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        1. Weary Traveler

          I figure since sports fans like to celebrate their team winning a championship by looting, then beating up Democrats is a great way to celebrate. LOL

    1. Sapper 9

      AFTER it completed it’s mission , they waited until it was leaving and was over the ocean; now the “media” will pretend that this was an act of strength by Bidet.

      I am not sure if the “Air Farce” was a typo , or if it was an intentional commentary on what they have become.

    1. Chief Mac

      I trap them – put a rope on the cage and throw into my pond for half an hour. Then put the body out for the vultures. Gone in 5 minutes flat

      1. Sapper 9

        I have two Alpha predators , so I rarely see one alive, or a dead one that hasn’t been mostly eaten.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I suppose if I lived with snow, and more specifically, THAT much snow, I might feel that way somewhat. But, we haven’t even hit Spring yet, and I am already dreading summer.

      So me, the best part isn’t just when summer is over, but mid to late fall when Summer isn’t even a dot on the horizon anymore.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Last month, when we got six moths of rain in under two weeks, our snow pack up the sierras is over double than normal, which is good for the drought situation since most of our drinking water comes from the melted snow that runs down to the reservoirs.

  1. Proud Conservative Mom

    Iron Dome intercepts drone launched toward Israel by Gazan terrorists

    A drone launched by Palestinian terrorists from the Gaza Strip was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome shield on Saturday. It is understood the aircraft had not crossed into Israel before it was shot down.

    A military statement emphasized there were no rockets fired from the enclave.

    Residents of southern Israeli communities along the Gaza border, including the city of Sderot, reported hearing a loud explosion.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  2. Proud Conservative Mom

    Tens of thousands at Tel Aviv protest against judicial reform

    Tens of thousands Israelis turned out to a protest in Tel Aviv against the judicial reforms proposed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing coalition. The reform package put forward by Justice Minister Yariv Levin aims to reduce powers of the Supreme Court.

    Police warned of road blockages and heavy traffic in central Tel Aviv.

    Several prominent opposition figures were in attendance, including former Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid. “We will fight here in the streets, we will also wage a battle in the Knesset [Israeli parliament] and in the courts, we will save our country, because we refuse to live in an undemocratic country,” he said.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

        1. Chief Mac

          Israelis are great at protesting anything and everything. After politics it is their second favorite sport. The Lame Stream Media is making out this is somehow a huge protest when it is not

    1. bill smith

      Without a constitution, leftists infused courts have the ultimate authority whereas the authority should be with the democratically elected.
      This manifestation is simply sore losers and leftists with sour grapes and trying desperately to maintain their undeserved grip on power.

  3. Proud Conservative Mom

    Police Looking for Man Who Fired ‘Possible Blanks’ Inside SF Synagogue

    San Francisco police are looking for a man they said pulled out a gun and fired “possible blanks” inside a Jewish synagogue.

    The incident happened just before 7:30 p.m. at the Schneerson Center in the city’s Richmond neighborhood. The moment was also caught on surveillance camera.

    According to police, a caller said a man entered the building during a gathering. They added the man made a verbal statement, pulled out a gun and shot several times.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  4. Proud Conservative Mom

    Swimmer with American flag on his cap in honor of his grandfather killed in September 11 terror attack is disqualified from high school race in New Jersey

    A high school swimmer from New Jersey was disqualified from a race for wearing an American flag on his cap in honor of his grandfather who was killed in the September 11 terror attacks.

    The boy’s father, Rob Miller said his son, whose name was not released, was told the flag on his swimming cap was too large and in violation of competition rules. He said the opposing coach waited until after the 400-meter free relay race was over to have the insignia measured.

    Miller pointed out that ‘the issue is the coach waited until after the swim to get the DQ, deciding to put the burden of a ‘loss’ on a 16 year old, letting down all the Seniors that won their last dual meet of their HS careers.’

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      With Paisley? 😃😃😃

      I found out when I required an OT that I have small hands.
      Who knew? 😂😂😂

      My 25 year old is extraordinary strong, but his hands are small.
      (It’s my fault. 🙈)

  5. Proud Conservative Mom

    Hat tip my friend Sheryl

    *20 Ways To Feel Better*

    1. 😌 Breathe

    2. 🌴 Meditate

    3. 🙌 Pray and pour out your heart💔to Hashem!🥹

    4. 🖊️ Write your feelings down

    5. 🔊 Talk to someone who cares

    6. 🧏🏻 Listen to positive messages

    7. 🙌🏻 Gratitude Journal (Read it/Update it)

    8. 👣 Walk

    9. 🥳 Dance

    10. 🛣️ Exercise

    11. 🪗 Music (Listen/Play)

    12. 🛏 Nap

    13. 🩼 Help someone less fortunate

    14. 💖 Give someone a hug

    15. ☺️ Give someone a warm smile

    16. 💎 Give someone a sincere complement

    17. 📚 Learn Torah

    18. 🛁 Take a warm bath

    19. 🚿 Take a shower

    20. 📜 Write a letter to the Rebbe

    *Most importantly, remember this:*

    💎 You’re in Hashem’s Hands!
    You have nothing to worry about!

    💎 He is with you, helping you and protecting you, every step of the way!

    💎 Stay strong and trust His plan.

    💎 You’re gonna look back and be VERY thankful that things went according to His plan and not yours!

    1. Weary Traveler

      I am surprised he didn’t put bloomers and bags of bamba hanging from the tree like ornaments. LOL

        1. Weary Traveler

          Well.. What you don’t see… Makes it easier to pretend it is a nice normal graphic for once. LOLOL

  6. Proud Conservative Mom

    🚨Just In – China says it strongly opposes U.S. move to shoot down balloon

    China on Sunday said it expressed strong dissatisfaction and opposition towards the United States’ use of force to down its balloon and reserved the right for any necessary reaction to the incident.

    The use of force against the balloon, which China said is for civilian use and entered the US accidentally, was an “obvious overreaction” and violated international standard practices, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Sunday.

    Multiple fighter and refuelling aircraft were involved in the mission, but only one – an F-22 fighter jet from Langley Air Force Base in Virginia – took the shot at 2.39pm (3.39am on Sunday, Singapore time), using a single AIM-9X supersonic, heat-seeking, air-to-air missile, a senior US military official said.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

        1. Weary Traveler

          What is crazy about that, is often times, for some reason, a lot of the really interesting stuff I find comes down on the heels of Shabbos, and by the time I review it, Shabbos has started.

          I hope you find the info in the video interesting.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m in the middle of listening to it.
            What are your thoughts on this?

            My gut feeling is that China was spying. Because the Bidens are in bed with China (among other people in power), they ensured that all of the evidence was destroyed.

          2. Weary Traveler

            I think the balloon was using lidar imaging to gather data. Lidar can pick up a lot of what optical satellite imaging can’t. Downing the balloon now, and the CCP getting a huffy about it is theater. The info was being sent back to Beijing as it was being collected.

            Chinese aircraft have been in our airspace for a long time. And was done with the cooperation of the DoD. It was made official policy in 2009 when Barack Obama signed the Open Skies Treaty, until President Trump repealed it in 2017. Then one year after Trump repeals the Open Skies Treaty, the Pentagon releases grainy footage taken by the US Navy, known as the “Tic-Tac”, which in reality was a Chinese drone in US airspace, but the Pentagon was calling it a “UFO”, and ran the cover story of “Coming UFO Disclosure.”

            Since the Roswell incident in July of 1947, the DoD denies any knowledge of UFOs. Then in 2018, they suddenly come out with “UFO Disclosure?” Who is the DoD really covering for?

            I think Joshua also has a point of there being a psychological element to this in order to induce fear in the public. The Ukraine narrative is collapsing, and they need a war. This may be them trying to build the narrative for just that.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            I hadn’t known that about lidar imaging prior.
            That’s very fascinating and scary simultaneously because the information is transmitted instantaneously.

            I remember what transpired regarding “Tic-Toc.”

            The DoD is really an extension of the Chinese government in many ways, IMO.

          4. Weary Traveler

            The DoD relies on war, and the threat of war for its funding. They, along with our CIA and many of our politicians, have no problem playing both sides. It’s a good gig they got for themselves, and they don’t want to lose it, and God forbid, ever have to go out and get real jobs.

          5. Weary Traveler

            They do, but only as an insurance policy. I think of Regan’s mantra of “peace through strength. But without war, they do not to the lavish extent they do, or the side benefits of laundering money.

          6. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. The reality is that we are always going to need a well equipped and well funded military.

            I would rather they be like the fire department, they may get paid to just sit around most days. When they are not doing training exercise that is. But they are available if or when needed.

          7. Proud Conservative Mom

            Another terrific analogy!

            Indeed, the fire department being able and ready to act at any time is all that we really require from the DoD as well.

            Of course, their funding would drop tremendously because it wouldn’t be as necessary for them to have the budget that they do.

            Naturally, they want to do everything to prevent that from occurring.

          8. Weary Traveler

            Sadly, once you achieve a certain rank in the military, especially when you get to The Pentagon, they become politicians in military dress. Just look at Woke Milley.

            These people get way too good of perks.

          9. Proud Conservative Mom

            Very fascinating perspective.
            China wants to see and focus on the balloon either as an open threat or psychological reaction.

            It’s also possible that they’re trying to distract us from something else going on.

          10. Weary Traveler

            Speaking of distractions, notice how the police brutality in Memphis grabbed headlines right after Project Veritas released that video of one of their executives admitting to gain of function to sell more vaccines, and how that video went viral? Then the news cycle is clogged with police brutality, and now the Chinese balloon?

          11. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness!
            You are absolutely correct.

            We’re being royally played.

            (Josh is terrific by the way. I found him to be extremely intelligent and really enjoyed how he relayed his analysis and broke it down very thoroughly.)

          12. Weary Traveler

            I first came across him back in 2019, and Epoch and NTD’s overall reporting on COVID, and the Hong Kong protests that took place prior were phenomenal. Between American Thought Leaders, Crossroads, and China in Focus, I learned a lot about what is really going on in China.

          13. Weary Traveler

            Even more impressive is that Josh is only in his mid 30s. He is a great investigative journalist.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I just posted a bit on this on the previous page. They were recent enough, you should be able to see them if you search by newest.

  7. Weary Traveler

    The Madness of Crowds

    “It bears repeating: Desmet has never denied the biological reality of the virus or the threat it poses to public health. Nor does he ascribe evil motives to the people who responded in extreme ways.

    That is one of the big differences between myself and Mattias Desmet, and with all due respect as I am actually a huge fan of his work. I would not only ascribe “evil motives” to these people, e.g., the “Branch COVIDians”, but would go as far as to say that they are inherently evil. And would go even further to suggest that like the rabid dogs they are, that they should be put down.

    My maternal grandmother was a hypnotist. She taught it to me. And I can tell you from first hand knowledge that a hypnotist has no special power over the subject. It is a consensual transference of power from the subject to the hypnotist. In plain English, the subject wants to be hypnotized.

    They were not under any kind of “spell” that made them act irrationally. The COVID hype was merely an excuse to let their true evil inclinations come out and play.

    To reference a part earlier on in the article…

    “Purpose, meaning, social bonds, now available to every malcontent.”

    “every malcontent”… A little while ago, I posted an audio clip from The Savage Nation that is almost 20 years old now, where Michael Savage was railing about the big money racket around autism, and said “99% of the time, it is a brat that needs to be told to cut the act.” I agreed with it then, and agree with it even more so now. And, as I said when I previously shared that clip, that statement also applies to a lot of adults, as I see many of them walking around here on the streets of the Bay Area.

    Liberals are malcontents who exhibit signs of being on the autism spectrum, and need not only to be told to ‘cut the act’, but need more than a few good smacks upside their big empty heads. They need to get the… crap, smacked out of them, and then smacked again for crapping. Sorry, it doesn’t have the same effect as the original way of saying that phrase, but I am trying to be family friendly, and still release some of the pressure building inside of me. LOL

    All they are, are pathetic cowards that need to control others because they are losers who are terrified of their own shadows.

    I say that because I am not selling any books, and don’t need to do interviews to sell said book. I have no audience, nor am I looking to build one. I am also not trying to bring people together either. My only interest is in truth, and making sure ALL bad actors are severely punished for all the damage they have caused, and made examples of.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I have read that the subject has to want to be hypnotized.

      On a tangent, I am wondering how cults differ.
      There are stories of those held against their will and hypnotized.

      I opine that Fauxi et at triggered panic, fear and hysteria very purposefully.
      As I have stated a plethora amount of times, fear is the most powerful coercion.

      “Liberals are malcontents who exhibit signs of being on the autism spectrum, and need not only to be told to ‘cut the act’, but need more than a few good smacks upside their big empty heads.”


      TYMK for keeping the site family friendly.
      Very much appreciated, as always.

      I concur absolutely with what Savage said and what you wrote.

      A good chunk of the article (at least two paragraphs) are blocked by the author’s advertisement for her book.
      I couldn’t “deep six” it.

      1. Weary Traveler

        “On a tangent, I am wondering how cults differ.
        There are stories of those held against their will and hypnotized.”

        That’s a two part question which requires a two part answer. The first part refers to cults, which work very similarly to Mass Formation as described by Mattias Desmet, as cults seek out people who are generally dissatisfied. As do scammers, interestingly enough. The differences between mass formations and cults are so minuscule, they are practically non-existent.

        However, with that said, cults are a little more obvious since they operate on a much smaller level, and are usually easier to spot. But with the MAss Formation, as Dr. Desmet is talking about, it can be harder to spot because it is coming from an “official source”, whereas we tend to see cults more as outliers.

        The other part you are referring to where a person is held against their will and hypnotized sounds like Stockholm Syndrome. Also not hard to do if you are a sociopath. What happens is that the captor inflicts so much cruelty on the hostage, that the hostage surrenders all will to the captor as neither fight nor flight are available options. It only takes three seconds to achieve this. Then the captor shows some degree of kindness to the hostage at certain stages. From there, the coping evolves in to reprogramming.

        In essence, the hostage is totally brainwashed in a short period of time.

        “I opine that Fauxi et at triggered panic, fear and hysteria very purposefully.
        As I have stated a plethora amount of times, fear is the most powerful coercion.”

        Agreed. This was all a deliberate act of evil that has been in the making for years. Even just ten years prior, they would not have been able to pull this off with the degree of success they have.

        Second, correct about fear. It amplifies my point about how this is our own power being recycled back to us, and used against us.

        A good chunk of the article (at least two paragraphs) are blocked by the author’s advertisement for her book.
        I couldn’t “deep six” it.

        I just looked at the article again on my end, and what you are describing is more than likely a formatting issue. On my computer screen, the text from the two paragraphs wraps around the image which it would not do on a mobile device. So it shouldn’t be that the next two paragraphs are blocked by the graphic, as they would be just below it.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          “The first part refers to cults, which work very similarly to Mass Formation as described by Mattias Desmet, as cults seek out people who are generally dissatisfied.”

          YES! Every story that I read about someone joining a cult was precisely because they weren’t satisfied with their life.

          Excellent point about scammers.

          People are far quicker to buy into what is trying to be sold to us when it comes from an official source.

          I concur that in general cults are outliers.

          I have read about Stockholm Syndrome.
          You described it very accurately.
          It’s another form of tremendous evil.
          There are stories of how captives came to love their captors.
          It’s such evil.

          “It only takes three seconds to achieve this.”
          That quickly?!?!

          It’s bizarre.
          Normally an ad doesn’t block an article like that.
          It’s the first time it has happened to me.
          I cannot get rid of it, unfortunately.

          I read everything else sans those two paragraphs.

          1. Weary Traveler

            And “captives” was the word I was looking for that was escaping me for some silly reason. LOL

            Yes, scary enough, it only takes three seconds to inflict enough trauma to get someone to fully submit. But you have to be more than willing to inflict extreme cruelty upon the other person, hence why I specified that the captor would have to be a sociopath.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            We all have those moments.
            No worries!

            It sounds like an extremely terrifying experience.
            It also explains why those who have experienced it are never truly the same afterwards.
            How can they possibly be?!

          3. Weary Traveler

            The only logical explanation I can come up with is severe trauma. Otherwise, there really is nothing logical about it.

            Just out of curiosity, do you think these may have been the two paragraphs you couldn’t see?

            Carl Jung, one of Desmet’s seminal influences, would likely agree with his disciple’s assessment. In Jung’s estimation, “it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself who is the greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the world of natural catastrophes.”

            Now hold on, you might say. The coronavirus was a nasty piece of work that demanded a vigorous collective response. People and governments behaved reasonably, under the circumstances. But Desmet saw nothing reasonable about a shopper in a grocery store screaming at another shopper for removing her mask to scratch her face. Or calling a snitch line after spotting someone sipping a coffee on the beach. Or depriving a dying parent of human touch.

