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1,045 thoughts on “Shavua Tov, The Open Forum 03.23.23

      1. John Gillis

        Just listened to this video. Pretty damned good! I would definitely see them in concert.

        1. Weary Traveler

          So would I. I would love to know how to go about organizing a real Gothic/Industrial music festival.

  1. Weary Traveler

    Furious Styles, in the movie, Boyz N’ The Hood, was so right when he told his young son, Trey, never to join the military no matter what.

    All the DOD did was prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the military is not in the business of protecting America, the American way, or anything to do with patriotism. They are only in the business of slavery. I even remember telling their recruiters exactly that when they would call our house after I graduated from high school; that I would never sign a piece of paper stating that I was property of the government. Even at 18 I knew our government to be nothing but a bunch of evil fascists that hate their own people.

    The DOD Plays Hardball with Covid Vaccinations

  2. Weary Traveler

    The Covid Disaster was Foreshadowed with Love Canal

    “Personality is never static, and changes over the course of one’s life are to be expected. However, two things in particular stick out: (1) Accounting for the normal degree of change, participants experienced more than a decade of personality transformation in less than two years, and (2) the personality changes that occurred moved the needle in the wrong direction with regards to normative development.”

    I know for me it is has only made me more angry, more bitter, more resentful, and far more cynical. I went from distrusting authority to just outright despising all people in authority.

    The word “neighbor” became a dirty word, or just a polite way of saying “scum sucking a-hole.”

    1. Weary Traveler

      In all fairness, Michael Savage did call it years ago when he said that “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.” So by default, woke professors kinda are disabled. But their disability requires them spending the rest of their lives in a padded cell, not teaching kids.

      1. Sapper 9

        There was a woman that self-identified as handicapped and was demanding surgery to make her disabled.

        1. Weary Traveler

          There were quite a few people that did that. I think it was either 2016 or 2017 I remember first hearing about “trans abled” where people would literally have surgeries performed on them that would make them disabled in some way. Removal of limbs or having damage done to the spinal chord. Pretty disturbing stuff.

          1. John Gillis

            I remember on the “Jerry Springer Show” when a a really ugly tranny deliberately injected feces into his knees to have his legs amputated. There he was, legless and pathetic, and Springer brought Kenny Easterday, a man who was born without legs and had to walk using his hands. Easterday was enraged with this tranny, and kept shoving him, challenging him to a fight for being stupid.

            If you consider it, these “trans-abled” are extremely insensitive to those who are truly disabled. There are people with real hardships and these bozos are diminishing them by trying to become disabled.

          2. Weary Traveler

            They are very narcissistic and self-hating. It would be far better if they, as you suggested above, just identified as dead, and went through with THAT procedure.

            This whole “tans” BS is the worst of the worst. And think the “trans able” movement would have been more than enough to end the movement.

          3. John Gillis

            I guess it is human nature to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I didn’t realize our society is keen on tipping over the barrel and looking underneath.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Marty and I were talking about this. Seems there is a set of the population that thinks things are too good, and needs to find ways to mess it all up. Both for themselves and everyone else.

        2. John Gillis

          Too bad she didn’t identify as dead. There would be someone who would be eager to arrange that procedure.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Like all the mentally ill left, she doesn’t even see her own self-contradictions.

    2. Chief Mac

      My wife is the director of disability services at a liberal college and she requires more than that to get any services

  3. Tony

    Thanks to PCM, I’m here! Maybe we could have some comments on the insanity that is going on in the States (Trump) the UK (Boris Johnson)
    Israel (you know what) and France (the new French Revolution) ? Can we have an alerting system for whwn the page changes ?.

    1. Sapper 9

      I will admit that I am not very knowledgeable on the recent chapters of the Boris Johnson Saga, but, I am sick of the Trump DeSantis feuding and consider it to be unproductive

          1. Weary Traveler

            I would have too because he was an independent, not a politician, and self-made.

            I remember in 2016, they tried comparing Trump to Perot. That’s quite an admission, even if you look at the people who were actually talking about Perot back in the day. If some outsider can be a spoiler for a major political party, what does that say about the two political parties, and who they actually (don’t) represent the voters.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            They really DO.
            My in-laws bought them for us for Shabbos.
            They went to one of my sisters-in-law for Shabbos (we saw them last night).
            They were so very sweet to bring us flowers.

            Hashem created flowers for man’s enjoyment.
            How incredible is that?!

            Indeed, it has been proven medically that flowers lift people’s spirits and make them happy. 😊😊😊

        1. Sapper 9

          I spent 27 years in the military and had no time to pay attention to politics; however, now it is important to understand what is going on in and to our Nation.

        2. Tony

          If you don’t know what is going on in the world you will get a big surprise when the bomb drops.

          1. Sapper 9

            President Trump was an eye opener to many, the apparatus of government attacked his campaign and Presidency and did it openly.

          2. george linker

            I fully expect the fools in government to keep playing war. They have no respect for life or people. They ceased to surprise me long ago. Science did not build the weapons for no reason.

      1. Weary Traveler

        DeSantis has been approached by the Bush wing of the GOP to run in the primary against Trump to split the base. So far, DeSantis hasn’t made it official. By law, if he does, he would have to resign as governor of Florida, unless he can get that law changed.

        The GOP is trying to sell DeSantis as MAGA minus Trump, which, and I hate to agree with Bill Maher on anything, but even a stopped clock is right at least twice a day…. The GOP establishment is hoping their voters are dumb enough to choose say a Pink Floyd tribute band, rather than actually seeing the actual band, Pink Floyd, in concert, so to speak.

        1. Sapper 9

          I am all in for PRESIDENT Trump, but, I am willing to vote for DeSantis; the last thing we need is a repeat performance of the never Trump -never Cruz crap.

          We need to be unified and to fight.

          1. Weary Traveler

            The whole plan is to make DeSantis in to a more polished version of Ted Cruz. DeSantis isn’t going anywhere. He wants to be in the WH, he may well actually have his chance in 2028. If he doesn’t screw himself this time around.

            Hopefully he’s not too dumb to see the Bush clan is using him as a sacrificial lamb. But we’ll see.

            They just want to go back to the days when Republicans were just meek and beautiful losers.

      2. Weary Traveler

        DeSantis has been approached by the Bush wing of the GOP to run in the primary against Trump to split the base. So far, DeSantis hasn’t made it official. By law, if he does, he would have to resign as governor of Florida, unless he can get that law changed.

        The GOP is trying to sell DeSantis as MAGA minus Trump, which, and I hate to agree with Bill Maher on anything, but even a stopped clock is right at least twice a day…. The GOP establishment is hoping their voters are dumb enough to choose say a Pink Floyd tribute band, rather than actually seeing the actual band, Pink Floyd, in concert, so to speak.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I may as well just make that a habit for the next time the WordPress decides to do another “update” and goof the page up again.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Okay, but some of my insomnia came back last night, and insomnia is enough to make a person despise the sunrise. Ugh…

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness…
            I’m so very sorry to hear that.

            Are you able to get to the root cause of it?
            I’m working with a CBT therapist who also specializes in sleep issues.

            BH, I don’t have your level of insomnia anymore (been there, done that; it’s Hell).

            She had me start on a protocol.
            If you want I can share it with you.

            Do you have your dark shades up yet?

          3. Weary Traveler

            I keep my blackout curtains up all year round. Even in the winter, they act as good insulators.

            I think the repetition is getting to be too much. I really need to be somewhere else.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Yeah, my only real outlet is at least once a week getting to hang out with Marty for a bit at Panera.

            I suspect that living around the Aspies in the Bay Area has to resemble what it was like living around the Puritans of the middle ages.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s not nearly enough.
            I’m so very sorry to hear that.

            How does Marty spend the rest of his days?

            I love the analogy of your closing statement!
            (Based on your very detailed descriptions.)

          6. Weary Traveler

            Marty does spend a lot of time looking after his elderly mother.

            After the lockdowns caused the restaurants to close, she became a bit of a shut in, and refuses to leave the apartment. So Marty does all the essential shopping now.

            You’re right, it is not enough. But for whatever reason, stupid situations are being inflicted on me. But unfortunately, the world over, human dignity and relationships have been being destroyed for a while. I noticed things starting to take a dark turn back in the 90s. The 2000s were crap too.

          7. Weary Traveler

            Same here. I use a lighter color for the outside facing the window to reflect sunlight, and the darker ones for the ones facing the inside.

  4. Sapper 9

    This will be a rough week for me, my little granddaughter has to have eye surgery tomorrow morning; we found a specialist 2 hours away who came highly recommended, so it should go smoothly.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Shavuah Tov Sapper9!
      I’m so very sorry to hear that. 💔😪

      I’ll daven for everything to go well.
      I say a bunch of Tehillim (Psalms) daily in addition to my regular davening.

      What time will the surgery commence?
      (There’s a concept of davening during the surgery specifically as well.)

      Will Paisley be okay?

      1. Sapper 9

        She is supposed to be there at 0815.

        Paisley has something called Brown’s Syndrome, one of her eyes stopped tracking with the other, so they will release some of the tension on the ligaments for that eye.

        It is a fairly common surgery and we are taking her to the best eye surgeon in a 5 state area.

        My son and his wife are on their way there now, I will be leaving in the morning.

  5. Proud Conservative Mom

    *BREAKING Netanyahu sacks defense minister over opposition to judicial reform*
    Gallant was the first senior govt official to break ranks and call for a halt to the legislation

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday dismissed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant over the latter’s opposition to the judicial reform pushed by the government.
    Gallant became the first to break ranks late Saturday by calling for the legislation to be frozen. Gallant cited the turmoil in the ranks of the military over the plan.
    Netanyahu summoned Gallant to his office and told him that he had lost confidence in him following the statement.

    Early reactions to the decisions included former Israeli prime minister Yair Lapid brand Netanyahu’s decision “a new low for an anti-Zionist government,” while former defense minister Benny Gantz said it put Israel’s security at risk at a time of high tensions. Netanyahu, Gantz charged, “put politics before security.”

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      🚨Happening Now

      Israel latest updates

      * Massive protests in Tel Aviv

      * Demonstrators break through police barriers and head towards Netanyahu’s home in Jerusalem

      * Universities will be closed starting tomorrow

      * Israel’s national trade union centre expected to call a general strike

      * General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces will meet tomorrow morning to discuss the security implications of the defense minister’s dismissal

      – Raw And Unfiltered News

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        🚨Now – Protesters in Jerusalem have broken through all the police barriers and are now right next to the entrance of the Prime Minister’s residence.

        🚨Now – Israel’s Consular General in New York, Asaf Zamir, says he is resigning following the firing of Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Galant tonight by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the political crisis deepens.

