Spending the day with my wife’s kids and grand kids, and a big delicious turkey.

      Tomorrow my dear friend from Hong Kong will be here to see and pickup a guitar that I built for him two years ago. It’s been waiting here for him during the plandemic and I dared not ship it to him because we feared it would be stolen by Chinese customs. The body wood is African Rosewood and even though it’s been removed from the CITES regulations and even though all the paperwork is there, it’s still prized by them. He won’t have any trouble bringing it though customs in person though.
      Playing it as much as I can before I have to let it go but he’s been a great friend and deserves it.

      How about you, how’s your day going? Good I hope !

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        That’s a real beauty.

        You’re very talented! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

        That sounds like a wonderful day.
        Enjoy in the best of health always!

        Good friends are a very priceless commodity.
        I speak from experience.

        I wish you a fabulous visit!

        I’m sure it would have been stolen had you mailed it to him.

        We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in any official capacity.
        My family never did.

        That doesn’t make us appreciate what America did for the Jewish People, however.

        1. williamdiamonz ghost

          Thank you Mom, you’re very kind to say that. The beauty is in the wood, I just try to keep out of the way.

          The common grain lines in the wood tell us the age of the tree and the conditions that it grew in. The beautiful part, the translucent “figure” that moves as you tilt the instrument is more rare and caused by stress on the tree. In this tree’s case it may have been an older nearby tree that died and leaned on it so that it had to endure the stress of the older tree’s weight bearing on it as it grew. I mention this because I know that you’ve been under the weather and of all the people I know you are the least likely to deserve the stress it causes but most likely to endure it because of your faith and good nature. Like that tree the beauty comes through in you too.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness….
            That is such a stunningly beautiful compliment.

            I’m so very moved. 🥲🥲🥲

            I’m going to screenshoot it to remind myself for those times that I need to be reminded, that I am stronger than I know.
            Hashem is the source of my strength.

    1. williamdiamonz ghost

      The red heifers are in Jerusalem, Bibi’s back, and Jordan is already warning Israel not to pray on the Temple Mount. No one is sure when it will happen, but they’re getting ready to build the Third Temple.
      Even though there is ample room for all three holy sites to exist there. the Muslims are going to fight all the way and the harder they fight the more they will lose, and deservedly. It’s too bad that they can’t live and let live. They’ll never make it to heaven if they don’t.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good morning William!
        Moshiach hasn’t arrived yet.
        The process of the redemption is currently unfolding.
        All of our great sages have said this.
        But it’s a process.

        One of the reasons is to give people more time to repent.

        Moshiach, will be a very special person. His level of prophecy will be secondary only to Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses our teacher).

        We will know when he has arrived. The five Exhaustive and Exclusive miracles must occur. These are world changing events.
        The entire world will know.

        These miracles are mentioned in several places in TANACH.
        They can be found all together in the stunningly beautiful Chapter 37 of Yechezkel (Ezekiel).
        1. Universal knowledge of Hashem.
        2. Universal world peace.
        (The final battle will be the War of Gog and Magog. Yechezkel Chapter 38 talks about it.)
        3. The ingathering of all Jews to the land of Israel.
        4. The building of the Third Temple by Hashem.
        5. The resurrection of the dead.

        No Muslim will be able to enter Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) when Moshiach comes nor will any uncircumcised male.

        Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 52:1 “Awaken, awaken, put on your strength, O Zion; put on the garments of your beauty, Jerusalem the Holy City, for no longer shall the uncircumcised or the unclean continue to enter you.”

        REDAK (a contemporary of RASHI) explains that the unclean are the Yishmaelim (progeny of Yishmael (Ishmael)). No matter how clean they pretend to be by constantly bathing, they are unclean in the eyes of Hashem.

        The time is almost upon us.
        Tzephania (Zephaniah) 3:20 “At that time I will bring them, and at [that] time I will gather you, for I will make you a name and a praise among all the peoples of the earth when I restore your captivities before your eyes, said the L-rd.”


        May our eyes be blessed to see this!

  13. Tony

    Israel’s far-right Jewish Power party has signed a coalition agreement with Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

    Its leader, Itamar Ben-Gvir, is set to become national security minister under the deal.

    The ultra-nationalist politician is known for his anti-Arab comments and has a past conviction for racism.

  14. Tony

    The Crown star Emma Corrin has called for the best actor and best actress
    categories at major film awards to be merged into a single, gender-free one.

    “I hope for a future in which that happens,” Corrin told BBC News.

    The star, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, added:
    “I don’t think the categories are inclusive enough at the moment.”

  15. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good morning/afternoon everyone and Chodesh Tov Umevorach (a blessed new month)!

    To my Jewish brethren: May you have a glorious Shabbos in every single manner with all of my usual blessings.

    To my gentile friends: Have a fabulous weekend in every way possible with all of my usual blessings.

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        We had such an interesting 7:30AM. I arose to use the facilities to see three people, one at each car, attempting to break in. Really, 7:30AM in broad daylight?🙄😳😎 I took one of those ultra bright light flashlights and pointed out my window onto the little potential thieves, called the police and waited. It turns out our neighborhood is back on the circuit. A few years ago we had this issue.

      1. AlgorithmicAnalyst

        A friend from UK who used to stay with us when he visited needed a hip replacement. He couldn’t get it for years because he said it didn’t hurt *ALL* the time (he was very honest).