            Seems I have been having more of those ‘moments’ of late. I guess on the bright side, if I do go completely cuckoo gaga, I wont realize how screwed up everything is anymore. LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            If those are bloomers, your eyes are much better than mine. Or, someone has actually been driven even crazier than me. LOL

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            It’s Bill.
            He’s gotten to me.


            I’m going to try your “prescription” again.

            If he’s going to continue to live in my head, I am going to start charging him rent. 🙄😑

            Remember, the Bloomers we’re extremely blurry on the other page.
            No one figured out what they were.

          6. Weary Traveler

            If he’s going to continue to live in my head, I am going to start charging him rent. 🙄😑

            You may have a challenge with that. Somehow I wouldn’t put it past Bill to claim “squatter’s rights.” LOL

          7. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s a real problem if it’s over thirty days.
            I almost forgot about that.

            Good gracious. I’m analyzing my options from a legal perspective.

            That’s IT.
            HE HAS GOT TO GO.

            Good grief! 🤦🤦🤦

          8. Weary Traveler

            If I wanted to take more time, I would have added a suitcase with a pair of bloomers sticking out the side. LOL

          9. Weary Traveler

            The only logical explanation I can come up with is severe trauma. Otherwise, there really is nothing logical about it.

            Just out of curiosity, do you think these may have been the two paragraphs you couldn’t see?

            Carl Jung, one of Desmet’s seminal influences, would likely agree with his disciple’s assessment. In Jung’s estimation, “it is not famine, not earthquakes, not microbes, not cancer, but man himself who is the greatest danger to man, for the simple reason that there is no adequate protection against psychic epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the world of natural catastrophes.”

            Now hold on, you might say. The coronavirus was a nasty piece of work that demanded a vigorous collective response. People and governments behaved reasonably, under the circumstances. But Desmet saw nothing reasonable about a shopper in a grocery store screaming at another shopper for removing her mask to scratch her face. Or calling a snitch line after spotting someone sipping a coffee on the beach. Or depriving a dying parent of human touch.

            Seems I have been having more of those ‘moments’ of late. I guess on the bright side, if I do go completely cuckoo gaga, I wont realize how screwed up everything is anymore. LOL

  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    A lone figure at the Wall, he’s not really alone, his Father’s Presence filling the space. After all this young man from Pinsk, Belarus, a student of Yeshivas Pe’er Yisroel, has been through, some rainfall couldn’t keep him from the holy spot, running his fingers along the crevices of the ancient stones as he whispered heartfelt words of prayer for an easier time ahead.

      1. Ozraeli

        “Leil Shisi” [sixth night] is Friday, not Thursday. Shabbat is the seventh day [“…and on the 7th day…”], so Friday is the sixth day, and Friday evening, the start of Shabbat [“Erev Shabbat”]. “Leil Shishi” follows.

        1. IsraelReader

          In the American vernacular, “Thursday night” refers to the night after the day part of Thursday.
          According to Torah law, the night part of the day precedes the light part of the day.
          The people I know refer to Friday evening, the start of Shabbat, as “Leil Shabbat”, since it’s the night part of Shabbat.
          By the same token, they use the term “Leil Shishi”, to refer to the night part of Friday, which in the American vernacular is called Thursday night.

          Not that I need additional proof, but according to the caption, the photo was taken at 11:15 PM.
          If in fact it was Friday night, Shabbat, there would be no pictures being taken at the Kotel, people would be dressed in more festive clothing, and the guy in the left of the picture would not be holding a cell phone.

          1. Ozraeli

            What you are saying, is that the Torah definition of night and day is diametrically opposed to the common language use, including in Israel, i.e., the definition of night precedes day, not follows. I find this quite curious, & contradictory to my experience. It has always been “Night follows day”, after the human activities of existence, rest, and sleeping.

            I am not going to argue Torah, because I am not a scholar. What I can say, is that:

            1) The photo is quite likely a stock photo, and has nothing to do with the actual time during “Leil Shisi”;

            2) Pictures can be taken by anyone, at any time, not necessarily the religious believers. Whether this is resisted by the believers who don’t want their pictures taken is another matter;

            3) Whether the religious have found a way around using mobile phones on Shabbat [or having them turned on for emergency purposes & Pikuach Nefesh] is unknown to me.

            The religious generally find a way around certain ancient precepts in order to utilise modernity, whether by turning on the heating and lights before Shabbat, using timers, automating elevators, or milking cows;

            4) In 17 years of living in Israel, [including ~5 in the IDF], & 50+ years of speaking Hebrew, I have never heard Friday evening being referred to as “Leil Shabbat”, but rather “Erev Shishi”, possibly “Erev Shabbat”, & always “Leil Shabbat” being Saturday night.

            If you were make a meeting time for “Leil Shabbat”, expecting it to be Friday evening after dark, you would not be seeing anyone arriving to meet you, at least among the non religious.

            If you have any substantiation, I would be interested in seeing it.

          2. IsraelReader

            I don’t know where you live, but religious people know that the Halachic Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday afternoon.
            That is the first part of Shabbat, the night part.
            In the morning, the day part of Shabbat begins, which ends at nightfall.
            The night part, after Shabbat is referred to as “Motzei Shabbat” (מוצאי שבת), or in Hebrew slang “Motzash” (מוצ”ש).
            If you live in a secular world, then all bets are off.
            If you own a Siddur, take a look where the songs that are traditionally sung at the Friday night meal are printed.
            In my Siddur, the heading reads: זמירות לליל שבת (songs for “leil Shabbat”).
            Regarding the songs that are traditionally sung Saturday night, at Melave Malka, the heading reads: זמירות למוצאי שבת (songs for “Motzei Shabbat).

            We applaud you for your IDF service, but the IDF isn’t known for its special emphasis on providing Torah education for its soldiers.
            Its primary educational goal as the “people’s army” (צבא העם), is to serve as a social melting pot (כור היתוך חברתי).
            Besides protecting national security, the IDF sees itself as playing a national role in the absorption of Aliyah, connecting different populations, and sharpening the “Zionist ethos.”
            This has nothing to do with Torah, as secular Zionism has shown us that you can have an Israeli culture that is devoid of Torah.
            Which is a shame, because without Torah, Israel has no real claim to its ancestral land.
            It’s only because of the Torah, that the State of Israel can make any claim to the land of Israel, and not be called a foreign conquering power (כיבוש).
            So, if you love the land of Israel (ארץ ישראל), you should also look into the Torah of Israel (תורת ישראל).
            Welcome to this website, where those who want to know more about Torah and those who observe it, can learn much here.
            All the best,

          3. IsraelReader

            Here is what I posted here:
            I don’t know where you live, but religious people know that the Halachic Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday afternoon.
            That is the first part of Shabbat, the night part.
            In the morning, the day part of Shabbat begins, which ends at nightfall.
            The night part, after Shabbat is referred to as “Motzei Shabbat” (מוצאי שבת), or in Hebrew slang “Motzash” (מוצ”ש).
            If you live in a secular world, then all bets are off.
            If you own a Siddur, take a look where the songs that are traditionally sung at the Friday night meal are printed.
            In my Siddur, the heading reads: זמירות לליל שבת (songs for “leil Shabbat”).
            Regarding the songs that are traditionally sung Saturday night, at Melave Malka, the heading reads: זמירות למוצאי שבת (songs for “Motzei Shabbat).

            We applaud you for your IDF service, but the IDF isn’t known for its special emphasis on providing Torah education for its soldiers.
            Its primary educational goal as the “people’s army” (צבא העם), is to serve as a social melting pot (כור היתוך חברתי).
            Besides protecting national security, the IDF sees itself as playing a national role in the absorption of Aliyah, connecting different populations, and sharpening the “Zionist ethos.”
            This has nothing to do with Torah, as secular Zionism has shown us that you can have an Israeli culture that is devoid of Torah.
            Which is a shame, because without Torah, Israel has no real claim to its ancestral land.
            It’s only because of the Torah, that the State of Israel can make any claim to the land of Israel, and not be called a foreign conquering power (כיבוש).
            So, if you love the land of Israel (ארץ ישראל), you should also look into the Torah of Israel (תורת ישראל).
            Welcome to this website, where those who want to know more about Torah and those who observe it, can learn much here.
            All the best,

    1. Weary Traveler

      Yes, I was able to zoom in, and you did find the Bamba.

      Now stop looking before you start seeing any bloomers. Remember… Ignorance IS bliss. LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        I just left it a nasty little love note on W3P where I know I can get way with using the colorful language of the NYC Transit system. LOL

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      She is a lightweight evangelist.
      I say lightweight because I saw her account.
      I can shred her, but why waste my time?

      Some of her postings are beyond moronic.

      I see that she also posted on the Jewish site “The Elder of Ziyon” as well.

      Missionary scum.

    1. Weary Traveler

      You’ll love this. After I left her a nasty note on W3P, she responded to me with a little love letter about “anger”, and I responded to her in kind. She blocked me shortly after, and it looks like she got banned from there too for being a serial spammer according to a conversation between two mods. LOL

      I wont share the link because I was a bit too colorful as I stated below.

      It almost takes me back to the 80s when my loud music and wild hair offended the blue haired old church ladies. LOL

          1. John Gillis

            I think I’ve crossed paths with Olga. I initially thought it was the fat girl Eri Expect Resistance.

    2. John Gillis

      Hi Rivka, anyone who studies Jewish history KNOWS that when a foreign power executes a Jew, all in the land of Israel mourns.

      The Roman narrative was malarkey and a whitewashing by the nascent Catholic Church to scapegoat the Jews. Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus and bears the full responsibility for his death.

      Evangelists make me want to vomit every time they utter their anti-Semitic drivel.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Hi John!
        How are you doing?

        Edwinrad was trying to shove Christian Scripture down @dr_darko:disqus’s throat. When I responded to a couple of WT’s postings, Eddy posted directly to me.

        He “proved” that the Jews killed Jesus because the Christian Bible says it.
        I rebutted his misinterpretation of TANACH which he meshed together with Christian scriptures.

        I’m ignoring any new postings of his tonight.
        He’s a pompous, arrogant, jackass and always has been.

        He regurgitated the same rubbish that I debunked a few months ago.

        I haven’t been to that site in quite some time.
        For one thing, I cannot handle the language.

        1. John Gillis

          Good evening, Rivka! I’m doing okay! Just preparing for my part-time job tomorrow. I get a couple hours a week, supporting another university’s IT department. But if they keep throwing things my way, I’m going to press my manager to give me more hours.

          OMG, that is awful. The Council of Nicaea convened in 325 to “codify” the beliefs of the new Church. These men deliberately, SUBJECTIVELY (and poorly) translated and incorporated Hebrew texts, at least trying to make them “fit” and support the new Christian narrative. Anyone who thinks critically realizes that.

          Edwinrad should shut his piehole before he makes a bigger imbecile of himself. The Christian Bible is a book. A tome. A folio. Written by man. From borrowed and/or stolen texts. The Torah was given to the Jewish people by Hashem.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I just read through the first part so far. And that is reiterating something I have said about the Dems being Antisemitic. The Donkey Girl’s lame defense of the diaper head referring to MTG, a statement MTG never made about “Jewish Space Lasers, incidentally, only further solidified proof of the left’s antisemitism.

      But to be fair, the left are equal opportunity haters. They hate the people they attack, i.e., straight white males. And loathe the people they defend, i.e., blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Jews, etc.. It’s only a matter of time before that hate becomes too obvious.

      For years, the strategy of the Dems has always been to align themselves with a group, and then once they gain said group’s loyalty, abandon said group, and even screw over that group in the interest of the next group they pander to. And usually, hold on to the former group’s loyalty, in spite of abandoning that group because “they once helped us when …”, which allows them to continue to rinse and repeat the process over and over, for easily the last 150 years.

    2. Weary Traveler

      Here’s another thought… The Jihad Squad claims Omar’s removal is an “Attack against women of color.” Are they not painting “women of color” with the same broad brush, as if they all think exactly alike? How is that not both sexist and racist?

      1. george linker

        The squad relies on racism and sexism for their political position. Without racism, sexism and they cannot get a following. They think themselves as gods.

      2. Sapper 9

        OMAR is also claiming that it is taking away Africa’s representation in OUR congress. Let that sink in.

  9. Proud Conservative Mom

    Netanyahu: ‘We heard a clear threat to the life of Israel’s prime minister’

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday evening reacted to online threats to his life saying that “all lines are being crossed” and urging law enforcement to act against incitement.

    Netanyahu’s comments on his way back to Israel from his trip to France come in response to a Facebook post by a former air force pilot and anti-Netanyahu protest figure Ze’ev Raz. In his Friday post, that came prior to another large-scale protest against the judicial reform, he wrote that if a leader acts “in a dictatorial way, there’s an obligation to kill them.”

    Netanyahu’s comments on his way back to Israel from his trip to France come in response to a Facebook post by a former air force pilot and anti-Netanyahu protest figure Ze’ev Raz. In his Friday post, that came prior to another large-scale protest against the judicial reform, he wrote that if a leader acts “in a dictatorial way, there’s an obligation to kill them.”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  10. IsraelReader

    BEN SHAPIRO: ‘Pfizer Lied. If I knew what I know now, I would not have taken’ the vaccine
    FLORIDA (VINnews) — In a series of bombshell tweets, popular radio host Ben Shapiro accused Pfizer and the federal government of “lying about their stats”, and he appeared to express remorse for recommending the Covid vaccine too “broadly”, including to people who are not high-risk. He also said that had he known then what he knows now he “wouldn’t have taken it” himself…

      1. John Gillis

        I feel bad for the people who are otherwise wise who took the jab. I just want to give them all a dope slap, but that won’t unvaccinate them.

      1. John Gillis

        I passed up a job last week for the same reason. At least I’ve learned to budget and make my money last.

        And I’m now buying all my veggies at the farmers market. Now if only I can find cheap meat!

        1. Weary Traveler

          That’s odd you would still having that issue where you are. Even in my area, which is the capital of STUPID, many employers have dropped the mandates.

          1. John Gillis

            Good evening Weary Traveler. Honestly, the Raleigh area is still pretty “woke”, but outside of that city, sensibilities are far more reasonable. There is a woman at my gym who still wears her face diaper. She’s also the “wipe down” Nazi, and she chases down people who forget or otherwise neglect to wipe down their machines after they use them. Other than that, it’s relatively sane.

          2. Weary Traveler

            My friend Marty just took an application for substitute teaching in one of our school districts, and in one of the wokest of the woke district, and they told him to ignore the section of the application asking about CV vaccine status.

            I only know of one pocket in the US that is actually more woke than SF, and that’s DC. So if even most of SF is walking away from it…. I’ speechless that even Raleigh is more woke than us. WOW….

          3. John Gillis

            There are pockets of adherents to this “mandate” in my area. I don’t think it is the majority of places I applied to, but the place that interviewed me told me it was a requirement.

            Raleigh was really hit badly during the George Floyd riots, so I’m not as shocked.

          4. Weary Traveler

            My immediate neighborhood wasn’t hit hard by the George Floyd riots, but downtown Oakland was, and I am just a stone’s throw away from there. If I stood outside my front door, I could hear them.

            I think our situation is similar to yours, as I am sure there are still some pockets. But they are very, very small pockets if there are any left.

            I wonder if the reason that the places that interviewed you still required it was because they are the ones who not only fired people over it, but can’t get anyone because of it, and are just too stupid to put two and two together.

          5. John Gillis

            I wasn’t impressed with this company anyway. It was a pharmaceutical company (qu’elle surprise) and I didn’t like the manager I would have reported to anyway. My “spidey senses” tingled with this guy. He was an egotist and actually said he’d be happy to peel off $80k a year from his personal salary to have a manager take control of his IT team. Now I know why the last manager left without notice.

          6. Weary Traveler

            You would think the higher ups would see the clear pattern there. There’s a lot of people in such positions — too many in fact — that need to put in straitjackets, and left to rot away in a rubber room.

      2. IsraelReader

        Bill Gates once said in a Ted Talk, that we need to reduce the world’s population, and we can use “new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services” to do that.
        I guess that he knew what he was talking about.

      3. IsraelReader

        A while ago, someone that I know, called me up with a question.
        His son is of marriageable age, and they’re getting calls with matrimonial proposals.
        He was of the opinion that he should ask if the girl was jabbed or not, and if she was in fact jabbed, then that would be a disqualification for marriage.
        What would you say?

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Are we going to start weeding Jews out like Mengele and decide who deserves to get married?
          I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but doesn’t every family usually have something?

          I was completely healthy, walking three miles a day, etc., and then I got sick at 29.
          Who would have known?

          If I had a choice regarding those who are vaxxed or not, with everything else being equal, I would choose the unvaxxed person.