        🚨Now – The Director General of the Ministry of Defense, Major General (Ret.) Eyal Zamir, who is on a working visit to Washington for meetings with senior US officials, decided to cut short his visit and return to Israel.

        – Raw And Unfiltered News

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            🚨Just In – Israel’s Constitution Committee – which was set to hold a final vote on Knesset readings for Judicial reform – announced the votes will not be held until further notice.

            – Raw And Unfiltered News

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        O.M.G.!! I cannot stop laughing!

        I dealt with a missionary today who thought he could educate me and broaden my knowledge and understanding of TANACH.

        He was sputtering when I was done with him.
        I could see him doing just that, in the closing scene of the cartoon. 🤣🤣🤣

        Meanwhile, he’s a “great friend to the Jewish People for defending them online for over twenty years.”

        (He doesn’t see anything wrong with prosthelytizing. With such “friends” who needs enemies. I told him that true Christian friends don’t try to convert Jews.
        They respect our boundaries.)

        1. Weary Traveler

          Speaking of… I heard something about legislation in Israel aimed at cracking down on missionaries.

          I’m a free speech advocate, but there is any truth to that, I can’t help but think that the missionaries brought it on themselves. Individual liberty works two ways. The Missionaries are not respecting the sovereignty of Israel and the Jews = their right to remain Jews.

          Then there was that Wisconsin family that was posted about here a while ago that were missionaries masquerading as Jews, which is actually even worse than “Jews For Jesus”.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            The legislation was presented, but I’d receiving alot of opposition. They’re claiming that it will infringe on freedom.
            (Are you freaking kidding me?! 🤬🤬🤬)

            ABSOLUTELY, they brought it on themselves.
            They had no business prosthelytizing ab initio.
            They should’ve kept it to themselves.

            AGREED, about the Wisconsin family and every missionary overall. That goes especially for those masquerading as Jews.
            They will all BURN for stealing Jewish Souls.

          2. Weary Traveler

            How many times were they told “no?” How many times were they asked politely to cut it out, and they STILL keep doing it? And they still don’t get it?

            They could learn something from the Jews, which is instead of focusing their outreach efforts on recruitment, instead focus it on their own.

            They have people within their own ranks who need guidance and help, but ignore them because they are too busy trying to convert outsiders. What is the point of that, if you are more important to your own people if you are not one of them, and once you join, you get put away?

            I have even heard Christians even say that their fellow believers are the worst people you can ever turn to in times of crisis. No wonder so many Christians spend so much money on therapy when they should be talking to their ministers or even fellow church members. Because they get no help from them. Just given some random bible verse, and told to go pray about it. And if that doesn’t work, told to go see a shrink, or to ask their doctors about happy pills.

            Where is the human connection there?

            Talk about APSPERGER’S!! The church is a living illustration of what it means to be “on the spectrum.”

            So if Israel does pass that law, the prisons in Israel are going to be packed full of Aspies.

          3. Weary Traveler

            As it should be. How many times does one have to say no before these people get it?

  6. Tony

    Hundreds of thousands take to the streets after Netanyahu fires defense minister
    What the hell ?

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      The Leftists are going berserk.

      The Defense Minister didn’t want the judicial reform to go through.

      Unfortunately, the final vote that was scheduled was just put on hold.


    1. Weary Traveler

      The less he is in the White House, the less damage he can do. I say seal him up in his Delaware abode.

      1. Sapper 9

        Micky Ds is 100% pure beef.

        Beef means that it comes from a cow; tails, ears, tongues, internals, are all BEEF.

    1. bill smith

      Ha!,,,, Running around with a big mouth and no clothes, one can only assume that xe/xer is the leftists of Vinny’s family… every family has one.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Every family having one is why I don’t subscribe to the notion of blood being thicker than water. It’s still liquid, and liquid can still be spilled in to the gutter.

      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        Not my family.
        (Thank You Hashem!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥)

        My poor sister Devora has a sister-in-law who is a huge socialist. She still thinks that Bidet* is doing a great job.😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯
        (She was orphaned at a very young age. I would say that her brain died with her father, but somehow she’s a successful engineer.)

        Whenever Devora has a celebratory occasion, I exchange a few polite words with this person, and then ensure that I am not seated at her table.

        GEVALT! 😱😱😱😱😱😱

        1. Weary Traveler

          “(She was orphaned at a very young age. I would say that her brain died
          with her father, but somehow she’s a successful engineer.)

          That describes most of the population out here in the Bay Area to a TEE!! Hence why Carolyn refers to most people around here as “Aspies.”

          1. Weary Traveler

            Last night I sent Carolyn an email with the result of my latest internet search, and the kinds of searches I do when I suffer from a combination of boredom and anger. The latest was, “I hate people who have Asperger’s”. LOL

            The first hit was a rant on Reddit that actually had me laughing a bit. My favorite part was when the OP basically said that Asperger’s is just a PC way of saying “sociopath.” LOL

          2. Weary Traveler

            It definitely got the Aspies all riled up doing their best Greta Thunberg impressions, which was even funnier. LOL

    1. george linker

      I haven’t went to a movie since 1989 when I realized that hollywood has not made any new movies since the 1950’s. They just keep remaking the old ones. I have the plots memorized.

      1. Sapper 9

        I get a pirated copy of almost every new movie before it is in the theater. Lol

        Last weekend for example, I watched the new dungeon and dragons movie, before it was released.

        1. george linker

          I didn’t even know they made a dungeon and dragons movie. I looked it up not something I would watch.

  7. Tony

    Netanyahu set to make statement on expected judicial reform pause

    [Amazingly, nobody has yet blamed Donald Trump]

      1. Sapper 9

        I didn’t realize that they were doing surgery on both eyes until I saw yes written over both eyes.

        In the photo, both eyes are tracking together again, so it will be worth it.

          1. Tony

            The shooter was identified as Audrey Hale, 28, of Nashville, according to the chief, who said she identifies as transgender.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Very much appreciated!
            Indeed it really is.

            On another note, I am infuriated that Netanyahu caved.
            I opine he was worried about losing his coalition.
            Meanwhile, the @#$_&-+ Israeli Supreme Court rules Israel de facto.
            (Pardon the language.)

          3. Weary Traveler

            I know there were those threatening boycotts of Israel if this passed. However, the worst message you can send is that terrorism works.

            But as I have said before, I do have certain reservations about the guy. So I wonder how much of this was actually just political cowardice vs following marching orders from masters above his head. Sadly, the deep state is in every country in the world in some form or other. Not just the US and Europe.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            This is a blatant example of how terrorism is successful.
            I couldn’t agree more.
            That IS the worst message.
            Essentially, you’re revealing yourself to be able to be held up, so to speak.
            It’s INSANE.

            AGREED about Bibi.
            I had a discussion about this with another friend of mine today.
            I opine that there is a global Deep State.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I agree with Watson.
      Memes can be extremely powerful.

      TRUE! The Left is AWFUL at creating memes.
      Ergo, they have to scream racism in an attempt to purge the spectacular memes by the Right.

      The Left really plays dirty and will try to “win” in any manner that they can.
      They have no scruples.

      1. Weary Traveler

        And it bothers them that they are so awful at memes. They like to think of themselves as much better and wittier than the rest of us. No, they are just more caustic.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I miss her to death. She’s the life of any party. And I hope she knows that, and remembers that when she is feeling down.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Don’t miss anyone to death.
          I want all of you wonderful people to stick around. 🙏🙏🙏💞💞💞

          Sarah is fabulous on so many levels.

          She also has a way of stating things in a manner that no one else can replicate.

          1. Weary Traveler

            She’s a fiery little pistol. She doesn’t need a flamethrower, she IS the flamethrower. LOL

            She would have been great at standup. Just like both Carolyn and Marty.

  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    PM Netanyahu says “we can not have a civil war” in Israel and postpones judicial reform until summer.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    (That’s a huge win for the Leftists. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡)

  9. Weary Traveler

    Very good article….

    The Decline in Patriotism

    I would argue the term “patriotism” has been weaponized at least since the first world war. I only love my country because I love the founding documents which are designed to limit government’s reach in to my life and respect my individual liberties. I do however, despise our government that gets more and more fascistic by the day.

    This also touched on a previous conversation about how religion, especially Christianity, has shrank in the age of COVID.

    Which makes me wonder if there is at least correlation with the anti-missionary law being proposed in Israel. Has the proselytizing increased even more sharply, and become even more aggressive in the last tree years as the church has seen a drop in the west?

        1. Weary Traveler

          They lie to people through media, and they have most people too preoccupied with just trying to survive because the system is so rigged against us.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Of course!
            The media is a HUGE weapon in their arsenal.
            Do you know how many people still believe that the news reported is true?
            When I have been in the airport and thus a captive audience of CNN, (I believe that CNN lost this monopoly some time ago), I couldn’t believe how many people were glued to the screen as if they were witnessing a Second Coming.


            Do you think that anything can be done to stack the odds in our favor?

          2. Weary Traveler

            The operative word you used there was “Captive”. Usually when people are stuck somewhere, and there is a TV on, people will only look at it to pass the time. It wouldn’t really matter if it was CNN or “The Big Joe Polka Show.” LOL

            The trust in the media has actually plummeted to all time lows.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom


            I heard that less people trust the media nowadays.
            I didn’t know to what extent.

            The problem is that you cannot believe polls.
            They’re such BRAVO SIERRA.
            (Hat tip Sarge. Sarge, If you are reading this, please let me know how you are doing.)

          4. Weary Traveler

            Agreed. The problem with polls is that they are too small of a sampling, and of course, you rarely see the other questions leading to the main question. Also, most conservatives tend to hang up on pollsters.

            I know I posted this here before, but it is worth a re-post as it perfectly describes how opinion polls actually work.


          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            Before I forget, I want to respond to the patriotism article.
            It was excellent.

            As a religious person, I was raised to put my trust in Hashem.
            In the wise words of King David in Psalm 146:3: “Do not trust in princes, in the son of man, who has no salvation.”

            That being said, the average person who is not a critical thinker, put their trust in people who appeared to be reliable. Examples are Fauxi and Birx.
            Remember the tremendous power all of their words wielded?!

            The “representatives” in our government set down oppressive rules for We the People, while they openly flaunted their own policies with tremendous arrogance and without any fear of repercussion.

            EVERYONE who was complicit in this plot, needs to face a firing squad.

          6. Weary Traveler

            It’s a pity I cannot type as fast as I think, as I do have so much to say on all this. On the other hand, if I were to try to type out all of my thoughts here, I would end up posting nearly a whole book’s worth of words.