        When he finally got it, he died on the operating table, and had to be revived.

    1. John Gillis

      So it’s not really a proposed secession as much as it is an expulsion of those problematic urban areas. I love it!

      1. Weary Traveler

        Just read Trump’s response to all of this on Truth Social. Trump made very clear that Kanye is a “seriously troubled individual” = Trump’s exact words, and gave him “some advice” which by all I have seen so far was him telling Kanye, “don’t even think about running in 2024.”

          1. Weary Traveler

            Sounds like Fuentes invited himself based on some of the stuff I have seen so far. Looks like Kanye was the one to invite him to the meeting.

          2. Weary Traveler

            And it shouldn’t have made sense either.

            The Trump smearing has gone in to hyper overdrive since he officially announced his candidacy.

          3. Sapper 9

            I think it was a political hit job sending Fuentes there, meant to damage Trump .

            Kanye is a disturbed individual, this has been clear for a LONG time; when he started supporting Trump, I called it out and knew it would not be helpful

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Thank YOU.

            On another note, I want to once again express my tremendous appreciation for every single gentile on this blog who understands that Jews need to remain Jews and doesn’t prosthelytize.

            What is positively abhorrent to me, is for anyone to be condescending and pitying me regarding my Judaism.

            I have enough Jew hatred in the world.
            I really don’t need this aggravation herein.

            I respect y’all and really don’t take any of you for granted.

          2. AuntiE*TFL

            It would be unconscionably rude to participate in a Jewish site and attempt to impose gentile views.

          3. John Gillis

            Good morning Rivka! I agree 💯 %

            I envy anyone who can embrace their faith as you do. Not a pity at all. I’ve always admired Judaism and if anyone could see how sublime it is, the hatred wouldn’t be encouraged.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      Not to be a contrarian, but to be contrary, it is an unusual question as the new congressional leadership will not be officially elected, nor in place until January.

  16. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good night to all of you.
    I wish you all sweet and pleasant dreams always.

    I want you all to understand something very important.

    If someone posts to me something that is totally contrary to Judaism and I don’t post a rebuttal, it is considered as if I am acquiescing to what was stated to me.

    I cannot be on the hook for that, and will not do so for anyone.

    After alot of back and forth, that included @dr_darko:disqus trying to get “SoundMind” to understand the dynamics of the blog, it was apparent to the both of us that it was a lost cause.

    Ergo, she has been banned.

    I cannot stress enough that I NEVER ban someone lightly.
    I am very cognizant that I am a guest on this blog.

    It just wasn’t ending.
    She kept saying that the blog wasn’t a good fit for her, but didn’t know when to quit.
    Who knows when it would have concluded?

    @nicetomeetyou2:disqus, I pulled the plug.
    I really appreciate you trusting my judgment and knowing that I don’t abuse my moderator “badge.”

    Best wishes to all of you….

    May you all wake up strong, rested, and healthy.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      Being the opinionated individual I am, as well as a major busybody, I see absolutely no necessity for you to explain, nor insinuate an apology, for actions you take as a moderator. Every single person here knows you for a generously kind woman not given to judgementalism. (Yes, that is a Neologism) If you felt a ban was called for, that is your decision, as a moderator, to impose..period.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good morning AuntiE. 😘🤗
        That is extremely kind of you to say.
        It is very much appreciated beyond words…

        You are correct.
        In fact, when my husband heard me talk about it, he told me why are you even hesitating? He said you’re a moderator. Just ban her.

        FYI, I love the fact that you’re very opinionated and you’re a very lovable “busybody.” 🥰🥰🥰

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Deer are such beautiful and majestic animals.

      They have only frightened me when three deer in a single file, suddenly went scampering across a road I was driving on in upstate NY.

      They were fairly close to me.
      It was very scary.

      1. Sapper 9

        I never hunt them, they are more like yard ornaments, that photo was from my back porch, but, the get way closer in the evening.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I’ve never been married, but know that to be true. If a married couple has regular date nights, they tend to be a stronger couple.

      Dating is generally associated with courting. So if you are dating your spouse, it’s like you are saying to them that you are not taking them for granted, as it is like you are pursing them all over again. It also links to studies that have been done about couples having stronger bonds after taking vacations together.

      It’s all bonding experiences.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        BAM! 🎤🎤🎤

        It’s about the bonding and the investment of time that you put into the marriage.

        I put on makeup daily (sans Shabbos and on certain holidays as it’s forbidden) as much as possible and am always dressed.
        Not just for myself, but for my family.

        Why shouldn’t they see me look good?

        Obviously, sometimes I cannot manage it the cosmetics, but I have a very high track record.
        (I ALWAYS get dressed.)

        I feel that if I always put myself together for all the dates that didn’t end up being my spouse, it behooves me even more so to look good for the only one that counted in the end.

        Absolutely, after taking vacations.
        That being said, you’d be surprised how much it means to share a cup of coffee/tea together.
        (My husband is the coffee drinker.)

        1. Weary Traveler

          Of course, as you know, I have my own version of “putting my best foot forward”. It certainly wouldn’t fit in at a snooty cocktail party, as I am sure I would frighten most of the guests. LOL

          But even then, over all, when you make yourself look good, you feel good at the very least. Which is not only showing respect to the other person, but also puts you at your best, and makes you more pleasant to be around. All around, it’s a win-win.