          FYI, I have a very close friend who has a married son. They’re a lovely couple but had to go through IVF in order to have their first child after three years of marriage. Her son, as it turns out, has a very low sperm count.

          Who could have possibly known this?
          They won’t be able to have a big family.
          BH, they have one healthy child.

          (Go have ta’anos (complaints) to the Aibeshter (Hashem), as my mother would say.)

          What would YOU do?

          FYI, don’t think for a moment that I wasn’t rejected because my mother had cancer when I was dating, and that some perspective matches for my children weren’t nixed because of my illness, despite NOTHING being genetic.

          I would be wary because we’ve been through so much already in my family.
          To reiterate for myself if there were other equally good options, I would go with the ones who didn’t get poisoned.

          What would YOU do?

          1. IsraelReader

            I never insinuated that we’re going to start weeding Jews out, and decide who deserves to get married, and who doesn’t.
            In fact, I posit that most people deserve to get married, even vaxxed ones.
            [The ones I would exclude are mentally deficient people, psychopaths, and their like, who will mistreat their spouses].

            In the end, you yourself acknowledge that if there were other equally good options, you would go with the ones who didn’t get poisoned.
            I agree. As a parent, why would I want my child to marry a damaged piece of goods?
            For the same reason, if you know in advance that a young man in question has a very low sperm count, most orthodox Jewish parents would think twice about allowing their daughter to date him.
            Does such a young man deserve to get married?
            But he will need to find someone who will take him despite his medical problem.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            I know that you didn’t.
            It’s a very sore topic to me.

            That was the precise reaction of my internist, Dr. Steven Fries, ZL.
            It infuriated him tremendously.
            I was very pained.
            I had this conversation when I was single many years ago.

            People are terrified of even non-genetic cancer.
            Ergo, we had a bit of a harder time with Shidduchim, but BH, we all got married and have wonderful families.
            We were not damaged goods.

            “[The ones I would exclude are mentally deficient people, psychopaths, and their like, who will mistreat their spouses].”


            “As a parent, why would I want my child to marry a damaged piece of goods?”

            I concur absolutely because it we don’t know the effect of the poison.

            I also believe that everyone has a Mazal.

            My friend is extremely grateful that she didn’t know beforehand.
            It’s a big secret.
            People tend to confide in me.

            She felt alot of guilt until our mutual friend who is a social worker said that everyone has something.

            BH, the parents of her daughter-in-law are very comfortable and were able to pay for the IVF.
            My friend’s couple wanted a large family.
            Hashem can do anything.

            Hashem arranged that no one knew this information prior to the marriage.

            The couple, is a beautiful couple in every single manner.
            They’re good to each other and for each other.
            It’s a huge blessing that my friend’s son’s in-laws adore him as does their daughter.

          3. IsraelReader

            I think that in Israel IVF is paid for by Kupat Cholim, under the National Health care system.
            I don’t remember how many rounds/children the government will pay for.
            Maybe this couple should look into the possibility of moving to Israel.

          4. Weary Traveler

            I am not at all surprised people confide in you. You are very real, and I think people see that.

          5. Weary Traveler

            I hope you don’t mind my interjecting my two cents on this one.

            As you know, both of us — and I am sure we are not the only ones — are very sensitive to this subject, especially in regards to the jabs. So much so, that I myself, have a hard time talking about it without feeling my own blood pressure start to drastically increase.

            I feel the best way for me to address this is in two different parts. The first part with regards to illness in general. I can see how under the circumstances you described, I would be nixed myself for similar reasons. I can only imagine the cruel rejection that both you and your children felt going through that.

            When I find myself getting a little forgetful, even being aware that it is most likely due to stress and too many things going on at once, I sometimes jokingly, and also, not so jokingly, wonder if I am turning in to my maternal grandmother who passed away in 2018. She had Alzheimer’s and Dementia, was already long gone a good six years before her body followed suit and she passed.

            I know I would be devastated being rejected over something that I had no control over like that. And there are plenty out there who would throw me away over something like that. But those individuals did you, and your children a huge favor, because they showed you how shallow they really are. They are only in it for their own convenience. Not to love anyone, and actually be loved in return. When the going gets tough, they get going. …straight out the front door with their suitcases packed, that is.

            And that would actually be far more devastating than being rejected at the offset for what could possibly happen. Because at least if they reject you at the offset, you do not years of history, memories, and emotional investment being turned against you.

            When I was working at the radio station cluster in Sacramento, there was a young lady who owned a ranch that stabled horses, and she did a show about taking care of horses. I think she was only in her mid 30s at the time, and she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer that was inoperable, and was given a maximum of five years.

            I don’t know whatever happened to her because I moved to Vegas. But my manager at the time told me about her as I never met her, and said how because she had a terminal illness, she had no one because no one wanted to be close to someone who they knew was going to die. And how he was more than happy to be her friend in spite of that and why.

            The people who did not want to get close to her did so to guard themselves, but never thought for a second what if the shoe was on the other foot. Would they want to die alone? Would they want to spend their final days alone? I can imagine the only thing scarier than knowing you are going to die soon, and what happens to you, is doing it alone. I can’t think of a worse way to go myself.

            I don’t think it is really getting older that some people fear, but becoming old and alone.

            Sure, you may grieve when your friend dies, but what about knowing that you were able to make their final days more meaningful because you were there, and what knowing that would do for you. And that because of you, someone didn’t die alone with a broken heart?

            Now, when it comes to the part when dealing with the jabs, it reminds me so much of the AIDS epidemic of the 80s. Which, BTW, wasn’t all transmitted by homosexuality, promiscuity and intravenous drug abuse. Many were also infected by bad blood transfusions, or even getting routine shots because some nurse or orderly was too lazy to change a needle.

            Regardless of how a person contracted the disease, once they had it, their dating pool shrank drastically. There is a concern with the jabs with regards to shedding, and can it be spread through the exchange of fluids. I hope I am not being too graphic there. So like you said, if given the choice, it stands to reason you will choose the unjabbed over the jabbed. But if your spouse gets jabbed, then what?

            It’s too easy for people to say, leave them, or at least stop being intimate with them. It’s easy for them to say that, because it isn’t their marriage or their lives which is usually how it is with those who tend to offer their advice, especially when it is unsolicited.

            There may be a transactional element to all relationships, but they are so much more than just that, and therefore not always so black and white. It isn’t just one person in that orbit.

  11. bill smith

    Two Israeli Journalists Ask: Just how bad is The New York Times’ anti-Israel bias?
    NYT referred to Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir as a terrorist 20 times last year, but never used the word ‘terrorist’ to describe Hezbollah chief.

    1. bill smith

      Throughout 2022, Israeli author and Ma’ariv journalist, Lilac Sigan, monitored the daily coverage of Israel in The New York Times along with the actual events in Israel, as part of a yearly study with leading International Communication and Public Diplomacy expert Professor Eytan Gilboa of Bar-Ilan University.

      The aim of the research was to focus on the way a leading and influential international media outlet portrays Israel, especially during a year in which a diverse and liberal government was in place – one which included an Arab-Israeli party for the first time in history.

      The results of the unique study, which analyzes patterns of both coverage and omissions of information, show a clear anti-Israeli bias in the New York Times on both levels. The report points to the 53% negative coverage of Israel throughout the year, and also to the consistent omission of information regarding threats that Israel faced.

      After concluding her research, Sigan approached the newspaper with the research summary for publication, but it declined to publish an opinion piece explaining the study and main findings.

      The New York Times, which has a print circulation of around 750,000 in the US, and 8.6 million paid subscribers to its digital edition platform in addition to millions more readers online and in print, is one of the twenty most popular in the world.

      Sigan selected The New York Times because, in her words, it is ‘the most important news outlet in the world, with a long-standing reputation for professionalism. That’s why the findings are so disturbing.’ 2022 was a year of particularly heavy coverage of Israel within its pages, while terror and threats that Israel faces were neglected.

      Among the reports main findings:

      Terrorist organizations did not receive adequate coverage: Hezbollah was mentioned in only 4 headlines throughout the year (of which 1 was negative), Hamas in 2 headlines (of which 1 was negative).
      The proportions are even worse when it comes to opinion and politics: 20 negative opinion articles were directed against Israel from January 2022 until today, compared to 13 articles against Iran, where the nuclear project is thriving and massive human rights protests broke out in the past year.
      During January through October Israel received 51% negative coverage. In the months of November-December (since the elections but before the formation of the new government), a sharp increase was recorded: 68% of the coverage of Israel was negative.
      National Security Minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir – who was indeed convicted in the past for supporting a group which has been designated a terrorist organization – was referred to 20 times along with the word “terrorist” during 2022. However, Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar had only 2 such references, and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah – not even one.
      Additional data:

      According to the data of the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet), in 2022 there were more than 2,600 attacks in Israel, out of which 204 were defined as significant attacks. In contrast, the New York Times claimed in an article that was published at the end of December and again in January that there were only 5 significant attacks in Israel.
      The New York Times also claimed that most of the Palestinians killed during 2022 were non-involved citizens, while IDF data shows the majority to have been combatants.
      The news outlet dedicated 24 articles to the accidental killing of journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin, compared to 16 articles to all of the other journalists that were killed around the world in the line duty in 2022. In total, 65 journalists were killed, 15 of them in Ukraine, most of whose deaths went unreported.
      The words “Hamas” and “terrorist organization” appeared together in New York Times articles only 13 times during the year. The words “Israel” and “apartheid” appeared together 39 times, although Israel is not an apartheid state and Hamas is a terror organization, officially, according to the US State Department, as well as Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, and the UK.
      The study results are being published in parallel with ADL reports that show that the number of Americans holding antisemitic beliefs has doubled since 2019; with Jewish Agency reports that show a 50% rise in antisemitic incidents on American university campuses since the beginning of the academic year; and the Jewish Federation surveys that show antisemitic violence has stabilized on the peak figures of 2021.

      Prof. Eytan Gilboa: “This is an important and unique study – it collects data about the coverage of Israel in the most important news outlet in the world and analyzes them, and also collects data about events and background facts that reporters and editors omit, causing mistakes, bias and distortion”.

      Lilac Sigan: “After the Ben & Jerry’s saga, I decided to commit to following NYT coverage of Israel for one whole year. What I found was gloomy and disturbing. Apart from the immediate effect on the image and status of Israel, the coverage continuously distorts the reality in Israel and in the region, in a way that affixes a false perception for future generations. This effects Israel’s ties with large parts of the American public, and especially with American Jews. The reader receives only partial facts from the news outlet, which paints a dark and monochromatic picture. This is disturbing, distorting and dangerous.”

  12. bill smith

    Never be fooled by the loony cow no matter what she says or does strictly for her career purposes.

    Ilhan Omar sponsors bill condemning antisemitic tropes she promoted

          1. bill smith

            I’m not really sure myself, but WT wished me wild bamba and bloomers….
            I’ve only had non-wild bamba, so that’s my preference, but I guess wild bloomers should be OK…. ie bloomers not found in the home, but out in the wild somewhere.

          2. Weary Traveler

            There’s only two other places I can think of they would be if not in the home. Either in the store in the warehouse still. Or in the back of Vinny’s truck. LOL

  13. bill smith

    Apparently not satire—-

    In support of Black History Month, the Yale student government sent out an email with suggestions on how non-people of color can contribute to “Black joy.”

    The Yale College Council‘s first tip is to “politely” allow black students to jump ahead of you when lines at the dining hall are too long.

    The second suggests taking off your coat and placing it over a sidewalk puddle so “your Black friends can walk with ease.”

    The third asks for support of black-owned businesses in Yale’s hometown of New Haven, Connecticut.

    According to the Daily Caller, the email also asked students to sign a petition in support of “inclusive healthcare” — it demands the Yale Health Center Pharmacy offer “free abortion pills, pregnancy tests and PEP” and a medication “for possible HIV exposure.”

    1. Sapper 9

      I would have thought that Yale allowing unqualified applicants to “jump in line” in front of more qualified applicants would be enough, to heck with their entitled butts.

    2. Weary Traveler

      I remember the third one being a part of old fashioned courtship where a gentleman would lay his jacket over a puddle so a lady could walk over it.

      Now I am someone who adores women, and thinks they should be treated gracefully. I’ll hold a door open for her. I’ll even pull her chair out for her, and help her with her coat.

      But no way in hell am I taking one of my coats, most of which are not cheap, by the way, and laying it over a puddle so she can walk on it only rubbing it in to a puddle. She can go around the puddle, or jump over it. I can see why that particular little gesture is no longer practiced.

      That is definitely at the top of “The Lame List.” LOL

      1. John Gillis

        My leather trenchcoat is 25 years old and I wouldn’t drop it over a puddle. No way.

        Outerwear isn’t cheap and ruining it for anyone’s convenience is absurd.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Thank you.

          How did that silly tradition ever start, and who is the friggin moron that came up with it, I wonder? Moreover, I wonder how or why anyone would ever agree to something so absurd.

          I have a long black leather trenchcoat that I have had for close to 20 years myself. That coat cost nearly $600. Like Hell I would deliberately ruin it. I wouldn’t even do something like that to one of my hoodies.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Based on the results I am seeing, it appears it was all based on one of those urban legends. Seems fake news has been around ever since language itself.

            Even if the legend were true, I still have to wonder why anyone would want to do it or consider it such a “gallant” or “Chivalrous” gesture, instead of just referring to it as being a “simp” or a “cuck”, or whatever the equivalent to those words were back then.

            And somehow, at least to me anyway, the fact that, according the legend anyway, it was done for royalty somehow makes it worse, since monarchs are really just glorified welfare queens when you get right down to it.

          2. John Gillis

            Allegedly, it was Sir Walter Raleigh who made this gesture for Queen Elizabeth I. It’s likely an Elizabethan legend more than anything else, as most people of the era did not have money to throw around on clothes.

            I got a compliment on my trench yesterday when I was at the supermarket. Some 20-something girl thought it was the coolest thing. Her mother told her she was going to have to save her own money to acquire one, LOL.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Even if you had oodles of money to throw around on clothes, it still makes zero sense. And not that someone who never worked a single day in their life, and ever had to actually earn anything, like a queen, would be able to comprehend a gesture like that to appreciate it anyway.

            Stuff like that is how I can not only see how Woodstock happened, but am even partially sympathetic to it. I know if I were around back then, I would have been one of those long hairs out there burning draft cards and chanting “Hell no, we we wont go.”

            It’s just unfortunate that as they were rebelling against the negatives of the old ways, that many of them had to throw the baby out with the bath water, and rebel against the good stuff too. That is similar to how I see the flat earthers of today. They are right that we have all been lied to about so much. But rather than be more objective, they assume everything is a lie, and extrapolate from there that that includes the earth being round simply by default because “everything we have been told is a lie.”

            One the one hand, an understandable reaction, but on the other, a myopic knee jerk reaction.

            It’s funny because I too have had similar instances where my threads were also complimented, and most of the time, it is one of my trenchcoats. And my leather trenchcoat has gotten the most. Although my personal favorite is actually my “Nephilim” coat which kind of looks like a duster, but with an Edwardian twist.

  14. Proud Conservative Mom

    🚨Breaking Now – Powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake hits near Gaziantep in southern Turkey..

    The earthquake was felt in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and in all of Israel.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  15. bill smith

    The protest against judicial reform in Israel is about one thing only:
    The Left wants to stay in power at any cost. They have lost the majority, they lost the elections, and are about to lose the Supreme Court which keeps them in power even when they lose.

  16. IsraelReader

    Israel’s Judicial Tyranny
    Israel — America’s closest democratic ally — is wrestling with a tyrannical Supreme Court. On this special edition of “LevinTV,” Mark introduces us to Professor Eugene Kontorovich of George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia Law School. In this exclusive interview, Professor Kontorovich breaks down the problems Israel’s courts are causing and advocates for an overhaul of the entire judicial system. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Mark has been saying virtually the same thing about the United States judicial system.

    1. IsraelReader

      Mark Levin, Eugene Kontorovich Explain Israel’s Judicial Reforms
      Conservative radio host and litigator Mark Levin hosted Israeli legal scholar Eugene Kontorovich on LevinTV to explain Israel’s judicial reforms, which are being falsely described by some media as a threat to democracy.

      If anything, Kontorovich explains in the video, the reforms would make Israel’s government more democratic by giving the legislature some power to check the authority of the Supreme Court, which has become absolute.

      Kontorovich notes that Israel’s judiciary began assuming more powers in the 1990s, including the right to reject executive appointments, review administrative decisions, and declare legislation unconstitutional in advance.

      In the absence of a written constitution, Kontorovich argues, Israel’s Supreme Court has been acting as a supreme legislative body — what Levin described as a “politburo” — that largely selects its own members.