            I agree about trusting in man. Especially men in positions of power. As I tell Marty, there is a part of me that has a bit of the spirit of 1968. Probably more than just a bit.

            Related to your question about how many are really starting to trust the media even less, people tend to question more when things are not working out for them anymore. If you not being squeezed by your circumstances, you are less likely to question them. And it turns out, people can be squeezed pretty hard before they start to even flinch. Hence why we are here.

            Remember what I said not too long ago when we were discussing the anti-missionary legislation in Israel, how I stated that the church is more interesting in recruitment, than it is on outreach to its own people. I think people had a lot of time to really think about their relationship with their church, and with all else, began to realize just how much of an abusive relationship they were in, and are in with their government as they were losing their shirts from the lockdowns.

            Not to mention the hypocrisy we all encountered from the lockdown hawks, and all the self-righteous lectures and speeches about collective sacrifice. It doesn’t take much to see the glaring similarities between that and the hypocrisy of the clergy.

          7. Proud Conservative Mom

            I know what you mean.
            That’s why I love audios.
            Even with people that are not “clients”, I find it so beyond helpful.

            People pick my brain daily.
            I don’t have the time to respond to everyone by typing.
            Moreover, so much more is said and accomplished in a far shorter span of time.

            I know how you feel about the amount of words expressed leading to the length of a book.

            LOL, one of my clients said that I should make a podcast. 😂😂😂
            He really enjoys what I send him.

            Not everything can be done by audios.
            Regarding some topics, I insist on a phone call conversation at a bare minimum, due to the sensitivity of certain topics.
            I have to ensure that everything is correctly understood.

            Moreover, I need to have the conversation in “real time.”

            YES! More often than not it takes people being squeezed really hard before anything is said.
            It’s a travesty.

            Agreed, that people had alot of time to reassess their relationship with their churches. There is about twenty percent less membership overall as a result.
            Indeed, what you posted was a huge game changer once the parishioners had more than ample time on their hands to analyze the situation.

            There is a glaring similarity between the behavior of the clergy and the Left.

          8. Weary Traveler

            I used to watch that show when it was aired on one of our local PBS stations. I watched a lot of British shows, and fell in love with a few of them. This being one of them.

          9. Weary Traveler

            It was called “Yes, Prime Minister.” It’s earlier incarnation was called “Yes, Minister.”

            The constant power struggle between the politicians and the civil service is very well portrayed, and in many ways, most of what applies to Parliament would also apply to DC, or just about any government, national or local, in general.

          10. Weary Traveler

            One thing I learned about the British from watching those shows, is they produce far better actors then Hollywood. But most of the British actors due a lot more of their time doing theatre, and are classically trained.

          11. Proud Conservative Mom

            The Brits are far better at their craft and take it far more seriously?

            My understanding, is it’s not as difficult to be a successful American actor.
            One can be practically brainless, yet successful.
            How very pathetic!

          12. Weary Traveler

            Oh yes. The Brits practically invented classical theatre. Most of their actors make the bulk of their living through theatre, even if they have gotten TV/movie roles. Very few make it exclusively from television and movies.

            Our actors just get paid a lot more than theirs do. Most of ours come from “the casting couch” if you catch my drift. They are more likely to be hired for sex appeal than anything. Which is why actors like Kathy Bates are so rare. People like her have to have extreme talent to get work.

            So the brainless actors we have are so dependent on Hollywood, and happily read the woke scripts, pushing woke causes for their masters who are owned the CCP. Since most of them are high school dropouts with no other practical skills, and are unfit to do anything else.

          13. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. If only Sugar Mama wasn’t so hard on the eyes, she could be living in a mansion in Malibu. LOL.

            It also reminds me of the old joke about how politics is just acting for ugly people. LOL

          14. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Still chugging along, busy, busy now it has warmed up. Not online much, brief moments when I take a break. 🤠

          15. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m so very relieved to hear that you are chugging along.
            BH! 🥰🥰🥰
            I daven for you to stick around in excellent health for many more years to come.

            Warm weather sounds fabulous.
            I’ve been so insanely busy with a bunch of “fires” that needed to be put out, and a plethora amount of kettles “screaming” at the same time, that I was online very erratically myself.

            Hereinbelow, is the latest picture of my youngest grandson:

          16. Proud Conservative Mom

            Myself included.

            He also has a dimple.
            (His sisters have two.)

            Esther and Rachel always make sure that Yisroel is never without a toy.
            Rachel, especially, is horrified if he’s “toyless” at any point in time.
            She immediately runs to remedy the situation. LOLOLOL!

            They’re really fabulous with him.

          17. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh my goodness! 😄😄😄

            I don’t know how much Yisroel weighs.
            I know that he’s very tall for his age. He’s going to be very tall, like my son-in-law.
            (That’s a very good thing!)

            If you are comfortable sharing, what is your grandson’s name?

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          You’re in excellent company.
          That’s what we’re all supposed to be doing every single day of our lives.
          My daily goal is to be better than who I was yesterday.

          May Hashem help me to never be found wanting.
          It’s so much easier said than done.

          However, every single moment is a new opportunity to shine.
          We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow.

          (I’m not trying to sound morbid.)

      1. Weary Traveler

        That’s where I may luck out. I’ll have about as many cats putting in a good word for me as most spinsters. LOL

        1. Tony

          I sleep during the day, off and on. Especially in this foul weather. And if I get up during the night for a call of nature,
          i always check a few things on the net. No big deal.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            The most important thing is for you to get sufficient sleep in order to feel rested.

            I’m sorry about the foul weather.
            Today we had such a day as well.

            My 21 year old is going to be in London for a week immediately after Pesach.
            He has several good friends from his time in Eretz Yisroel who are domiciled there.

            I’m looking forward to seeing his pictures when he gets back.

    1. Weary Traveler

      It’s actually pretty sad and depressing how many in the “conspiracy theory” community get sucked in to that “The Joos did it” psyop. They are too dumb to realize how they are being manipulated by the CIA, if they themselves aren’t “glowies” as they copy and paste their talking points right of a CIA playbook.

      They exist really for only one purpose: to keep low IQ normies inside a box so they never do any real deep research, and just believe that anyone questioning the narrative must be some Nazi.

      They are nothing more than incels and chicken hawks LARPing from behind a keyboard in their mother’s basements, and will never do anything to fight back in the real world. They like to pretend to be weapons experts when you trigger them, but all they know about guns they learned from playing Call of Duty on their X-Box.

      And because they are so “brave” and “smart”, they will cry and scream “bloody murder” the moment you call out any of their BS, and accuse you of trying to censor them, and how you are just like “the joos” for doing so. Yet, they are the first to report and block you the moment you humiliate them in an argument. Case in point; me losing my ability to comment on Bitchute because I had too much fun taunting the little Hitler lovers, and was too good at it.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        I concur absolutely, how insane how many are sucked into this garbage.

        Pardon me, I am unfamiliar with the term “glowies.” 🤔

        These people are so “brave” being such fierce “warriors” in their Mommy’s basements.
        How much more pathetic can it get?

        I could only begin to imagine how you caused these people’s heads to explode.
        They probably had to go for therapy after you finished with them!

        1. Weary Traveler

          Funny enough, almost a year later, and I still live rent free in some of their heads as they occasionally bring up the handle I had when they are having one of their gripe fests. LOL

          “Glowie” is an internet slang term for a federal agent trying to infiltrate “right wing” discussion boards, who is a leftist and knows nothing about conservative culture other than what he may hear on MSNBC or CNN, therefore their posts stick out like sore thumbs as if they “glow.” Hence the term “glowie.”

          1. Weary Traveler

            I thought it was a good protest against against the Christian creed of “loving your enemy.”

            Funny enough, Disqus is one of the few platforms I haven’t been booted from. Probably because I spend most of my time here. And occasionally to W3P to pick on trolls, but so far I have been picking on all the right trolls.

            Speaking of, Gus got himself suspended for a week after comparing AuntiE to a female dog. They reinstated him a day early = today, and he lashed out immediately, and got his suspension reinstated.

            I was suggesting that, since he was such a proponent of the lockdowns, that they treat his suspension the way his Democrats treated the lockdowns, and keep extending it out a day before the suspension was to expire, and give the lamest excuse possible. And to make each excuse even more lame and vague than the last. LOL

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            “I thought it was a good protest against against the Christian creed of “loving your enemy.””


            “Funny enough, Disqus is one of the few platforms I haven’t been booted from. Probably because I spend most of my time here.”

            That would be my assumption as well.
            Please stick around here so you won’t get booted off of Disqus.

            You’re most definitely picking all of the right trolls!

            I LOVE that idea in your closing statement.

            He called AuntiE a dog? 😡😡😡
            He’s a mouse, for crying out loud!

          3. Weary Traveler

            He used the not so polite euphemism for *female* dog.

            Mouse? He’s more like a little weasel. LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            Funny thing also… Until I posted on Bitchute, I never realized I was a secret Mossad agent. I should maybe write to Bibi, since apparently he owes me a lot of back pay. LOL

          5. Weary Traveler

            In that case, I hope the severance package is generous. But still… About all that back pay Bibi owes me… LOL

    1. Weary Traveler

      I’m kind of glad the computer replaced it. My handwriting kept giving me away which made trolling very difficult. LOL

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        My family constantly makes fun of my handwriting.
        LOL, I used to type letters to my children when they were at camp and signed them.
        I always gave it a personal touch.
        Typing 180 words per minute, while ensuring that they could read every word, was priceless to me.

        1. Weary Traveler

          I have an aunt who was good at writing letters. But since her specialty was the poisoned pen letters, my uncle had to proof read them all before letting her mail them out. LOL

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        How does Japanese come into play? 🤔

        Irene has an incredible story.
        It’s extremely similar to Berel Solomon who went through alot until he “Orthodoxed.”

        Irene, is one of my heroines. 🥰🥰🥰

    2. Sapper 9

      I can remember the slide rule, as a small child my father thought it was necessary for me to use one; then in college I had to learn a computer language called fortran. Lol

      1. Chief Mac

        I still have a circular slide rule.

        When my eldest daughter came home from elementary school and proudly told me she had to have a calculator because her teacher said so, I gave her a piece of paper and a pencil and said ‘get to work’. Then I went to her teacher and told her that until she understood the fundamentals of mathematics all of her work would be done with the calculator between her ears

      1. Sapper 9

        I don’t know why I never came up with that, it was starring us all in the face all this time. Lol

          1. Chief Mac

            Considering that gender dysphoria is a mental illness they should be getting mental health treatment instead of murdering normal people

          2. Sapper 9

            The American psychological apparatus labeled Gender dysphoria as a mental illness for the longest time. Lol

          3. Sapper 9

            In the DSM 5 the American Psychiatric Association made a small change, it was called gender identity DISORDER , while it is now gender dysphoria ; in my opinion, a distinction without a difference. Lol

          4. Weary Traveler

            For the most part, YouTube is only good for music videos. Beyond that, very little else.