  17. Proud Conservative Mom

    At the Microcosmic Level
    All significant change in human behavior takes place at the microcosmic, not the macrocosmic level. It belongs not to social forces or trends, but to the here-and-now of single individuals.

    ~ R’ Lord Jonathan Sacks ZTL

  18. Weary Traveler

    If We Only Knew

    My answer to her hypothetical questions early on.

    So when I was invited to speak today, I started thinking about where you are these days, I wondered about your stories.

    What are your experiences of alienation and cancellation? I lost a good job, and my circle of friends got a lot smaller.

    What would you have done differently over the last two years if you could go back? Nothing. I don’t regret insulting or yelling at any of the Branch Covidians. If anything, I only wish I was far more verbally abusive. Or that many years prior, that I started practicing Voodoo or witch craft just so that I could start putting hexes on people.

    What keeps you on the road less traveled? I didn’t like where the more traveled road lead. I could never just settle for what was presented to me.

    Are you ready to forgive? NEVER!!

  19. diaspora

    France: A 22-year-old young man, already convicted of terrorism, lunges at a policeman and tries to take his gun away, shouting “Allah Akbar”

    fredalanmedforth / Posted on November 28, 2022

    A 22-year-old man accused of assaulting a police officer while in police custody in Annecy was remanded in custody last weekend, it was reported on Monday. The national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office has been called in.

    A 22-year-old man was charged last Friday with “intentional violence against a public official in connection with a terrorist activity”. This was learned by France Bleu Pays de Savoie on Monday from the National Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT), confirming a report in the newspaper Le Parisien.

    The young man had been arrested at his home in Haute-Savoie last Tuesday at the request of the Directorate General of Internal Security (DGSI). He is alleged to have failed to comply with the terms of his probation by, among other things, making trips to Kosovo and Saudi Arabia without informing the authorities.

    He was taken into police custody after returning from one of these trips and is accused of assaulting a police officer while in police custody at Annecy police station: He lunged at the officer and tried to grab his gun from him. According to reports by an editorial team of Le Parisien, he also shouted “Allah Akbar”.

    The young man was known to the security authorities and had already been convicted twice for terrorist offences. He was detained until his remand was adjudicated. A judicial investigation was also launched on Friday evening by the PNAT National Prosecution Service. France Bleu

  20. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good morning/afternoon everyone!

    I’m going to try to be back later, Be’Ezras Hashem.

    I received the breaking news a few minutes ago that Rabbi Tovia Singer and all anti-missionary work will be prevented from being accomplished in Israel, if this ludicrous lawsuit against him by Lehi Lapid is successful, Heaven forbid.

    Please amplify this if possible.

    I’ll post the original video that resulted in this.
    Legally, Lehi Lapid doesn’t have a case.
    However, that never stopped corrupt judges before!

    1. Weary Traveler

      One doesn’t even have to be Jewish to see what is wrong with what is being done to Rabbi Singer.

      If someone has to have a dissenting voice effectively silenced, then that is an admission that their own position cannot stand on its own.

      We’ve seen countless examples of this in history, and are witnessing countless examples of it now with cancel culture, whether someone speaks out against the COVID narrative, the trans agenda, or critical race theory.

      1. Chief Mac

        When I was a kid I had a cat that was mine and he would sit in my lap while I read a book. One day I was reading Catch-22 and if I turned the page too fast he would reach up and gently turn it back. If I took to long he would turn to the next page. My mother swore I was teaching him bad ideas

        1. AuntiE*TFL

          We had two cats who enjoyed watching LambChop with ProgenyE. They would sit and gaze and stop looking if an ad came on.

          1. Weary Traveler

            If only my bed was as comfortable, and I felt as sleepy as I do first thing in the morning, but at night, I would have my life together. LOL

          2. Weary Traveler

            Depends on how you define “old.” I did get a memory foam pad which helped since the springs were causing pain, and I am a side sleeper.

          3. Weary Traveler

            As I was just going to tell Auntie, I did get a memory foam pillow as well, and I have a few extra regular pillows that I use.

            I think when I replace my mattress, I may have my next one be all memory foam. For me the softer, the better.

          4. AuntiE*TFL

            Think about your pillow as well. I have three different pillows. Sometimes if I change to another pillow it helps.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            Myself included!
            Three pillows on my bed plus a wedge pillow.
            (I bought a wedge pillow when I fractured my ribs. It took me several very long weeks to get back into my bed. I really love the wedge pillow and still use it.)
            One pillow I have from my maternal grandmother.
            It’s still in excellent condition.
            That pillow, I have for sentimental reasons on my bed.
            I have the best memories of her tucking me into bed at night…

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            They DO!
            The really soft and scrumptious one is from my grandmother.

            I recommend the wedge pillow for everyone.
            It’s extremely comfortable and very wide and big, with the perfect inclined amount.

            I had my PT pick out the right one to order. There are so many different kinds.
            Who knew?

          7. AuntiE*TFL

            I discovered pillow switching by accident. One night I just could not be comfortable. I changed pillows and viola comfort.

          8. Weary Traveler

            I just answered you under PCM’s other comment, as I saw that one first. But my primary pillow is a memory foam.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          From what you described, most definitely!
          I almost feel like I know Carolyn already.
          Please send her my best wishes.

          On another note, is the freak with the Christmas tree earrings still Julie’s boss?
          I hope he died from something nasty.
          He sounded awful in how he treated her alone!

