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976 thoughts on “Shavua Tov, The Open Forum 03.08.23

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I wonder how long it will last.

      I don’t know what in the world happened to the previous board.

      Good night and sweet dreams.

      I’ll see you tomorrow, Be’Ezras Hashem.

      Please check your texts, when you get a chance.
      It’s not an emergency.
      However, I am concerned.

    1. Weary Traveler

      “I wish the first story above were true, that we had all been in this together, rallying against a common enemy, persevering like refugees,
      escaping a war-torn county, because that story would be easier for young people and children to assimilate – if it were true.

      Even if not a lie, it is still an awful story, and one that should never be told with pride.

      It is those disgusting stories throughout history that have kept bad actors from being held accountable, and told people that their lives have to be awful either because of someone else’s actions, or some mythical force we have n control over. I can’t imagine a narrative more likely to breed fear and resentment.

      The only lesson that should be learned, is when someone is telling you that “we all need to make sacrifices for the greater good”, that, THAT individual needs to be burned at the stake and sacrificed to their false god.

    2. John Gillis

      I have to say that thank Hashem I was not a teenager during the scamdemic. Not that I would buy into the hysteria, but I believe that children were more influenced, not merely by the media but also authoritarian faculty and peer pressure. Then again, I wasn’t the bowing to peer pressure type and I’ve spent a lot of time in detention and the principal’s office. Tragically, many of my old classmates were virtue signalers before virtue signaling was defined. I’m already hearing stories of former classmates dying of myocarditis.

      Heads should be put on pikes over this disgusting attack on our sovereignty.

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        My fun was having a clear plastic ‘mask’ and having door people tell me I had to wear a mask. At which point, I looked at them and would say; What do you think this piece of plastic is twitbrain?

      2. Weary Traveler

        I had enough problems as a kid. Growing up during the SCAMdemic would have been enough to turn me in to some vigilante outlaw.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I thank God every day I didn’t grow up in a place like that. At least growing up in a place like Santa Cruz gave me more freedom to be myself.

  1. bill smith

    I could see all the comments on the last page, but they were not in disqus….
    This page seems to be working properly.
    Looks like this happens when word-press does an update.

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        EVERYBODY hates Word Press. Both the Veterans sites I create for use it. 😫😠😮😟😡

        1. Weary Traveler

          Edit: Oops… Meant to post this here.

          So I have heard. When I had a website for a while, I used Globat. They were fairly reasonable as a host. As far as a design tool, call me old school, but I like Dreamweaver.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      You have no idea how hard it has been to find the new forum. For some reason, it is not appearing on my NtJP bookmark site. My distress has been great. I even had ugly thoughts.

      1. Weary Traveler

        So I have heard. When I had a website for a while, I used Globat. They were fairly reasonable as a host. As far as a design tool, call me old school, but I like Dreamweaver.

  2. AuntiE*TFL

    Israel Negotiating With Several Nations to Expand Abraham Accords

    L’Chaim! We may soon see more countries sign onto the historic 2020 Abraham Accords. Israel media reported Tuesday that Israel is negotiating with several Islamic nations to establish formal ties. The nations involved are Mauritania, Indonesia, Somalia and Niger.

    The U.S. State Department is involved in the talks. Of course, President Trump shepherded the Accords, which saw Israel reach peace deals with United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan. A very big deal downplayed by the media.

    While Saudi Arabia hasn’t yet signed onto the peace accords, the Saudis and Israelis have been talking more over concerns about Iran’s nuclear weapons program. All Israel News reports that the two nations are discussing increasing military and intelligence cooperation in the wake of the mutual threat.

  3. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱 – The chief of the Israeli Air Force has dismissed a reservist fighter pilot leading calls to refuse to show up for training over the government’s judicial reforms, Channel 12’s investigative show “Uvda” reports.

    The officer is identified as Col. “Gimmel,” who can only be named by the initial of his first name in Hebrew. The reservist pilot gave interviews with Channel 13 news and the Kan public broadcaster last week.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  4. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱 – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to boost economic ties with Italy, he said ahead of a visit to the country, raising the prospect of supplying Rome with natural gas.

    “I would like to see more economic cooperation (between Israel and Italy) … I believe a closer relationship with your companies will be positive for both sides,” Netanyahu said in an interview with Italy’s la Repubblica newspaper published on Thursday.

    He also told la Repubblica he would ask Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

    🌎 VINnews

  5. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱-IDF says troops detained 15 wanted Palestinians during overnight arrest raids across the Judea and Samaria region. IDF confirms Skylark drone crashed in Jaba’ after Palestinians claim to shoot it down.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  6. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱-The IDF killed three Palestinian terrorists in the town of Jabba, south of Jenin. The three got out of a vehicle and opened fire at the fighters, who returned fire. The terrorists were armed with explosive devices, pistols and a rifle.
    The spokesman for the Islamic Jihad in Yosh in an interview with “Al-Quds” radio: Israel dealt the organization a painful blow. We lost three heroic field commanders, in their place.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  7. Proud Conservative Mom

    *Jerusalem Post Changes Misleading Anti-Charedi Headline After Getting Slammed on Twitter*

    The Jerusalem Post has been slammed by Jewish leaders for using a headline which suggested that a non-Jewish alleged serial pedophile is a Charedi Jew.

    In truth, the Texas man merely posed as a religious Jew as part of a deranged scheme to adopt and molest children.


  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇺🇸-“The law of unintended consequences”: After years of Democrat mask mandates, law enforcement says the masking push makes criminals harder to identify and catch.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

    1. Weary Traveler

      The hilarious part about all this, is that there are anti-mask laws on the books already, and have been because of criminal activity. Mask mandates were/are violations of existing laws. And laws override mandates.

  9. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱 – An off-duty Israel Defense Forces officer who was seriously wounded in a terror attack last month in Jerusalem was back on his feet on Wednesday morning, putting on his uniform for the first time since the shooting.

    On January 28, Lt. Nadav Weinberg and his father were shot by a 13-year-old Muhammad Aliwat from Silwan on Ma’alot Ir David Street, just outside the Old City.

    Despite being seriously wounded, Weinberg returned fire at the Palestinian teenager, moderately wounding him. On Wednesday, for the first time since the attack, Weinberg joined around 1,000 troops of the 202nd Paratroopers Battalion, who had hiked to the Western Wall for a military ceremony.

    Weinberg was greeted at the ceremony with cheers by his soldiers and commanders.

    🌎 VINnews

  10. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱 -Yad L’Achim recently published a video showing Evan Michael Levine admitting that the goal of a Jerusalem dental clinic he runs is to preach Christianity to the needy.

    Levine is executive director of the HaTikva Project, a messianic organization, which, among other things, provides free dental care.

    Yad L’Achim officials weren’t surprised by Levine’s comments, made to a church in the United States as part of a PR film. For some time, the organization’s counter-missionary department has been aware of his activities and reached out to municipal officials in Jerusalem in an attempt to get them to sever ties with his dental clinic.

    —- 🌎 VINnews


  11. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱 – The parents of Hallel and Yagel Yaniv HyD (Hashem will avenge their blood), murdered in a terrorist attack last week, say it is a relief to hear that the suspected terrorist had been killed in a military raid.

    The alleged killer Abdel Fattah Hussein Kharousha, 49, was among 6 Palestinians killed in an army raid on Jenin today.

    “A burden has been lifted from our hearts when we heard that the terrorist was killed and not arrested,” the parents say in a statement.

    “We are thankful that today, on Purim, the mourning turns to joy, we have been comforted a little by the killing of the terrorist,” they say.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  12. Proud Conservative Mom

    From two days ago.
    Apologies, as I cannot recollect if I had posted this or not.

    🇮🇱🇺🇸- *Biden’s State Department Sent 38k to a Group Looking to Remove Netanyahu*

    An Israeli nonprofit has been receiving funding from the U.S. despite allegedly violating its nonpartisan status by leading efforts to have Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu removed from office.

    Movement for Quality Government says that it aims to defend Israeli democracy, according to its website (as long as the individual it supports is elected, it seems).

    “The State Department has provided small grants to the Movement for Quality Government, including a grant signed in 2020 during the previous administration and continued under the Biden administration that focused on teaching civic education and supporting good governance,” a department spokesperson said.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  13. Proud Conservative Mom

    From two days ago.
    This is awful!

    🇮🇱 -MK Moshe Arbel (Shas) responded to the Supreme Court ruling from today requiring the registration of civil marriages performed using the Zoom video conference program.

    “The Supreme Court today, in another political move, once again proved the necessity of the reform. The Supreme Court’s recognition, on Purim, of civil marriages performed on Zoom is a sad joke at the expense of all traditional religious and secular Israeli citizens alike and expresses more than anything an aspiration to promote the values of the state of all its citizens and erasing the state’s Jewish identity.”

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  14. Proud Conservative Mom

    *“RESISTANCE DAY:” Bibi Arrives At Ben-Gurion In Helicopter As Access Blocked, “Flotilla” At Haifa Port -*

    Protests against the Netanyahu government were launched across Israel on Thursday as part of what the protesters have dubbed as “Resistance Day,” with protesters blocking traffic at Ben-Gurion airport, as well as traffic on major highways and intersections across the country and sailing routes at the Haifa port

    Protesters focused their efforts on Ben-Gurion Airport due to the scheduled flight of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Italy at 2 p.m. The prime minister arrived at the airport in a helicopter due to the protests.


  15. Proud Conservative Mom

    🚨Breaking Now – Shooting reported on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, Israel.

    MDA says two wounded at a coffee shop.

    Tel Aviv Mayor, Huldai has confirmed that the shooting in Tel Aviv was a terror attack.

    The terrorist has been “neutralized” by police officers

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      🚨Update – 3 injured have arrived at the trauma room of the Ichilov Medical Center – Tel Aviv.

      One injured person arrived with a gunshot wound to the neck during resuscitation efforts and is now in the operating room in critical condition.

      Another wounded person in moderate condition suffered from a gunshot to his upper body and will be taken to the operating room in the next few minutes.

      Another wounded person suffered from shrapnel and is in mild condition.

      – Raw And Unfiltered News

  16. Weary Traveler

    We really need to reopen the Nuremberg trials. “Never Again” cannot remain hollow words that mean nothing other than virtue signaling.

    Some of us have said it from the beginning that this was all a deliberate act of evil, and telling us that we were right isn’t enough. There has to be very harsh and swift punishment, even if the only way it can happen is street justice. There are many who need to pay a severe penalty for their actions.

    No excuses.

    Conspiracy Theories Become Conspiracy Facts

    1. Sapper 9

      Fauci used tax dollars to bribe scientists to change their opinions on the lab leak theory

      He helped finance the labs and had to cover it up.

    2. george linker

      The lie actually begins with medical science claiming they can extend life. The greatest sales gimmick in history

      1. Weary Traveler

        I remember that. What is it they wanted revenge for? Crappy parents and bad genes? LOL

        1. John Gillis

          Well, leftists are always angry about everything except their own shortcomings. They are too emotionally fragile to acknowledge them and get out of Mummy’s basement.

      2. george linker

        Why is it that the antifa symbol and the athiest symbol are the same symbol? Is antifa just athiesm?

    1. John Gillis

      This article is spot on. I remember at university 30 years ago when I only saw this bias coming from avowed communists. Now, it is seemingly ubiquitous.

        1. John Gillis

          To these basement dwellers, the center is far right. Perhaps Vladimir Lenin isn’t left enough. They are completely disconnected from reality.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Just like all the transplants in San Francisco, who think Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein are “Conservatives.” LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        When the bat had a black eye, and the male scientist had that evil grin on his face, I died laughing. LOL

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      We Frickin’ Told You So Pictures! LOLOL!

      Absolutely hilarious and so very well done.
      It highlighted the glaring evidence that China purposefully unleashed this virus on the world with Fauci and Co. funding it in a very clever manner.

      1. Weary Traveler

        And the hypocrisy of the left too, with the guy who was wearing the “Defund the Police” shirt, talking about bureaucrats “putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.”

        This guy perfectly nailed the hypocrisy of it all.

    1. John Gillis

      Compliance and conformity. I remember when the SCAMdemic first came about and to get into restaurants, you had to wear a mask. At first, I tried the “Sorry, lost mine” excuse only to have my g/f produce one and pull me past the matter d. I would then remove it immediately to her ire. After a few more times going through this exercise , she got fed up and refused to wear one.

      I’m not calling myself rebellious, but I always balk at things I consider absurd. Often to the g/f’s embarrassment.

      1. Sapper 9

        Mine would scold me, ” you need to wear a mask” and I would respond , “you do you”.

        Eventually she saw that I was right and she joined my free attitude.

          1. Sapper 9

            I didn’t wear a mask. Lol

            She decided not to wear one herself and stopped trying to get me to wear one.

          2. Sapper 9

            The application of rational thought and a few facts about the ineffectiveness of masks, or, she figured out that she is too pretty to wear one.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m so very grateful that rational thought and sanity prevailed.

            I love your closing statement.