  10. bill smith

    Wind power has been historically and scientifically unreliable, claims an Oxford University mathematician and physicist, with his calculations revealing the government to be pursuing a “bluster of windfarm politics” while discarding numerical evidence.

    After the decision to cut down on fossil fuels was made at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, the “instinctive reaction” around the world was to embrace renewables, Professor Emeritus Wade Allison, who is also a researcher at CERN, said in a 2023 paper (pdf).

    Allison noted that because solar power is “extremely weak,” it was inadequate to “sustain even a small global population with an acceptable standard of living” before the Industrial Revolution.

    “Today, modern technology is deployed to harvest these weak sources of energy. Vast ‘farms’ that monopolise the natural environment are built, to the detriment of other creatures. Developments are made regardless of the damage wrought. Hydro-electric schemes, enormous turbines and square miles of solar panels are constructed, despite being unreliable and ineffective; even unnecessary,” Allison said in the report, published by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

    “In particular, the generation of electricity by wind tells a disappointing story. The political enthusiasm and the investor hype are not supported by the evidence, even for offshore wind, which can be deployed out of sight of the infamous My Back Yard,” he wrote. “What does such evidence actually say?”

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, wind power generated more than 9 percent of the net total of the country’s energy in 2021 and is the largest source of renewable power in the country. Over 70,000 turbines generate enough power to serve the equivalent of 43 million American homes, the department says.

    There are 120,000 jobs related to wind energy in the United States, the Energy Department says, and it’s one of the fastest-growing jobs in the country.

    The Evidence
    Allison explained that wind energy is measured based on the amount of moving air and the speed of the air as it reaches the area swept by the turbine blades.

    The scientist calculated that, at 100 percent efficiency, if the wind blows at 10 meters per second (about 22 mph), the power is 600 watts per square meter. Hence, to deliver 3,200 million watts, the same output as Hinkley Point C—a planned zero-carbon nuclear power station in England—there would need to be 5.5 million square meters of turbine swept area.

    “That should be quite unacceptable to those who care about birds and to other environmentalists,” Allison wrote.

    The actual performance of the technology is much worse than the calculations made based on 100 percent efficiency, he said.

    “Because the power carried by the wind depends on the third power of the wind speed, if the wind drops to half speed, the power available drops by a factor of 8,” he said. “Almost worse, if the wind speed doubles, the power delivered goes up 8 times, and as a result the turbine has to be turned off for its own protection.”

    Allison noted that fluctuations are considerable as he pointed to a WindEurope Report that showed the installed nominal generating capacity across the European Union and United Kingdom on a daily basis was 236 gigawatts (GW). However, the highest output in 2021 registered at 103 GW on March 26 of that year.

    The unreliability extends to offshore windfarms as well. Batteries used to store power are also severely restricted by current technology. In spite of such evidence, the government keeps ignoring the numbers, said Allison.

    “With general energy shortages, the war in Europe, high prices and the likelihood of failures in electricity supply, many popular scientific presumptions underlying energy policy should be questioned. Wind power fails on every count,” he concluded.

    Failing Turbines, Carbon Dioxide Demonization
    Wind turbines across the United States have been failing more frequently in recent times, triggering concerns about additional costs resulting from such failures as well as their impact on power projects. Offshore windfarms, deployed in the name of environmentalism, are now seen as disastrous for ocean life.

    Malfunctions in wind turbines range from small issues, like some key components becoming faulty, to full-blown collapses.

    According to a 2022 paper published by Wallace Manheimer in the Journal of Sustainable Development, even as modern society depends on reliable sources of energy, the “climate industrial complex”—a powerful lobby of politicians, scientists, and media—pushes climate-related falsehoods into the popular perspective.

    “It has somehow managed to convince many that CO2 in the atmosphere, a gas necessary for life on earth, one which we exhale with every breath, is an environmental poison. Multiple scientific theories and measurements show that there is no climate crisis,” said Manheimer, a retired U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientist.

    “Over the period of human civilization, the temperature has oscillated between quite a few warm and cold periods, with many of the warm periods being warmer than today,” he wrote. “During geological times, it and the carbon dioxide level have been all over the place with no correlation between them.”

  11. Tony

    Why does everyone keep calling the trans murderer a woman ? If I take my pants off and put a skirt on does that make me a woman ?

    1. george linker

      The press and the masses are willing to embrace insanity. They are the cause of such insane events. No one should embrace insane notions, something I learned from a psychologist long ago.

  12. Weary Traveler

    Sweden Did Exceptionally Well During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Sweden is but one of a handful of countries that deserves credit for not getting onboard the crazy train. As I have said before, politicians really didn’t panic so much. If they did, it is because they were being threatened or blackmailed. Most of the politicians did this all in bad faith. It was a deliberate act of evil, and it is time to start calling it that. No more giving these scumbags the benefit of the doubt, which they clearly do not deserve. We need justice, which plain and simple means that we need revenge.

    Anyway… Two other countries whose mitigation efforts, or lack thereof, during the COVID SCAMdemic that also deserve attention are Japan and Belarus.

    Japan because there was no lockdown, and the COVID deaths reported at the peak/beginning of the SCAMdemic were negligible. Which also flies in the face of socialist distancing, when you consider just how densely populated Japan is = 120m+ people on an island that is only slightly smaller than the state of California.

    But by favorite example is Belarus, as its president, Alexander Lukashenko, who at the very beginning, called the mitigation strategy being adopted by most of the world “psychosis.” Lukashenko would also come out and say that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) offered him $950m to lock his country down, and he refused.

    Makes you wonder what were other world leaders offered to lock their countries down.

    By the summer of 2020, there was a color revolution launched in Belarus to get rid of Lukashenko, similar to what we are seeing today against Bibi in Israel over the Judicial Reform. I believe there is a lot more to learn about what really was, and what really is going on, from looking much closer at Belarus than anywhere else.

    Yet, nary a mention of Belarus, even from alternative media. Why?

    It reminds of here in the states where Ron DeSantis is propped up as the Anti-COVID lockdown hero, when in fact, there were 8 other governors in the US that never locked their states down, and like Belarus, instituted zero restrictions. Kristi Noem of South Dakota comes to mind, yet, we rarely hear from her these days.

    Also, have we all forgotten the important speech that Mike Pompeo gave to the National Governors Association, when he put our governors on notice just one month before we entered a bio medical security state?

    I know I posted the last two news stories here before, but I think they are worth revisiting because they are too important to just let disappear down the memory hole.

  13. Weary Traveler

    Perfectly describes all the moving of the goal posts. However, not that I doubt that Trump was put in a difficult position politically, I get very skeptical when conversations are relayed from these “tell all” books from within the administration, or from dealing with the Trump Admin. We should all know by now that 99.999999% “Book deal” = payoff. Especially if it makes Trump look bad. A good example if Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp’s book about his time dealing with Trump and the reopening of his own state. The “transcripts read very similar to how Adam Schiff read the phone call between Trump and Zelensky which lead to the second impeachment hoax. And a little worm like Jared Kushner is no exception to that. Ivanka could have done a lot better than him.

    The Reopening Racket

  14. Weary Traveler

    Maybe it would be a good idea to keep baseball bats, tire irons and crowbars in our cars just in case something like this happens. The way I see it; since these people apparently think that they are Jesus Harold f***ing Christ on rubber crutches, maybe they too should be subjected to the same physical pain.

    1. Sapper 9

      The occupants of this suburb need to put on antifa like gear and kick the crap out of them.

      1. Weary Traveler

        And make sure they end up in the morgue, not the emergency room. Watch this crap stop instantly and never happen again.

        1. Sapper 9

          I would let them live after removing their teeth with a curb kick and shattering their knees with a ball pean hammer.

          I have no desire to end another life unless absolutely necessary.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I admit that I laughed way harder at that scene than I probably should have, and still do.

            Every time Tuco would mention a torture method, the entitled soy boys would scream in terror. It never gets old. LOL

          2. Weary Traveler

            It was a little hard not to laugh at that one too. That perfectly shows just how ridiculous that whole concept is.

          3. Weary Traveler

            If you picture the two ginger twins who are tied up on the ground as Antifa goons, it becomes hilarious. LOL

          4. John Gillis

            I loved this scene. Those ginger Antifa skateboarders being wasted would have been just desserts for insulting poor Abuelita!

    2. george linker

      The devolution into thug control. The religion of science at its finist. Look how much fuel they are wasting.

        1. Sapper 9

          People name cats 🐈, who knew.

          I have two cats , the white one and the gray one; they keep the yard mouse free in exchange for food,clean water and a bed in a climate controlled garage. Lol

          1. Sapper 9

            I have a dog that was called dog for a few years, my granddaughter named her Bobbie, so it now has a name. Lol

  15. Chief Mac

    Boy howdy I had a heck of a surprise this afternoon. About a year ago I bought a Yugoslavian built 8mm rifle. Got it and found the ejector was broken off about 20mm from the end. After a bit I bought a new ejector and removed the old one. Had a hard time getting the new ejector onto the bolt. Well long story short, used YouTube and found out how to do it. Installed it today took me a couple of minutes to do the repairs and then the bolt didn’t go all the way in. Well I pulled the bolt back and found this
    A live round Russia steel manufacture (which I don’t own) was in the chamber.

    1. Sapper 9

      Color me perplexed, was it an 8mm round that failed to extract or did a prior owner use the wrong caliber shell?

      I once had to pull a 7.62×54 round out of a 7.62×51 barrel ,a similar situation would explain the broken extracter.

      In my reloading bucket, I have a 5.56 case that appears to have been fired in the barrel of a 30-30, the middle took on the shape of the “host”:firearm; I have tossed it back in the bucket for 4 decades. Lol

      If I remember correctly the 8mm has a case width of .57 compared to .63 for a 30-06 , just an example.

      Those old Mausers can really take a beating.