          1. Weary Traveler

            No, thankfully Julie FINALLY got a new job earlier this year.

            She got them back good. She took the job on her vacation time to make sure everything was working out. And then, when the two weeks was up, she told Christmas Tree earrings she wasn’t coming back. LOL

            So she collected two paychecks for a bit while only working one job.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Not only only did she get away from him, but got regular 9 to 5 hours to boot. So she can plan things better.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Indeed. I was actually thinking about her when I went to the tree lighting last week, because they have a See’s Candy in that shopping center. I was reminded of a story she told me about how she went in to See’s to buy candy for Christmas, and this was during all the COVID hype when you couldn’t go anywhere without a face diaper.

            And some woman in front of her started tattling on Julie to the clerk for not wearing her mask “properly.” Which Julie gave the Karen a right earful full. Then after that, the Karen was wearing opened toed shoes, and starting picking her toenails.

            The Julie told the story was hilarious because of how she worded it, and the inflections she used; “Picking her toe jam in the middle of a candy store.” LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            She’s roughly an hour away in the San Jose region. Whereas I am much closer to Oakland.

            She does have quite a sense of humor. Especially when she gets angry, she shows her natural talent for sarcasm. LOL

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oy Vey!
            An hour away by car.
            Not in very close proximity.

            I’m just really thrilled that she’s in a great place.

            I love people with a sarcastic sense of humor, who don’t use it against good people!

          6. Weary Traveler

            That was one of the things I noticed when I first looked in to Seacliff, NY. Distance-wise, it’s not even 20 miles east of Manhattan, yet, the driving time to and fro, at best, is anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour.

            Cities are horrible with traffic.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          You must have really needed the sleep!
          Are you feeling better?

          Ironically enough I had insomnia last night and was thinking that I hope that AuntiE and DW are sleeping very well.

          I’m so beyond grateful that you slept so well!

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            That makes my heart smile.
            I’m really very happy for you!

            Insomnia is indeed horrid.
            There was a time where it plagued me for months straight.

            I’m being cautiously optimistic that it was one bad night.

            (I read when I cannot sleep. Electronics stimulates and triggers the brain into an awakened state.)

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            I own a Kindle.
            My 18 year old adopted it.

            I’ll borrow it back if need be.

            Depending on my state of insomnia, I learn TANACH (That is an acronym for the entire corpus of the Hebrew Bible).
            If I cannot focus as heavily, I will do lighter reading.

            I was blessed to attend a sale last week that was the best one I was ever at for such books.

            I purchased Job, Ezra, Nehemiah, Daniel, First Chronicles, and Jeremiah with tremendous amounts of holy commentaries for two dollars per book. Such books normally average anywhere from 25-29 dollars a book.

            I’m really very excited about it.
            That should keep me really busy for a while.

            It’s typical of myself to be in the middle of a few books at a time.

            (Sort of like being in school and studying different subjects.)

          3. AuntiE*TFL

            Heavy reading may not be your best idea. It will have your brain working not relaxing.

            If you go back to Kindle, consider the low cost of Kindle Unlimited. You can have as many as ten books at one time, no charge because of being a Kindle Unlimited member. If nothing else investigate it. You may find it is not your cup of tea.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s an excellent point!
            Good grief, talk about shooting myself in the foot.

            I was being advised against using electronics with insomnia.

            Knowledge is power!
            I cannot thank you enough, AuntiE!

            I’ve been for the past month waking up every couple of hours for no specific reason.
            It’s not fun, but a lot better than being up straight for hours on end!

          5. AuntiE*TFL

            I have made the mistake of starting a book by an author, knowing it will pull me in, and finding myself awake. Big shot into my foot. I do not do that any more.

            A Marine told me they were taught to think; I will not think. I will not think. while trying to sleep. Try it on those nights you wake up. It seems counterintuitive to think not to think; however, periodically, it has helped me.

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            You are such a sweet soul!
            I will definitely try doing that.

            I cannot thank you enough for all of your terrific advice and recommendations.

            FYI, I think of you every time I wear my sweatshirts and choose a sweater.

            Visualizing our sweaters doing battle together, has me grinning mightily and sometimes chuckle 🤭🤭🤭.
            That’s always a wonderful thing!

          7. AuntiE*TFL

            I was thinking if we could get them to be friends they could find a way to reproduce to increase our supply.🤔🤓😎😂

  21. Chief Mac

    Got a new job offer – 56% more pay, full benefits and work from home. Now if the wife agrees will be all set. Oh and it is in a state without income tax as well..

        1. Weary Traveler

          I remember having that luxury living in Nevada. No state income tax actually makes a much bigger difference than some people might think. It’s like getting a huge raise.

  22. Proud Conservative Mom

    Okay folks.
    Sometimes we get to see the retribution of the wicked on this side of Heaven!