            What did you do if anything, with the picture of the sheep wearing a mask? 😂😂😂

        1. Weary Traveler

          I’m glad she came around, but I know for me, that would have set off so many alarm bells and red warning lights.

          I get it… Boys are more likely to rebel and break the rules than girls are, but still…

          1. Sapper 9

            She sells high end wines and liquor , so she deals with liberals on a regular basis, I think a little of their fear mongering had sunk in.

            That was the closest we have ever had to a fight.

            She said her part, I rebuttaled, she gave me a dirty look, then it was over.

            I converted her to my side very fast.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Yeah, what is it with liberals and wine? It’s gotta be a status thing.

            I am surrounded by them where I live, and as I have mention prior, they just made me meaner and less tolerant, and far less accommodating.

            I can understand having to keep customers when you are in business, but that is also part of the problem.

          3. Sapper 9

            If they want to spend $2,000 on a bottle of wine, who is she to judge? Lol

            She can always get a table in the best restaurants, since they are her customers.

          4. Sapper 9

            For them, it is all about putting on a show of wealth, which is strange since they love communism.

          5. Weary Traveler

            I am very familiar with the type. The “Limousine Liberals”. Or as Carolyn calls them “The Soy Elite.” LOL

          6. Sapper 9

            There are more expensive wines, but, apparently $2,000 bottles are commonplace.

            She makes a great living and gets to travel a lot, so it works out for her.

      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        Maybe it’s me.

        This is not directed at you.
        Heaven forbid.

        I am wondering about this in general…
        @sapper9:disqus, please weigh in.

        We all have our quirks.
        That’s part of being human.

        That being said, my parents were never ashamed of each other to my knowledge.
        The same applies to myself and my husband.

        Why do people put up with a partner being ashamed of them in some manner, and/or who feels the need to correct or dictate to them?
        Inquiring minds really want to know.

        Personally, I couldn’t handle it.
        I’m very proud of my husband and vice versa.
        I’m extremely proud of all that he is.

        I know that the feeling is reciprocated.

        1. Sapper 9

          Sometimes a person believes that they have information that the other doesn’t, or that they had forgotten.

          My GF thought that I had forgotten, or was unaware of the pseudo rule; however, after making it clear that I was knowledgeable and defiant, all was good. Lol

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m so very thrilled for you.
            Spouses need to let each other soar, not weigh them down, and CHEER THEM ON.

            I opine that those are the greatest success stories.
            I’ve seen it up close and personal with the people that I am the closest with.

            That’s my two cents on guidance for happy marriages.

          2. Sapper 9

            We get along great, but, generally only spend 3 days a week together , she lives in Kansas City and I live outside of Springfield in Republic.

        2. Weary Traveler

          I’ll be honest, being alone during all that madness definitely made me meaner, and even more defiant. But, if the woman, trying to keep peace, which is really what I think it was more about in the case of John and Sappers girlfriends, even that would bother me since you can’t make peace with tyrants.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s because we were infuriated about being incarcerated for all intents and purposes.

            For myself, that would be GAME. OVER.

            I have got to be ME, and very proudly be who I am.
            I expect my spouse to stand with me.

            Of course, we can discuss anything that comes up.
            However, regarding all that is important in life (sans the @#$_&-+ poison death shots), we have ALWAYS been on the same page.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Unfortunately, our politicians and media did a very good job of getting people so worked up, that rational conversation became near impossible.

            If people didn’t spend so much time glued to a TV and/or a phone, they would have seen it.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s what is so insane.
            We have never owned a television and my husband was never glued to his screen.

            The insanity permeated the air.
            I didn’t know what happened to my extremely wise, logical, street smart, and savvy husband.

      3. Weary Traveler

        Your would have gotten so embarrassed with me. I was quick to say that I don’t wear one, and am not going to. And if they pushed it, I got loud, and used plenty of NYC Subway language on them as called them idiots and told them they would have made good Germans in the 1930s. I caused quite a few scenes. LOL

          1. Weary Traveler

            But I am sure you would have had to do some praying after hearing all the colorful language. LOL

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            That would be Sugar Mama.
            She’d be damning you for all eternity. 😂😂😂

            I’d only be praying for mind bleach on hearing it. Unfortunately, I have heard quite alot of unsavory language.
            BH, there are still plenty of words that I am unfamiliar with.

            I wouldn’t have queried you for the interpretation. LOL!

          3. Weary Traveler

            And Sugar Mama is one to talk with her potty mouth. Even if she deliberately misspells curse words. Oh, but I am such a horrible person for not willing to pay the wages of the sins of my fellow man. LOL

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            She curses?!?!
            Oh my! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
            The eternal Lake of Fire and eternal Hell and damnation for her!

            She can pay the wages of sin for everyone else.
            We’ll just be responsible for our own actions.

          5. Weary Traveler

            I’m sure it is really that she wants someone else to pay the wages of her sins since she has a lot to be guilty for.

          6. Weary Traveler

            I think that is what it really is with many of them. Jesus is just their “get out of jail free” card.

          7. Weary Traveler

            As Rabbi Singer has also said, it appeals to a very low place in a person, which is a lot more kindly than I would put it.

            They love to hold each other to these ridiculous standards, and don’t YOU ever dare call them out on anything. But they sure love telling you how you aren’t “truly saved.”

            They remind me a lot of the Muzzies in that respect.

          8. Proud Conservative Mom

            You won’t be doomed.

            Everyone herein has been exceedingly kind and gracious about keeping the language PG.

            If there is ever a video with bad language, a warning is posted for me.

            It’s so very appreciated beyond words.

          9. AuntiE*TFL

            I avoid foul language; however, will warn you I have another. It is related to those of us who saw the plandemic for what it was. I will post it another time. One bad word for the day is enough.

          10. Weary Traveler

            I wish I knew what movie it came from, but there is a sound sample in a Front Line Assembly song called “The Blade” where you can tell it is a scene of someone being robbed, and that the robber’s first language is Ebonics. LOL

          11. Weary Traveler

            It was funny because the sample was so random and didn’t really go with the rest of the song at all, but hey, it worked.

          12. Proud Conservative Mom

            It sounds positively hysterical. I cannot stop laughing….

            Talking about Ebonics, George Farmer was always fascinated by it (Candace Owens’ husband) from when he first heard it, when they got engaged.
            Candace had interviewed him on PragerU.
            I always thought it was extremely ignorant and ridiculous sounding.

          13. AuntiE*TFL

            Remember when they were pushing g teaching Ebonics so Caucasians could understand ghetto talk?

          14. AuntiE*TFL

            As Weary Traveler stated, it is nothing short of implying POC lack the ability to use literate language. It astonishes me that they fail to see the insult.

          15. Weary Traveler

            Yes, I do. I also remember how it originated in the Oakland public schools. And I remember they cried “racism” when yu said anything against it. Never mind they were basically calling all black illiterate by lumping them in that category.

        1. John Gillis

          Actually, my brother did something similar. He walked into a department store and when he was challenged, he yelled. “Don’t engage me! I have a condition!!!” They were too terrified to stop him.

          I couldn’t stop laughing.

          My reaction was less antagonistic, but to the point. I politely asked if my compliance to an arbitrary demand was worth more than the money I intend to spend. I further told them if I left without purchasing anything, it would be my last visit. They relented, particularly because I was such a regular customer.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I had to boycott a local coffee shop of which I had been a regular customer for years all because of this mask stuff.

            I was given zero leeway for being a regular. That was almost two years ago. Same thing with the local market. They will never get my business again. If they choose the religion of COVID, even if it is just survival, then I have no choice but to throw them aside.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      House votes 419-0 on a bill that requires the Director of National Intelligence to declassify all information on the origins of COVID.

      The bill now requires Biden’s signature.

      (From a few hours ago.)

      – Raw And Unfiltered News

  17. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Dangers of Rigidity

    By: Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman

    Parshas Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11-34:35)

    At the risk of sounding too rigid, a strong argument can be made that inflexibility is at the core of many mental health struggles. Cognitive rigidity, or the inability to adapt thinking to new demands or situations, is connected to anxiety, depression, phobias, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Even absent a diagnosable disorder, being rigid, stubborn, and inflexible can lead to various negative personal and social outcomes. Learning how to appropriately and flexibly adapt to new situations without getting stuck in old and unhelpful paradigms of thinking and acting lies at the core of several therapeutic approaches such as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

    It is rather remarkable, Rabbi Simcha Zissel Ziv points out, that after the grave sin of creating and worshipping a graven image, God’s main criticism of Bnei Yisrael is that they are a stiff-necked people – an “am keshei oref” (Shemot 32:9), and are therefore worthy of destruction. The depravity and blasphemousness of the idol worship takes a back seat to flawed character. Rashi, explaining the language of being stiff-necked, writes that they stick the back of their necks out to those rebuking them, refusing to offer a receptive ear. This trait impedes any ability to admit mistakes, to listen to criticism, or to repent. God can forgive an egregious sin, but only after acknowledgement and contrition; both of which are unfeasible for those who are stiff-necked.

    Rashi’s conceptualization of being stiff-necked incorporates an element of self-assuredness within the stubbornness. In a slightly different interpretation, Rabbi Avraham ben HaRambam understands being stiff-necked as a metaphor for being set in one’s ways. It is not about being arrogant, but about being stuck in habit. Bnei Yisrael (the Children of Israel)were steeped in a culture of idol worship and they couldn’t adapt to a new paradigm of thinking and being. This point is particularly compelling when considered in its psychological context. They thought Moshe was taking too long, and in that moment of nervousness they reverted back to old habits. Stiff-necked people are creatures of habit, and those habits become especially rigid during times of stress.

    Abarbanel offers a third understanding of the symbolism of being stiff-necked. He writes that God purposefully created us with the ability to flexibly turn our necks from side to side, allowing us to see any danger that may be coming from behind us. Stiff-necked people cannot turn back to see what is heading towards them. This, Abarbanel argues, is a metaphor for not being able to anticipate the consequences of one’s actions. Bnei Yisrael were acting without thinking about the ramifications of what they were doing. Being flexible means being able to foresee what may happen in the future and modify one’s behavior accordingly.

    Each of these approaches provides us with important lessons for our own lives.

    Being stiff-necked, whether that means being closed off to criticism, getting stuck in habit, or not foreseeing the consequences of our actions, is detrimental to our well-being. Being functionally flexible and adaptable are essential characteristics that will help us thrive socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        We went out for errands yesterday and were caught in massive traffic coming home. What normally takes 45 minutes was three plus hours.😳😟

        We were so worn out even I slept well last night!!

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            My sleep continues oddly; however, there has been improvement. When I sleep, I sleep more soundly.👍🏻👍🏻

  18. Proud Conservative Mom

    When Moses Didn’t Believe God

    By: Rabbi Dr.. Avraham Twerski ZTL

    Parshas Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11-34:35)

    It happened as he [Moses] drew near the camp and saw the calf and the dances, that Moses’ anger flared up. He threw down the Tablets from his hands and shattered them at the foot of the mountain #(32:19)

    There is a remarkable Midrash which states that when God said to Moses, “Go, descend – for your people that you brought up from Egypt have become corrupt,” Moses held on to the Tablets and did not believe that the Israelites had sinned. He said, “If I do not see it, I do not believe it,” for the Torah says, “It happened as he [Moses] drew near the camp and saw the calf and the dances,” hence, he did not break the Tablets until he saw it with his own eyes.

    The Midrash continues, “Woe unto those people who testify to what they did not see. Is it possible that Moses did not believe it when God said to him, `your people have become corrupt?’ But Moses wished to teach the Israelites proper behavior. Even if one hears something critical from a trustworthy person, one is not permitted to accept his word and take action on it if he does not see it himself” (Shemos Rabbah 46:1).

    The Midrash seems to say that Moses did in fact believe God, but that he acted as if he did not in order to set an example for the people. However, the Midrash earlier is very clear: “Moses held on to the Tablets and did not believe that the Israelites had sinned. He said, `If I do not see it, I do not believe it.’”

    The resolution of this apparent contradiction is that Moses did not believe God because he knew that God did not wish that he believe Him. Moses knew that God desires only what is proper, and inasmuch as it is proper not to believe anything negative about others unless one sees it oneself, God did not want Moses to believe Him. Moses did not act “as if.” His example and teaching were factual.

    We find a similar incident when God told Moses to go to Egypt to deliver the Israelites from their enslavement. Moses said, “I must first ask permission from my father-in-law, Jethro” (Rashi, Exodus 4:18). How dare he refuse to follow God’s command until he received Jethro’s permission? Rabbi Chaim Shmulevits explains that Moses understood God’s will, that inasmuch as Jethro was hospitable to him when he fled from Pharaoh, God would not want him to depart without seeking his permission.

    The Torah forbids speaking lashon hara (defamatory speech) and rechilus (talebearing). The Chafetz Chaim says that one who accepts lashon hara or talebearing is as sinful as the one who spreads them. In fact, even when one does see an apparent wrongdoing with one’s own eyes, one should still give the person the benefit of doubt and assume that there must be compelling reasons for the person’s action (Ethics of the Fathers 1:6).