      1. Chief Mac

        Bought the rifle at an auction – came with a broken ejector and somebody left a round in the chamber

          1. Chief Mac

            Try to be – getting an ejector for an old Yugoslavian Mauser isn’t easy so it sat in my to-be-repaired bin for about a year

          2. Sapper 9

            I had someone bring over an AR15 last night, they had built the gun and it wouldn’t cycle, he hadn’t aligned the hole in the gas block with the one on top of the barrel. Lol

            He looked at me strange when I opened a pack of spaghetti to fix it.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Thank You, G-d for giving me what I need and withholding what I want when the latter isn’t good for me.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      He might consider a counter reply from his mate. Some women are rather creative in certain ways.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Yea though we walk through the valley of stupidity, lust for power and for our pocketbooks, they who cause this will fear the consequences of their evil deeds. And their stupidity will be the cause of their downfall.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      There are times when I’m tempted to cause each of these in the faces of the current situations and those who cause them.
      With prayer, I relent, most of the time. Hashem forgive me.

    1. Chief Mac

      We need to help the Islamofascist invaders to achieve their wishes – nothing enters or leaves Israeli held territory for those morons

        1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          What happens after Israel has a moslem majority?
          That’s the problem with democracy, or as I like to call it, “mob rule.”

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Yes. A broom in the hands of the sweeper of floors can be a painful weapon, especially when the floors have just been swept and have been covered by a new batch of flour.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      We thank You Hashem for giving us Rebecca and all those other friends who come here ! We thank You for You !

        1. IMSarahAnn

          I believe the same about you and all of my other beloved friends who come here, including those who reman silent and who pray for us just the same. You’re each precious to Him and to me.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Thanks, Rebecca! How are you? We’ got covid a second time, quarantined ourselves and tested negative several days ago. Always good to see you and the others.

      1. John Gillis

        Hi Sarah! I’m sorry you were ill! It’s great to see that you’re back and doing better!

      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        Hi Sarah! 🤗😘
        I am so very sorry to have missed you.
        BH, you and Harold are over active Covid.
        That’s awful that you both got sick.

        How are you both feeling now?

        I had the Delta Variant in 10/21.
        It wasn’t fun.
        Moreover, I had very miserable post Covid side effects.

        I felt like an overcooked noodle, had brain fog, and the most debilitating nausea.

        I never regretted not getting jabbed.

        Please let me know how you are doing, if you can.

        1. IMSarahAnn

          We’re now about a C-. Hope that none of us have another Chinese “care package.” If so, we’ll deal with it with Hashem’s help and your prayers. Being our friends is a good prescription from the Divine Physician.
          I’m sorry that you got it and that it was a strong type. How’re you now?
          Peace and good health for you, your friends and your family, the kind which can never be taken from you. G-d bless you!!

      1. John Gillis

        Those women are awfully thin to be part of BLM. Most of the ones I’ve seen would scare 250- lb lesbians.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Keep in mind their males act like neutered soy boys, and are for the most part. Where their females tend to be more aggressive and emotionally unstable.

          They are the most likely to meltdown, and go in to an apoplectic fit the moment you contradict them.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Now that stands to reason why the women would be worse.

            (I didn’t take it personally as a person who has been a biological female since birth.)
            I cannot BELIEVE the world we currently live in.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Every time I have ever gotten in to an argument with the liberal, the men to tend to be the ones shrivel up, and look like they are about ready to cry. The women… The stories I told you about my idiot neighbors like Cynthia and Deborah, are the rule, not the exception to the rule.

          3. Weary Traveler

            On the one hand, it does provide a lot of fodder for my amusing anecdotes, but on the other, it also speaks to the more violent side of my nature. Which I never realized I had since I am the kind of guy that gushes over kittens.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            You unfortunately live among these cretin and continue to be abused by them.

            It’s a miracle that you are who you are!

            On another note, I might be signing off for the night.
            Despite the fact that I am going away for Pesach, Be’Ezras Hashem, there has been so much for me to address.

            While I wait for my tires to be changed at Costco early tomorrow morning, I am planning on continuing to try to catch up and finish reading what you posted.

            Good night, sweet dreams, and may you and everyone else please wake up extremely rested, strong, healthy, and pain-free, Be’Ezras Hashem! 💞💞💞

            I’ll send up a prayer for you to be able to sleep 💤😴 well.
            Insomnia, is a Hell onto itself.

          5. Weary Traveler

            “You unfortunately live among these cretin and continue to be abused by them.

            It’s a miracle that you are who you are!”

            I appreciate that beyond what mere words can express.

            It’s so funny you should say that. I re-watched the movie, Back To The Future, not too long ago, and when it gets to the part where the Marty McFly character comes home to see that Biff wrecked the family car, and was treating his dad, George, like it was his fault — as if it was George who wrecked Biff’s car while drunk, and bullies him in his own house in front of his own family, while he just sits there and takes it…

            I remember thinking, in real life, Marty McFly would not be such a well adjusted kid growing in such a screwed up situation. He would be more likely to be just like the Columbine shooters. And if he wasn’t, if was still the endearing Marty McFly, it would be nothing short of a miracle.

            It IS a miracle I didn’t allow my environment to define me.

    1. george linker

      This is what happens when science has been made a god. They use it to rule the people while they waste the fuel in space programs and other research. Science is made up of the the greatest hypocrites the world has ever seen.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      This has always been about population control – nothing at all to do with the environment.
      As you know, the Left attempts to implement their agenda under “compassionate labels.

      Exhibit” A”: The Affordable Care Act.

      1. Weary Traveler

        That’s what makes them so depraved. They like to weaponize our goodness and use it against us. Dennis Prager was spot on when he stated that the reason the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, because good intentions are meaningless without wisdom.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      They don’t want “the science” questioned.
      The science became a “religion” of tyranny.
      This was all about money, power, and control.

      I have said this, from the get-go.
      People’s lives be damned.

          1. John Gillis

            When I remember the Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada, his methods were very much similar to the intimidation the Democrats aspire to utilize. Fortunately, Fauci is too wimpy and lacking in credibility to be taken seriously.

  16. Proud Conservative Mom

    🚨Breaking Now – Airstrike targets Damascus, Syria blames Israel

    An airstrike shelled areas throughout Damascus in Syria late Wednesday night, Syrian media reported.

    Syrian air defense systems were triggered as initial reports coming out of Syria claimed that Israel was to blame for the attack.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

    (When DOESN’T Israel get blamed?! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡)

  17. Proud Conservative Mom

    🚨Just In – Senate votes to end COVID-19 national emergency

    The Senate on Wednesday evening passed a GOP-led resolution that would end the COVID-19 national emergency that’s been in place since 2020.

    The measure passed the upper chamber 68-23.

    A similar resolution sponsored by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) passed the Senate last year, but did not advance in the Democratically-controlled House. This year it passed the House 229-197, with 11 Democrats joining all Republicans.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  18. Proud Conservative Mom

    New – Donald Trump’s lead grows in GOP primary race, now over 50% support

    Former President Donald Trump has expanded his lead in the Republican primary race, while President Joe Biden continues to face uncertainty among Democratic primary voters, according to the latest Fox News national survey.

    Republican primary voters were read a list of 15 announced and potential candidates for the 2024 nomination. The survey, released Wednesday, finds Trump has doubled his lead since February and is up by 30 points over Ron DeSantis (54%-24%). Last month, he was up by 15 (43%-28%).

    No one else hits double digits. Mike Pence comes in third with 6%, Liz Cheney and Nikki Haley receive 3% each, and Greg Abbott comes in at 2%. All others receive 1% support or less, and just 3% are unsure.

    – Raw And Unfiltered News

  19. Proud Conservative Mom

    I queried HP about my hearing that PM Netanyahu was going to push off judicial reform until the summer.

    He responded that he will address it after Pesach.
    He wants to ensure (as much as possible) that Pesach will be peaceful.


    1. Weary Traveler

      That;s good to know. All that unrest in Tel A Viv has the WEF’s handwriting all over it.

      Klaus Schawb’s right hand toady, Yuval Harari, practically admitted it recently.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Moreover, it has been reported that the Left in the USSA has supported this tremendous unrest in several ways, including monetarily of course.

        Because the Left never pays for their crimes, they have no fear of being mindful regarding what they allude to.
        As a result of always skating away freely, they just become more emboldened and brazen.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Which is what leads to their ultimate downfall in the end.

          Yes, that whole thing going on screams CIA backed color revolution.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m looking forward tremendously to seeing such a downfall.
            So far, it hasn’t happened in my lifetime.

            What also concerns me is that no legislation is even being drafted to counteract the cheating of the Left.
            The first thing that has to go, is mail in ballots.

            It won’t matter how well President Donald Trump is doing in the polls, if the fraud and cheating aren’t prevented.

            I haven’t been following this, is there any news about Kari Lake’s lawsuit?

          2. Weary Traveler

            Still ongoing with Kari Lake. She has actually made some headway, and isn’t stopping. Like I said before, that woman has a lot more ‘you-know-what’s’ than most Republican males out there.

  20. Proud Conservative Mom

    “This elegant lady of 95 walked in to the seder tonight in a beautiful rich blue sweater. When I commented on how lovely it was, she was quick to tell me its story. Helena survived three concentration camps and when the last one was liberated she was flown by the Red Cross to a hospital in Sweden. She was 5’4″ and weighed 52 lbs. Her roommate in the hospital, a fellow survivor, knit the sweater for her while they were there. It was 1945. She told me she has worn that sweater every Passover since then. Everyone has a story but very few have the power of that blue sweater.”
    Source: Gail Dubov

  21. Weary Traveler

    I know I have made it more than perfectly clear that I am not a fan of the Christian religion. And I stand by that. However, they way the feds are exploiting the mental illness of certain people, i.e., so-called “trans”, to carry out their genocide against an entire segment of the population is outright disgusting. The same feds targeting Christians are the same feds trying to fan the flames of antisemitism online as well.

    Our so-called government is truly evil and depraved. These people are desperately trying to start a civil war.

    1. george linker

      They managed to get trans talked about at the point of a gun used to murder people. Hope this backfires badly.

      1. Weary Traveler

        I think it already is. There is far less warm and fuzzies for the trannies than there were before, and there wasn’t that much there.

        And the left have further exposed themselves as the hateful Nazis exploiting the mentally ill to carry out their violent fantasies.

          1. Weary Traveler

            My empathy stops the second they decide to inflict their mental illness on the rest of us.

    1. george linker

      Reparations are for stupid people buying into the lies about the past. Reparations are racist.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The long and short of it is that AOC, who is a sitting congressperson, unfortunately, lied about a US citizen claiming said US citizen encourage a bomb threat to a children’s hospital. When a member of congress commits libel, it is, at the bare minimum, and expellable offense.

    1. george linker

      Tranphobic a word made up to push trans on people unjustly. Aoc is a loser if she uses the word.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Anyone who uses those types of words like “transphobic”, “homophobic”, “Islamophobic” is a Marxist, and therefore a traitor to humanity.