    About this work
    Antiochus IV lies on a bed in his tent, his armour abandoned on the floor beside him. He is purulent with “pain of the bowels” and “sore torments of the inner parts”, infested with worms, and emitting “intolerable stink”. He has also fallen violently from his chariot “so that having a sore fall, all the members of his body were much pained”. On the left an elderly surgeon pours ointment on to his leg while a younger assistant changes his dressings. On the right a notary writes down Antiochus’s last wil and testament, which Antiochus dictated “when he himself could not abide his own smell”: instead of being sacked, Jerusalem should be set free; the Jews would be treated equally with the citizens of Athens; the holy temple of the Jews would be restored; and he himself would become a Jew. However, “for all this his pains would not cease: for the just judgment of God was come upon him: therefore despairing of his health, he wrote unto the Jews” a further apology and letter of goodwill, before he died

    According to the second Book of Maccabees, IX: 4-28, Antiochus “thought to avenge upon the Jews the disgrace done unto him by those that made him flee. Therefore commanded he his chariotman to drive without ceasing, and to dispatch the journey, the judgment of God now following him. For he had spoken proudly in this sort, That he would come to Jerusalem and make it a common burying place of the Jews. But the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, smote him with an incurable and invisible plague: or as soon as he had spoken these words, a pain of the bowels that was remediless came upon him, and sore torments of the inner parts; And that most justly: for he had tormented other men’s bowels with many and strange torments. Howbeit he nothing at all ceased from his bragging, but still was filled with pride, breathing out fire in his rage against the Jews, and commanding to haste the journey: but it came to pass that he fell down from his chariot, carried violently; so that having a sore fall, all the members of his body were much pained. …So that the worms rose up out of the body of this wicked man, and whiles he lived in sorrow and pain, his flesh fell away, and the filthiness of his smell was noisome to all his army. And the man, that thought a little afore he could reach to the stars of heaven, no man could endure to carry for his intolerable stink. … Thus the murderer and blasphemer having suffered most grievously, as he entreated other men, so died he a miserable death in a strange country in the mountains.”

    Physical description
    1 print : etching
    Hallé, Noël, 1711-1781

    1. Chief Mac

      Not factual – the New Madrid Earthquake actually did reverse the Mississippi River for 3 days running South to North 😉 just saying

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good morning Chief! 😊😊😊

        That’s incredible!
        WOW! 🤯🤯🤯
        Very much appreciate the information! 👍👍👍

        How have you been feeling?
        I’m davening for everything to work out for you for the very best.

        1. Chief Mac

          The L-rd makes the rules and can change them as well. Knowledge of history is important.

          Am doing very well and yourself and family?

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            ABSOLUTELY! He proved that to the world with all of the tremendous miracles of the Exodus, alone.

            Very beautifully stated.

            BH, we’re doing well overall.
            My oldest son is coming this Shabbos with his family.

            Unfortunately, my cousin is in terrible shape. She needs a major miracle.
            I’m beyond heartbroken.

            I continue to roll with the punches.
            I take every moment as it comes and am grateful for every single good moment in time.
            Last night was horrific pain-wise, but this morning, I was able to do my walking even in the rain.
            (That’s a huge miracle for me.)

            I’m anxiously awaiting Moshiach’s coming with tremendous anticipation.
            I greatly long for his coming every single day of my life.

            Tragically, and I am not sitting in judgment, many are despairing because of these dark times.
            I was asked yesterday how do I know for certain that all of the gorgeous prophecies about Moshiach will come true?

            I KNOW it because Hashem’s track record is proven.
            He always keeps His Promises.
            Would he only fulfill the prophecies of consequences and retribution and not the glorious Messianic ones that fill pages upon pages of our TANACH?!

            OF COURSE NOT!


    1. Weary Traveler

      For those reasons, I find the ADL to be antisemitic.

      I can’t help but wonder if that is their actual intent. Because if so, they are sure going about it the right way.

        1. Weary Traveler

          They are a big reason why half “the right” is tiptoeing around the Kanye issue, and in some cases, even making excuses for Kanye. Because they fear condemning the comments is conceding anything to the left. First of all, it isn’t. And since when do we allow those who hate us, and are bent on the destruction of all of us, define us, or dictate anything we say or do?

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            THANK YOU.
            I was just telling this to someone today.

            On another note, do you know what the story is with Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar?

            I know they allegedly spoke for a group that is very antisemetic.

            I keep on forgetting to research it.

          2. Weary Traveler

            This is the first I am hearing of that.

            I know if I didn’t hear the words directly from the horse’s mouth, I would be very skeptical of the allegations against Kanye, just knowing the nature of the beast.

            But since I HAVE heard it directly from the horse’s mouth, and have heard Kanye double down, triple down, and quadruple down, I condemn Kanye.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Correct. Although I want to give the benefit of doubt to the victim, I also understand that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

            Then there is the fact that the left wants to find anything they can on anyone who happens to be even slightly to the right of Joseph Stalin. Which, in my mind, really puts the onus of proof on them to make their case even more so.

  23. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good night everyone! 💞
    Sweet dreams, rest well, and wake up feeling incredibly healthy and strong, Be’Ezras Hashem!

    (Just saying… 😊😊😊🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥)

    With Hashem’s help, I will begin to untangle, unravel, and explain the truth about the story of Dovid HaMelech and Batsheva (King David and Bathsheba) and Abraham and Hagar.

    I must not forget to accomplish this.

    A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.
    That was exhibited a couple of days ago by the missionary.

    I have been trying to put several fires out simultaneously, and am trying to do the best that I can.
    This is why I am sometimes here in spurts on some days.

    To add insult to injury, a missionary masquerading as a Jew attempted to convert me today.

    It is a joy to be here.
    I thank you all for your camaraderie and kindness.
    It is appreciated beyond words.

    May Hashem bless you all with everything good.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      Have a good night.

      FYI – If you have anyone into purses, Dooney Bourke and Coach are both doing VERY VERY good sales.