    If we observe Hillel’s principle, “Do not do anything to others that you would not want done to you,” we can avoid both speaking and listening to lashon hara and talebearing.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Moshe Rabbeinu only broke the tablets when he witnessed the Jewish People singing and dancing around the golden calf.
      There is no greater sin in Hashem’s Eyes (sans for idolatry and promulgating it) than joyously sinning.

  19. Proud Conservative Mom

    Two people severely injured in a terrorist shooting in Tel Aviv Thursday evening remained in very grave condition Friday morning, doctors said.

    Three friends in their 30s were injured on Thursday night when a Palestinian terrorist opened fire at people outside a cafe on the corner of Dizengoff Street and Ben Gurion Street. He then fled the scene while shooting at other people in the area, before he was killed in a shootout with police officers a short time later.

    Or Asher, 32, was hospitalized in critical condition at the emergency care ward at Ichilov Hospital, according to a Friday statement. A second man, Rotem Mansano, 34, was also in serious condition and being treated in the emergency neurosurgery ward, doctors said.

    *Yeshiva World News

  20. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Messianic Cults are extremely crafty.
    They manufacture a plethora amount of memes that Jews who are unaware and/or Messianic members insidiously share very purposefully among Jewish groups on Twitter and on other social media forums.

    Exhibit “A”:

    I circled the cross and the “Yeshua” name on the bottom.
    There are many different Messianic “Jewish” groups.

    It’s a stage four cancer, to quote Rabbi Tovia Singer.

    (Pardon the language.)

    1. John Gillis

      I would have missed that, had you not pointed it out, Rivka. Insidious, aren’t they?

        1. Weary Traveler

          Good to see you.

          I’m okay. Daylight Savings is already causing me misery, and disrupting my already messed up sleep pattern.

          Whoever came up with DST, I truly hope they are rotting in Hell right now.

        1. John Gillis

          Right? When I trolled communists in college, I did so in a guerrilla campaign, maintaining a pseudonym because the leader of one group was telling people “When we find out who this Right wing agitator is, WE will take the most expedient means of dealing with him.” I was right under their noses, LOLOLOL!

          I joked and said, “How many guys do you need to deal with him?” He told me he’d need at least 5 guys to jump him and at least a couple more to act as lookouts. He was serious and said he wanted this guy hospitalized.

          I trolled them for 3 more years before graduating. They were as brilliant as they were brave!

          1. Weary Traveler

            Funny enough, I actually had dreams similar to that.

            That also reminds me of a story a friend of mine shared with me once about visiting a friend in Santa Cruz, and they were shooting at some drunk bum with their pellet guns.

            They walked by him all nonchalantly later, and the bum asked them if they knew of anyone was firing bb’s in the area. And then proceeded to tell them that some f—r was shooting bb’s at him, and he ever found out who is was, that he was going to “put them in the hospital.”

            They took another way back to the house, and started shooting at him again, and one of them shot him right in the butt. LOL He tried to reach for his whisky bottle, but my friend shot it and broke it before the guy could grab it and the bum ran.

            I know that is so awful, but I think it’s pretty funny.

  21. Proud Conservative Mom


    By: Rabbi Shraga Simmons

    Parshat Parah (Numbers 19:1-22) is read on the Shabbat following Purim. These verses deal with the Red Heifer used in the spiritual purification process at the time of the Holy Temple. This issue is important at this season of the year, since in looking forward to Passover, every Jew is careful to maintain spiritual purity in order to partake in the holiday offerings.

    Many authorities regard this reading as a Torah precept.

  22. Weary Traveler

    Regardless of Virus Origins, Freedom Is the Answer

    ” Lest the crowd that has long been properly anti-lockdown forgets, pathogens are as old as mankind is. Since they are, the accenting of where they come from is to completely miss the point. Instead, the always and everywhere expressed view should be that reality should not be used by the political, expert and medical classes as a pretext for taking our freedom. Freedom is precious, and authoritarians can’t have it regardless of a pathogen’s origin or its presumed lethality.

    Indeed, while even the New York Times reported with great consistency in 2020 that the virus in a death sense was most associated with very sick, very old people in nursing homes, the accent on the previous truth by the anti-lockdown crowd similarly missed the point. And it missed the point dangerously. That is so because a focus on statistics or anecdote as a reason for not locking us down is to suggest that if the coronavirus or some future pathogen were truly lethal, politicians would have the right to lock us down.”

    ^^This right here is EXACTLY what I was saying at the beginning. We shouldn’t have to study medical science to make an argument for our basic God given human rights, as medical science is NOT the source of human rights. Now they are tying to move on from locking us down over pathogens, to climate emergencies.

    Government is driven by power, and will happily use any calamity to seize it. Case in point; the ironically named “Patriot Act” that followed 9/11. Rationing, and even curfews that were instituted in some parts of the country, during the second world war. How about even the draft itself = The Selective Services Act of 1917 that was used for the first world war, and again during the second world war, the Korean War, and Vietnam? Possibly the future again with Ukraine according to some.

    One should not have to be a geopolitical expert to make the case of how a draft is a human rights violation.

    Once we making the argument defending out basic civil liberties on anything other than our basic fundamental rights which are given by God, not government, we lose the argument in the long run, in spite of winning a short term battle.

    If anything, the hippies of the 1960s had it right, and said all that needed to be said on such matters; “Hell no, we wont go.”

    As draft cards were rightfully being burned, so should masks, so-called “consent forms” from employers for the Franken-Jabs, and even notices to get your clot shots from your healthcare providers. To steal another phrase from the left, one most recently used by the likes of Antifa; “Become ungovernable.” Make them eat their own words by using their slogans against them.

    Does it matter that the Clot-Shots don’t work? Of course it does. But not when it comes to defending your God-given human rights. Because we don’t want to give the message that it is okay to mandate a medical procedure as long as it is “safe and effective.” That will only invite even more censorship like we saw. Proving they not only don’t work, but are harmful, is only good for exposing people like Faucist for the reincarnations of Josef Mengele that they are, and tacking it on to their sentences for their crimes against humanity. Along with abuse of power, and denying our basic civil rights.

    Same with lockdowns. There can never be any justification for it under any circumstances.

    Make no mistake about it; COVID was really a test to see how far they can push us, and what they can get away with. We may have won this battle, but let’s be careful not to lose the war in the long run.

  23. Chief Mac

    What happened to the site? I couldn’t see or post anything for the last couple of days?

  24. Chief Mac

    AOC Proposes Nationwide Ban On Straws After Learning Trump Won Straw Poll
    Mar 7, 2023 ·
    Article Image
    WASHINGTON, DC — Following former President Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in CPAC’s straw poll for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed legislation that would impose a nationwide ban on the use of straws.

    “This poll shows straws are a threat to our democracy!” Ocasio-Cortez said in a statement to the media. “If straws are supporting Donald Trump and his dangerous ‘MAGA’ movement, then they have no business being in public circulation, let alone voting for President!”

    “Plus, they outnumber humans, like, 2 to 1. That’s scary!”

    The straw poll, conducted at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, showed Trump garnering a commanding 60% of the votes cast. This resulted in immediate calls from Democrats to subject straws to even heavier regulation.

    The former President himself was quick to weigh on with a response. “The Democrats are just jealous,” Trump said in a post to his Truth Social account. “Dumb AOC is just angry that she can’t get 60% of a vote without rigging an election! I had the biggest, most beautiful straw poll in the history of CPAC! So many patriotic, American straws. Banning straws is un-American! How are supposed to drink milkshakes without them? WITCH HUNT!”

    Ocasio-Cortez pledged to continue the fight against straws, no matter how long it takes. “If this straw poll showed us one thing, it’s that straws can no longer be trusted,” she said.

    At publishing time, AOC had been seen at a local coffee shop gluing herself to a straw in protest.

    1. Sapper 9

      I have also seen where a 50 bmg round was fired out of a 12 ga, which is a big pass for me. Lol

  25. Weary Traveler

    This was a really good Rabbi Lapin Video I listened to last night.

    It reminds me of a conversation a friend of mine and I had many years ago, and Rabbi Lapin makes a very similar point here; about how government schools create either bullies or victims of bullies.

    Either way, there are these false dichotomies out there of what a man is, and especially what a “moral” man is. On the one extreme, it is the Andrew Tate crowd. On the other, you have the communists that tell you that being a doormat is “moral.”

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I will Be’Ezras Hashem continue watching it tomorrow to its conclusion and comment along with way.

      Darn change of the clocks.
      I’m exhausted.

      Good night and sweet dreams.
      💤 💤 💤 😴😴😴

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          That’s a good way of putting it.

          Moreover, I like to be able to focus and really pay attention to what I read and listen to.
          I don’t want to try to do this “half baked.”

          1. Weary Traveler

            I remember there was a movie that came out in the 90s by that very title. Of course, it was about a bunch of teenage stoners in the late 1970s. The kids in my drafting class put the movie on the TV one day, and my drafting teacher asked me what they were watching. I told him it was some stoner flick called “Half Baked”, and he just said; well, since most of them are anyway, I guess its fine.” LOL

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      Happiness is a choice.
      I have always said that.

      Discipline is the direction where happiness lies.
      Of course, that’s all from Judaism.

      When one adheres to Torah, they become disciplined and are directed by Hashem as to what the right path is.
      We can NEVER rely on our emotions.
      The Yetzer Horah can readily toy with them, and he does!

      Emotions are indeed wonderful.
      But we (“Happy”Warriors” 😉) indeed don’t regulate our lives based on our emotions.

      Agreed, to be a prisoner of the mind is unbearable.

      Interestingly enough, this exact topic was in today’s Parsha class.

      Be back soon.

      I just got company.

      It’s unreal that this topic was in my class today!!!!

      I’m looking forward to continuing to listen to this.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        @dr_darko:disqus, I am continuing with my commentary. 😁😁😁

        I love his analogy of fire to the relationship between men and women.
        It’s very apropos as Rabbi Lapin explained.
        It’s a fiery force.

        Physical intimacy within the confines of marriage is beyond special and sacred in Judaism.

        Remember, Hashem never has to rationalize the means to the end.
        Physical intimacy is desired by Hashem between spouses.
        One step further, it’s beloved to Hashem.

        Indeed physical intimacy is extremely powerful.
        The powerful and loving bonds that it fosters and continues to nurture is incredible.
        (I’m beyond grateful for only having this incredible experience with my husband. To reiterate, Orthodox Jews are virgins until marriage.)

        YES! There are values in the family unit.
        Torah values, which are magnificent values.
        They’re passed on by the parents not only teaching and reinforcing what was taught in the Yeshivas, but most importantly, by being living examples.
        Children learn what they live.
        The parents must practice what they preach in order to not only follow Torah, but so they are not being hypocritical.
        This is extremely critical.
        I cannot stress that enough.

        The problem is we live in an extremely promiscuous society.
        Sex, has become cheap, easy, and performed based on the feelings in the heat of the moment.
        That’s a recipe for disaster of epic proportions.

        You know women who experienced such a “relationship.”
        They become hardened and bitter, for just cause.
        Sex isn’t supposed to be about self-gratification in the heat of the moment.
        It’s supposed to be a lasting and meaningful relationship which is the foundation for keeping a marriage healthy.
        Of course, it must coincide with emotional intimacy as well.
        A successful and loving marriage MUST have both.

        Continuing to listen and will continue commenting.
        This is a superb video.
        I don’t want to chance Disqus wreaking havoc with one very long post.
        Ergo, I am breaking it up.

        I cannot say it enough, but through listening to Rabbi Lapin videos, I continue to understand your deep respect for Orthodox Judaism.

        What he says is from Torah.
        One gains the tools and knowledge of how to live a successful and meaningful life by learning Torah.
        (Of course, Jews must keep it as well.)

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          GIC. Government indoctrination camps.
          Children are being “raised” by the government.
          Their parents aren’t vested in their upbringing.
          This is a key cause as to why and how society became insane.

          Marriage is the blueprint for creativity and a successful business partnership!

          INDEED, the special position and meaningful spouse has been replaced by “partner.”
          (It disgusts me as well.)

          Children who don’t know who their fathers are and/or live in a household with siblings from different fathers, are never success stories.
          Au contraire.
          We’re seeing the results of these toxic relationships and poisonous fruit, of you will, that resulted.

          Children need to be loved, nurtured, and taught by their parents in a stable home.

          Of course, divorce exists as do parents who tragically die and their spouses remarry.
          That’s not a toxic relationship (manifold).

          Adultery used to be frowned upon and hardly existed in the military, for example.
          It was understood that it is a black mark on a man!
          CORRECT, they astutely deduced that such a person couldn’t be trusted.
          (That was in the good ‘ol days, when America had morals and values. It is deteriorating faster than a speeding bullet.

          The Truth of Torah is TIMELESS. .Its teachings should always be in vogue.
          Hashem, our Creator authored it.
          As the Creator, He understood the nature of man more than anyone.

          Fire, not handled correctly is extremely dangerous on many levels.

          No one is embarrassed when affairs are had.
          It has become the “norm.”
          It’s absolutely insane.