      1. Weary Traveler

        As do I. I saw her interviewed on American Thought Leaders, that show Marty and I like to watch. She’s incredible.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Seeing women like her out there is very encouraging. Is it any wonder the left hates women so much, and uses these betas called “trans” to declare war on them?

          2. Weary Traveler

            My kind of gal.

            Women like her make women like AOC look like the steaming piles of poop they really are.

  22. John Gillis

    Oh boy. Trump has been indicted ny the NYC DA, under mystery charges. So they announced the indictment, but not the charges? Stalin’s show trials were more transparent than this!

    1. Weary Traveler

      They had no case to begin with. This is desperation. They are scared to death of Trump, and they just made him stronger.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Interesting how this happens just right after some tranny nutcase goes on a genocidal rampage against Christian children.

          Seems the left is on a suicide mission.

          1. Weary Traveler

            His presidential ambitions for 2024 are sunk. He obviously realizes his best chance at being president, is to back Trump and wait until 2028. He’s a young guy, he can afford the wait.

            If DeSantis were to cooperate, he knows he would never even get elected dog catcher after that.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            That was the only conclusion that I was able to draw that made sense.

            Very much appreciate the confirmation, as always.

            I really needed roller skates this week.
            (I know that I am dating myself. 😁😁😁)
            I have not had a chance to catch my breath.

            BH, for Shabbos.

            How have you been doing?

            The weather is INSANE.
            There were frozen puddles when I went walking at 7:00 A.M. today.

            Realistically, I don’t know if I will be able to get to all of your articles because it’s been so insanely hectic.

            You always post terrific ones.
            I’m going to take it from the most recent one now.

          3. Weary Traveler

            I roller skated too as a kid. Not as frequently as I would have liked. When I was in elementary school, our class usually spent the last day of the year at a local roller rink.

            I would easily spend the first hour or so clinging to the wall barrier and falling on my butt until I got the hang of the skates, and would just have the time of my life.

            I always would tell myself that I would have to make a point to come back during the summer, and practice more because I loved it so much. Of course, that didn’t happen, so another year would go by, and it was back to clinging to the barrier and falling on my butt. LOL

            The only thing consistent about our weather lately is the cold. A lot of back and forth between sunny and rainy lately.

            Other than feeling like I am a good thirty years older than I am most times, I am doing okay.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            I used to roller skate daily on my block.
            I remember taking tumbles very well, until I learned how to do it.
            I still remember the tremendous satisfaction of being able to skate very swiftly.
            Ah, the memories…

            The weather keeps on yo-yoing by large amounts of degrees.

            Regarding your closing statement, I can relate to the feeling very well manifold.

            I pray that we’ve hit rock bottom, so we can only go up from here.

          5. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. People “turned the other cheek” for far too long. The people in charge are evil and need to be burned at the stake.

            When our nation’s law enforcement is creating these mass shooters and encouraging them to do their dirty work in killing innocents, I don’t know how much lower it can get, and I don’t care to find out either.

            As I indicated in my commentary with the most recent Brownstone article I posted, I am literally sick and tired, and sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired.

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            GMTA! I said that precise line in your closing statement, yesterday in a conversation.

            BURN BABY BURN!

            Our nation’s law enforcement is so very evil.

            There is a wonderful former cop who I see alot, as our paths tend to cross in physical therapy.

            She was bemoaning how many dirty cops there are.
            She is a retired cop.
            (She also trained cops.)

            It was the first time that I saw Audrey infuriated and disgusted.
            We both remember when cops were mostly honest – not any more.

            Of course, we know how despicable and treacherous the FIB and CIA have been for quite some time already.

          7. Weary Traveler

            That is because the left made it harder to be a cop. Good cops started retiring, and few with any integrity wanted to be cops because you get treated worse than the criminals. So they lowered the standards, and for the most part, especially in large cities, all you have are armed local tax collectors with badges.

          8. Tony

            Well, it’s easy enough to refuse to co-operate if he knows that Trump will not need his help. He can’t lose.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Especially when it is the lawyer that was paying the hush money. At most, to connect Trump to the payment makes him the victim of extortion, which means we are punishing the victim for being the victim of a crime.

          That’s the kind of thing Muzzies do to women who have been raped. The rape victim gets stoned to death for “fornication”, while the rapist barely gets a slap on the wrist.

          No wonder the libs love the Muzzies so much.

  23. Weary Traveler

    I don’t know about any of you, but this provides a good explanation as to why I feel like I am in my mid 80s more than I do someone who hasn’t yet turned 50.

    Social Isolation Bad For Social Mammals – Who Knew?

    As Dr. Mattias Desmet put it, this was all happening to us before the COVID lockdowns. The SCAMdemic just exacerbated it. I know, because I have been feeling this “sick” for the better part of the last 20 years, and I know this is the reason why. The few breaks I ever had from it, all of my symptoms would disappear.

    This is what happens when we live in a society where Aspies are in charge. And let’s be real; “Asperger’s” is just the polite/clinical way of saying “sociopath.”

      1. Weary Traveler

        Exactly. And as Rabbi Daniel Lapin pointed out, HaShem was not only talking about the relationship between a man and a woman, although, that is the most important relationship anyone will ever have.

        It also means the relationships between family members, friends, neighbors and colleagues. If those things are in tact, cancel culture and Marxism can’t take root.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Score another 💯💯💯💯💯💯 for Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

          All wisdom in the world is found in Torah.

          Orthodox Jewish Communities during Covid placed single people who were interested, with families who were able to have them (spacewise).

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        GEVALT! 😱😱😱😱😱😱
        Don’t get me started.
        (That’s positively not a criticism in any manner. 😃😃😃)

        I flushed out a missionary who proudly proclaimed that he zealously defends the State of Israel and the Jewish People online.
        I was able to glean (it didn’t take long), that this scum is a missionary.

        I tremendously appreciate every true Christian friend to the Jewish People.

        Unfortunately, almost all Christian Zionists are missionaries.
        Those who seek to convert Jews are a cancer and scourge upon the Jewish People.

        May I merit being able to watch Hashem “reward” them all as only He can.


        1. Weary Traveler

          Which makes them Zionists in name only. No true Zionist would ever try convert Jews away from their Judaism.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            BAM! 🎤🎤🎤

            (They are convinced that they’re conducting themselves in a righteous manner by trying to save our souls.
            Because our souls apparently need saving via committing idolatry. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬)

            Pardon the foul language.
            I just want to KILL these people.

          2. Weary Traveler

            I don’t blame you. I hate it when someone thinks they have some god given right and duty to tell me how to live my own life and try to run it for me. So I fully get why Jews have zero love for missionaries. I have no love for them either given the crap they try to sell me.

            And I have seen what they do to people too. They care more about recruiting than they do the needs of their own members. So if someone converts and joins their church, they are immediately cast aside as a number. It’s so Asperger’s. (See what Carolyn’s influence did to me? LOL)

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            You nailed it again.
            And what they are trying to shove down our throats is indeed crap.

            CORRECT. It’s all about the numbers game to them.
            They don’t care about their own members.

            Moreover, a relatively short time after they convert someone, they move onto new prey.
            Of course, they ensure that the newly converted are coerced to be afraid to leave, prior to moving on to recruiting new people.

          4. Weary Traveler

            I just got a good dose of it yesterday talking to an old friend on the phone. He’s too afraid to break up with Jesus and abandon a religion which was basically built around Paul’s nihilism. So instead, he’s mad at God for the clown world we are living in as if that is what God wants.

            Blaming God for people abusing their own free will is like how the left likes to blame the NRA for the actions of every mass shooter, who happens to be their own foot soldiers. But somehow it is okay to blame God for it, but not Jesus? What sense does that make?

            I’ll say it, according to the Christian view, the only logical, and moral conclusion would be to end up hating God for robbing you. No wonder they have to convince people that Jesus is God’s bouncer, and is the ultimate decider, not God, and instill the fear of Hell fire to keep people locked in to it.

            They are too afraid to say what is rubbing itself right in their faces. It’s an abusive relationship.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            I have heard of this manifold.
            They’re too frightened of being damned to Hell for all eternity and the eternal Lake of Fire.
            Ergo, they will stick with it and be miserable.

            To reiterate, those threats cannot be proven.
            This was of course, very intentional.

            “Blaming God for people abusing their own free will is like how the left likes to blame the NRA for the actions of every mass shooter, who happens to be their own foot soldiers.”


            “But somehow it is okay to blame God for it, but not Jesus? What sense does that make?”

            It makes ZERO sense and is completely illogical and irrational.

            “No wonder they have to convince people that Jesus is God’s bouncer, and is the ultimate decider, not God, and instill the fear of Hell fire to keep people locked in to it.”


            It is INDEED, not only an abusive relationship, but an extremely abusive relationship.

          6. Weary Traveler

            It sucks seeing people you care about being sucked in to that nonsense. There is nothing I can say to someone who isn’t ready to listen. He’s gonna have to find out the hard way, I guess.

            Life is hard enough without being consumed with that nonsense on top of it. So much wasted energy.

          1. Weary Traveler

            It is. But the subject of Christian evangelism is a sore subject for many Orthodox Jews given the aggressive proselytizing against Jews, especially in Jerusalem from western Christians.

            As I have said before, I don’t exactly have a lot of warm and fuzzies for the church myself. But as I pointed out in my commentary to the Crossroads video I posted below, I am not a fan of the FBI lead genocide against them either. Especially the children as we saw the other day.

            It has obviously backfired on them big time, and now we got the Stasi-like indictment of Trump to detract. But it is not helping the left either.

          2. Sapper 9

            I don’t know why some people find a need to aggressively push their beliefs on others.

          3. Weary Traveler

            I don’t get it either. It bothers me that people don’t know how to leave others alone. The only reason I can surmise is that it is about control. Tyranny seems to be the natural order of the lower self.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            I don’t either, overall.

            In this case, a plagiarized verse in Matthew ripped from Tehillim 118:26 “Blessed be he who has come in the name of the L-rd; we have blessed you in the name of the L-rd.”, is one of the reasons.
            Matthew 23:39 “For I tell you, you will never see Me again until you say, He who comes in the name of the Lord is the blessed One’!”

            Christians took that verse in Matthew to mean that Jesus won’t return until every Jew is converted.
            “Stubborn” Jews like myself, are holding up “the show.”

          5. Weary Traveler

            I was born stubborn. Just ask my parents. Each of them say I inherited that trait from the other. LOL

          6. Sapper 9

            I meant in standing behind my beliefs; my personality is generally easy going and most people find me easy to get along with, but , I am no pushover.

          7. Proud Conservative Mom

            That was my presumption.

            You couldn’t have been a pushover and survived with any joy in your life.