        1. AuntiE*TFL

          Some of the items at both venues are 50-60% off. UncleE is giving me a new wallet. **Hmmm…I best let him know that.**

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            As of 3:30PM, I am the most beloved relative for my great niece. It only cost me $10 to reach that status. I had a tree ornament made with a picture of her and her favorite dressage horse. She is over the moon happy. The sound you hear is my arm creaking as I pat myself on the back.🤓😎😂

    2. AuntiE*TFL

      Have a good night.

      FYI – If you have anyone into purses, Dooney Bourke and Coach are both doing VERY VERY good sales.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Spirituality cannot be measured and you cannot be successful without understanding it.

      These secular “Rabbis” only immersed themselves in the physical realm.
      That’s why those people were and are all WRONG.

      1. Weary Traveler

        He is also right in that I’ve known no one who psychology has cured. Seems going to a “professional” is like joining a gang = once in, never out.

        I also remember back in the 90s when having a therapist was becoming trendy. I would hear people talking more about their therapists than their own family or friends. Like self-righteous missionaries talking about their pastor’s most recent sermon.

          1. Weary Traveler

            That really makes me happy to hear. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and I hope it made your day just that much better.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      I am most definitely a very happy warrior! 😃😃😃💞💞💞

      Indeed we are both physical and spiritual.
      We are naturally tugged to the physical part of us that’s lazy and indulgent.
      We battle being able to soar upwards in the spiritual realm.

      This is why I work with an Orthodox Jewish social worker.
      (As per my pain management doctor, it’s mandatory for me due to my level of pain to talk to one regularly. I was once in between mental health professionals and tried using a gentile.
      It just doesn’t work, PRECISELY because of what Rabbi Lapin described. An Orthodox Jew understands both realms and both realms come into play during therapy. It makes all of the difference in the world!)

    3. Proud Conservative Mom

      YES! Those people promote the very disease that they are claiming to cure!

      ABSOLUTELY! Mental stress usually comes from sin.
      When we’re on the right path, we live happy and fulfilled lives.

      He’s correct about the downward spiral or the reverse, and how it becomes easier and habitual.

      The physicality has no right or wrong.
      Indeed it’s one of the main differences!

      Mental diseases have to be solved spiritually in order to be successful.

      We cannot do it by ourselves.
      We need Hashem to help us.
      And when we ask for His help, He gives it!

      Pills aren’t the answer to everything.
      (I’m not saying that there’s not a need for it. But it’s not ultimately the solution.)

      1. Weary Traveler

        One of the many things that made me so suspicious of COVID right off the bat, besides shutting down the entire economy, was knowing big pharma’s roll in so much.

        Especially in the 90s and 2000s with the SSRIs being pushed so heavily on the population, and the effects they were having. I remember being called every name in the book, and “anti-science” for pointing out the suicides linked to those “happy pills”, and their relation to mass shootings. And how being human was declared an illness.

        He also made a great point how these types don’t look at us as humans but just a glob of molecules.

        I was watching a video a few days ago from the Hoover Institute called “The Depopulation Bomb”, that made a similar point, however, there were some other aspects that they simply did not get. But this is what happens when you talk to those who only break everything down in to data points, including people. But, the fact that they could even acknowledge the issues of the human heart were being ignored, and don’t always fit in to convenient data points was impressive enough for economists.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          You and I are on the same page in more ways than one.

          As soon as they told us to shut down for two weeks, I knew what was transpiring.
          Moreover, the same FDA that takes 20 years to roll out medications magically approved this after three months by testing it on WHAT precisely?

          Agreed about your point about pills.

  24. John Gillis

    I’m hearing way too much about Michael Moore in the news.

    If Robin Leach were alive and still hosted “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, he would introduce a special segment on Tubby:

    Michael Moore: The World’s Wealthiest Incel.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      “database latency.”
      Three and a half years ago, a friend of mine had a mother who was a cancer patient and dragged herself out to vote.
      She was told that she already voted by mail.

      Who knew how long this was really going on for?!

      And the GOP is indeed investigating the wrong things.
      Unless they care enough to correct the system, our votes will never count again!

      TYVM for posting this.

      1. IMSarahAnn

        Many politicians appear to be members of the same coven, made up of both the Jackass and the Rino. I’m not impressed. Slow learners they are who presume we’re all gullible. Of course their stupidity is to our advantage.
        I hope you’re well and happy.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Good afternoon Sarah! 😘🤗
          How are you and Harold feeling?

          I consider the RINOS a tad worse than the Dems in some ways because they pretend to be who they are not.
          The Dems are open about their treachery.

          I’m definitely happy, but saddened at the state of the country and the world on a global level.

          TYMK for your good wishes.
          Very much likewise and mutual as always.

          1. IMSarahAnn

            Yes, and they, both sides, present themselves on TV, telling us what we already know. To cap their insults to our intelligence, they’re always “shocked.” Enough with these drama queens with their hipocracy, their endless robot calls, their stuffing my mailbox with gimmies. They need some monopoly game money as a reply to their ongoing and fraudulent demands for my money. Better still, we need to fire their sorry behinds and make them pay back their salaries which they did not earn.
            Harold and I have been and remain about a C-. Thanks for asking. I might call you sometime soon if that’s OK. Or send an email. High regards for you and for yours. G-d bless you always.🤗

  25. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good morning/afternoon everyone.
    Before I begin, I want to explain that CHAZAL (an acronym for our Sages of blessed memory) have taught us that we can never begin to comprehend the greatness of the righteous people in TANACH (an acronym for the entire corpus of the Hebrew Bible).