          Personally, it blows my mind how people are comfortable having “open” relationships. 🤦🙄😡😑🧐

          Polygamy, would NEVER work for me.
          I am totally exclusive, as is my husband. 😁😁😁

          Serial polygamy.
          Good Heavens! 😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯


          1. Weary Traveler

            The whole “do it in the road” mentality of the sexual revolution is where a lot went wrong.

            Funny enough, “free love” has actually lead to declining birth rates, especially since the introduction of the pill, and far less well adjusted children.

            There was a video interview Jordan Peterson did a while back where this was discussed. I am sure I posted it here when it was released.

            But Jordan’s point was, before the pill, a woman could say no to a man’s sexual advances simply by saying, “I don’t want to get pregnant.” The birth control pill took away that leverage, which left the woman’s only option to be to say “I just don’t want to sleep with you” = outright rejection, which in turn means she loses the guy altogether. I can only partly agree with that.

            It’s only outright rejection if she is not at all attracted to him, in which case, it should be more than easier to say no. Even if she is still worried about hurting the guy’s feelings, but even then… Second, this goes back to Rabbi Lapin’s analogy of the leaking pipe. If the guy truly loves her, and wants a future with her, she should be able to establish her boundaries with him, and say “not until you put a ring on my finger”.

            If he is truly worthy of her, he will honor that. If not, he’ll run for the hills, and as much as that might hurt, he would have actually done her a huge favor in the long run, because she did not invest any more time on someone that doesn’t truly respect her, and with him out of the picture, she has room for someone who does once she finds him.

            I think I may post that other Daily Wire video of Jordan Peterson talking about the declining birth rate, and “involuntary childlessness.”

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            “It’s only outright rejection if she is not at all attracted to him, in which case, it should be more than easier to say no. Even if she is still worried about hurting the guy’s feelings, but even then… Second, this goes back to Rabbi Lapin’s analogy of the leaking pipe. If the guy truly loves her, and wants a future with her, she should be able to establish her boundaries with him, and say “not until you put a ring on my finger”.

            If he is truly worthy of her, he will honor that. If not, he’ll run for the hills, and as much as that might hurt, he would have actually done her a huge favor in the long run, because she did not invest any more time on someone that doesn’t truly respect her, and with him out of the picture, she has room for someone who does once she finds him.

            MOST DEFINITELY.

            My sister Devora called in the middle.
            I’m more than half way through and am continuing to listen and will comment.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom


            I LOVE that poem by Rudyard Kipling!

            I love how he detailed the differences between wimps, thugs, and REAL MEN.

            I also appreciated how he highlighted proper manners including how women are supposed to be treated!

            WEF stresses a non-owning society.
            Indeed, it reduces manliness!

            I’m thrilled to be my husband’s “girl.”

            It’s very critical for boys to be raised to understand what it means to be a real and good man.
            Thugs and wimps are disasters. They are permeating our society and are akin to locusts.

            It’s far easier to be celibate or to have an out of control sex life.
            Indeed, this is another example of the discipline that Torah teaches.
            There’s a happy medium.
            It’s what really WORKS.


          4. Weary Traveler

            I thinking more about this earlier today. Thugs and wimps seem to be cut from the same cloth. Although, I would argue the wimps are more destructive to a society than the thugs, because the wimps allow the thugs. However, it is probably easier to teach a wimp how to be a man than a thug. The only treatment for most thugs is a bullet between the eyes.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            Well we all know how I feel about language and vulgarities.

            I wouldn’t tolerate it in person either, let alone laugh it off.
            GOODNESS! 🤯🤯🤯😳😳😳
            Do these women have any self-respect or backbones?!

            No government institution can raise your children.
            They’ll guarantee wimps or thugs.
            Indeed, never men.

            Modern feminism is so grotesque.
            YES! Only scum will surround such a woman.

            MEN, with Hashem’s help won World War II.

            In summation, our society mocks family values and they champion its destruction and celebrate the deviants.
            Rabbi Lapin positively NAILED it.

            He described the family meal perfectly.

            We knew our family history and narrative.
            Our children always wanted to know and we were honored to share it with them.
            I was always the same way as was my husband.

            My maternal grandfather could have attested to the strict former military laws.
            They were very important and wisely upheld until Clinton et al, very foolishly dismantled them.

            Our children are our greatest treasures.
            WHY would anyone trust them to the government? SMH…

            TYMK for posting the video.
            I enjoyed it tremendously and highly recommend everyone to watch it.
            It’s extremely wise, intelligent, and intuitive.

            This is a phenomenal show.

            Apologies for all of the interruptions today.

            On top of that, my son came home from Israel a short time ago.

            He’s currently on the phone with my in-laws.

  26. Weary Traveler

    Regarding Richard’s commentary at the end, regarding “end times.” My comment is this; first and foremost, the end times prophecy is a bunch of garbage. It will not happen.

    As for the events unfolding, keep in mind these people like the WEF are Satanists. That means they believe the same nonsense Christians do, but the believe in the Christian adversary, Satan, according to the narrative of Christian canon. They are using the end time “prophecies” in the Christian bible as their template. It’s a shuck and a jive.

  27. Weary Traveler

    Science Is Not to Be Trusted

    This alludes to one of the negatives to come from the Enlightenment Period. Although, understandably, given the abuses of Christendom from the final days of Rome to the Medieval feudal societies, religious dogma was question, unfortunately, the baby was thrown out with the bathwater, and science became deified, replacing the church. As if changing the name on the letterhead was the solution, rather than looking at the underlying cause that lead to Christendom’s atrocities, which is the very nature of totalitarianism itself.

        1. Sapper 9

          I saw another amnesty registered RPD go for $68,000, I am glad I started by collection Decades ago. Lol

          1. Sapper 9

            I hope not, but, prepare for the worst.

            Not counting what I can grow, slaughter or hunt, I can be self sufficient for 2 years.

            Plus , I assume that ANTIFA taste like chicken. Sarcasm

  28. Chief Mac

    Doom and gloom time. The US banking system just collapsed. Third largest bank in the US – Signature Bank was seized by the feral government and 30 other banks had their stock trading halted. TaliBiden promises to pay off the Chinese for their stupidity with our money
    Looks like Credit Suisse may go down

    Get your money now and if you are unarmed – change that now.

          1. Sapper 9

            You would love this link ; however, there is a meme with UK’s Boris naked on a table with his buttocks facing upwards and the socialism scum *** meme.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Send this to the self-righteous jerks who insist that you should be on the hook for everyone else’s “wages of sin.”

          I’m scrolling for the Rabbi Lapin video…

          1. Weary Traveler

            That concept existed in the middle ages. They were called “whipping boys.” The whipping boys were peasants and their masters aristocracy.

            This mindset that someone else pays the wages of your sins is an elitist concept.

      1. Chief Mac

        Seems that Woke banks figured they could make a lot more money lending to Chinese capital venturists getting US taxpayer dollars for ‘green energy’. Well they bribed the feds to look the other way and ignore the regulations that have been in place for 80 years to prevent this. The US threw so much of our money that inflation raised the interest rates to the point where the Chinese said “F-U” and they refuse to pay. Now we have at least 32 banks that are bankrupt

      1. Weary Traveler

        I just wrote the author a short email. Been meaning to write her regarding another article she did late last year, and her appearance on American Thought Leaders.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I just sent you one too in response to your audio. Also with a little update. I guess I am another day closer to appearing on wanted posters in churches as the spawn of Satan. LOL

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      What a tragedy.
      She is unfortunately not the only person who is tremendously cognitively impaired from the poison death shot.
      A very close friend of mine has a parent who was totally healthy, yet contracted Alzheimer’s from the Franken-jab.

      Indeed, people chose what they erroneously thought was safety over freedom.
      As I have stated a plethora amount of times, fear is the most powerful coercion.
      People will commit acts that they would normally never have dreamt of doing as a result of fear.

      Outstanding parable of the camel.
      We see how it became the master, and his owner became his lackey.

      Most definitely, evidence was ignored.
      (The article didn’t mention this aspect, but we know that evidence was concealed from us very deliberately. This was tremendous malice aforethought.)

      I was very fascinated as to how people were affected by the tears in the video that she made.
      My assumption, is that people were craving humanity.
      It had and has been sorely lacking in a grandiose manner.
      It wasn’t just that they associated her tears with humanity.
      That is this woman’s opinion.

      Another phenomenal article.

      1. Weary Traveler

        With me, it wasn’t so much tears as it was anger.

        My note to her was a brief overview of my own experience, while commending her for adding the human factor.

        Fact is, we have been being dehumanized long before COVID. She is familiar with Mattias Desmet’s work, and his theory of mass formation psychosis, so she knows this.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Understood about the anger.
          I was incensed and continue to be, at how the “unvaxxed” were demonized.
          It only began to improve a bit since evidence started coming out.

          “Fact is, we have been being dehumanized long before COVID.”
          FOR CERTAIN.
          I couldn’t agree more.

  29. Proud Conservative Mom

    🇮🇱-Israel border police sees new enlistments amid wave of attacks as new soldiers will be joining the front lines to combat terror and protect the lives of Israeli civilians.

    —- 🌎 VINnews

  30. Weary Traveler

    These men are making exactly the same points that were being discussed at the Raleigh Tavern in Boston roughly 250 years ago by ordinary people worried about losing thir rights under common law and the constitution = The British Constitution at the time, believe it or not, that were being threatened by the tyranny of King George III.

    1. Sapper 9

      The whole EV nonsense isn’t about “climate change” , it is about forcing people to use GOVERNMENT TRANSPORTATION, which only goes where and when the government allows.

      There would still be cars and roads, but , it would be fore the elites and government, less traffic for them, more misery for the people.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Exactly. I greatly respect the people that can attend these meetings and give these criminally insane megalomaniacs a piece of their mind without cursing or resorting to violence. I have become so angry these days, I don’t think I would make a very good activist.

        1. Sapper 9

          I have learned that if you get angry and scream, you will lose the argument.

          Rational though , or violence of action, my only two modes. Lol

  31. Tony

    How come everyone is here while I have been stuck on the old page with nobody going there and me wondering where it had gone ? No usual link to a new. page. ?
    Thanks to PCM for giving me the link.

    1. Chief Mac

      We wanted to see how long it took you to find us. I couldn’t comment on the old page but saw your posts there

          1. Sapper 9

            For me the only the old page is visible on my lap to and the new page shows up on my phone. Lol

    1. Weary Traveler

      It’s worse. It’s a failed idea that wont go away. And just like taking the US dollar off the gold standard, the patriot act, and “two weeks to flatten the curve”, it was one of those things that was sold as temporary that became permanent.

    1. Sapper 9

      Google IS A SNITCH, they are an extension of the government; however, if it is about a LEFTIST, then they would black it out.

  32. IsraelReader

    In line with today’s crazy world…

    A king walked into a bar…

    The bartender asked the king, “Why so glum, your highness?”

    The king replied, “I have a problem. There is no heir to the throne. You see, the law states that my eldest son shall inherit the crown, but I only have two daughters, ages twelve and fourteen. I did have a son but…”

    A teardrop rolled down the king’s cheek.

    “My son suffered from a terrible affliction. And then tragedy struck, and now I no longer have a son.”

    The bartender said, “I’m so sorry to hear that, your highness. It’s so tragic when a child dies.”

    The king gave a confused look. “What are you talking about?” he said. “My son didn’t die. He had a surgery and became my daughter!”

      1. IsraelReader

        This hits home stronger to people from the UK, who care so strongly about the institution of Royalty, and the need of providing a heir to carry on the tradition.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Funny enough my friend Marty had a similar conversation to this when he was visiting family and friends in NYC.

      Marty noticed a tranny and pointed it out. One of the people at the table who happened to be a woke liberal said “that’s a person, you know?” Marty said, “Yeah, a person who is a tranny.” Then the guilt trip comes from the lefties saying “Hey, my kid is trans.” Marty responded like they said the kid had a stroke; “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope they get better.” LOL

      1. IsraelReader

        In most cases, the “stroke” of the surgeon’s knife is irreversible, and the people will never get “better”.

        1. Weary Traveler

          True, if the parents were stupid enough to feed in to their child’s mental illness and go through with the surgery. Or, just as bad, if not worse, when the school facilitates it without the parents’ knowledge.

          1. IsraelReader

            Sometimes, it’s the parents who are the cause of the child’s mental illness, by their brainwashing of their child.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Sadly, you are correct. That usually tends to be the case, more often than not as they try to show how “supportive” and progressive” they are.

            Even before all this trans stuff, progressive parents always raised the worst kids. I remember a King of The Hill episode that touched on this. This was a good review of that, that talks about the pitfalls of progressive parenting.


        1. IsraelReader

          “Healthcare” should focus on maintaining existing health, NOT the chopping off of organs, that deluded minds think are superfluous to them.

          1. IsraelReader

            I also love verbal gymnastics; especially when I can flip their own word salads back at them.

  33. Weary Traveler

    A very sad commentary of the times we live in.

    Even before being advised to dress down to not make yourself a target for criminals, which I always thought was dumb advice, and a total admission of failure of our so-called “legal system”, I noticed people taking less pride in their physical appearance.