      As Breitbart News has noted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s new government is proposing four new reforms, most of which would make the Israeli judicial system more like the American judicial system.

      The Israeli left has led major national demonstrations against the reforms — largely because the judiciary currently functions to enforce cultural norms and policy preferences favored by the liberal, secular elite.

      Israel-born constitutional scholar Ran Hirschl has coined the term “juristocracy” to describe the global phenomenon of courts arrogating more power for themselves while claiming to defend democratic norms.

      1. bill smith

        True…. but it is classic DEM thought process to draw out conflicts as long as possible no matter how harmful it is to allies…. as long as it provides a slow burn to Russia.

        1. IsraelReader

          One thing is clear.
          They’re spending money and creating debt, as if there’s no tomorrow.
          If a normal business would run their finances like the USA does, the business would be bankrupt, and the owner would be sitting in jail for fraud.

  17. bill smith

    Trump: Chinese surveillance balloons during my term? It never happened
    Former President refutes claims by Biden administration officials that Chinese surveillance balloons transited US during his administration.

    1. Weary Traveler

      If I can find the video, there was one where UFO Seekers were investigating UFO sightings in the Kern River Canyon outside of Bakersfield. They captured an object that looked very similar to the spy balloon, but was not as large. This was more than likely a drone. It was flying directly through the canyon. The location of the canyon is right between Vandenberg AFB, and China Lake NAWS and the ECR.

      Foreign aircraft, mainly from China have been in US airspace during Trump’s presidency, but not because of Trump, as Trump repealed the Open Skies Treaty in 2017. The DoD was covering for China during Trump’s presidency, and now both they and Brandon are.

      The DOD claimed a Chinese military drone spotted by US Navy Pilots was a UFO, or as they would later call them “UAPs”

      Foreign aircraft have entered US airspace since the second World War, and was covered up, and Obama decided to make in official in 2009 when he signed The Open Skies Treaty.

    2. John Gillis

      In all seriousness, I’m convinced that if it had happened, it would have been political grist for the left during Trump’s administration, not 2 years later.

  18. bill smith

    The Left has been screaming that the new Israeli government’s judicial reform proposals are “extreme” and “the end of democracy.” However, honest examination reveals that the Israeli Supreme Court has extraordinary, autocratic, unchecked power; and that reform is desperately needed, and will be good for democracy, the rule of law and Israel’s economy.

    Democracy is rule “of the people, by the people, for the people.” Israeli and U.S. legislatures and executives are democratically elected and answerable to the public.

    1.But U.S. and Israeli judicial systems are vastly different, starting with judicial selection. The U.S. public selects judges through its democratically elected representatives: The president nominates new justices; the Senate decides whether to confirm them; and Congress has the power to impeach Justices.

    By contrast, in Israel, the Supreme Court self-selects and self-ousts its own justices. The Court has the controlling vote and veto on a 9-person “judicial selection committee” that selects new judges. The Knesset has no power to impeach justices. Justices can only be removed by the same “judicial selection committee” controlled by the Israeli Supreme Court, or by a disciplinary court appointed by the Israeli Supreme Court.

    The Israeli Supreme Court’s “self-selection” and continuing control over the Court’s composition has enabled the Court to seize and maintain enormous, unchecked power.

    Thus, in a Wall Street Journalop-ed, Minister Bezalel Smotrich suggested adopting a democratic U.S.-style judicial selection process. ZOA previously made the same sensible suggestion. Promoting democratic judicial selection is surely not an “extreme” position.

    Notably, a weaker (even more non-extreme) judicial selection reform is currently under consideration – replacing two Israel Bar Association representatives (i.e., two lawyers beholden to the court) on the judicial selection committee with two appointees of the justice minister. This would still leave the Justices with enough votes to veto selections.

    2. Customarily, democracies also place checks and balances and limits on the power of each branch of government.

    Thus, the U.S. Supreme Court must uphold the U.S. Constitution; can only hear limited types of cases and actual, justiciable controversies between parties who have legal “standing” (an actual, redressable injury related to an alleged wrong); does not determine non-justiciable political policy questions (the “political question doctrine”); does not re-write laws; and requires a six-Justice quorum to hear typical cases (approximately 80 cases per year).

    By contrast, Israel’s Supreme Court has usurped and arrogated to itself the power to flout, invalidate and re-write laws and policies enacted by the people’s elected Knesset and government representatives simply because Justices subjectively viewed those democratically enacted laws and policies as “unreasonable” or “inappropriate.”

    3. Moreover, the Israeli Supreme Court hears petitions from parties without “standing” and cases that are non-justiciable in western democracies. The Court even determines political and military policies. As a result, Soros-funded anti-Israel NGOs bring a continuing flood of “lawfare” (legal warfare) cases to harass the Israeli government and the IDF. This could not happen in the U.S. or any other normal western judicial system.

    4. Further, panels of only three Justices decide most of the Israeli Supreme Court’s 10,000 cases per year. Thus, just two Israeli self-appointed Justices (the majority of a three-judge panel) can nullify Israel’s elected legislature and government, based on those Justice’s personal preferences.

    The many horrendous Israeli Supreme Court decisions include:

    The Court permitted interim Prime Minister Lapid to surrender over 300 miles of Israeli Maritime Territory and gas fields to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon without the legally required Knesset vote and national referendum. The Court’s violation of Israel’s referendum law will enrich Hezbollah with billions of dollars and damage Israeli security and the Israeli economy.
    This case demonstrated that the current system is disastrous for the economy; and that judicial reform will help Israel’s economy. Economies thrive in systems based on the rule of law – not places where judges’ personal preferences reign.

    The Court blocked the IDF from razing buildings used by terrorists to attack Israelis passing on the nearby road, even though the army planned to pay compensation to the absentee building owners. The Supreme Court’s decision resulted in a horrific tragedy: the Arab terrorists then used the buildings to slaughter a young pregnant mother, Tali Hatuel, driving along the road, and her four young daughters, ages 2 to 11 years old.
    The Court permitted terror-supporting political parties who openly seek to violently overthrow Israel to run for Knesset. The Israeli Supreme Court overturned the Knesset Central Elections Commission’s disqualification of these parties, and violated Israel’s Basic Law: Knesset, 7a, which bars parties and candidates that incite racism or support armed struggle by an enemy state or terrorist organization against Israel.
    The Court permitted the entry into Israel of an anti-Israel BDS activist who headed a BDS-organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter. This violated Israel’s 2017 law barring entry of BDS activists. Then-Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said: “the Supreme Court granted a great victory to BDS . . . [T]he Supreme Court’s decision . . . has undermined the ability of the State of Israel to fight the boycott activists who harm us all.”
    The Israeli Supreme Court froze the District Court’s and Magistrate Court’s orders to evict Arab squatters living on Jewish charity-owned properties in Shimon HaTzaddik. The Supreme Court also ruled that the Arab squatters could continue living there until completion of land settlement procedures, a process that could take many years or never be carried out. This baseless ruling overturned 50 years of litigation in which the Jewish charities repeatedly proved their ownership of their properties.
    The Israeli Supreme Court invalidated the Knesset’s 2017 “Settlements Regularization Law for Judea and Samaria,” without any legal basis for doing so.
    A current reform proposal would permit the Israeli Supreme Court to only block or invalidate government actions that violate actual laws. The Court would no longer be able to invalidate government actions simply because the Justices don’t like the action or think that it is “unreasonable.” This reasonable reform is much needed to curb the Court’s undemocratic excesses.

    Another proposal (which is unlikely to be adopted) is to allow 61 Knesset members to override Supreme Court decisions. When Court decisions are merely based on self-selected judges’ personal preferences, and when Court decisions are not based on a constitution or laws, it furthers democracy and the rule of law to give democratically elected representatives some override power. Constitutional republics also have legislative overrides. In the U.S., Congress can override Supreme Court decisions by passing Constitutional amendments (plus obtaining state ratification); and can even override certain decisions simply by passing new laws.

    It’s thus time to stop bandying about “extremist” labels, and for reasoned consideration of reforms to curb the Israeli judiciary’s unchecked undemocratic power.

    Morton A. Klein is the National President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA).

    Elizabeth Berney, Esq. is ZOA’s Director of Research and Special Projects.

  19. Weary Traveler

    Wanted to share a thought that has been rattling around in my brain since I posted the Brownstone Institute article regarding a “Freudian Critique” of the SCAMdemic.

    Mainly a point raised in the article that PCM had addressed, and that we discussed briefly. And that is this…

    “It is not difficult to grasp Freud’s account of sadism as the admixture of the libido (sexual energy) with the death instinct, which one never encounters on its own, but always in a fusion of some kind with another force. What strikes one about the present time is that, on occasion, there are hints of sadistic pleasure on the part of some of the dubious characters associated with the group of globalists questing after world domination mentioned earlier.”

    Oddly enough, this kind of reminded me of a sitcom that came on back in the 90s called “Herman’s Head.” It focued on a single guy that lived in New York and worked in the research department of, what I think, might have been a publishing firm or a news agency. Whenever Herman had to make a decision, the camera would focus on Herman’s forehead, and you would see a set, which was supposed to represent Herman’s mind, and you would see four character.

    Each of these characters personified different aspects of Herman. His intellect which was portrayed by a man with a British accent wearing a three piece suit. His anxiety, which was portrayed by a poindexter looking little guy. His empathy/conscience, which was portrayed by a soft spoken woman, who usually wore bright colors. And his desire which was portrayed by an obnoxious fat guy that dressed, and acted like a snotty teenager.

    The character meant to personify desire was really a personification of lust. In other words, a natural human desire that was twisted in to something dark.

    But this got me to thinking of what the article said about the death instinct.

    Could his desire have been portrayed in a more redeeming way? Sure it could have. Instead of lust, he could have represented erotic desire. And instead of resembling every feminists caricature of the “typical male pig”, he could have instead presented a gentleman of refinement.

    His Desire, or lust, wasn’t just for women and sex. He also had a thing about food. Hence, why it was portrayed by a fat guy. But what if his desire for food wasn’t just over indulgence in junk food? What if instead, it was an appreciation for the enjoyment of good food, that actually fulfilled him on a spiritual level, not just meeting the needs of basic nourishment?

    Is desire the only of the four that could be twisted in to something dark? Of course not.

    Lets look at the remaining three…

    Herman’s Anxiety. That’s the voice that says to turn away if there is any hint of risk of any possible negative consequences. That is a great voice to listen to when it comes to something like betting your grocery money on a horse, or why you probably shouldn’t walk down a dark alley.

    But that voice can also prevent you from ever putting yourself out there, or learning new things because you just might fail. And as we saw with the COVID-mania recently, fear breeds resentment and division.

    What about his intellect? Intellect we see as a good thing over all, and for good reasons. It allows us to solve problems. To learn, and to grow as a person. And knowledge is not only power, but empowering as well.

    But can it be used for evil? Sure it can. Again, if we look at just the events around COVID, you need look no further than the government approved “experts”, like Fauci, who used their knowledge coupled with their credentials to do great harm.

    Here’s another way to put it; if you think of the superhero and villain dynamic, say Superman vs. Lex Luther. Superman has super human strength, and Lex Luther is an average man. When it comes to physical strength alone, Lex is no match for Superman. But he is, because of his superior intellect. The highly intelligent villains are actually more dangerous, and to more people, than the one with a lot of braun.

    Then we get to Empathy. Again, another positive trait. One of the things that separates us from animals, and is proof, in my opinion, of God’s presence, and hand in our creation. The benefit we get when we show empathy to others cannot be measured physically, only spiritually and emotionally.

    But can it have a dark side? Yes. COVID would not be the only example, but the left in general shows the darker side of empathy since they are good at weaponizing our own empathy against us.

    This is why, going back to the show, Herman’s Head, the four characters argued a lot, and tried to be the dominant voice that would dictate Herman’s actions. Sometimes they would all agree, other times they were equally at odds, and other times there was a mutiny where one would manage to subdue the others. For better or worse, right wrong or indifferent.

    This is why I think wisdom is so important. That way we are not too guided by emotion, but at the same time, our emotions are not so subdued that we become indifferent.

  20. Tony

    Oxfam’s Emergency Fund allows us to respond rapidly to naturaldisasters and emergency situations. Make a donation today and help us
    respond around the world, around the clock.

    “To be there every time, we need your help: donate to our Emergency Fund and you can help build shelters to protect families in crisis, supply clean water to
    prevent the spread of deadly diseases and ensure that people who’ve lost everything have the basics like food, soap and cooking utensils. All vital. All life-saving.”

    OXFAM ? Not bloody likely]

      1. Sapper 9

        That is why I posted a warning and unfortunately you are 100% correct about the world being consumed by perversion.

  21. Tony

    I have been trying to work out what is going on inIsraeli politics, but the nearest I have got to it is this comment –

    “We support dialogue and support examining and hearing different angles and ideas, but we will not agree to anything
    that differs from what we want”

    Is it all a storm in a teacup ? Which side should I be on ?

  22. Proud Conservative Mom

    Man Is A Tree

    By: Rabbi Shraga Simmons

    The Torah compares a person to a tree. Roots, branches, leaves. What’s the connection?

    Torah is a tree of life for all who grasp it. (Proverbs 3:18).

    You may remember from Hebrew School…
    once a year you’d get a little bag with some raisins, dates, and carob (the hard, brown fruit sometimes known as boxer). And you’d collect money to plant trees in Israel. That was Tu B’Shvat.

    Of course, there’s a deeper meaning behind the holiday, beyond that 13-year-old’s view of Judaism!

    The source for Tu B’Shvat is the opening statement of the Talmudic Tractate Rosh Hashana: The Academy of Hillel taught that the 15th of Shvat is the New Year for the Trees.

    What does that mean, New Year for the Trees? Do all the cedars and pines get together, make resolutions to improve themselves, and dip apples in honey?!

    Of course not. Tu B’Shvat is technically the day when trees stop absorbing water from the ground, and instead draw nourishment from their sap. In Jewish law, this means that fruit which has blossomed prior to the 15th of Shvat could not be used as tithe for fruit which blossomed after that date.

    So what relevance does this have for us in the 21st century?

    In various places, the Torah compares a person to a tree:

    – A person is like the tree of a field… (Deut. 20:19)

    – For as the days of a tree shall be the days of my people. (Isaiah 65:22)

    – He will be like a tree planted near water… (Jeremiah 17:8)

    Why the comparison?

    A tree needs the four basic elements in order to survive — soil, water, air, and fire (sun). Human beings also require the same basic elements. Let’s examine these, one at a time:


    A tree needs to be planted firmly in the earth. The soil is not only the source through which nourishment is absorbed, but also provides room for the roots to grow.

    This is true of a person as well. The Talmud explains:

    A person whose wisdom exceeds his good deeds is likened to a tree whose branches are numerous, but whose roots are few. The wind comes and uproots it and turns it upside down.

    But a person whose good deeds exceed his wisdom is likened to a tree whose branches are few but whose roots are numerous. Even if all the winds of the world were to come and blow against it, they could not budge it from its place. (Avot 3:22)

    A person can appear successful on the outside, with full branches and a fancy car. But if the roots are few — if there is little connection to one’s community and heritage — then life can send challenges that are impossible to withstand. A strong wind can turn the tree upside down. A person alone is vulnerable to trends and fads that may lead to despair and destruction.

    But if a person — irrespective of wealth and status — is connected to community and heritage, then even if all the winds of the world were to come and blow against it, they could not budge it from its place.

    Humans require a strong home base, where values and morals are absorbed, and which provides a supportive growth environment. In a world rife with negativity; we need a filter, a safe haven to return to and refresh. A community provides an impervious shield — the soil where we can be ourselves, make our mistakes, and still be accepted, loved and nourished.


    Rain-water is absorbed into the ground and — through an elaborate system of roots — is carried throughout the trunk, branches and leaves of the tree. Without water, the tree will whither and die.

    The Torah is compared to water, as Moses proclaims: May my teaching drop like the rain (Deut. 32:2). Both rain and Torah descend from the heavens and provide relief to the thirsty and parched. The Torah flows down from God and has been absorbed by Jews in every generation. Torah gives zest and vitality to the human spirit. A life based on Torah will blossom with wisdom and good deeds.

    Deprived of water, a person will become dehydrated and ultimately disoriented, even to the point where they may not be able to recognize their own father. So too, without Torah, a person becomes disoriented — to the extent they may not even recognize their Father in Heaven, the Almighty God of Israel.


    A tree needs air to survive. The air contains oxygen that a tree needs for respiration, and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. In an imbalanced atmosphere, the tree would suffocate and die.

    The Torah (Genesis 2:7) states that God breathed life into the form of Man. The Hebrew word for breath — nesheema — is the same as the word for soul — neshama. Our spiritual life force comes, metaphorically, by way of air and respiration.