    If they were likened to angels, then we are merely people.

    Another very important point about TANACH.
    It is extremely critical for it to be understood with the holy commentaries like RASHI.
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to understand many verses otherwise.

    Many generations before RASHI and the other holy
    commentaries, the Jewish People were on a much superior spiritual level.
    Every generation that is further away from Adam, is less great.
    Adam, was the most perfect human.

    The Oral Torah also revealed many secrets about TANACH. Those who authored the Mishnah and Gemara, were masters of Torah study.
    For generations that came afterwards, it was necessary for our understanding to have further commentaries and explanations.

    These very holy men were gifted with Divine Inspiration.
    It’s not prophecy, but several steps below that.
    That being said, to quote my husband: “They are plugged into Hashem in a magnificent way that the average person isn’t.”
    BAM. 🎤🎤🎤
    They also knew many things in advance.

    Two examples of of the cuff about what I mean about verses needing clarification and understanding as to its true meaning:

    “An eye for an eye.”
    What does that mean?

    It refers to a person being precisely recompensed for his monetary loss by the one who caused it!

    The entire book of Shir HaShirim (Song of Songs) is one large parable that details the tremendous and eternal love between Hashem and the Jewish People.
    It can NOT be understood without the holy commentaries.

    That’s a preface to my undertaking.
    This very important premise, MUST be understood.

    Finally, just know that it’s impossible for us to truly comprehend the magnitude and greatness of these people.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good afternoon Diaspora! 😃😃😃
        LOL! 👍👍👍

        I’m just getting started.
        I will continue Be’Ezras Hashem, after I finish listening to @dr_darko:disqus’s Rabbi Lapin video.
        It is BRILLIANT.
        Rabbi Lapin is AWESOME!!!

        1. Weary Traveler

          I am really happy you are enjoying Rabbi Lapin. I’ll keep a close eye on his channel, and try to make his talks a regular feature.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Dovid HaMelech and Batsheva
      By: Rabbi Dovid Rosenfeld

      The Talmud, makes a sweeping statement regarding David’s behavior: “Whoever says David sinned is only in error” (Shabbat 56a). As critical as the Torah was of David’s terrible slip, it was not nearly as bad as it seemed, as we’ll see now.

      The Talmud explains that it was standard practice for Jewish soldiers to divorce their wives before going out in battle – lest they disappear in war and their wives become permanently unable to remarry. This was the practice throughout Jewish history until as recently as World War II. (The Israeli army considered adopting the practice as well, but decided against it because it would be harmful for the morale of the soldiers. In any event, the possibility of disappearing indefinitely in distant lands is much more remote today.)

      As a result, King David technically did not commit adultery. He took an unmarried woman. My teacher R. Yochanan Zweig likewise points out that when Nathan the Prophet afterwards came to criticize David, he depicts David’s sin as one of stealing (in the metaphor of the rich man who takes the poor man’s one little lamb). David sin was one of taking what he should not have, but not, God forbid, one of actual adultery.

      Even so, such behavior was infinitely beneath the king. Bathsheba was hardly a single girl free for the taking. Naturally she would have remarried Uriah had he returned home. And for this God was exceedingly critical of David. For a man as great as he, such an act was tantamount to true adultery. And the Torah, in its typical emphatic style, describes David’s sin in such a light – a description we might have taken literally had our Oral Torah not elucidated the matter for us further.

      The Talmud (Sanhedrin 107a) makes another fascinating statement about David’s sin, which sheds much light on the true characters of the people involved. It states that Bathsheba was destined for David from the Six Days of Creation but that he took her as an “unripe fig.” David rightly sensed that Bathsheba was meant for him, and in fact, the future King Solomon would eventually be born from them. (The Talmud describes further how she became exposed to him via a fluke – an errant arrow which broke the window behind which she was bathing.) David, with his divine inspiration, knew that Bathsheba was meant for him. (There is a Kabbalistic notion that David was a reincarnation of Adam and Bathsheba of Eve.) But the time was not ripe. He acted too hastily on his correct instincts.

      The Talmud elsewhere (Avodah Zarah 4b) writes that David’s sin was actually extremely atypical of him. God made the trial unnaturally hard for him. Under normal circumstances David should have withstood it. God ordinarily gives people challenges they are up to handling. But in this case God made it especially hard – and He did this so that David would show the way of repentance for all future generations. David spent his remaining years in an almost constant state of repentance, saying that his sin was before him constantly (Psalms 51:3). (Of course David did have free will and was certainly faulted for failing his test, but God did give him a harder challenge than He normally gives people. Challenges are to make us grow, not to crush us and to (virtually) bring us to sin.)

      Finally, the Talmud (Sanhedrin 107a) explains that God did this to David in part because David specifically asked God to test him (Psalms 26:2). David wanted to show his love, that he could aspire to the level of the Patriarchs. From this the Talmud derives that we should never ask God to test us, allowing us to prove ourselves. God knows when the right time for tests are.

      So yes, David sinned and the Torah was quite critical of his behavior. But the sin was nothing like the simple reading of the Prophet implied. As always, one can understand the full meaning and import of the Torah only after studying it in light of the interpretation of the Sages.