    Although wearing grubbier clothes can be comfortable, they don’t exactly make me feel awesome. I actually feel a lot better when I have an occasion to dress up, even a little.

    As far as the woman in the first part of the video, I would love to see more women dress nice like that. As for the other women scowling at her, they have two choices as far as I am concerned. Up their game, or just off themselves. Either way, their misery will be over. And ours.

    1. Tony

      We have all lived through the change, although what started it I am not sure. Perhaps when men stopped wearing ties. My parents never had two pennies to rub together, but my father never went out of the house without a hat on. Maybe it was the sixties sexual revolution, when self-respect went out of the window.
      Maybe that would apply to the ladies as well. That vidio is hilarious, by the way.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I’m glad you enjoyed it. I wanted to share it here given how we have discussed this very topic at length here before.

        I find it interesting how you bring up the 60s, and even the sexual revolution of the 70s. Those are good points, and require a nuanced discussion. As I mentioned here before, I do not find every aspect of the 1960s negative, although there were plenty of negative aspects of it such as rampant drug use and promiscuity.

        A great movie that I really think shows the change is The Graduate, with Dustin Hoffman, which came out in 1967, which was around the time the change was underway. As I have stated before, Woodstock didn’t appear out of a vacuum. There was absolutely cause and effect. What was ultimately negative is how humans have a tendency to go from one extreme to another, and the baby got thrown out with the dirty bath water.

        1. Tony

          I saw The Graduate when it first came out. Everyone of my age and younger saw it. It was a smash hit. As you say, that must have been at the beginning, when promiscuity was still shocking. It wouldn’t work today.

          1. Weary Traveler

            And a lot of people who did not like the movie never saw past the promiscuity. Again, I don’t morally endorse the characters’ actions. However, I fully understand and appreciate the context. Normally when we think of the 60s, we think of the latter part of the decade with the hippies, but not the first part, which was like the 50s in many ways, but also had the cloud of the JFK assassination over it, and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

        2. John Gillis

          Excellent points, Weary Traveler. Even worse is the tendency for our current culture to toss out the baby and keep the bath water.

          Maybe I’m a prig, but I think the gym leggings I see even for women working out are a little obscene. They might as well be body paint, considering how thin the material is, and some are wearing “skin tone” colors. And these women are FAT! 🤢

          I think our society should return to some sense of modesty and dressing well can still be very appealing.

          1. Weary Traveler

            No kidding. I was pointing out that very thing to Marty last week. The Panera we go to is right across the mall from an aerobics class. I was pointing how back in the 80s was “Jazzercise” was all the rage, I remember how it was filled with attractive women in leotards, unlike the fugly warthogs in Yoga pants we could see in that class across the way.

            What happened to where so many people have gotten so ugly?

      1. Weary Traveler

        This also depends on how we define “dressing up.” If we take it to the opposite extreme, where a man is expected to leave the house in no less than a suit and tie, I would have to strongly object. The last thing I want, is to live in a society where people are pretty much expected to wear a uniform, which was among one of the primary reasons I objected, and still do object, to mask mandates.

        I’m not suit and tie guy myself, either.

        Now if we were to take your t shirt and jeans example, I would argue that there is probably a difference in the t shirt and jeans you might wear if you were going out to dinner, vs. the t shirt and jeans you would wear if you were doing yard work.

        There are nice t shirts and nice pairs of jeans out there.

        1. Sapper 9

          I almost always wear khakis or jeans, but, they are always pressed; however, I would never go to a nice dinner establishment underdressed.

          I have an atrocious and loud shirt that I will put on for a couple of minutes as a gag, my girlfriend’s mouth dropped open when I wore it in front of her as we were getting ready to go out to dinner. Lol

          1. Sapper 9

            She thought I was going to wear it, I will have to post a photo of it sometime, she was very clear that if I wore it, I was going alone. Lol

        2. Proud Conservative Mom

          Agreed that the venue is always very important.
          AuntiE once did a terrific rant on this topic.

          With the weather being so insane and my internal barometer being off, I usually layer.

          I have a beautiful wardrobe (without remotely “robbing the bank”).

          My very casual isn’t nearly as casual as what you and George would wear.
          I wear supima cotton shirts (Lands End) and a variety of skirts.
          On days that I have PT, I have to remember not to wear a dress.
          I get “cupped” and I need to wear a two pieces those days.

          I have very pretty cardigans, shawls, etc. to quickly dress it up.
          Of course, I have clothes that aren’t casual, but are very comfortable.

          I enjoy looking good for myself and my family.

          No judgments whatsoever on any good person — no matter how sick I was (at home), I always got dressed and was groomed.
          In the hospital, I wore their garb.
          (I needed to do so for IV purposes.)

          Obviously, cosmetics were suspended when I fractured my ribs and sustained terrible nerve damage to my hands. 🙃

          1. Weary Traveler

            There’s my casual, and then there is the bumming around/night walk wardrobe. The latter are clothes one wouldn’t care about wear and tear. The former on the other hand could be a really nice t shirt, long or short sleeved depending on weather, and a nice pair of pants, to a casual button up.

            Given my personal style, my wardrobe is sectioned a little different than most. Most people would have formal, business dress, business casual, and everyday casual, and “laundry day” on the extreme end.

            For me there is semi casual formal, which always consists of black dickies, either a regular button up, long sleeve t shirt, or partial button up. Laid back which would be a nice t shirt, nice black jeans, or dickies.

            As far as my best, or what I consider my best, it is not so much as business attire, as it is custom designed Gothic themed type clothing, some of which has more hardware than others, but do not come off rack in a department store, and are made by those who specialize in that type of clothing such as Punk Rave and Killstar. Plus they can be mixed and matched with other more conventional clothing. This is more stuff one would normally wear to a concert or a nightclub.

            But there are a few of their shirts I have, that actually can and do actually work for occasions like going out to dinner. This would actually be a good example of one of them.

            I do have this particular shirt.


            One thing that is cool about this particular one that you do not see so much in the pictures on the store’s website is that there are some parts of it that have a iridescent quality, as there are some bits that under the right lighting show up as a burgundy color.

            It goes good with a nice pair of regular slacks or dickies.

    1. IsraelReader

      So true!
      But he left will not admit it, despite the fact that many of the judicial reforms being proposed today, were in the past suggested by the very same people who are protesting them today.

    1. Sapper 9

      If they didn’t find one the first time, it is doubtful that they will have a different result the second time.

      1. Chief Mac

        We are doing fine. Just trying to get some of our own money out of the bank. Apparently that is not allowed up the current regime.

        And yourself?

    1. IsraelReader

      Get Woke, go BROKE.
      I thought that companies are supposed to increase investor’s value, not to raid the corporate kitty, and give away other people’s money to advance the social causes that management fancies.

      1. IsraelReader

        They knew exactly what they were doing.
        Stealing from their customers deposits, so that they could support their favorite causes.
        They should sit in jail for it!

        1. Weary Traveler

          For all the crimes committed against us by the religion of Woke’ism, from Covid tyranny, race riots, to deliberately destroying the economy, jail isn’t enough. Bring back impalement.

      2. Weary Traveler

        They don’t want to learn. Leftism is a religious cult.

        Earlier today I was thinking how the left has used science to push their totalitarianism is not all that dissimilar to the events that kicked off the Enlightenment Period, and drove the first dagger in to the heart of Feudalism.

        1. IsraelReader

          Not wanting to say something rude, I’ll just say that it’s a Leftist Arab sympathizer, who doesn’t want to be confused by the facts, but who will eventually realize how he was used by them.

          1. Chief Mac

            When I went to flight school our motto was “Rudis, Rudis et Socialiter Inconveniens and have lived down to it ever since

          2. IsraelReader

            My Latin isn’t up to par.
            From what I understand, does it means: Rude, rude, is socially inconvenient???
            Rude, Rude and Socially Inappropriate???

          3. Chief Mac

            Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable

            The reality was we were a bunch of low life enlisted men that became taxi drivers and were ‘officers and gentlemen’ by act of the president

    1. Weary Traveler

      It just goes to show… It is actually better just to tell these people no right off the bat, and to go pound sand because it will never be enough for them.

      And Sharia courts shouldn’t exist anywhere. All civilized countries should ban Sharia Law, and Islam itself for that matter.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Another excellent article.
      It really covered the situation very well.

      The Left caused this disaster and is continuing to feed and stoke the flames.
      They seek a global bonfire. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  34. Weary Traveler

    I’ve said it before, and I will say it again becuause it bears repeating. Future generations, after learning abut the COVID era in history, and how stupid it all was, are going to want to build a time machine strictly to kick our collective asses. Literally. I wouldn’t be surprised to encounter time travelers from the future running amok beating up everyone they see wearing a mask like character in a Grand Theft Auto game.

    Bonfire of the Covid Vanities

    I also remember all the hollow propaganda slogans that she is referring to. There are still a few of those signs up around my area. Thankfully, not as many as before, but the few that are up are still too many.

    But the whole notion of how you can’t do ____ if you are dead; you still can’t do those things if you remain under house arrest indefinitely. In which case, I would rather be dead.

          1. Weary Traveler

            In this particular case, I was. Now the question is where do we go from here. We can’t just move on until the those responsible and complicit in the lies, and all the damage are held accountable, and reparations are paid.

            Something like this can never be allowed to happen again. “Never again” can’t just be lip service.

          2. Tony

            I just saw that we will be offered yet another booster jab very shortly. I’m tempted to decline, but I’ve had all the others so I suppose just in case………
            My wife has been doing everything as per instructions as well. I think she has got used to the side-effects………..
            Husband/wife friends of ours just got the covid a few days ago.Similar age to us…..watching how it goes………….

          3. Weary Traveler

            You know where I stand on that. They can take their jabs and boosters, sit on them and play a tune. Hopefully with the needle side straight up.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      What a fabulous article!

      She addressed all of the Covid BS narratives and rhetoric and took each one apart superbly.

      I was saddened to hear that she got vaxxed and boosted.
      We all know how they were so very adept fearmongering.

      I love her closing paragraph.

      “Stay safe”, indeed was used in a manner akin to “praise be.”
      All that was missing was Hallelujah.

      1. Weary Traveler

        All I keep thinking about is how similar things seem to be in the days that lead up to The Enlightenment Period, which was a reaction to the 30 Years War which was the result of The Council of Trent, and mass hysteria that lead to witch trials.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I can see why they came up with that name. It sounds very close to Harlot. Maybe Jill or Kamala actually wrote it. LOL

  35. Proud Conservative Mom

    From yesterday:

    *KNESSET PASSES REFORM BILLS 1st READING:* Israel’s parliament passed the first reading of a controversial bill early Tuesday, pushing forward with a measure that would allow lawmakers to protect laws from judicial review.

    The plenum split between coalition-opposition lines, with 61 voting in favor of the measure, and 52 voting against after a long filibuster.

    If passed, Israeli parliamentarians will be able to add an override clause to immunize specific laws from judicial review with a majority of 61 out of 120 seats, in effect for as long as the coalition remains in power.


  36. Weary Traveler

    Pandemics are Not the Real Health Threat

    “Little has been said about the possibility that we are simply terrified of death. This is a fear we may need to address, if we are to stop acting like fools.

    Although I myself, am not sure of whether or not there really is an afterlife, it is not death that I fear so much as living an unfulfilled life without purpose. Which is exactly what the tyrants offer. Compared to that, death is a savior. Even if all there is an eternal void, and no more consciousness. At least there would be no more misery, despair, boredom and loneliness.

    So even if there is no Heaven…. I truly do hope and pray that there is a Hell so that these tyrants all get their comeuppance on top of whatever justice they may face on this Earth, and may their punishment never end.

      1. Weary Traveler

        That is actually pretty close to what actually did happen after the fact during the actual witch trials. Although, I wonder how things might have been different if the apology was never accepted, and the puritans who carried out the witch trials got burned at the stake themselves for the crimes of their mass murders?

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      “Understanding the reasons for society’s loss of grip during Covid matters, because the intent of those who profited from Covid is to do it all again. They are building an international bureaucracy whose sole purpose is to identify more ‘novel’ viruses, claim they are an existential threat, and repeat what we have just been through.

      Over and over again. This relies entirely on people believing the false premise that the threat of deadly pandemics is increasing, that they are killing more than before, and are an existential threat to all of us regardless of age and underlying health.”


      The author is correct that they had people terrified of death itself — as if it wouldn’t exist if we all got jabbed.
      Death, is a tragic fact of life.

      THANK YOU. No one talks about how obesity is a killer.
      It’s celebrated and considered beautiful.

      There IS MOST DEFINITELY a Heaven and Hell.
      There is a day of reckoning for everyone.
      You can take that to the bank.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Before the CCP Virus, thanks to the woke, doctors were getting in trouble for dare suggesting to overweight patients that they should start to diet and exercise and lose weight.

        It really makes one wonder if they were planning for all this back then, since it is the obese and overweight who had the hardest times with the CCP Virus.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Oh my goodness…

          I didn’t think of it from that perspective.
          We all know that Gates of Hell (hat tip @williamdiamonzghost:disqus), Schwab, et al want to depopulate the planet.