    We use our senses of taste, touch and sight to perceive physical matter. (Even hearing involves the perception of sound waves.) But smelling is the most spiritual of senses, since the least physical matter is involved. As the Talmud says (Brachot 43b): Smell is that which the soul benefits from, and the does body not.

    In the Holy Temple, the incense offering (sense of smell) was elevated to the once-a-year Yom Kippur offering in the Holy of Holies. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 93a) also says that when the Messiah comes, he will smell and judge — that is, he will use his spiritual sensitivity to determine the truth about complex matters.


    A tree also needs fire — sunlight — to survive. The absorption of energy from the light activates the process of photosynthesis, a chemical reaction that is essential for the growth and health of the tree.

    Humans also need fire — warmth — to survive. This is the warmth of friendship and community. People absorb the energy of peers, friends, family, neighbors and associates — and channel that into identity and actions. All the essential observances and ceremonies of Judaism are based on family and community — from the celebration of birth, through the attainment of maturity, marriage, education, and even death.

    The power of community is illustrated in the following Talmudic story:

    An old man was planting a tree. A young person passed by and asked, What are you planting?

    A carob tree, the old man replied.

    Silly fool, said the youth. Don’t you know that it takes 70 years for a carob tree to bear fruit?

    That’s okay, said the old man. Just as others planted for me, I plant for future generations.


    This year on Tu B’Shvat, as you’re gnawing that slab of carob, ask yourself:

    Am I getting the spiritual food and shelter I need to survive, or is my tree being blown down by the forces of information overload and rampant materialism?

    Am I part of a strong Jewish community, providing a warm and nurturing environment? Or am I cast into the pale bleak anonymity of urban life and cyberspace?

    Am I looking to future generations knowing that I am providing them with the proper foundations for their lives?

    1. IsraelReader

      Many people have adopted this sensitivity.
      They will not kill even an ant or a mosquito, unless it was bothering them for some reason.

    1. IsraelReader

      Just for the record, AFAIK, the so-called Tombs of the Sanhedrin, are not known to currently contain any human remains.

  23. Proud Conservative Mom

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            You’re the BEST!
            I hate him — really and truly hate him.
            Hope springs eternal.
            If only…

            He was still trying to convert me.

            Meanwhile, Sparrow kept trying to jump into the conversation.
            I reminded her that since she mocked me personally and posted to me several times a few months ago that I am not an authentic Jew, I won’t read a word of her postings.
            I don’t correspond with that level of a fool.

            Reading comprehension apparently isn’t her strong point.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Sparrow jumped in with me too. I think is was her who tried to tell me that “Jesus love you” (me), and that only a the devil would reject Jesus. I told her being compared to the devil by someone like her is a badge of honor. LOL

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            I am most definitely going back tomorrow to see what you posted.

            My darn screen kept on freezing tonight.

            That jerk denied remembering that she said that I am not a Jew.

            GOOD. FOR. YOU.
            Give them Hell.

            They’re a bunch of bullies.
            There is only one way to deal with these people.
            Stand your ground.

            What a ridiculous site.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness, I just read it.
            That is an absolute masterpiece.

            That will hopefully cause him to drop dead from a stroke.

            I cannot stop laughing.
            It feels priceless.

            You should see some of the insanity that he wrote to me.
            One has to twist their mind into the biggest pretzel to think as he does.

            THANK G-D, I have Eddy to tell me what TANACH is talking about.
            Goodness gracious, however did I ever manage without his pearls of “wisdom?”

          5. Weary Traveler

            Persistent little bastards aren’t they. Eddy tried to tell me is doing what “God compels him” to keep posting that nonsense. I basically told him that is like the “the devil made me do it” defense and used a meme on him which was the title and cover for the show “Get a Life.” You don’t even have to be familiar with the show to get the joke, as the title says it all.

            I’m actually surprised Eddy hasn’t blocked me yet, but so far the tards have stopped responding to me. LOL

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            Eddy also told me that he knows that Jesus lives within him because you know when someone is “living in your house.”
            (Apparently you just know.)

            I suggested that perhaps what he is feeling is heartburn.

            Hat tip @IsraelReader:disqus for that fabulous response to a missionary.

            IR had put it so well.
            I couldn’t stop laughing at the time.

            Eddy was sputtering when I said that to him a few months ago.
            That’s one of his “proofs” that he’s right.

          7. IsraelReader

            Who says that rabbis don’t have a sense of humor?
            Here’s an April Fool’s Day joke that I heard as a teenager.
            Why is it called “April Fool’s Day”?
            Well, April 1st is exactly 9 months before December 25th.
            If you believe that legend which was designed to cover up for a certain woman’s affair, then you’re a Fool.

          8. Weary Traveler

            Aw… Jeez… LOL



            Just a little background first. It all started when I responded to a spammer’s post that was deleted by the mods. A mod who edited one of my follow up comments by the way.

            This spammer I was being not so nice too = “language warning”, first came here, posting some nonsense and disgusting meme calling Jews “Christ killers.” Then some missionaries tried to join in, and it all went down hill from there.

          9. Weary Traveler

            Well, according to some videos from Mr. Nightmare on YouTube, which are where real life horror stories are read, and shared under a theme like “road trip horror stories”, and many of these are cautionary tales, and also a sad commentary on how many out there lack any street smarts.

            He usually uses stock footage/pictures for his narrations, but if he gets a photo or video clip sent from a viewer, he’ll use it. This is most commonly featured on stories involving Ring Doorbell footage if a weird person either knocks on someone’s door, or just stands on their porch in the middle of the night.

            Anywho… There have been more than a few videos involving squatters that the homeowner didn’t even know was there, and this wasn’t the person’s vacation home, but their primary residence.

            There was one in particular I recall where this guy living in NYC would hear some weird noises in the middle of the night, and would come in to his kitchen in the morning, and noticed some things would seem out of place. Finally, the guy gets a nanny cam, and aims it towards his kitchen.

            It caught a homeless woman that was living in his attic, and coming in to the house through a vent. He showed the video to the police, and the woman was taken away by police, and apparently was taken in for mental evaluation. She did look pretty disheveled.

            The long and short is, that yes, actually, it is possible for someone to be living in your house and for you to not even know it.

          10. Weary Traveler

            Yes, that was a frightening story. Two out of every three of the stories that guy tells were perfectly avoidable, so aside from entertainment, they make great PSAs.

            As far as Eddy goes, it is not hard to convince yourself of anything, and he has convinced himself that Jesus lives in him. Plus, that is also a good cop out when you get down to it. But it is still anecdotal at best if one were going to give any credence to it.

          11. Proud Conservative Mom

            I cannot wait to read that tomorrow.
            Hopefully all will be well with my screen.

            Good night and sweet dreams.💤😴💤

            May you and everyone else wake up feeling incredibly healthy, strong and pain-free tomorrow morning and every single morning.

          12. Weary Traveler

            Your screen might have been freezing because of how long that thread got.

            I just went there to pick a fight with one morn, and ended up starting an all out riot. LOL

          13. Proud Conservative Mom

            Most definitely. LOL!

            I’ve been having an impossible time with Disqus tonight.
            It keeps freezing every other moment.

            I want to read the rest of what you responded.
            What you wrote was very damning against them.

            The Dracula posting was brilliant.

            Rata is another missionary.
            He was very open about it.
            I don’t plan to go back to that site unless you think there is a just cause.

            I sent TUF a few kind responses.
            She stood up for the both of us and was very disturbed that we were both harassed beyond measure.

            They don’t know who they are dealing with.
            You and I won’t bend on this.
            (Even my Yetzer Horah doesn’t try to entice me to commit idolatry. He knows it’s a non-starter.)

            We know how insane they are.
            Some people don’t know how to take NO for an answer.

      1. IsraelReader

        I wish all smokers well.
        But I don’t think that people should tempt fate.
        My children, who rely on my wife and I, for help in finding spouses for them, know that any smoker is automatically disqualified as a potential matrimonial candidate.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Well, I have a lot more than just that disqualifying me, I am sure.

          Our Sarita once tried to make it a mission of hers to find me someone. Even she gave up real quick. LOL

          1. IsraelReader

            Nothing personal.
            I can’t stand being in the synagogue next to smokers.
            Their clothing and bodies reek from stale cigarette smoke.
            I often think about their poor spouses, how can they stand being in bed together with them?

          2. Weary Traveler

            Unless the spouse is a smoker too, or not bothered by it at all.

            Some people are just a lot more sensitive to it than others. I had a lot of family that smoked, and grew up around the music world, so it never really bothered me much, even before taking up the habit.

          3. IsraelReader

            In the orthodox Jewish world, women rarely smoke.
            So it’s generally the women who need to put up with their husband’s habit.

          4. Weary Traveler

            I didn’t think any Orthodox Jews smoked at all. But if it is the men that typically do, then that means that they could have had a father who did.

            I could also see that they may not want their kids to pick up the habit. And if dad smokes = monkey see, monkey do.

          5. IsraelReader

            Unfortunately, some orthodox Jews have also gotten addicted to smoking.
            This is more prevalent with teenagers, who think it’s “cool” to smoke.
            Are they trying to be like the “Marlboro Man”?
            But you need to hand it to them.
            Come Saturday, Shabbat, they will stop smoking, cold turkey, for some 25-26 hours!

            Then, as they get older, and presumably married with kids, many start to think about the ramifications of their addiction, and the effect that it might have on their family.

          6. Weary Traveler

            I am actually not surprised by that. In my case, it is a combination of boredom, frustration and resentment.

            My only advice to anyone on the topic, and yes, this pertains to myself as well, is what I tell a friend of mine how has the habit of snacking on junk food, which she wants to quit doing. And that is to pay attention to your thoughts when you reach for that cigarette, or in her case, the potato chips, cookies, or whatever.

            What the person was thinking about in the moments that lead up to them reaching for the cigarette are very telling. From there you can start to trace the underlying issue. In many cases you will find it is related to stress, frustration, etc.. That would be my own advice to give if someone ever came to me with that issue, not that I am one to talk, obviously.

          7. Weary Traveler

            Hey, at least I am honest. I even said I am one to talk. Part of it is that I have no desire to quit, and I wont lie about why. Taking my own advice, it comes to what fills the void.

            Let’s put it this way… Don’t know if you saw the meme Auntie posted on the previous page, but it describes me perfectly. It had a cat holding a wine glass, and the caption read; “I’m going to let God take care of it. Because if I take care of it, I will end up going to jail.”

            When you talked about them going the entire 26 hours of Shabbos without a smoke, I can relate to that. If I have a full day with little to no stress, I don’t even think about cigarettes. If I am hanging out with my good friend, Marty, and we are having a great conversation, I hardly think about cigarettes at all.

            My last trip to Monterey, I spent the whole weekend there. On a normal weekend, if I opened the pack Saturday morning, it would be gone by Sunday afternoon. But while I was in Monterey, just having fun, and walking and driving all over town taking pictures, and talking to tourists, I still had two thirds of a pack of cigarettes left by Sunday evening, when I opened that same pack on Friday afternoon after having lunch in Santa Cruz with my uncle on my way there. Soon as I got back “home”, the time between cigarettes greatly decreased.

            Being occupied, happy, and most of all, away from my libTARD neighbors who exhibit sings of being on the Asperger’s spectrum, and who, I would very love to repeatedly slam a car door on their heads for being a bunch of obnoxious Karens.

            Yeah, I know… So much for that whole “love thy neighbor” thing. LOL

          8. IsraelReader

            I would LOVE to be able to say that orthodox Jews going the entire 26 hours of Shabbos without a smoke, is due to their being so infused with love for Shabbos, that they do not feel any void in their lives which would trigger their need to smoke.
            I think that their power to abstain comes from a different place.
            It’s because they’re so religious, and breaking the Sabbath is considered such a serious matter, that they aren’t even tempted to try it, in the same way normal people aren’t tempted to play with hand grenades. It’s a non-starter.

          9. Weary Traveler

            I can see how that would be a problem.

            But I wouldn’t entirely throw the first one out altogether though. Even if the latter is more of the driving force behind it, I still think it is worth exploring what the void, or unfinished business is that they might be dealing with.

            I’m not a particularly religious person myself, but one thing I am envious of regarding such communities is that support network and the closeness of the families. I am very certain that if I had a better support network around me, I probably, at worst, by now would be an occasional smoker like my friend Marty, who a single pack of cigarettes lasts a whole year. …if I even still smoked at all.

            And that is a big if, because I do enjoy smoking. I know that sounds awful. But I also like chocolate, but I don’t crave it or have to have it every single day.

          10. IsraelReader

            You do have a point.
            Shabbos is usually spent in the company of family and friends.
            There are also three special meals, which are typically held together, with family and guests.
            Think “Thanksgiving dinner”, 2-3 times in one day, x 52 weeks per year.
            Add to the mix, prayer services 3 times a day, where you meet at least another 9 other people (10 being needed for a prayer quorum).
            All this adds up to positive social interactions, which contribute to emotional balance and wellbeing.

          11. Weary Traveler

            My good friend Marty is Jewish, and unfortunately, he, aside form his birth mother, are the only family of his that are out here on the west coast.

            He has talked a lot about the warmth that you described. He was in NYC a few weeks ago, and was there over Shabbos with is family, and it did him a lot of good.

            The closest I remember experiencing anything close to that, in adulthood, was almost 20 years ago when my me, my mom, stepdad, my grandma, my cousin Erica and her husband, and my uncle Ray and Aunt Peg, all went to Lake Tahoe one winter and and rented our own cabins for a weekend at the same resort.

            I remember even thinking then how I wish that it could somehow be our permanent “new normal”. Of course that was a least a good two years before Obama would come along and introduce that phrase in to our lexicon.

            But it was great. We were all close by. Sometimes we did our own thing, other times we did activities together, but we would definitely all get together to go out for dinner somewhere.

          12. IsraelReader

            Positive experiences that you’ve had in the past, give you a vision of a good thing, which you can then strive to recreate in the present.
            It might involve work on your part, but you can help create your own present.
            As for your friend, Marty, maybe he can hook up with some religious Jews in his area.
            I’m sure that he will be welcomed, and he will benefit from his relationship with them.
            As a good friend, you can help him, by encouraging him to take the first step.
            You can always reach out to me for help and suggestions.
            @proud_conservative_mom:disqus has my contact information and has my permission to give it out as necessary.

          13. Weary Traveler

            I appreciate that. My friend Marty is a great guy. Sharing some his stories here has given PCM many great laughs.

            I am happy by the fact that he considers me a friend, which is not a title he hands out to people easily. Most people he knows he considers acquaintances. But I earned the friend title.

            Even though as people, and our backgrounds couldn’t be more different, we do share something in common. Aside from sharing many of the same beliefs, a love of learning, and nuanced discussion. One was the closeness of friends and family from our youths, and then ending up in a strange place at this stage in life in a place where people don’t really talk to each other, and all relationships are transactional.

            I am just not as far away from my hometown as he is, as I grew up in Santa Cruz.

          14. Weary Traveler

            Your first paragraph hits home, because I always keep an image in my head of a better future.

            My grandmother was a hypnotist and a very good one. She taught me what is called “imaging” according to her own training. Which is very much like the “vision” you are talking about.

    1. george linker

      That is exactly what medical science has been doing with vaccines and covid testing. I don’t know how many times I have been told I am going to die of covid since the pandemic began by those is official position. I quess it is prosecute those not offically sanctioned.

    1. Weary Traveler

      When you put it that way, Fakestinians sound just like the alphabet freaks.

      That explains groups like “Queers for Palestine.” LOL

    1. Tony

      Oh dear. Not coal !! But it’s not green! It will destroy the planet. We have been begging for them to bring back coal for years.
      We will have power, but whether we can afford to pay for it, I don’t know.
      Thanks for the update, anyway.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      People were coerced to get jabbed due to fear.
      YES! When the evidence began to come out many chose to not believe it because the truth was too awful to contemplate.
      It took my parents two vaccines and MC antibodies for them to realize that they were “had.”
      I’m the vulnerable one, yet as far as I know, I had Covid ONCE.
      It was wretched, but once.
      The vaxxed in my extended family had it a few times.

      Finally, I was vindicated and my mother told me in shocked disbelief that the vaccines didn’t work.

      My father has lymphoma and severe chronic pain. My mother has a slew of medical problems of her own.
      My mother was terrified of not being vaxxed and causing my father to get sick.
      They both took the Franken-jabs as did most members of my family.

      (My in-law side of the family are still convinced that they were saved from getting a far more severe case. 🙄🤦😑)

      1. Weary Traveler

        Yeah, this is whole thing is a mess. And stories like you just told me is why I feel so conflicted about how to feel about the jabbed.