      I need to add to that

      It was during the war with the Ammonites that the first grievous sin was committed by David.

      Being a prophet, David knew that his heir and successor would be the son that would be born to him and Bathsheba, a woman of renown, famous for her excellence of character, no less than for her unsurpassed beauty. David learned, however, that she was married to Uriah, a captain fighting under Joab’s command. Now it was customary in those days for married men, before going to war, to obtain a divorce from their wives, so that, in the event of their being “missing” in battle, their wives could get married again. Uriah had accordingly obtained a divorce from his wife. David wished to marry Bathsheba at once. He summoned Uriah to him, and, in the course of discussion, Uriah insulted the king. David could have had Uriah tried for high treason, but he was afraid that the trial might be considered a means of getting rid of him. David permitted Uriah to return to the battle field but instructed Joab that he should not endanger the lives of other soldiers to save Uriah from any predicament, for he deserved death in any case. Joab acted upon these instructions and Uriah fell, pierced by an Ammonite archer. In due time, Uriah’s widow became David’s wife. But David was soon to learn that his deed had greatly angered G‑d.

      The Poor Man’s Lamb

      The Prophet Nathan came to David with a stern message. He used the following parable: “There were two men in one city, the one rich and the other poor. The rich man had very many flocks and herds, but the poor man had nothing, save one little ewe lamb, which he had bought and nourished, and it grew up together with him and with his children; it ate of his own bread and drank of his own cup, and lay in his bosom, and was to him as a daughter. And there came a traveler to the rich man, and he spared to take of his own flock and of his own herd to dress for the wayfaring man that was come to him, but took the poor man’s lamb, and dressed it for the man that was come to him.”

      David’s anger was kindled against that cruel man, and he exclaimed that the culprit should be put to death. Then the prophet Nathan said to David, “Thou art the man!”

      The prophet proceeded to upbraid David for his sinful deed. David humbly acknowledged his sin and prayed for G‑d’s forgiveness. The Prophet told him that G‑d would spare his life, but that he would not escape many misfortunes.

      The first tragedy came when Bathsheba’s first-born died soon after his birth. David accepted the punishment with real humility.

      Birth of Solomon

      Eventually, David and Bathsheba were comforted by the birth of another son whom they called Solomon, “the peaceful,” but to whom Nathan the prophet, blessing him in the name of G‑d, gave besides, another name, Jedidiah, “the beloved of G‑d.”

      (This part hereinabove was authored by Jacob Isaacs.)


      My addition:
      Every righteous descendant of King David, was compared as a throwback to King David. That was the biggest compliment after doing what was righteous in Hashem’s Eyes.

      One can spend years trying to study who King David was and never understand his magnificence.

      King David wrote Psalm 51, after the “sin” with Batsheva.
      He showed us how to do Teshuvah (repent). He said immediately to Nathan, “I have sinned before the L-rd.” Nathan almost instantly responded as per Hashem, that Hashem forgave him.
      King David made no excuses.
      He confessed immediately.

      Repentance is achieved by abandoning the sin, confessing with deep and true remorse, and committing to trying not to repeat the sin again.
      And Hashem wipes the slate clean.

      Psalm 51, is one of my favorite Psalms.
      18-19: “For You do not wish a sacrifice, or I should give it; You do not desire a burnt offering. The sacrifices of G-d are a broken spirit; O G-d, You will not despise a broken and crushed heart.”

      With all of the tremendous trials and tribulations that King David endured, his loyalty and love for Hashem was legendary.
      It is the book of Tehillim (Psalms), that we daven from (in addition to the daily prayers) when we are requesting a salvation from Hashem.

      Someone asked me more than once if I have a favorite verse from TANACH that galvanizes me.

      I have several.
      The one that I carry with me always is from Psalm 118:6 “The L-rd is with me; I shall not fear. What can man do to me?”

      I carry with me what Dovid HaMelech also told to Goleeyas (Goliath) Shmuel Aleph (Samuel I 17:45 “And David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with sword, spear and javelin, and I come to you with the Name of the Lord of Hosts, the G-d of the armies of Israel which you have taunted.”

      Again and again he taught a timeless lesson.
      Salvation is from Hashem alone.

      May Dovid HaMelech’s memory be blessed.
      Indeed, he was the Na’im Zemiros Yisroel (the sweet singer of Israel).

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        Everyone in the family knows my abysmal technology skills. I sent to my niece. She told me it was not one of my better pictures.🤔😳🤓

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          You’re such a joy to have on this blog!
          You make people laugh and kindly dole out terrific advice on so many topics.

          I’m so very with you!
          I have some talents gifted to me by Hashem.
          Being technologically savvy was never one of them!
          In fact, I describe myself as being technologically challenged!

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            Speaking of advice. I saw an article that around December 12 there is going to be a polar vortex dropping temperatures into the 20s on the East Coast down to South Carolina, 30s in Georgia and Alabama, with Florida going down to possible 40s. That could change; however, keep an eye. Our sweaters are going to be fighting over which layer they get to be; bottom, middle or top.

          2. AuntiE*TFL

            I am going to try and plan accomplishing a lot before the 12th so as to avoid having to go out. Having said that, I have sufficient cold weather gear and the luxury of heated seats.

          3. Sapper 9

            I have been spoiled by heated seats, I can’t go back and live like a farm animal , and only have regular seats. Just kidding