          This would have been another way to implement their evil agenda.
          I have read many articles that spoke about how adversely affected the obese people were and are from this.

          1. williamdiamonz ghost

            Hi Mom !
            This is a long video but it offers a good explanation of why everyone should call him that.
            I hope you’re doing well.

    1. Weary Traveler

      The rough exterior is his hatred of evil and injustice. That’s what certain people don’t see. Usually because they are evil, and get no mercy from a truly good man.

    1. Chief Mac

      He also outlawed the manufacture of machine guns for private ownership – he was no better than any LeftTwat

    1. Weary Traveler

      That’s a lot better than those who push the belief that we are the product of “original sin”, and are therefore so fundamentally rotten and awful.

      The people who believe that, I would never want to meet their god. Not without a shotgun anyway.

        1. Weary Traveler

          I never could understand how anyone, especially if they themselves were conscious of sin, could believe that God would create garbage. The people who are garbage, are garbage because they chose to be.

          Are we all flawed? Sure. We all had to be taught how to behave by our parents, and misbehaving was a natural instinct. Okay, maybe more for some of us than others. 😉 LOL

          But in no way does flawed equal evil.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            YES! YES! YES!
            This includes the human body as well.
            I had a high antibody count for Covid a few months after I had the Delta Variant.
            (I had to have blood work done anyway, and this was a curiosity factor.)
            Hashem doesn’t create garbage.

            Indeed, the ones who are garbage are because they made that CHOICE.
            THAT ALONE, is what it means to be made in the “image of G-d.”
            This pertains exclusively to free will.

            “Are we all flawed? Sure. We all had to be taught how to behave by our parents,”


            “and misbehaving was a natural instinct. Okay, maybe more for some of us than others. 😉 LOL”

            “But in no way does flawed equal evil.”
            Flawed is not synonymous with evil.

            I honestly don’t understand how people who subscribe to the notion that man is born depraved and evil aren’t extremely depressed.

          2. Weary Traveler

            “I honestly don’t understand how people who subscribe to the notion that
            man is born depraved and evil aren’t extremely depressed.”

            A lot of them are. Most of them, all they have to look forward to is the day their man god comes back, and the Earth is destroyed. And they have the nerve to call us Goths “nihilistic.”

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            “Most of them, all they have to look forward to is the day their man god comes back, and the Earth is destroyed.”

            Personally, that wouldn’t give me something to look forward to.
            Moreover the whole Rapture bit…

            No one was ever able to explain to me why that would be a cause for celebration. 😑🙄🧐😳🤯

            “And they have the nerve to call us Goths “nihilistic.””

            That’s very ironic and ludicrous.

          4. Weary Traveler

            What they are really saying is “I look forward to dying and everyone else on earth being destroyed.” As if that in itself isn’t even enough, I’ve actually heard some of these people say “I’ just glad I am not young, and I had my life. I feel bad for my kids that they wont, but that’s not my problem.”

            Pretty much what they say in a nutshell. Sick bastards.

          5. Weary Traveler

            Oh, but they are “God’s ‘elect’.”

            Are they in for a big surprise one day.

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            They will be in for a big surprise at any moment now.

            Did they really refer to themselves as “G-d’s elect?”
            Of course, I know that is what they believe.

            Realize that they had to come up with that creative notion because they couldn’t allow the concept to exist that man is capable (and MUST) save himself.
            (Otherwise, why do you need Jesus for?)

            Along the same lines, this is the reason why none of the plethora amount of lines in TANACH where it unambiguously states that charity saves from death, is never quoted in the Christian Bible.

          7. Weary Traveler

            The reformed sect use that term. It implies that there are those who were “elected” by God for salvation. So in short, even if you “come to Jesus”, but you are not one of the elect, you are still royally screwed.

            Real sweethearts, aren’t they? LOL

    1. Weary Traveler

      I’ve seen so many of those face diapers laying around too. To think, they banned plastic straws for less.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s fabulous!!!

            It became optional in medical practices, but I am unsure of the situation regarding hospitals.

            Good gracious!
            I could NEVER have done PT wearing a mask.
            Masks, made me pass out as it is.

          1. Sapper 9

            Since they aren’t dropping dead from myocarditis, I will assume that they were never really vaccinated.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Oh, you just KNOW that when they were taking their jabs for the cameras, they were getting a saline solution. We could all be so lucky that they would be stupid enough to take their own clot shots.

            I think that is the first thing we should do them. And when they squirm say “but it’s your own safe effective vaccine. What are you so worried about?”

          3. Sapper 9

            For the real shots , there were batches that had more side effects than others **how bad is my batch** , the batches with the most side effects seemed to have been sent to red states.

          4. Sapper 9

            It was a psy-op, but it was more , way more, it was biological warfare used to gain power.

          5. Weary Traveler

            Yep. Depopulation. Wiping out their political enemies, while making it look like the virus killed them. Hence sending the worst batches to red states.

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            Moreover, I would bank on that because they were found to be using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin.

            I would take that as a proof that any pictures of them getting jabbed, was with saline, only

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      “Human rights.” 🤔
      That depends on the crimes committed.
      I don’t know what they are in this case.

      I have no problem with the Dems, Fauxi, et al, being forced to live in this scenario.

      They have inflicted death and tyranny on innocent people.

  37. Sapper 9

    The banks collapsing was about: greed, corruption, bad policies, woke agenda, green agenda , etc……

    With the exception of one , the bank executives did not have any experience in the banking industry and the position of risk assessment officer was vacant for a year plus; however, the DEI offices were stocked full, they were all large Democrat donors.

    They were counting on the Regime’s policies to kill the OIL and Gas industry, while giving the green dream companies government grants and tax benefits.

    The bank invested in 1,500 green start ups and treasury bonds, the bonds lost a lot of their value due to the high interest rates and high inflation.

    The Fed had a special list of buyers for the assets of the bank, no other bidders would be accepted, so more friends of Democrats will profit.

    The Democrats are ensuring that their tech million-billionaires are made whole, even though the FDIC only insures to $250,000.

    1. Tony

      The bank was lending to new starts, the borrowers who were most likely to go smash. The passion for wokeness caused everyone to take them seriously.

        1. Tony

          When the bank fell on Friday, it touted that its board included ‘1 black,’ ‘1 LGBTQ+’ member and ‘2
          veterans.’ It also noted that its board is 45 percent women.
          But only one board member is under the age of 60 — while the oldest is 78.”

          And that is a BANK that takes millions in deposits from people ? They deserve to lose their money for not doing due diligence, not get a bail out. And are there no external regulators ?

          1. Sapper 9

            The “external regulators” were also concerned about the green dream, lgtbtq and tranny nonsense.

  38. Proud Conservative Mom

    *WATCH: VP’s Jewish Husband Invokes Holocaust While Describing Angry Parents at School Board Meetings*

    Kamala Harris’s Jewish husband, Doug Emhoff, appeared to draw a parallel between parents who speak up at school board meetings and the unspeakable hatred of Jews which led to the Holocaust.


    (The laughing hyena is married to a jackass.)

    1. John Gillis

      Good morning Rivka!

      I read that article and it never ceases to amaze me what lies the left will try to sell us. Kamala’s husband gives a bad name to jackasses.

      1. Sapper 9

        They plan on PRINTING THE MONEY, devaluing all other money that is in circulation and bypassing the constitutional authority of congress.

        This is a form of taxation.

    1. george linker

      Just how does one prove masks prevent virus spread? It is not possible to proves such things. Guess all they need do is make a claim in science and claim the claim is backed by evidence even if no evidence is possible and people will believe.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The exact opposite was proven by a collection of over 60 studies done by the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons.

        The masks were really just ritual humiliation.

    1. Sapper 9

      The FIB and DOJ allow ANTIFA to operate while denying that they exist , because they are a street organization of the DNCCP.

      They are organized and well funded, but, but, but, 6 January.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Correct. Antifa are the just a reincarnation of the Brown Shirts or the Tonton Macoute.

  39. Weary Traveler

    Found this interesting. Amazing how in some ways history repeats. As you watch this, replace the word Haiti with Ukraine, and Tonton Macoute with The Azov Battalion, and the similarities are disturbing. Especially with both being pretty much US backed. The only difference here is that Duvalier wasn’t so much the puppet that Zelensky is.

        1. Weary Traveler

          In other words, a living embodiment of evidence against Darwin’s case for evolution. LOL

          1. bill smith

            No need to escape from a freak show… the normal freaks would have kicked it out for being too freaky.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          LOL! My paternal grandmother was the white tornado 🌪️🌪️🌪️.
          You would have impressed even her.

          I remember during Shiva when it really hit me that she was gone.

          A towel wasn’t meticulously and evenly and perfectly stacked like the rest of the pile of towels in her linen closet.
          We used to say that she got the dust before it hit the floor.
          (She wasn’t OCD, just extremely neat, without making anyone else crazy.)

          It blew my mind because she was so physically ill since I knew her.

          She was mostly homebound and was an excellent seamstress to boot.
          Most importantly, a tremendous woman of valor, courage, and tenacity.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            My linen closet is extremely neat, but I can’t take the credit. My cleaning lady does the laundry and puts everything away.
            It’s physically very difficult to do, as bending and lifting is very painful for me to do.

            LOL, I never mastered the art of folding a bed sheet properly.
            My cleaning lady does it.
            Before I had one, my husband did it for me. 😃😃😃

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Mine came very highly recommended as well.

            I really vetted my people.

            My current lady, Janet, has been working for three of my very good friends and neighbors for twenty years.
            Nothing was ever taken.

            I’m very blessed to have her.

            Everything happens for a reason.
            If Hashem ordained that something had to happen to myself and my family, as painful as it was, I am far happier that it was my jewelry that was stolen instead of something far more important to me.
            Don’t get me wrong.
            It still hurts.
            Most were very sentimental pieces.

            We do the best we can.
            There is a famous Jewish expression in Yiddish.
            Translated, it means: “Man plans, and Hashem laughs.”

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            Mine came very highly recommended as well.

            I really vetted my people.

            My current lady, Janet, has been working for three of my very good friends and neighbors for twenty years.
            Nothing was ever taken.

            I’m very blessed to have her.

            Everything happens for a reason.
            If Hashem ordained that something had to happen to myself and my family, as painful as it was, I am far happier that it was my jewelry that was stolen instead of something far more important to me.
            Don’t get me wrong.
            It still hurts.
            Most were very sentimental pieces.

            We do the best we can.
            There is a famous Jewish expression in Yiddish.
            Translated, it means: “Man plans, and Hashem laughs.”

  40. Proud Conservative Mom

    *INCOMPETENT: How Iran Flourished in 2021, Thanks to Biden’s Ineptitude -*

    According to a State Department report, lax enforcement of sanctions by President Joe Biden during his first year in office allowed $23 billion to flow into Iran’s coffers, even as the country armed the Taliban, attacked U.S. forces in the Middle East, and financed terror plots across five continents, the Free Beacon reports.


    1. Weary Traveler

      I don’t think it is so ineptitude as it is deliberate. The Bidens are inbred white trash, and inbred white trash hates America, hates Jews and hates the west because they are inbred white trash.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        I concur absolutely.
        This is extremely deliberate.

        On another note, I have received a request from people that have not yet joined the blog, but read it.
        They want me to continue posting positive and uplifting things.

        Ergo, I will try to balance the negativity of the news with positive and uplifting thoughts and inspiration.

        Judaism teaches that the mind is never a vacuum.
        It is always filled with something.
        It is very critical for one’s health to be able to have positivity in one’s life – no matter how crummy the situation.

        I’m very cognizant of what is transpiring in the world.
        That being said, I insist on a balance in my own life.
        Having been very mindful of doing this, I can attest that it truly makes a huge difference.

        1. Weary Traveler

          I keep trying to get Carolyn to join us, but she keeps telling that she has too much on her plate, and doesn’t think she can keep up with us. On the contrary. She would add a lot of humor to the blog.

  41. Weary Traveler

    Marty came up with a gem of a quote the other night…

    “If Kafka were still alive, he would sue the Democrats for copyright infringement.”

    In that case, so would George Orwell and Aldus Huxley. LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        He certainly makes me feel a lot batter about me. At least now I know I am not the only one whose stubbornness and ability to argue drives people crazy. LOL

          1. Weary Traveler

            I certainly would not want to top him in that department.

            I shudder to think of what one would have to do to top transporting a bunch of rats halfway across the country. LOL

          2. Weary Traveler

            He should have kept a journal. That whole cross country trip of his would have made a hilarious movie. LOL

        1. Chief Mac

          British comedy series called “Are you being served” about a mythical department store and some of the staff. Actually was amusing

        2. Weary Traveler

          Mac’s explanation is correct.

          The character in the meme is Mr. Humphreys, who the was the gay sales guy. The gag was, when someone would ask if he was free, he would answer “I’m free” in a really high pitched tone.

          He worked in the men’s department, and would also answer the phone saying “Men’s Wear” in a really deep voice.