        Not only was I shunned, but told that I deserve to die, and they hope I do. Things like that can never be taken back or undone. And because of that, when I hear words like “died suddenly”, mainly in regards to those who virtue signaled about what good people they were because they got their jabs, I find it impossible to feel even any pity for them.

        Like my stupid neighbor, Cynthia. She’s had terrible side effects from it, and she realizes it is from the jabs. She isn’t dead yet, unfortunately, but there is a part of me that really wants to do to her what I know damn well she would do to me if the shoe was on the other foot. She basically wished death on me for not wearing a mask.

        I just fail to see how we can continue to live with these people after. Even if a majority of them admit they were wrong. Especially after all that.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          My in-law side of the family never wished ill on me.
          They thought that I wasn’t being wise about the situation and was a conspiracy theorist.

          My side of the family never said a word to me or judged me in any manner.

          I’ll always be very grateful to them for that.

          My husband’s side of the family are really nice people, but sometimes really don’t understand my situation.

          I am sickened that everyone in my immediate family sans my youngest and myself got poisoned.

          I try not to dwell on it and daven for their welfare.
          What else can I do?

          I don’t fault you for feeling the way you do regarding those like Cynthia.
          I’m with you.

          1. Weary Traveler

            That’s the only part. When I think of those closest to me that got jabbed, most minded their own business about it, my dad was the only one that gave me any level of grief about it, but it was because he didn’t want me to lose my job more than anything.

            But, the way I saw it, if that’s what I had to do to keep said job, that job wasn’t even worth two dead flies.

            This is why I have the inner conflict. If I wish death on all the jabbed, then I am wishing on people I care about who don’t deserve that. And I do those I love, what other did to me. But, as for the Branch COVIDians, I have become very resentful.

        2. Tony

          I was just thinking of those blue linen things that everybody but everybody had to cover their mouths with so that nobody could make out what they were saying, which performed no useful purpose at all.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Even then, most of the droplets still would have gotten through. They were only made to stop saliva or sputum from going in to the opening of a patient.

          2. IsraelReader

            If you know how small a virus cell is, then wearing a face diaper to try to stop this virus, would be the equivalent of trying to block mosquitos/mosquitoes (UK) from entering your property, using a chain-link fence.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      They can go the conspiracy theorist route or think that something is not quite right and try to piece together what they do know.

      The died “suddenly” anecdotes isn’t a cause of death or an explanation.

      The ones who chose not to get jabbed were not just treated unkindly, we were treated like conspiracy theorists, as if WE were the evil ones who were bringing death to mankind.
      We were segregated and held back from living a normal life style.
      We were rejected and demonized.

      Most definitely, people turned on each other.
      We bore witness to it.

      We were treated diabolically.
      Anxiety shouldn’t be a license to destroy people’s lives.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Correct. To say we were treated unkindly is quite an understatement.

        I honestly think this whole thing gave some people an excuse to finally act out their true evil inclinations.

        1. george linker

          It was science that seized its chance to take advantage of the fear that was created to push an experiment on an unsuspecting public. This was the first vaccine that was pushed as mandatory even before it was made. The science community already knew the hazards of mrna vaccines from animal testing. They know the possibiltiy of enhancing the disease and not actually preventing it.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Yes, that is very true. But it also doesn’t excuse the bad actors in the general public for their behavior either.

            They chose to buy in to the hysteria, and use it as an excuse to act like total cretins. Those people gave those scientists that power.

            There were also plenty of scientists who came out and spoke out against it. They got silenced, censored and cancelled.

          2. george linker

            To many in the public jumped on board the bandwagon and pushed things out of fear. Many were scared out of their minds.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Which they chose to allow themselves to be.

            Don’t get me wrong, the powers that aught not be have zero excuse either.

  24. bill smith

    A coalition of progressive activists bankrolled by George Soros, Charles Koch, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are mounting a secret lobbying campaign to revive the Iran nuclear deal by tying it to the Iranian human rights movement, according to internal correspondence obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

    Activists from groups including J Street, NIAC Action, the Open Society Foundations, Human Rights Watch, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund are coming together behind a plan to lobby lawmakers to use human rights bills as cover to revive negotiations for a nuclear deal with Iran. That’s according to a January email sent from a J Street lobbyist to other activists and obtained by the Free Beacon.

    “I’m writing to suggest that this group convene virtually next week to brainstorm and hopefully find consensus on the elements of legislation to support the Iranian people that we could propose to diplomacy-oriented lawmakers,” J Street’s Dylan Williams wrote. “Given the usual need to be discrete [sic], the charged nature of the topic, and the outrageous threats against several members of this group, please do keep this initiative close-hold,” he added.

    The activist groups “plan to pursue a dual-track legislative agenda, where they would find a way through legislation to give pro-deal Democrats cover by supporting Iranian women and Iranian human rights, without in any way challenging the revival of a nuclear deal, while at the same time building a coalition of members of the House and Senate willing to write a very public letter to the president urging him to keep the door to diplomacy over on the nuclear file,” a source familiar with the discussions told the Free Beacon.

    The news comes as U.S. lawmakers are facing increased public pressure to tighten sanctions on Iran amid the Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on protesters and continued military support for Russia. The strategy is a sign that even the strongest advocates for the nuclear deal realize the pro-diplomacy position has become politically toxic—and that politicians who want to reenter the agreement will need to at least give the appearance of backing the Iranian human rights movement.

    The Iranian regime’s violent crackdown on protesters, military expansion in Latin America, and threats against the United States have complicated the Biden administration’s attempts to renegotiate the nuclear deal, but supporters of the agreement say the negotiations should continue despite these concerns.

    The activists’ strategy—crafted during a private summit in New York in December—includes pitching human rights legislation to pro-Iran-deal lawmakers, in order to give the legislators political cover to sign a letter asking the Biden administration to consider resuming the nuclear agreement, a source briefed on the discussions told the Free Beacon.

    The activists gathered for a strategy meeting during the week of Dec. 3 at the Pocantico Center at Kykuit, the John D. Rockefeller family’s estate in Westchester County, New York, a source familiar with the discussions told the Free Beacon. The 200-acre property houses the family’s 40-room stone manor, an underground gallery with artwork by Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, and “expansive Italian-inspired gardens with French and English influences,” with views of the Hudson River, according to the New York Times.

    J Street’s Williams sent the email to a small group of activists, including NIAC Action’s Ryan Costello, Open Society’s Mike Amitay, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Matt Duss. These groups have all received funding from either George Soros or Charles Koch, both political megadonors.

    Williams, Duss, NIAC, and the Open Society Foundations did not respond to a request for comment.

    Human Rights Watch declined to comment directly on the lobbying initiative. A spokeswoman for the group said the group “doesn’t take a position on the JCPOA,” referring to the Iran deal’s official initialism, and said it works with “policymakers and others in foreign policy on how to promote and protect human rights in Iran.”

    Several of the recipients of the email have recently written articles calling for renewed negotiations on the Iran deal, despite the government’s human rights abuses.

    “As fears intensify over the Iranian government’s increasing use of violence against protesters, Western capitals are under pressure from groups that have long opposed diplomacy with Iran to scrap nuclear negotiations. Europe and the United States should not bow to these pressures,” wrote Ellie Geranmayeh, of the European Council on Foreign Relations, in an October article for the Koch-funded Quincy Institute.

    “A diplomatic route to the restoration of the nuclear deal, rather than bombs or more sanctions, remains the best outcome—both for the West and for the Iranian people,” Geranmayeh wrote.

    The Arms Control Association’s Kelsey Davenport, who was also on the email, wrote a similar article in December.

    “Negotiating with Iran while the regime is brutally repressing peaceful protests is not an attractive option, but an Iranian regime emboldened by nuclear weapons is a far greater threat to the Iranian people, the United States, and its allies and partners in the region,” Davenport wrote. “It is time for a diplomatic plan B to stabilize the cycle of nuclear escalation and create space for future diplomacy.”

    The legislation discussed in the email was not related to the resolution condemning Iran’s human rights violations that the House approved overwhelmingly last week, according to the source briefed on the conversations. But the source said the bill could help the pro-diplomacy strategy, since it allowed lawmakers to criticize Iran’s moves without taking concrete action against the regime.

    Nick Nikbakht, a California human rights activist who in January helped organize a protest outside Democratic Senate candidate Katie Porter’s Orange County office, praised the resolution that passed the House. But Nikbakht said it is not enough for politicians to give lip service to the issues without targeting the Iranian regime through sanctions and other penalties. Porter, whose district is home to one of the largest Iranian-American communities in the country, is a supporter of the Iran deal and endorsed by the pro-regime lobbying group NIAC.

    “If [politicians are] gonna continue only passing resolutions, then we know that they’re kind of playing games and their heart is not where their mouth is,” Nikbakht told the Free Beacon

  25. bill smith

    A university in Oregon that fired a Jewish professor after he reported several incidents, including purported antisemitic remarks made by its president, has settled with the professor.

    Linfield University, a private school in McMinnville, will pay $1 million to English professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner for his wrongful termination in 2021. Pollack-Pelzner had accused the school’s president, Miles K. Davis, of making antisemitic remarks in front of him, including jokes about gas chambers and comments on the size of Jewish noses. He was fired shortly after he went public with these and other accusations, including some regarding allegations of sexual harassment directed at members of the school’s board of trustees.

    After his termination, Pollack-Pelzner, who was tenured, sued the school for $4 million. A report on his firing last year by the American Association of University Professors found that Linfield had violated Pollack-Pelzner’s academic freedom and right to due process.

    The settlement shields the university from further legal action by Pollack-Pelzner, but does not prevent him from talking about the case. A spokesperson for Pollack-Pelzner’s law firm told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency the settlement does not include details about any particular claims he made against the university, nor does it require the school to apologize to him.

    Several people affiliated with Linfield left the university in solidarity with Pollack-Pelzner in the wake of his firing, including the trustee who had endowed the professor’s chair in the English department, and the director of the school’s vaunted wine studies program. Linfield is affiliated with American Baptist Churches.

    Pollack-Pelzner is currently a visiting professor at Portland State University and scholar-in-residence at the Portland Shakespeare Project. Davis remains in his position as Linfield’s president nearly three years after Pollack-Pelzner’s firing, despite calls from the Anti-Defamation League, the Oregon Board of Rabbis and other groups for his resignation.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Miles Davis and all of those like him will burn for all eternity.
      I’m very grateful that David Pollack-Pelzner won his case and still has the freedom to talk about what was done to him.

      Kudos to all who left with him in a show of solidarity.

      It’s disgraceful that Davis is still the president.

  26. bill smith

    After Ilhan Omar was ejected from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, the infamous Squad took to the stage with an over-the-top performance of extreme levels of angst rarely seen on the floor of the House in their attempt to turn a legitimate act into racist, feministic, Islamic protest.

    Lost in the screaming was the fact that Ilhan Omar is, indeed, an anti-Semite. Further, by her 9/11 smirky reference that “some people did something” is another reason why she was unworthy to sit on such an internationally influential Committee. Her snide remark was painful to all Americans, certainly to those who lost loved ones on that horrible day. It also led to people questioning her loyalty to her adopted country.

    But what was troubling about the pantomime of faux rage expressed by Omar, Tlaib, Pressley, and AOC, was that they were supported by every member of the Democrat Party without exception.

    It is indisputable that Omar was and is an anti-Semite. It is also indisputable that Omar has a passionate dislike of Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, if not the world.

    Therefore, I could not help but compare the Democrat lockstep support for Omar with what happened in Britain when it faced its own antisemitic crisis in the Labour Party.

    In the British case, a female Jewish MP, Lucinda Berger, complained about the anti-Semitism of her leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour Party turned against her to the extent that she needed security protection against threats she received from Labour officials and supporters.

    What does it take for Democrat politicians to break rank with an antisemite in Congress? In Britain it took the actions of several veteran Labour MPs to courageously rescind their membership and their seats in Parliament and walk away from their lifelong party.

    It remains to be seen if any member of the Democrat Party will do the moral and selfless act of either ejecting Omar from the party or walk away from a party that protects not only an antisemite but a person who has hinted that an Islamist cause trumps her patriotism for America.

    So where does Omar’s political psyche originate?

    I would suggest it is wrapped up in her pre-American past, expressed by her love of family and her identity with her country of origin, Somalia.

    Love of family and country, as expressed in her love for her father and political mentor, a father who was a senior officer and official in the Marxist Islamist dictatorship of Siad Barre that brought Somalia to ruin and a civil war which resulted in the Omar’s family having to flee in the middle of the night their luxurious government compound as opposition fighters were breaking into Mogadishu, just as the senior officers of another dictator fled Berlin as the Russians were breaking into the German capital.

    I would suggest that this comparison is far more apt than Omar’s false aspersions against Israel.

    Just ask members of the Isaaq tribe in Somalia, who suffered genocide at the bloody hands of the Barre regime in which her father and grandfather served.

    In short, everything about Ilhan Omar is a lie. Naïve Jews of Minneapolis, keen to fund the progressive cause of helping a female, non-white, migrant win a place in Congress, funded her initial campaign for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District. Their donations disappeared in 2022 in which she barely won by a whisker.

    I wonder why.

    She claims to be proud of the country of her childhood but, in truth, Somalia is still struggling to free itself from the horrors of a dictatorship in which her father and grandfather served.

    Under the new President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Somalia is struggling to shed itself of its horrible past and its poverty.

    Proving that Ilhan Omar is on the wrong side of diplomatic history and, therefore, has no place on the US Foreign Affairs Committee, is the little-known fact that Somalia has been trying to forge ties with Israel even as she attacks the Jewish State with lies and crude anti-Semitic aspersions at every opportunity.

    A Somali diplomat told The Times of Israel newspaper that the new president’s return to power is “a positive development for a potential normalization process between Mogadishu and Israel.”

    This Somali diplomat said that Mohamud and three officials met with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu back on 2016 in Tel Aviv.

    This record is beginning to show in recent Somali votes at the United Nations.

    In March 2019, Somalia abstained on a UN Human Rights Council vote condemning Israel over the occupation of the Golan Heights. It was believed to have been the first time a member state of the Arab League gave up an opportunity to condemn the Jewish state in a major international forum, though they later rescinded their decision about the Golan under enormous pressure from the anti-Israel rejectionists in the United Nations.

    Just as Israel is fighting an Islam-based terrorism, the major domestic problem for the current Somali government is the Islamist Al-Shabaab terror organization which emerged after the fall of the Barre regime.

    The current government of Hassan Sheikh Muhamud would be greatly helped by both the United States and Israel in fighting to remove this Islamist threat from their country and to assist Somalia trying to rid itself of a past that was promoted among other people by Ilhan Omar’s family.

    There is nothing Ilhan Omar is prepared to do to strengthen ties between Somalia and Israel.

    This positive aim would be greatly enhanced by the removal of Ilhan Omar from the US Foreign Affair Committee given her woeful personal history.

    Barry Shaw is International Public Diplomacy Director, at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Everything about Omar is a lie.
      She never had any business being in Congress.
      She hates America. (She shares that in common with the Dems) and is a rabid antisemite that needs to be put down along with the rest of the Jihad Squad.
      Hat tip: @dr_darko:disqus for that great terminology.

      That was a great article.

  27. bill smith

    BREAKING: The top General from NORAD and John Kirby admit the U.S. Military did not detect the earlier Chinese spy flights during the Trump Administration.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Actually, the miltary lied about it and covered it up. Milley and McMasters pretty much admitted it. I mentioned something to this effect yesterday. Who knew being a UFO and Area 51 aficionado for so many years would have had me way ahead of a national story like this?

        1. Weary Traveler

          I know I have brought this topic up a few times here. Although a limited number of times, as the UFO topic itself is considered a fringe topic that not many people follow. At least not here.

          I think the media and Hollywood made the UFO topic look fringe for a reason.

          “So how did you catch that Chinese drone in US airspace, and are certain it is a drone?”

          “Well, I was out sky watching on a field investigation…”

          “What exactly were you investigating?”

          “A reported UFO sighting”.

          And that’s when their invisible garage door starts to come down.

          1. Weary Traveler

            They also controlled the narrative on the topic, and mocked real field investigators. Yet someone who just talks about it from a studio and interviews other UFO celebrities makes all the money, and doesn’t get shadow banned.

  28. bill smith

    Leftists develop and employ smarmy tactics which although smarmy, are often legal.
    When normal people catch-on and deploy the same tactics, the left cries hate, divisiveness, and racism.

    1. Weary Traveler

      “It’s okay when we do it.”

      They are deluded to think that they hold the moral high ground, and therefore the ends justify the means. This why Ayn Rand talked about the difference between morality and moralism. The left are moralists, and as Rand put it, it is the moralists that give morality a bad name.