            Hashem created you in a manner that would enable you to not only survive your life, but also have joy in it.

            BH. 🙏

            I forgot to query you about how you found Rabbi Tovia Singer’s “Let’s get Biblical” volume I?

          8. Proud Conservative Mom

            You ended up purchasing volume II!
            That’s FABULOUS.
            They cross-reference each other.

            BOTH books are extremely enlightening.
            I had read them both simultaneously.

            They were painful to put down.

          9. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m actually very proud of it.

            Judaism teaches that every character trait can be used for good or evil.

            Consider this.
            Without our stubbornness, how could we Jews have held on, despite all what we endured?

            Unfortunately, some of us use that characteristic for not such good things.
            (Exhibit “A”: George Soros. Exhibit “B”: Dianne Feinstein. Exhibit “C”: Chuck Schumer.)

            Others, dig in their heels and refuse to forsake Hashem and His Torah.

          10. Sapper 9

            You have good reason to be proud of it, I consider it an admirable trait to stand with your convictions.

          11. Proud Conservative Mom

            As @dr_darko:disqus stated.

            Rabbi Tovia Singer moved to Israel because of the evangelical Christians. It’s tragically a stage four cancer in Yisroel.
            It’s also a global cancer as well.

            Thousands of Jews who don’t know what they were asked to give up, become Messianic “Jews” per annum.

            Messianic “Judaism” is Jesus with Jewish trappings.
            The Christian Bible has been translated into Hebrew and Yiddish.

            The secular names were assigned Jewish ones.
            For example, “John”, became “Yochanan.”

            That is but the tip of the iceberg.

            They have Messianic “synagogues.”

            These people are for the most part, extremely good at what they do.
            Almost all of them are gentiles with a mission to bring every Jew to The Cross, Heaven forbid.

            To say that it’s a nightmare of epic proportions is like saying that The Great Flood was a mild drizzle.
            I have insufficient words to describe how enraged and aggrieved I am regarding this terrible threat to my people.

            I don’t want anyone being sold a counterfeit ticket.

          12. Sapper 9

            I have read one of his books, I am so sorry to hear of his illness.

            In our area we have a lot of messianic “jews” and reform jews; however, they are from the universities.

          13. Sapper 9

            Unfortunately, my phone screen makes that obvious very often, as does my lazy proofreading. Lol

    1. Weary Traveler

      My grandmother once said something very much like this.

      Only that, a nervous breakdown can actually be the best thing to happen to a person because it causes the person to release a lot of emotions, and afterwards, they realize how beautiful they are.

      I’m not sure how I feel about that.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        I wasn’t even thinking in terms of a nervous breakdown!
        Good Heavens! I would never want that.
        That’s awful.

        This made me think of a breakdown in things that are happening in one’s life.
        In other words, when all Hell breaks loose at the same time.
        (Been there, done that, manifold.)
        At a certain point, there is nowhere else to go but up.

        1. Weary Traveler

          A nervous breakdown is what happens when someone hits rock bottom psychologically and emotionally and a person has been pushed past their limit. Not something I want to experience, but at the same time, I can’t help but think is one is approaching whether I want it or not with the lot in life I have been given thus far.

          I sincerely hope not. But if my grandmother was right, which is a similar concept to things breaking down in life, then that would mean nothing else could hurt me afterwards. I just don’t care to find out of that is true or not. None the least of which is the physical stress that puts ones body through.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I know what a nervous breakdown is (BH, NOT from personal experience).

            I will daven for you to never be in that situation, Heaven forbid.
            It is not something that I would ever wish for you.
            Au contraire.

          2. Weary Traveler


            The only ones who should experience nervous breakdowns are the evil scum running our institutions. Unfortunately, they are sociopaths, so they are incapable of it.

  24. bill smith

    Word press sent notice of plug-in updates… hope it doesn’t affect this page… so far so good.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Maybe we’ll get lucky, and one of the trannies working at WordPRess will feel inspired to go on a spree against their coworkers. LOL

      I know… Me bad. But they need to get rid of the jackasses and start hiring some competent people. Seems death is the only way to get rid of the incompetent these days. Ugh…

        1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          Or, National Day of Perversion.

          Next he’ll proclaim this to be The United States of Sodom

          1. Weary Traveler

            He may as well just claim National Pedo day and get it over with. Since he is one and all.

      1. Sapper 9

        This man did this in defense of woman competitors by showing how ridiculous this is.

        When men are failing in men’s sports, they are shifting to women’s divisions and excelling and lowering the women competitors.

        This is a weird “breaking the glass ceiling” reversal, with second tear men being better than the women.

        Men are men, women are women, we were designed to have our own strengths and weaknesses, which work together.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Very much appreciate the clarification.

          To be honest, I couldn’t bear to read the article.
          I incorrectly presumed that it would have reported on more of the usual insanity.

          I’m very grateful that this person took a stand.

    1. Weary Traveler

      He needs to sue the Manhattan DA out of existence. They aren’t prosecuting criminals anyway.

      1. bill smith

        I heard something along the lines of the Manhattan DA reducing 52% of fraud cases to misdemeanors…. and only ever once elevating a misdemeanor to fraud (case against President Trump)…. This is very rare, but even more rare, elevating a case which has surpassed time limit, and other judges had already ruleg not a suitable case.

        1. Weary Traveler

          You heard correct. The guy was installed, like all Soros funded DAs, to systematically destroy cities and persecute political opponents of the left.

          It’s a genius move. Rather than spending hundreds of millions on legislative offices to change the laws, spend just millions on people who will selectively enforce it.

        2. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          Fraud is a “specific intent” crime which the prosecution must plead and prove. It goes to the defendant’s state of mind and therefore difficult to prove.

    1. John Gillis

      I like this song, Weary Traveler. It sums up how I feel these days, particularly our phony pop culture who lines up with the socialists.

      1. Weary Traveler


        Wire is one of my favorite bands. Their third album, 154, is really worth checking out. Very well produced, and really illustrates the transition from punk to post-punk.

        Their first album, Pink Flag, is really good mid 70s punk rock.

      2. Weary Traveler

        This was the first song from Wire I heard. This video was played on MTV’s 120 Minutes back in the day. My brother and I loved this song and video.

        It was our dad that introduced me to the rest of their catalogue as he has quite a few of their albums, which I ended up going out and purchasing my own copies. You will notice the E is missing in the band’s name here. That was because that was the period one of their members, Robert Gotobed, had left the band. It was on the one hand symbolic of that, but also “Wir” also was used as an acronym for “Where Is Robert.”

      1. Weary Traveler

        “Drove my Chevy to the levy, but the levy was dry.”

        Don McLean. I remember that song well. One of the handful of songs you can’t not hear when you tune in to a classic rock station. Right up there with Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin, and Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

        Somewhat different meanings. The Don McLean song is form the perspective of being left behind, where as the Wire song is more from the perspective of the one who is leaving. I gotta admit that the Don McLean song sure provides a lot of visuals.

      1. Sapper 9

        When Russia went into Ukraine it was the head of the UN security council and many terrorist regime’s sit on the Human rights Council. Lol

  25. Tony

    Joe Biden has turned down an invitation to our King’s Coronation. He has other commitments.
    He may be able to visit Ireland instead.
    I would have thought that in times like these he would be able to drag his feet up the aeroplane steps.
    So much for the “special relationship”. FO, Joe.

    1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

      He plans to watch the secret videos of him in the shower soaping up his daughter.

    1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

      Love it! I have a C7 with 7 speed manual. I hate automatics. My wife wants us to trade it for a C8. They’re auto only. (dual clutch) I’m resisting.

        1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          Locally I rarely get out of 4th. That gets me close to 50 mph and a tad over 2k rpm.

  26. Tanto Greenberg tg)

    Don’t need to burn the books, just ban the words.
    Breitbart has banned the proper Spanish word for the color that’s the opposite of white. Also banned is the proper Yiddish word for the “nations.”

    1. Weary Traveler

      On this same note, I found this other clip kind of apropos to the subject. It was the 1950s TV show, The Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis.

      My dad told me about this show some years back, because he said the Bob Denver character was similar to the Millennial snowflake as he had this tick where he would practically jump out of his skin every time someone mentioned the word “work.” While remembering that, and searching for one of those clips, I found this one which actually had a pretty good message in it from the teacher.

      Thinking about it, the relationships God intended us to have are also to build our faith.

      1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

        The fifties are the brunt of put downs from academia and other elitists, but they were good times and the last years of our innocence as a nation. I am fortunate to have grown up then. (Class of 56)

        1. Weary Traveler

          The lefties hate the nuclear family, and seeing people happy and prosperous.

          The only way they can feel adequate is to tear others down.

          1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

            Shows like Leave it to Beaver with a mother as a homemaker, and a father that supported the family, plus two normal children sends academics and elitists into full meltdown. Toss in Father Knows Best and our superiors are ready for the loolny bin.
            Another great show was Amos and Andy. Other than the color of the actors it was like any other sit-com, fun to watch with good clean humor. Well, it was quilled, buried, never to rise again.

            Also doomed are two great children’s movies, Song of the South and Bambi. Later Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Wiile Wonka were doomed.

            School chutings and drive-bys were unheard of even though many of us had firearms. It was not unusual to see 2 or 3 rifles in the rear window of a pickup.

            Now that we’re enlightened we can enjoy today’s kinder, gentler, and inclusive society.

          2. Weary Traveler

            At the risk of sounding crass, I would venture it is the because the Soy Elite have very low sperm counts, and that’s why they hate families. They see what they can never have.

    1. Weary Traveler

      They really think black people never owned guns before or don’t. Either legally or illegally.

      And of course, they ignore the gang bangers shooting other blacks, and when forced to address that issue, they try to insist those guns were purchased legally at a gun show.

      1. John Gillis

        They also believe voter ID is racist because they think black citizens cannot get drivers licenses. As you once clearly stated, liberals have the bigotry of low expectations.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Yup. And of course how do they account for all the black people who own and operate cars?

          Liberals are just white supremacists in denial.

  27. Weary Traveler

    The reason newer buildings look so boring and sterile, is because they are a reflection of the central planners behind them from the WEF to the local planning commissions.

    I very often think of this. When I drive around, especially along many of the freeways here in the Bay Area, and imagine what future generations a thousand years from now would see or think of our civilization, long after the San Andreas fault does the world a huge favor and puts this stupid Bay Area, and all the Bay Airheads out of their misery, and ours for that matter.

    How did we go from the beautiful ornate architecture of Ancient Greece, for instance, to this stucco cookie-cutter crap? We know how, and why. And it isn’t money.