          It’s actually a pretty funny funny show that was co-created by a guy who used to work in a department store. It was one of the first British shows introduced to the US via PBS.

  42. Proud Conservative Mom

    Benefits of Humor

    By: Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman

    Parshas Pekudei (Exodus 38:21-40:38)

    One of the most lauded traits in the positive psychology literature is humor. People who have a sense of humor have more positive moods, less negative moods, a more engaged and pleasurable life, and an increased satisfaction with life in general. Laughter, the physiological manifestation of humor, is beneficial for mental health, as it can be a valuable means for coping with stress and can also enrich relationships. It has physical health benefits as well, as it can relax muscles, improve blood circulation, reduce blood pressure, and enhance respiration.

    Yet, there is an important caveat. Dr. Rod Martin, who meticulously studied the psychology of humor for over three decades, distinguished between different categories of humor, some of which can be beneficial to the self or others, while others can be damaging. Affiliative humor, which is used in a non-hostile manner to lighten the mood, to make the self or others feel better, is psychologically beneficial. But when it is aggressive, used to put down the self or others, whether through the use of sarcasm, teasing, derision, or ridicule, it can be psychologically damaging.

    As a powerful example of affiliative humor, the Talmud (Ta’anit 22a) relates a story about Rabbi Berokah Hoza’ah who was walking through the marketplace when he met Elijah the Prophet. Rabbi Berokah asked Elijah if there was anyone in the marketplace who merited a share in the World to Come. Elijah identified two average looking individuals.

    Investigating what their secret was, Rabbi Berokah asked them their occupation. They replied that they were jesters and when they see people who are sad they cheer them up with a good joke. This documented case of affiliative humor shows the Sages appreciated the healing power of humor and the extreme reward one receives for using this power to heal others.

    In stark contrast, a paradigm of aggressive humor is the scoffer (leitz). Proverbs, the sages of the Talmud, and later works of religious-ethical growth in our tradition, all caution against becoming a scoffer. Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner elaborates on the spiritual sickness that a scoffer represents, being unable to revere, appreciate, or experience awe. The impulse of the scoffer is to be cynical and sarcastic, denigrating anything of significance. This is the trait embodied by Amalek, the archrival of the Jewish people.

    Parshat Pekudei provides a detailed—and what at first glance seems unnecessary—accounting of all of the material used to construct the Tabernacle in the desert. The Midrash inserts a bothersome backstory, which suggests the context for this detailed account. Moshe overheard a conversation between two scoffers. One pointed to the robust size of Moshe’s neck and thighs, accusing Moshe of eating and drinking in excess, as he had more means and wealth than the rest of the nation. “He is responsible for all of the money collected for the Tabernacle and there is no oversight,” his friend responded. “What do you expect? That he wouldn’t get rich?”

    It is rather remarkable that someone can accuse Moshe, who led the Jewish people out of Egypt and spoke directly to God, of stealing from his people in the place where God dwells. Yet, this is the degenerative power of cynicism and scoffing. This aggressive type of humor against others, may get a short-lived good laugh, but it damages relationships, and is corrosive to living a meaningful life.

    Let us try not to fall into the trap of aggressive and cynical humor and instead harness the power of affiliative humor to enhance our psychological and spiritual well-being.

  43. Proud Conservative Mom

    Moments Ripe for Anger

    By: Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Schiffman

    Parshas Vayakhel (Exodus 35:1-38:20)
    (*It’s a double Parsha Shabbos and we read Parshiyos Vayakhel and Pekudei, and thus conclude the book of Shemos (Exodus).)

    Before Moses provides his long delineation of the details of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle, he begins with a brief message related to Shabbat, highlighting one specific prohibition: “you shall kindle no fire throughout your dwellings on the day of Shabbat” (Shemot 35:3). Commentators are bothered as to the connection between Shabbat and the Mishkan and why the location of “your dwellings” is singled out for the prohibition; surely the prohibition applies no matter where one is located.

    Rabbi Shmuel Goldin suggests that the reason “your dwellings” is singled out is to emphasize “the primacy of that fundamental unit – the centrality of which is underscored, over and over again, at critical points in Jewish history – the Jewish home.” Shabbat and the Mishkan are connected to teach us that “as central as the Sanctuary and Temple will be in your experience, their role will pale in comparison to that of your homes and families… The Sanctuary is meant to inspire and to teach, but the lessons it teaches will reach their fulfillment only within your homes.”

    The Zohar famously sees the fire referenced in this verse as a metaphor for anger. One should not get angry on Shabbat. Why is the prohibition of anger emphasized only on Shabbat? Shouldn’t it be a problem on other days as well? Perhaps, since Shabbat is a symbol of peace, getting angry is so antithetical to the spirit of the day, that the problem of getting angry is accentuated on Shabbat.

    Alternatively, while Shabbat is in theory emblematic of tranquility, it often does not translate well into practice. The Mishna requires that before Shabbat starts, we ask, “Have you tithed? Have you prepared the eruv? Light the candles!” But we are implored to say it with calmness because in the rush of Erev Shabbat, the sense of urgency makes it an apt time for anger, especially if those close to us are not subservient to our demands and timelines. Shabbat is also a time when people are home from work and families are united under the same roof for a long period of time without the distractions of a regular routine. The environment is ripe for anger, frustrations, and disagreements, so it is important to be mindful of our tone of voice, keeping it cool and level as we talk.

    A related therapeutic strategy, also found in the Mussar literature, is to predict times we are prone to get angry and to imagine beforehand what will likely happen. After we become aware of how we usually would react in such a scenario, we rehearse in our minds how we can react effectively when that moment inevitably does surface. This way, when we are confronted with the rush of Erev Shabbat, or with the building frustrations that may surface on a long Shabbat afternoon, we are already equipped with an adaptive response.

    It is incumbent upon us, both on Shabbat and during the week, to be aware of situations where we tend to get angry. By identifying these patterns, we can work better on being prepared with a healthier response. This will go a long way to maintaining and sustaining the beauty and sanctity of our homes and of Shabbat as we confront and respond to new challenges.

  44. Proud Conservative Mom

    Kellogg’s Donated $91 Million to BLM After Cutting Employee Benefits

    By: Ben Kew

    The Michigan-based cereal giant Kellogg’s donated a whopping $91 million to the far-left Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement after slashing employee benefits, according to a report from The Federalist.

    Citing data published by the Claremont Institute, the outlet found that following the death of George Floyd in 2020, Kellogg’s launched the Racial Equity 2030 Global Challenge with an injection of $90 million in order to “fuel innovative and actionable solutions to build a racially equitable future.”

    “As stewards of our children’s future, we must collectively face the primary challenge of our time: racial equity,” said W.K. Kellogg Foundation Trustee and Board Chair Cathann Kress in a promotional video.

    In June 2020, the company also affirmed its commitment to “combatting racism” with a $1 million donation to the left-wing activist group NAACP.

    “Kellogg Company’s $1 million grant complements the funding that the W.K. Kellogg Foundation provides to NAACP, including $1.15 million in 2020,” wrote Kellogg Company Chairman and CEO Steve Cahillane at the time. “NAACP is one of the many racial equity anchor organizations that WKKF supports.”

    Meanwhile, the foundation’s website boasts that in October last year, “five awardees were named to receive a combined $80 million over the next eight years, concluding in 2030, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s 100th anniversary.”

    The large donations came less than a year after employees went on strike over reports that the company had introduced a two-tiered benefits system, limited vacation days and enforced work weeks as long as 84 hours.

    Around 1,400 workers across four states – Michigan, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee – picketed for nearly three months. In response, company officials axed health benefits, leaving employees to pick up the exorbitant premiums to maintain their coverage for pre-existing conditions. The two sides eventually reached an agreement to end industrial action in December 2021.

    In 2022, Kellogg’s also bankrolled a pilot program aimed at providing hundreds of illegal aliens living in the U.S. with a guaranteed basic income of $500 per month.

    Kellogg’s is far from the only large company to have funded BLM’s Marxist agenda. Earlier this week, it emerged that the now-collapsed Silicon Valley Bank gave away $74 million to BLM and other social justice-related causes. The Claremont report found that in total, BLM had shaken down corporations for a staggering $83 billion, equivalent to more than the entire GDP of most African countries.


  45. Proud Conservative Mom

    Gringotts Bank Fails Due To Unsustainable Business Model Of Hoarding Customers’ Gold In A Giant Cavern Protected By a Friggin’ Dragon
    Mar 16, 2023 ·

    DIAGON ALLEY, LONDON — The world-renowned Gringotts Bank has filed for bankruptcy and is closing its doors permanently, sources confirmed Thursday, after admitting that its business model of hoarding its customers’ gold in a giant cavern guarded by a “friggin’ dragon” is unsustainable and fiscally unsound.

    The bank pioneered the risky business model of taking customers’ gold and sticking it into vaults, failing to invest it in safe commodities or stocks in order to yield a return on interest, and then spending tons of money to guard it in an extremely expensive and convoluted system of caverns and rails. But, after 549 years in business, it proved to be an untenable way of doing business.

    Gringotts Bank was recently left with an enormous stockpile of gold that wasn’t being invested properly, and with no real means of generating revenue to sustain its operations. Catching wind of its dire financial status, Head of Magical Law Enforcement Harry Potter made a large withdrawal of coins from his vault, prompting others to do the same and leading to a massive run on the bank.

    “Yeah, I guess we should have invested some of that gold, and maybe cut some costs by not building a giant roller coaster system and, you know. Acquiring a dragon,” said one goblin banker as he packed his things into a cardboard box. “You live and you learn.”

    At publishing time, the Wizarding World had suffered another severe cultural blow as several Quidditch Leagues unexpectedly went bankrupt as everyone suddenly realized the rules of Quidditch don’t make any sense.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Through all of 2019, Democrats knew they were going to get their butts handed to them.

      Getting Trump out of the way was only part of it, but an important one. The day the lockdowns started, which was three years ago today, I knew this was coup. It was textbook color revolution. 1/6/2021? The real insurrection started on 3/16/2020.

  46. Proud Conservative Mom

    Trump-era rule protecting religious freedom on campus under threat at Biden’s Dept. of Education
    Department says the rule was ‘unduly burdensome’

    By: Peter Kasperowicz

    The Department of Education on Tuesday proposed to eliminate a rule that requires officials to withdraw federal support for colleges and universities that restrict the activities of religious organizations on campus, calling it ineffective and “unduly burdensome.”

    That rule was the result of a 2019 executive order from then-President Trump, “Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities.” It was developed under Trump’s Department of Education and took effect in November 2020.

    Among other things, it set up a system allowing the federal government to deny grants to institutions of higher education (IHEs) if they put limits on the activities of religious student organizations.

    Soon after the Biden administration took office, the department said it was reviewing this rule. On Tuesday the department announced it wants to rescind language related to religious freedom. Biden’s Department of Education decided this section of the rule is not necessary to protect religious activities since the rule already broadly protects First Amendment activities.

    “The Department today issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking proposing to rescind a portion of the regulation related to religious student organizations because the Department believes it is not necessary in order to protect the First Amendment right to free speech and free exercise of religion given existing legal protections,” Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education Nassar Paydar said in a post on the department’s website.

    Paydar also said the current rule has “caused confusion about schools’ nondiscrimination requirements,” and created an “unduly burdensome role” for the department, as it required officials to investigate schools’ treatment of religious student organizations.

    At the same time, Paydar said religious organizations on campus should already have enough protection from rules requiring IHEs to respect First Amendment rights to free speech.

    “We have not seen evidence that the regulation has provided meaningfully increased protection for religious student organizations beyond the robust First Amendment protections that already exist, much less that it has been necessary to ensure they are able to organize and operate on campus,” he said.

    Under the proposed rule change, the Department of Education would do nothing if a school is found to be limiting the speech or activities of religious groups and would instead direct these groups to take their complaints to court.

    “The Department is proposing to return to this longstanding practice of deferring to courts,” Paydar said. “While the Department certainly shares the view that public institutions should not treat religious student organizations less favorably than other student organizations, we do not, at this time, believe that a threat of remedial action with respect to the Department’s grants helps achieve this goal.”

    The Department of Education is inviting public comment on the proposed rule, which it will accept up to 30 days after the rule is published on Wednesday.

  47. Proud Conservative Mom

    *STUNNING: Updated FBI Stats Show Anti-Jewish Hate Crimes Soared By 20%-*

    The FBI has released an updated report on hate crimes in 2021, revealing that incidents of antisemitic hate crimes had increased by almost 20% from the previous year. The majority of religious-based hate crimes committed in 2021 were also found to be antisemitic. The new data recorded a total of 817 incidents targeting Jews, representing an increase of 500 incidents from initial statistics released late last year, which had severely undercounted antisemitic incidents in 2021.


    1. Weary Traveler

      I wonder how many of those hate crimes were actually orchestrated by the FBI? And the CIA too for that matter.

  48. Proud Conservative Mom

    @nicetomeetyou2:disqus, will there be Matzah on Pesach?

    We’ve got to chirp alot to ditch this bowl of mush, for that reason alone.