      1. Chief Mac

        Have a gas pipeline in the back and I work for a gas utility, but there is no gas service where I live. Use coal instead

    1. kicknrush

      U.S. Shoots Down Spy Balloon As It Was Getting Too Close To Ukraine

      > U.S. — The Pentagon officially went ahead with their plan to shoot down the Chinese spy balloon as it was getting too close to Ukraine’s borders, sources confirmed Saturday.

      “We sent a strong message to China,” said Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. “So long as the spy balloon stayed over America, we had peace. But the moment that spy balloon got a little too close to Ukraine – boom! We had to take it out.”

      General Austin proudly reported that the most high-tech missile defense systems in the world had been waiting to blow up the balloon for days. “Trust me, the Chinese are going to regret floating that balloon within thousands of miles of the Ukraine border. They should have kept that balloon where it was safe, floating over the U.S. and spying on American citizens.”

      Despite the Pentagon’s assurances, many Americans have questioned why the military didn’t shoot the balloon down over the U.S. “Were we, like, out of bullets?” asked local Carolina man Nate Maldonado, watching the balloon float overhead. According to sources, yes, we are out of bullets – because we sent them all to Ukraine.

  29. kicknrush

    Horrified Satan Distances Self From Grammys

    > LOS ANGELES, CA — In a rare public statement, The Prince of Darkness has distanced himself from last night’s Grammys performance by Sam Smith, which he denounced as “cringy” and “appalling.”

    “Listen, folks, I enjoy demonic sexual perversion just as much as the next guy, but this is just too much,” said the frustrated Father of Lies. “I’m the god of this world! I appear as an angel of light! It’s supposed to be sneaky and subtle! Has Hollywood lost its ability to be subtle? What on earth happened to this town?”

    “And how am I supposed to corrupt the next generation when no one watches this garbage anymore?” he lamented. “At least I still have TikTok.”

    Sources close to nonbinary gay performer Sam Smith revealed the singer is “extremely disappointed” by the Devil’s reaction. “We worked for weeks on this loving ode to our evil master! WEEKS! And he doesn’t even like it? What do we have to do to get our Unholy Father to notice us? WAaaaaaaa!”

    Satan then urged the world to “please ignore these weirdos” and focus on the important work of protecting reproductive freedom while fighting for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  30. Proud Conservative Mom

    Don’t let other people get to define who you are.

    It’s a realization and lesson that I came to, a long time ago.
    Someone else’s warped or erroneous perception, doesn’t make it my reality.

    I’m sharing this because it really helped someone that I was speaking with today.

    1. Weary Traveler

      That white balloon will probably get shot down before it enters it’s intended territory. LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        Yes, it is Eddy who had to go and open up his big mouth.

        It’s not really the salvation of our souls people like that really care about, no matter how many times they may insist that is the case.

        It’s really just like the left that wants to make sure we remain in some lowly station in life.

  31. Weary Traveler

    Do they actually believe in that crap? Yes. I think so.

    Are they idiots? Absolutely.

    Do they crave attention because people tuned them out? Yep.

    Is this going to help them out? Not in the long run, because this story will die out by next week.

    Are they as “powerful” as they think? Not really. Especially if we stop paying attention to them.

  32. bill smith

    Bidet is about to learn what his handlers wrote for him. He’s start reading it soon, but no guarantee he will understand any of it.
    Just as well, I’m sure the vast majority of it will be a pack of lies.

          1. AuntiE*TFL

   It is a good thing the sun is out or UncleE would be in worse trouble than he is currently!😡😡

            I sleeping quite well until said referenced person felt it necessary to carry on a conversation, with ProgenyE, while standing in the bedroom door.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

            I have had two nights running where I fell asleep substantially earlier than usual and slept soundly.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

            Oh, besides awaking me, Uncle has managed to destroy a 100 year old mahogany bed. It is incomprehensible how he completed such destruction. Words I never say went through my mind when observing said damage. Yes, my ire is very high!

            How fair thee and yours?

            Plus, humor to our chat.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good gracious! 🤯🤯🤯

            Firstly, I am so very grateful that you were sleeping well until that happened.

            (Side bar, I think of you every time I see my blanket. 🥰🥰🥰)

            Good grief! 🤦🤦🤦
            How was he so very talented in one week?!

            Humor is what helps keeps me sane and positive.

            I’m so very sorry for everything that you have experienced.

          3. AuntiE*TFL

            More like talented in a 12 hour period.

            I took pictures of the bed damage and sent them to my furniture guy. He says the side rails are not repairable and cost to replicate them is prohibitive. 😖😞😡 When I replace said bed, I am going to give the head and foot boards to him. He may find use for the wood.

            In the spirit of honesty, I probably should not complain. During our marriage, we have never had to purchase any piece of case goods furniture. We have only had to purchase two sofas and three chairs.

        1. Weary Traveler

          It’s a good thing it doesn’t.

          It’s counter-productive, and doesn’t benefit anyone.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Nothing good comes from it.

            FYI, I was able to scroll a bit last night on the other site.
            While I don’t share the same religion as Eileen and eassa, they were both giving Edwinrad a very hard time.

            IMO, you and @IsraelReader:disqus did the best job.


          2. Weary Traveler

            IR certainly hit back from the theological standpoint, were as I mainly attacked the narrative and concept.

            If there was a way, I could team up with someone who had the vast knowledge and understanding of the scriptures, and write a book comparing Christianity to the left, not only would be a gut punch to Missionaries, but would probably have more Jews in America voting Republican.

          3. IsraelReader

            I will call out BS when I see it, and if people get insulted, I will paraphrase Ben Shapiro, a conservative religious Jew, who says that “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

            Christianity is an imposter, masquerading as a Jewish religion, and the Greek Testament is a work of fiction, and a theological crime scene.

            The Christian narrative is that if the Jews would only study the Christian legend book, then they would fall head over heels, and embrace their new-found religion.
            Well, here is one Israelite who is quite familiar with those legends and spurious teachings, and was not impressed with them, in the least.

            There are many good reasons why the Jews have rejected Christianity for 2,000 years and have allowed themselves to be killed, and did not convert, even under the pain of death.
            Christians claim that this three-part god that they worship is the same as the God worshiped by the Jews.
            This is not true.
            The three-part God of Christianity is not the God of Judaism.
            The Bible states (Deut. 6:4), “Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One.”
            Worship of any three-part god by a Jew is nothing less than a form of idolatry.

          4. Weary Traveler

            I agree. I look at it very pragmatically. What does it say if God has to “change his mind about something, that means he made a mistake.

            If you break it down more simply, and yes, I know we cannot anthropomorphize God, as pagan societies throughout history have served as cautionary tales as to what happens when we (humanity) do that.

            But if I were to use my own professional experience in Project Management for instance, and you establish a protocol, it is possible that when you run to certain problems, that you may have to review, and possibly alter protocol along the way to accommodate the situation. But this is because, unlike God, we humans are fallible, and cannot possibly know everything.

            So to imply that God had to change his word, to me anyway, indicates that they don’t truly believe that God is infallible.

            Not sure if that is all a good example, but it is the best I can come up with off the top of my head as to why it makes zero sense to me that God would ever change his mind = go back on his word, to accommodate current trends.

          5. IsraelReader

            The Greeks had legends about men who had been fathered by gods who had visited mortal human women.
            Legends like these had even sprung up about such eminent men as Plato, Pythagoras, and Alexander the Great.
            Why should Jesus be any less?
            Jesus therefore became the “son of God,” conceived when the “Holy Ghost” allegedly visited Mary.
            This legend actually creates a big conundrum.
            If Jesus is the Son, and also the Father, then he was his own father, and had a child with his own mother.
            In the NYC subway vernacular, there is an unsavory word reserved for someone who sleeps with their mother.
            Enough said!

          6. IsraelReader

            Bidet allegedly only took showers with his grown daughter.
            Who knows what happened after the shower?

          7. Weary Traveler

            We already have a good idea according to Ashley’s own diary. We just don’t want to go there. 🤮

          8. Weary Traveler

            Based on how Christians describe him, he didn’t sound like anyone I would even want to know, let alone emulate or follow. Honestly, he sounds a lot my good friends late crazy ex wife. LOL

          9. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness…

            Agreed that I wouldn’t want to have emulated him.
            He was very vindictive for starters.
            He was even very obnoxious to his own mother in public.
            How very charming. 🙄🤦

          10. IsraelReader

            Jesus is not my moral compass, in any form or shape, but I love to troll Christians with the question if they think that Jesus was a socialist or a capitalist.

          11. Weary Traveler

            Even Liberals can’t agree with themselves on that one. Depending on the topic = what they want to gaslight conservatives about, Jesus was either fascist, or a Socialist. LOL

          12. Weary Traveler

            On that ‘other blog’, Jerry once claimed he was a fascist when the issue of gay marriage was being discussed. LOL

          13. IsraelReader

            Jesus was a capitalist – not a socialist
            There’s no question that the Bible promotes capitalism over socialism. Leviticus 25:8-28, for example, clearly shows that God promoted private ownership among the Jews, especially the private ownership of land.

            Jesus commended private ownership in numerous passages such as Matthew 20:1-16 where He spoke of a “landowner” who hired people to work in “his” vineyard, Luke 14:18 where He spoke of “buying” land, Luke 15:11-32 where He spoke of a man dividing “his” property between his two sons, and Luke 16:12 where He spoke of a man’s “personal” property. It’s also important to notice that the Bible promotes the passing of wealth from one generation to another (Lev. 25:28, Lk 15:12), a practice political progressives attack using estate (death) taxes.

            In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus encouraged entrepreneurism and profit through aggressiveness and hard work. The Apostle Paul also condemned social welfare, a system that is crippling our nation today, by teaching that if a person won’t work, they shouldn’t eat – 2 Thessalonians 3:8-10.

            Contrary to the “collective” mentality of socialism where the welfare and will of the “community” is emphasized over that of the individual, Jesus and the apostles taught the exact opposite – personal worth and responsibility. Matthew 12:36 and Romans 14:12 teach that each of us is responsible for our “own” actions and will give a “personal” account to God. This, of course, flies in the face of the “collective salvation” Obama and his ilk promote.

            Interestingly, the early church did experiment with a form of communism. In Acts 4:32-37 we find that many Christians were voluntarily selling their property and giving the money to meet people’s needs. They soon learned that even born-again believers couldn’t, at least on this side of heaven, live this selflessly. It wasn’t long until greed and deceit began to creep in. Acts 5:1-11 records how this communal lifestyle, although voluntary (5:4 While it remained, was it not your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your own control?), became so problematic that it was soon abandoned.

            Even the Pilgrims experimented with communism. When they first landed in 1620 they lived communally but by 1623, their community was failing. Lazy members, unwilling to work, were crashing the system by living off of the labors of those who would. In Of Plymouth Plantation Governor William Bradford explains how, by abandoning communism and turning to capitalism, the Pilgrims not only survived but also thrived. This is why over a century later our founders created a nation built on the concepts of private property, personal responsibility, and self-government.

            Therefore, when so-called spiritual leaders like Jeremiah Wright and Jim Wallis claim that the gospel is “all about” redistribution and socialism, they’re twisting Scripture and are in direct contradiction with the teachings of Jesus and the apostles…

          14. IsraelReader

            The Scriptures are full of the idea of work and merit, a key point of capitalism.

            Jesus said, “The laborer deserves his wages” in Luke 18. Paul wrote in 2 Thess. 3:10, “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.”

            Conversely then, an individual earns his own food through his labor. Paul also defended the apostles’ right to earn their living, saying that, “The Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel,” while he cites the priests eating animals they sacrificed in order to make his case in 1 Cor. 9:13-14. Indeed, Paul mentions a few verses earlier that even oxen have the right to eat from the grain they tread out.

            All these examples show the Bible teaches there is a real correlation between work and wages – that the industrious earn their living and the slothful do not. It’s basic ethics.

            Also consider the parable in Matt. 20. In this story, a vineyard owner who represents God hired workers for his vineyard early in the morning after they agreed on a denarius for the day. The man hired more workers at several other times during the day, including some one hour before the work was over. Even though they had worked differing amounts of time, all the workers were paid a denarius. When those who had worked all day complained that their pay wasn’t fair, the owner told them that he had the right to do what he wanted with his business. After all, they had agreed on a denarius.

            This parable is as capitalistic as you get. While it might appear on the face of it that the workers hired first are being exploited by the grossly unfair boss, the vineyard owner did them no wrong. Both parties agreed on the outset to an arrangement that would be mutually beneficial, and if he wants to pay others at a higher rate, he is free to do so.

          15. Weary Traveler

            This may actually explain why so many conservatives, at least in the west, remain Christians. Aside from the silly threat that if they don’t, they’ll go to Hell.

          16. IsraelReader

            This is just another example of how socialists will try to distort anything, even an accepted religion, in order to promote their agenda.

          17. Weary Traveler

            Nice to know he had some redeeming qualities.

            I doubt I will remember all those passages as examples, but it would be good to use the next time a leftist tries to throw the whole “Jesus was a Socialist” line at me, mistakenly assuming that just because I am conservative, that by default, I must also be a Christian.

            I got in to an argument a month or two ago on YouTube with a libTARD claiming to be a member of the Bahia faith, and one of his responses to me was “you must not be a fan Jesus much then.” My response to him was, “So far, that would be the only correct statement you have made in this entire conversation.” LOL

          18. IsraelReader

            I don’t know if Jesus had any redeeming qualities, because for all we know, the stories written in their legend book might be pure fiction.
            On my computer, I have a folder, where I have dozens of Word documents with talking points on many different debate topics.
            When encountering a debate, all I need to do is refer to my folder, and I can dive right in.
            Copy and paste, and minor editing, and BOOM!
            You can do the same.

          19. Weary Traveler

            If he was indeed pro capitalist, that would be be one. Granted, capitalism as we know it wouldn’t be invented until the 17th century. But I think you get what I mean.

            Like I said… If I were to compile everything said about the guy, pro/con, in to a single caricature, he sounds as insufferable as my good friend’s psycho ex wife. Thankfully, LATE, ex wife, I might add.

        1. IsraelReader

          Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders full GOP response to Biden
          Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders delivered the Republican response to President Biden’s State of the Union address and criticized the president and Democrats over the economy and “culture war.”

    1. george linker

      When one can blame the victim for violence the world has gotten nowhere and everyone is losing.

    2. Chief Mac

      The only cycle of violence is by the Islamofascists and then whining how they are the victim of their own violence

    1. IsraelReader

      Making History Again, Freier Ascends to State Supreme Court Bench
      BROOKLYN (VINnews/SandyEller) — Judge Rachel Freier, the first Hasidic individual to be elected a Civil Court judge in New York, has made history once again, this time by being appointed New York’s first Hasidic Acting New York State Supreme Court justice.

      Freier had previously thrown her hat in the ring this past summer in the hopes of being nominated as a candidate to fill one of ten open seats in Kings County Supreme Court, as previously reported on VIN News.

      While a judicial screening committee gave Freier’s candidacy their stamp of approval, Brooklyn district leaders chose not to include her on their list of nominees whose names ultimately appeared on the Democratic ballot for last November’s general elections.

      Understanding that there are also opportunities for Civil Court judges to be appointed as Acting State Supreme Court justices on a merit basis when a determination is made that additional judges are needed at that level, Freier submitted her resume to the Supreme Court supervisor to be considered for one of those additional positions.

      She underwent an interview, and was told that decisions would be made before the end of the year by the chief administrative judge in consultation with the deputy chief administrative judge for New York City, without actually expecting to be chosen.

      “But then lo and behold, as I was preparing my Shabbos candles on December 30th, I got a phone call from someone saying ‘Mazel tov, you’ve been appointed,’” Freier told VIN News. “It was ten minutes before Shabbos and I checked my email and saw that it had really happened.”

      Freier began her work as an Acting Supreme Court Judge on January 3rd. She has the ability to remain in that position at her supervisor’s discretion for the remaining four years of her term as a Civil Court judge, or can choose to run in the August primary in the hopes that she will make it onto the November ballot and be elected a Supreme Court justice, a position that comes with a 14 year term.

      Becoming New York’s first Hasidic Supreme Court justice has been a surreal experience for Freier who is grateful to her supervisor for giving her the opportunity to sit on the Brooklyn Supreme Court bench.

      “Trailblazing comes in many shapes and forms,” said state court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen. “Justice Rachel Freier clearly has been a trailblazer throughout her life and career and the Judiciary is fortunate to have someone with her knowledge, awareness and compassion represent it to the people of New York State.”