    1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

      It’s so reminiscent of the high density apartment dwellings of the Soviet era.

      1. Sapper 9

        The left wants the densification of the suburbs and small towns, which follows the communist manifestos call for there to ” be no distinction between city and town.

        They want a equalization of the misery.

        1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          Look for permits to construct new single family residences to be nearly impossible to obtain. In my area efforts are being made to relocate people from slum areas to million plus neighborhoods in order to make them more diverse and more inclusive. (Are not diverse and inclusive contradictory?)

          1. Sapper 9

            That is a federal program called “Afirmatively furthering fair housing”, an attempt to take away the right of local governments to control zoning.

            They want to move the tax liabilities from the cities for smaller areas to support; zero liability voters will vote for ANY TAX INCREASE.

          2. Tanto Greenberg tg)

            Shouldn’t fair housing mean a person may purchase any house he can AFFORD?

      2. Weary Traveler

        I am convinced more and more each day that there is a link between Asperger’s and totalitarianism.

        1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

          Oh noooo, Mr Bill. I’m Asperger but I’ve learned to manage it. You might be surprised to know how relatively prevalent is. No cure but manageable.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I’ve learned, living in the Bay Area, it is far more prevalent than most people think, since 90% of the people around here exhibit signs of it.

            You used the key word here, which is “managing” it.

            The problem is, you get branded as a bad guy for mentioning it, or for calling out the behavior of Aspies because we are supposed to be politically correct. Of course, political correctness was never about compassion as it is about controlling the political narrative, and the left loves celebrating brokenness.

            With that said, us “NT’s” get to have the problems of the Aspies inflicted on us, and the Aspies are done no favors either. It just creates more hatred between the two groups.

            They are doing the same thing with the “trans” folk, who actually suffer from Gender Dysphoria. Because it isn’t managed or treated, they have a high suicide rate, and you get violent nutjobs like the freak that shot up that school in Nashville.

  28. Tanto Greenberg tg)

    The mystery of the disappearing upvotes.
    Like magic some of the upvotes I give comentors seem to vanish. I wish leftists would do the same.

  29. Tanto Greenberg tg)

    Excerpt from the testimony of a key prosecution witness in the grand kangaroo jury hearing against DJT: “….. Well, I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another … “

      1. Tanto Greenberg tg)

        I’ve so missed everybody. I’m still looking at the grass from the green side, (kein ein hora). Fortunately I’m neither young nor athletic as that group seens to be dropping like flies.

        Mostly just working like a dog. Typical days are 13 hours with no breaks and cold coffee. Down to four employees plus wife and I.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Kein ein hora.
          You’re in my davening and thoughts daily.

          I’m so very sorry that you are working so very hard.

          I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but need to tell you so that you should stop davening for her to be healed.
          Unfortunately, Yolanda Shoshana was niftar (passed away).

      2. Tanto Greenberg tg)

        I bet you can answer this for me, why isn’t the 1st of Nisan the new year?

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Excellent query.
          Let’s talk about what happened in both months and their significance.

          On the first day of Nisan in the year 2448 from creation (1313 BCE a/k/a “before the Common Error; hat tip IsraelReader), two weeks before Yetzias Mitzrayim (the Exodus from Egypt), Hashem showed Moses the crescent new moon, instructing him regarding the setting of the Jewish calendar and the mitzvah of sanctifying the new month. “This month shall be for you the head of months, the first of the months of the year” (Exodus 12:2). This ushered in the first Jewish month and commenced the lunar calendar that Jews have been following ever since. It was the first mitzvah (“commandment”) given to the newly born nation of Israel, even before the exodus from Egypt.

          However, in the month of Tishrei, Hashem created Adom (Adam). The creation of man, was the purpose of all creation.
          Ergo, that is when we celebrate Rosh Hashanah; our New Year.

  30. Weary Traveler

    This is too hilarious. Sometimes synchronicity displays quite the sense of humor. I was finishing watching this video, which I was going to post here anyway, and I realized that while I was in the shower, some Jehovah’s Witnesses stopped by and left one of their little pamphlets. LOL

      1. Weary Traveler

        Just finishing some lunch before I head out for a little bit.

        This is too hilarious. I’m watching a video describing the nature of cults, which perfectly compares the COVID mania to a cult, and Jehovah’s Witnesses stop by earlier. God really does have a sense of humor. LOL

          1. Weary Traveler

            I didn’t get the opportunity. I was in the shower when they came by, and they left one of their little pamphlets. By the time I came outside, they were working the houses across the street. They never approached me. Apparently, I must have that “spawn of Satan” look or something. LOL

          2. Weary Traveler

            If I knew they would be stopping by, I would have made a point to shower earlier and have some music playing. I’m thinking Satanic Citizen by Leather Strip would have been good for that. They probably wouldn’t have even bothered leaving the pamphlet.


          3. Weary Traveler

            Or Somewhat Possessed by Curse Mackey.

            I can see it now… My neighbors asking if I got a pamphlet. Me: “No. I have no idea why.” LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            I ended up shredding the one they left.

            Oh, well.. I wish they came a little later so I could properly scare them away from the neighborhood for good. LOL

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            I was hoping to hear such an anecdote.

            I’m in the midst of listening to the video.
            It’s excellent and right on target based on my prior studies on cults and cult behavior.

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            I missed the part where you mentioned that you were in the shower, hereinabove.

            It’s been that kind of day.

            I still have to pack tonight.

            I cannot afford to leave it all for tomorrow.
            I never know how I am going to feel.

            Case in point today.
            (My pain level has been atrocious, but I am HERE! 🙏)

      1. Weary Traveler

        I did for good reason. They are worse than the Branch Davidians though. More like the Halebop Comet cult. But I couldn’t think of a tie-in that went with COVID.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The fact that so much of society joined the cult…. I think a lot of it was based on the cult of Anti-Trump than it was even the love of Faucist.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Of course he did. Cult leaders never do what they demand of their followers. Jim Jones demanded celibacy from his members, but was screwing all their wives.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The only people I despise worse than Fauci himself, are his worshipers. It’s always the followers that give the leader their power.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          I trust the Torah Sages.
          We’re supposed to do so.
          We’re obligated to ask questions if we need clarification.
          Most definitely, we need to ensure that our Rabbis are legitimate and very knowledgeable.
          Unfortunately, every group has its bad apples.

          Of course, we put our faith and ultimate trust in Hashem.

          1. Weary Traveler

            That’s probably one of the reasons why I tend to trust Judaism far more than other religions. I’m allowed to ask questions and even argue if something doesn’t make sense. And tough questions seem to be more appreciated.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Judaism encourages questions.
            We’re unafraid of getting asked tough questions.
            We LOVE being queried by those seeking to know the Truth.

            In fact, every Friday when my sons were in elementary school Yeshiva, the Rabbis compiled a list of the best and most challenging questions posed by the students every single week.
            Every Rabbi of every class did it, and it was sent home in a weekly newsletter.

            My sons were featured quite a number of times.
            I’m very proud of them.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      The entire masking BRAVO SIERRA alone, was cult like behavior.
      In fact, everything about it was.

      Those of us who dug in our heels and questioned, were conspiracy theorists.
      The “unvaxxed” were shamed and punished.

      As I have stated manifold, fear is the most powerful coercion.

      1. Weary Traveler

        “The “unvaxxed” were shamed and punished.”

        Unfortunately, I know that one all too well from personal experience.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          I was thinking about you, DW, and so many others that I know who this happened to.
          It has been absolutely evil through and through.
          This was very meticulously planned and executed.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I appreciate you thinking about me. I saw DW’s notification from her blog on that update. I really feel for her, and wish there was something I could do to help her, or at least cheer her up a little.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Has DW put up a new page recently?
            I unfortunately have been remiss on checking it out.

            I plan to send emails to her and Sarah wishing them well, etc. Be’Ezras Hashem.

            You convey my sentiments precisely.

            What did DW say?

          3. Weary Traveler

            She had you on the notifications list. I will see if I can still find mine and email you the link.

            She was basically just letting us know she is still alive. The invite list was very short.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Took me a little bit to find notification, but I just emailed you the link to her blog post.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      Talking about shaming, someone tried very hard on the phone to shame me as putting the health and welfare of my family and community at risk by refusing to accept Covid test kits that were “free” and paid for by my insurance.

      Let’s just say that I very politely gave that person Hell.

      1. Weary Traveler

        You are a better person than I am. All my kindness quickly vanished in instances like that.

        If I were a woman, I could say I went from 0 to total bitch in under 2 seconds. Not sure what the male equivalent of female dog is… LOL

          1. Weary Traveler

            I used to think I was a fairly patient man until COVID came along. All it took was one, or at most two, talking points from one of them to unleash my inner NYC Transit System on them.

            Needless to say not only would I not bother to pee on them if they were on fire, but I am far more likely to light another match at this point. More like throw a Molotov Cocktail at them.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            I opine that many of us lost alot of patience.
            We were very royally abused in so many ways…

            I always said that I wouldn’t spit on them if they were on fire, and would throw a match in and not bother to turn around to look at the inferno.

            Molotov cocktails work for me!

          3. Weary Traveler

            Molotov Cocktails are way more effective than matches. But also draw a lot more attention, which could be either good or bad. LOL.

            Seriously, it really did bring out the worst in all of us. I know I was more than justified in my anger and hatred, but it didn’t mean that I enjoyed feeling like that. Quite the opposite in fact. I still get fits of rage when I think about it.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            That was my presumption regarding Molotov cocktails.

            None of us wanted to feel caged and helpless.
            No one wanted to be abused by our 🤬🤬🤬 government and its enablers.

            I am usually very even tempered.
            However, when someone tries to destroy me and my way of life, I become very upset.
            That’s another reason why I hate missionaries.
            They’re trying to destroy my people.

            The WEF et al, are trying to take over and rule the world.

          5. Weary Traveler

            My feelings exactly. They — both missionaries and the WEF — are trying destroy everything that makes us human and who we are as individuals.

          6. Weary Traveler

            They better hope I am never on that firing squad. I’m a good shot, and can either intentionally hit or miss vital organs depending on my mood that day.

    3. Tanto Greenberg tg)

      JW’s used to pester me every Sunday til I posted a sign “I shoot every 3rd missionary.”
      One asked me if that was true. I told him to talk to the one across the street. He was the 2nd one today.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I would say J4J is worse only because JW’s are more honest about who they are. They don’t pretend to be Jews like J4J.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. If someone is going to attack me, I would sooner they do it from the front. Those who have to attack from behind = infiltrate, are cowards of the worst order.

          3. Weary Traveler

            And the JW’s are apparently good “anger management” exercise for Al Bundy. LOL