    (Naturally the insanity of WordPress isn’t your fault.)

    1. Weary Traveler

      He could have just used my royal portrait as the graphic. LOL

      Oh, wait… There was no Bamba in that.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Yeah, but now that I think about it, he did insert bloomers in it. And I know he did that just to needle you. LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        And make them public, and as gruesome as possible. Put the fear of God in to any future wannabe dictator.

  49. Weary Traveler

    This was a good interview to listen to. I would avoid the comments, as when anyone rightfully compares the deep state to the Nazis, all the MGTOWs and incels get really triggered, since those unemployable brain dead cellar dwellers bought in to all the CIA/FIB fed propaganda blaming “The Joos” for their subzero IQs, and the fact that women find them about as attractive as a warm steaming puddle of dog vomit baking on the sidewalk on a hot muggy summer day.

    Holocaust & Concentration Camp Survivor Demands New Nuremberg Trials For All Covid Conspirators

    One thing she stated towards the end, that I was thinking from the beginning, is that the Nuremberg Tribunals didn’t go far enough, and didn’t kill enough enablers. This time no deals can be made. Unless, we do it how I would do it. Make a deal to get the info we need to convict other conspirators, and then once that is done, say “Yeah, we lied”, and kill them too.

    Keep in mind, since the COVID Conspirators, and the same goes for the Branch COVIDians themselves, are human scum, no agreement with them ever would have been honored anyway, and it is okay to lie to and betray scum like them.

    1. John Gillis

      I should have taken your advice and not skipped to the comments section. So many Gus wannabes and other Nazi trolls were exhibiting their ignorance, or should I say PARADING it.

      These punks deserve to live in Mummy’s basement for life. Years of asking, “Want foam on that latte” have taken their toll on their brains.

      1. Weary Traveler

        My latest to taunt them with these days is asking if they are ready for the WWIII draft, and remarking how them all getting killed in Ukraine by Putin’s bullets will definitely MAGA. LOL

    1. george linker

      The german scienctists were the best and the brightest of society and they had no morals and were among the worst assholes on the planet.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      The reason for the silliness on Purim (one of the reasons), is to teach us that this world is one big joke.
      (Hat tip Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwartz from my Parsha class.)
      Nothing is like it seems.

      We dress up Purim to illustrate that this world is hidden. Nothing is like it appears to be.

      These people think they are in control?!
      So did Pharaoh, Antiochus, Belshazzar, Haman, and the list goes on and on.

      They control NOTHING.

      (Hat tip our dear @sarahlacubana:disqus)

      The process of the Geula (redemption) is unfolding.
      Buckle up and hold on tightly to Hashem.
      Those who do will survive.

      (That’s why those two troublemakers Dasan and Aviram were saved and left Mitzrayim with the other Jews who survived the plague of darkness.
      They believed that Hashem would save them and were willing to leave Mitzrayim.)

      One of the reasons why Adar is a month of happiness, is because we’re ramping up the excitement and anticipation for Chodesh Nissan, the month that we were redeemed.
      (Hat tip Rabbi Daniel Glatstein.. His book on the Haggadah is coming out next week. I cannot wait to read it! )

      As every day looks bleaker and bleaker, I tell myself what I just typed, and I also remind myself of this:.

      All of the prophecies of retribution happened.
      There are so many glorious entire chapters on the Geula.
      They will be fulfilled at any moment…
      Hashem ALWAYS keeps His promises (to reward someone. If a person sins, he can can save himself from retribution by repentance.)
      “!וגם נצח ישראל לא ישקר”
      (And The Eternal One of Israel doesn’t lie.)
      Shmuel Aleph (Samuel I) 15:29.

      Have a marvelous weekend in every single manner!

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      The reason for the silliness on Purim (one of the reasons), is to teach us that this world is one big joke.
      (Hat tip Rebbetzin Esther Baila Schwartz from my Parsha class.)
      Nothing is like it seems.

      We dress up Purim to illustrate that this world is hidden. Nothing is like it appears to be.

      These people think they are in control?!
      So did Pharaoh, Antiochus, Belshazzar, Haman, and the list goes on and on.

      They control NOTHING.

      (Hat tip our dear @sarahlacubana:disqus)

      The process of the Geula (redemption) is unfolding.
      Buckle up and hold on tightly to Hashem.
      Those who do will survive.

      (That’s why those two troublemakers Dasan and Aviram were saved and left Mitzrayim with the other Jews who survived the plague of darkness.
      They believed that Hashem would save them and were willing to leave Mitzrayim.)

      One of the reasons why Adar is a month of happiness, is because we’re ramping up the excitement and anticipation for Chodesh Nissan, the month that we were redeemed.
      (Hat tip Rabbi Daniel Glatstein.. His book on the Haggadah is coming out next week. I cannot wait to read it! )

      As every day looks bleaker and bleaker, I tell myself what I just typed, and I also remind myself of this:.

      All of the prophecies of retribution happened.
      There are so many glorious entire chapters on the Geula.
      They will be fulfilled at any moment…
      Hashem ALWAYS keeps His promises (to reward someone. If a person sins, he can can save himself from retribution by repentance.)
      “!וגם נצח ישראל לא ישקר”
      (And The Eternal One of Israel doesn’t lie.)
      Shmuel Aleph (Samuel I) 15:29.

      Have a marvelous weekend in every single manner!

      1. Weary Traveler

        I just wish we got a good close up of Lori’s face as the guy was telling her off. That lowlife shouldn’t be safe in her own anymore after all the damage she’s done.

    1. IsraelReader

      Madman Abscess, the Liar in Chief of the Fakestinians, is a dead puppet on life support, and needs to pretend to his fellow terrorists that he’s still relevant.

  50. IsraelReader

    San Francisco Bay area to phase out natural gas heating appliances

    San Francisco Bay Area regulators on Wednesday approved a de facto ban on new home furnaces and water heaters that burn natural gas — but not gas-fired stoves — as states, cities and political parties fight over the fuel’s future.

    The region’s air pollution regulators overwhelmingly approved the ban, which would take effect in several stages from 2027 through 2031 depending on the size and type of equipment.
    Notably, the measure does not target gas-burning stoves, which have emerged as a cultural flashpoint in the debate over phasing out in-home use of the fossil fuel.

    The gas industry and many Republicans say gas bans raise costs for homeowners while infringing on their right to heat their homes and cook as they like.
    Climate activists consider replacing gas appliances with electric ones a necessary step for fighting climate change, and they see the Bay Area’s new rules as a way to do it.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I can’t help but think that deep down, LibTARDs are suicidal, and want to be murdered by an angry mob. Because they sure go about it the right way.

  51. Weary Traveler

    It might be time to get rid of tenure, because some people obviously have way too much free time on their hands. And those of us who actually work for a living, can actually not only be fired for cause, but even without cause, being sacrificed because of some greedy idiots in a board room.

    So why should people like this remain employed?

    Liberal Professor Claims Orderly Pantries A Sign Of ‘Racist’ & ‘Sexist’ Behavior

  52. Weary Traveler

    Exclusive: Doctors Warn of ‘Movement to Turn Physicians into Social Justice Warriors’

    ““This movement says that we should treat people differently based on their skin color,” Goldfarb said, referencing prominent Critical Race theorist Ibram X. Kendi’s line that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.”

    I remember just a decade ago, should you ever point out the racism and authoritarian tendencies of the left, the left would cite “Godwin’s Law” which stated that using the holocaust as a reference to such things was not only hyperbolic, but cheapened the evil of the holocaust.

    However, as we would see later, especially when Trump’s presidential candidacy would kick off, the left were the ones making comparisons to the holocaust and comparing MAGA to Hitler.

    Now, we fast forward to today, and what this article is discussing, among other similar things, Godwin’s Law wasn’t really invoked to protect the memory of the holocaust so much, as they didn’t like the fact they really were the actual Nazis and being called out for it.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I’m going to sign off.
      Apologies for flitting in and out so sporadically.

      Shabbos commences in less than an hour.

      I’ll catch up Be’Ezras Hashem on Motzai Shabbos (Saturday night).

      Have a great weekend in every single manner!

    1. Sapper 9

      Angela Merkel, the German Hillary.

      The Bidet regime is letting China take over as the world leader, while his ENTIRE FAMILY RAKES IN CASH FROM CHINA.

      The Clinton’s globalized government corruption selling us out to Russia; Bidet is following their business model, but, is selling us out to China.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The Clintons also sold us out to China. Remember how the PLA got our satellite guidance technology for their ICBM missiles? That was all thanks to Bill Clinton, and his pal, Bernard Schwartz of Loral Space Corp..

        1. Sapper 9

          Big cash from both the Chinese army , which was bundled by a Whitehouse regulat Jonny Chung and lorral space communications.

          Pay for treason

  53. Weary Traveler

    The reason you will never see an OWS type protest over Silicon Valley Bank and its bailout, is because OWS was never really all about protesting the usury of the financial systems or corporate America. It was all about imposing social scores, which companies were happy to go along with as long as no one looked at their financials.

    In short, OWS was just a shakedown, and all theatre.

    Silicon Valley Bank is all about “woke” causes, so they could care less about its theft.

    Rage With the Machine: Stanford Law and SBV

  54. Weary Traveler

    The Day the Sunrise Was a Curse

    “But nature is oblivious to the affairs of men, and so the indefatigable sun rose anyway the next day, as if to do what it had always done: bring its light and warmth to bathe humanity in new hope in the new day.

    The sun did peer up over the horizon and did bring its light, but this time it did not bring hope. It shone over a world but only highlighted the absence of joy, opportunity, and excitement over the unexpected blessings that would come our way. All of that had been taken away and suddenly, seemingly without warning.

    The sun that day shone a light on wreckage and terror of a society consumed in tyranny and fear. It was there as if to mock hope, its every ray broadcasting disdain for our own sense of security and confidence in the future. Its every hour above the horizon torched our optimism, including all of its signs on earth: music, dancing, and human relationships.

    It became obvious that this would keep happening day after day – the sun cares not for lockdowns – regardless of what the masters of the worldly universe did to us. And it was at that point, we all had to make a choice: despair or fight our way through this thicket of disaster.”

    That sounds so much like something I would have written and/or said. It’s so…. Goth.

    We are hiding in our shells
    Dreading the next day in our cells
    We witness our human flaws
    We pity ourselves and our course

    Are we not strong enough for life?
    The terrible truth cuts like a knife

    See me go on
    See me unharmed

    Afraid of shadows in the dark
    Will I ever make it to my mark?
    Tears flow from my heart
    I must go on and play my part

    See me go on
    See me unharmed

    The great depression for everyone
    The great oppression has just begun
    So much you relied upon
    Seek for all who have gone beyond

    No one will listen, no one’s there
    No one cares, they’re running scared
    So many times we were lied upon
    The truth and all is long gone beyond

    See me go on
    You shall do no harm
    No harm, no harm

    1. Sapper 9

      This is why the left has taken over the major law schools , has hijacked many of the courts and wants to stack the SCOTUS with leftists; they want all courts to be part of the DNCCP.

      I may be misunderstanding the politics of Israel and I am more than open to correction; however, I believe this is what the conservatives there are fighting against.

  55. Tony

    Just been reading the news. Seems the only way to stop Trump from standing in the election is to get him for fooling around with a girl.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Even then. They would have to assassinate him at this point, which would only start a civil war.

      1. IMSarahAnn

        The same to you, WT. We both got covid again but tested negative three days ago, after the required quarantine. Love these “care packages.” Have a peaceful Sabbath and weekend!

          1. IMSarahAnn

            Thanks, WT, my friend. Not forever, just for a long time. I admit that it’s hard for me to keep from hating him and the others who have and still do horrible things to me and to others in their attempts to own the world and everything and everyone in it. Although I don’t hate them, and I won’t wrong them, I’ll harm them in accordance with temporal and moral law if it’s necessary in protecting myself and others.
            You, my friend, are a consolation .

          2. Weary Traveler

            I am glad to hear that.

            The reason it is hard to not hate people like that is because they are evil, and they are so by choice. The mark of a truly good person is one who despises evil, and evil people.

            You are truly good, which is why it is hard for you to keep from hating them.

    1. george linker

      A label given by those who push their ideas on everyone is a tactic to defame when there is lack of evidence or truth in thier position.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Yep. It’s the whole “get on board or get left behind”. To which I say it is better to be left behind if everyone is going somewhere you would never want to go in the first place.

        What was it moms used to say about how “if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you?” There was absolutely wisdom in that. You may not have any friends anymore once they all go SPLAT, but you can always make new and saner ones.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I was just talking about this very thing earlier today. A big part of the reason I never got to make connections in college, other than having to work TWO F***ING JOBS, was because I don’t drink. And not out of some moral code, as alcohol just makes me nauseous. Apparently that meant I was “too good”, and there went any chance I could ever reach out to anyone in the professional world.

    1. Tony

      By some clever sleight of hand the HSBC bank has bought the UK branch for one pound. This will cost the British taxpayer nothing and HSBC will continue supporting the LGBT people. And pigs can fly.