    1. IsraelReader

      Last 30 located seismic events
      The latest 30 earthquakes recorded by the Israel Seismic Network and located within the area bounded by 27.0°N to 36.0°N and 32.0° E
      (includes map)
      2023-02-08 15:07:41 M=2.6
      2023-02-08 14:58:40 M=3.4 Felt
      2023-02-08 13:50:26 M=2.7
      2023-02-08 06:29:24 M=3.8
      2023-02-08 05:10:46 M=2.0
      2023-02-08 04:57:22 M=3.8
      2023-02-08 04:51:48 M=2.2
      2023-02-08 04:31:48 M=2.2
      2023-02-08 03:39:28 M=2.5
      2023-02-08 03:32:15 M=2.2
      2023-02-08 03:13:08 M=2.1
      2023-02-08 03:03:00 M=2.9
      2023-02-08 01:42:12 M=2.3
      2023-02-08 01:03:32 M=3.1
      2023-02-08 00:41:47 M=2.5
      2023-02-07 23:35:35 M=2.0
      2023-02-07 23:33:02 M=2.3
      2023-02-07 23:14:36 M=2.5
      2023-02-07 22:07:31 M=2.5
      2023-02-07 22:03:31 M=2.1
      2023-02-07 22:01:43 M=2.0
      2023-02-07 21:44:56 M=2.1
      2023-02-07 21:18:50 M=2.2
      2023-02-07 21:14:28 M=3.8 Felt
      2023-02-07 13:36:50 M=4.3
      2023-02-07 06:13:19 M=2.2
      2023-02-06 18:47:03 M=4.1
      2023-02-06 15:54:10 M=2.7
      2023-02-06 14:19:37 M=3.5
      2023-02-06 14:10:31 M=4.1

      1. Weary Traveler

        We have earthquakes all the time as the earth is in constant motion. Most of the time we usually don’t feel it.

        1. IsraelReader

          Unfortunately, for Israelis, these earthquakes are too close to home, and all buildings that were built before 1980 (when the building code was amended) are especially vulnerable.
          May God protect them all.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Also the depth of the earthquake plays a huge roll as well. So does the type of ground. The readings you listed, even for the ones that were felt, are considered small tremors in my neck of the woods.

            Yes, may God keep everyone there safe.

            I was around for the Loma Prieta Earthquake, and old enough to remember it like it was yesterday. I know how scary it can be, and the damage earthquakes can do.

          2. IsraelReader

            The ground in Israeli coastal area is soft and sandy.
            The buildings in the mountains are better off, since many of them are built on bedrock.

      1. IsraelReader

        I wanted our uninitiated readers to get a feel for the great religious world that we live in.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          A very rich world indeed.
          How very blessed we are, and how very fortunate is our lot!

          Shabbos, is one sixtieth of Heaven.
          What an incredible blessing it is on every single level.

          May Hashem’s great name be blessed for all eternity.

  33. kicknrush

    Finally, after two years of inconceivable horrors, a glow of hope for the much needed reckoning occurs.
    The arrogance of these Twitter marxists is sickening. Now, for the 1st time, this shady mob is exposed to the light.

    > Hearings on Twitter Files and Government-Social Media
    Suppression of Hunter Biden Laptop –
    With Witnesses Yoel Roth, Vijaya Gadde, and James Baker

          1. Weary Traveler

            Yeah, but we would have much fewer libs, who have proven to do far more damage than pollution.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Thanks. I just take a little too much pride in my work. LOL

          BTW; I updated my little meme to that effect, and sent it to you and John.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m so very grateful to hear that on all fronts.

            Me too!
            I’m hoping to avoid “extra ailments free of charge.” 😃😃😃
            (Hat tip my friend Pearl who is a terrific social worker.)
            That phrase makes me laugh every time I think of it.

  34. Proud Conservative Mom

    ‘There are members of Antakya’s Jewish community who are unaccounted for’

    Rabbi Mendy Chitrik, a Rabbi in Turkey’s Ashkenazi community, describes the situation on the ground for the Jewish community and the evacuation of Torah scrolls from damaged synagogues

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  35. Proud Conservative Mom

    New – Chinese ‘surveillance’ balloons have operated over ‘five continents’: White House

    The White House on Wednesday said that China has operated a global fleet of espionage balloons similar to the one shot down last week after crossing the United States.

    “These balloons are all part of a (Chinese)… fleet of balloons developed to conduct surveillance operations,” Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters aboard Air Force One. “Over the past several years, Chinese balloons have previously been spotted all over countries across five continents.”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good afternoon!
        How are you and your family doing?

        I don’t know who or what to believe anymore.

        I DO know that Raw And Unfiltered News is run by two Orthodox Jews who are Conservatives.
        One of them used to be a partial owner of TNR.

        I opine that we’re being fed a bunch of lies from our government.

        Semper fi!

        1. John Crawford

          I’m well, Mom. The government lies to us all the time, unfortunately.
          I trust you’re well.
          Semper fi

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m exceedingly grateful that you are all doing well.
            Thank G-d.

            I’m working on it.
            My health situation is very complex and I have severe chronic pain.

            That being said I am so beyond grateful for every single breath that G-d gifted to me.

  36. Proud Conservative Mom

    Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Out The Former Head Of Trust And Safety At Twitter Yoel Roth For Not Removing Child Porn On Twitter And For Arguing That Minors Should Have Access To Grindr

    “That is repulsive.”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News
    (She did a superb job. I saw the video.)

        1. Weary Traveler

          It amazes me how a person like her manages to live over half a century, and gain zero self-awareness.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Being thick of it makes me more sensitive to it. Probably even a bit overly sensitive, which would explain why I sound so much like George Carlin so often.

  37. Proud Conservative Mom

    Virginia Ready to Ban Foreign Adversaries from Land

    Virginia could soon ban China, Iran, and other foreign adversaries from buying farmland.

    The legislation needs a signature from Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who during his State of the Commonwealth address called for Virginia to ban foreign entities with ties to the Chinese Community Party from buying farmland.

    The bill would also require the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to provide a yearly report to the governor and General Assembly on the farmland owned by foreign governments.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  38. Proud Conservative Mom

    Lauren Boebert exposes Yoel Roth for shadow banning her account:

    “I bet that Putin is sitting in the Kremlin wishing he had as much election interference as you four here today.”

    Rep. Lauren Boebert tells James Baker: “You are the collusion between the federal government and the FBI.” 🔥

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

          1. Tony

            Wikipedia, sorry. But she says what she thinks and has a very strong personality. I would not like to have to argue with her!

          2. Weary Traveler

            My grandma clicked on Wikipedia once. It downloaded a trojan to her computer that uploaded and played a horse pron video to her church choir group’s Facebook page. They were all horrified, and are in a trauma ward now. LOL

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        That’s quite a bed.

        I yearn for the day when Yechezkel (Ezekiel) 34:28 is fulfilled: “And they will no longer be a prey to the nations, and the beasts of the earth will not devour them, and they will dwell securely, with no one frightening them.”

      1. Sapper 9

        Who are you to assume it’s gender??? sarcasm

        As long as he wears a full body hair net, he is hired.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            These days, nothing remotely would shock me.

            The entire world is upside down.

            I was driving at 8:30 A.M. yesterday morning and a skunk strolled across the street.
            In all of my 17 plus years in a suburban area, I have NEVER seen such a thing.
            They’re strictly nocturnal animals.

            When evil morals and ideas are rampant, the very nature of the world is changed and corrupted.
            That’s what happened to the world before The Great Flood.

          2. Sapper 9

            We have a pet skunk at our shop building, it has been descented, but, it still scares the heck out of people.

          3. Sapper 9

            For the humor of it, they found it when it was a baby, and a vet friend of mine descented it; although in this state it is not legal to own one as a pet. lol

      1. Sapper 9

        He claimed to have REDUCED the deficit by $1,700,000,000,000.00 , if this was true, then why is he trying to get the debt ceiling raised?

          1. Sapper 9

            Federal employees should be given a choice, work and get paid at a later date, use vacation time, or do not work and never get paid; we should not hear “non-essential government workers”, if they are NON-ESSENTIAL , then they should not be employed and paid with our tax dollars.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Agreed. But I my solution kills two birds with one stone. Not only will they no longer waste our money, but they wont even be able to waste molecules anymore, either.

          3. Sapper 9

            They provide dark money to a “acceptable” republican candidate during the primaries, so, in some cases that is correct.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Better calling them RINOs than “moderates” like the media pundits do. Which only amplifies Sapper’s point below.

      2. Weary Traveler

        The turbulence of the ride is causing me to want to hurl. 🤢 🤮

        It would have been far better if they started throwing rotten fruit at the guy. LOL

        1. AuntiE*TFL

          The only d o g I have anything to do with is my niece’s lab. She is very well trained; no running and jumping on people.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I don’t know much about TikTok.
      Alot of social media is extremely toxic.

      I was just shaking my head at that insane routine that the freak was doing.

      She looked like an escaped mental patient.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Who is she supposed to be impressing anyway? A bunch of people she doesn’t even know, and probably wouldn’t want anything to do with in real life anyway. So-called “reality TV” really opened up the door to this kind of deluded narcissism.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Good morning! 😊😊😊
          Deluded narcissism is an excellent depiction.
          “Reality TV” was a door that never should have been opened.

          I don’t know who she was trying to impress.
          She looked deranged.

      1. Tony

        I think Ukraine is better out of NATO. They have nothing to offer and too much internal politics to sort ot after we end the war for them (:-))

        1. Weary Traveler

          LOL… We are prolonging the war. There’s only two ways it ends peacefully. Put Trump back in the WH, or just let Putin take care of the situation.

          The problem, with either or, is the powers that aught not be, not just in the US, but in the west in general, do not want the puppet government in Ukraine to fall. They have too much to lose, and it isn’t “democracy” as it is all their money laundering and mercenaries.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Not to mention, the west started it when Obama’s CIA oveerthrew the Legitimate government in that country and installed Zelensky’s predecessor, Poroshenko.

      2. Weary Traveler

        Correct. It’s still part of the Russian Federation.

        Basically, the west is interfering in an internal matter, and deliberately making the lives of their own people miserable in process. This is why, if pushed, I would trust Putin over Joe Biden any day. Heck, I would trust Putin over Kamala, McCarthy, McConnell, Pelosi, Mitt Romney, Lindsay Graham, any of the Jihad Squad, any day also.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Please do. That’s the whole point of throwing that pebble in the pond = I want the ripples to travel as far out as possible.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Good. That means eventually, it will make its way over to them. I am going to laugh hysterically if I ever hear someone like Lauren Boebert use it.

            I may just have to make up my own version of those “I did that” stickers, replacing Brandon’s image with my avatar. LOL

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Great article AA!
      Always great to see you!

      “Finally, under the pretext of protecting democracy, cultural totalitarianism is established, in which ” dissenters” are pushed to the periphery of public and political life, and declared racists, fascists or mentally ill people. The “fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly” of prophet Daniel, as if resurrected from the dark depths, has come into the world.”

      Each of the four beasts in Daniel represents each of the four exiles of the Jewish People (Babylon, Persia-Media, Greece, and Rome). The fourth beast represents this current exile (the Roman one).

      Daniel is so extremely misunderstood.
      The Church twisted it into a theological crime scene of epic proportions (as it did to TANACH overall).
      It is a very difficult book to understand.
      Without the holy commentaries, it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand the meaning of the prophecies, especially.

      Regarding Bibi’s pushing back hard against judicial tyranny, I opine that it’s FANTASTIC.
      Kudos to him!

    1. Sapper 9

      Soon enough she will lose the spotlight and will self abort, or resort to doing novelty pornography or appearances at adult venues, anything to get the attention she desires.

    2. Weary Traveler

      And that’s the mentality right there. “Everything is your fault, never ours. And you need to be controlled by us because of it.”

      Gun control? We need LibTARD control.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Was he pro-Israel, out of curiosity?

      Of Jewish descent is irrelevant to Judaism, as you know unless his mother was an authentic Jew.

      That being said, I am a fan of those who are pro-Israel, don’t prosthelytize, and aren’t Lefties..

      1. Tony

        All I can find is that his parents were Jewish but had little interest in it. Seems his mother was Jewish; there must be more information somewhere.

    1. Weary Traveler

      This is something I became aware of before I was even old enough to read and understand Ayn Rand.

      I can thank the California pubic education system for showing me, by their own bad example of course, why you should not only never trust authority figures, but even why you should hate their guts and want them to get dragged out of their beds in the middle of the night by an angry mob.

      It’s sickening the way the left uses groups like Antifa and BLM to attack good people the way they know that they deserve to be attacked themselves.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      “Instead of celebrating British culture, King Charles lll is promoting religious diversity by focusing on one religion – Islam. During his upcoming Coronation ceremony, he plans to read a 4-minute speech in Arabic from the Quran, a ‘holy’ book that promotes the killing of all unbelievers (in Islam) and the conquest of all non-Muslim majority nations.”

      Moreover, since 1993 that pig has been a patron of the Oxford Center of Islamic studies, according to the article, and promotes Islam to be studied in schools.

      I always knew he was a piece of garbage.

      Drop dead Charles.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I’m not familiar with that site, but the article is very Leftist and anti-Israel.

      “Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress against the Iran nuclear deal in 2015 was seen as a sign of disrespect to the White House.”


      I remember reading about this blatant abuse of our tax dollars via funding terrorism.

      Obama, Kerry, and their ilk make me want to revisit my last meal.

      1. Tony

        Yes. I don’t usual follow these sites, there seem to be enough anti-Israel sites to sink a battleship.

  39. Proud Conservative Mom

    New – The alleged Chinese spy balloon was likely capable of listening in on Americans’ communications and pinpointing the location of those conversing on the ground, TIME reports.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  40. Proud Conservative Mom

    IDF search and rescue teams operating in Turkey have so far saved 17 civilians from collapsed buildings as a result of the major earthquake.

    Chief of the Home Front Command also visited the teams today.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  41. Proud Conservative Mom

    Update – Pentagon – “Images from U2 spy planes showed that the Chinese balloon that flew over the U.S. was unmistakably equipped for collecting intelligence and not weather data, US official says”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  42. Proud Conservative Mom

    US official says China’s military likely behind balloon surveillance program that has targeted more than 40 countries.

    Chinese spy airship was outfitted with antennas likely capable of collecting communications.

    Pentagon – “Images from U2 spy planes showed that the Chinese balloon that flew over the U.S. was unmistakably equipped for collecting intelligence and not weather data, US official says”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  43. Proud Conservative Mom

    New – Ominous Green Lasers Shot Over Hawaii Didn’t Come From NASA Satellite After All

    Above the islands of Hawaii, a green laser was seen piercing the night sky, silently tracing a path towards the horizon like a stutter in the Matrix’s code.

    The scene was caught on camera from a telescope atop Hawaii’s tallest peak.

    Dr. Alvaro Ivanoff et al., did a simulation of the trajectory of satellites that have a similar instrument and found a most likely candidate as the ACDL instrument by the Chinese Daqi-1/AEMS satellite.

    China’s Daqi-1 satellite was launched in April last year and similar to ICESat-2, it’s an atmospheric environment monitoring satellite.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  44. Proud Conservative Mom

    New – Bodies of leader of tiny Turkish Jewish community and wife found in quake ruins

    Israeli rescue workers found the bodies of the leader of a small local Jewish community in Turkey and his wife who were missing since a devastating earthquake hit the region earlier in the week, the ZAKA emergency rescue organization said in a statement Thursday.

    Saul and Fortuna Cenudioglu had been missing in the southern Turkish town of Antakya since Monday’s earthquake hit, causing widespread damage and killing over 16,000 in Turkey and Syria. They were finally found on Wednesday evening.

    Saul Cenudioglu was the head of the local Jewish community, which reportedly numbered just a dozen elderly people.

    Rescuers headed to the building where the Cenudioglus lived and set to work trying to find them “for many hours and in difficult conditions,” ZAKA said. “Unfortunately the trapped people were found lifeless.”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    Yehi Zichrum Boruch.

  45. Proud Conservative Mom

    North Korea shows off largest-ever number of nuclear missiles at nighttime parade

    Nuclear-armed North Korea unveiled what could be a new, solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) during a nighttime parade, analysts said on Thursday, citing commercial satellite imagery.

    North Korea held the widely anticipated nighttime military parade on Wednesday, an event expected to showcase the country’s latest weapons to mark the founding anniversary of its army.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  46. Proud Conservative Mom

    WHO’s Tedros says “we must prepare” for a potential H5N1 human bird flu pandemic.

    WHO is engaging manufacturers “to make sure that if needed supplies of vaccines and antivirals will be available for global use,” Tedros added.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    (That entire organization needs to be nuked.)

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            PLEASE feel free to criticize away.
            He’s a serial liar, and Leftist loon (and I repeat myself).

            Besides, based on Charles’ support of Islam since 1993, and what @Sapper9:disqus’s article about him said, I denounced him for being the pig that he is.

          2. Weary Traveler

            You should know by now that he ain’t “our man.” You do remember how the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme started?