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  1. bill smith

    Still have no idea why the comment sections disappeared from the previous pages, but for this page and presumably future pages, it seems to be working fine.
    Interestingly, knr sent a link to a different page by disqus, where all the past articles and comments are visible.

    1. John Gillis

      Good morning Diaspora!

      This teacher must have been fielding a gender-related question from the pupil. Teachers are always in a tizzy when you declare there are 2 genders and dozens of mental disorders!

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      FYI, Indeed Noach built the Ark.
      However, it never should have held a fraction of what it did.
      That is why the dimensions are spoken about in the Torah, to highlight the tremendous miracle.

      I love the meme!

      I read that the architect of the Titanic was extremely arrogant and stated that even G-d couldn’t sink it.
      The arrogance of man astounds me many times.

    2. AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Yeah, the Titanic was supposed to be the safest ship ever built, or something like that.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Shavuah Tov kicknrush.

      Every single day that I wake up in the morning, there is joy to be found, even in this very dark world.

      That is not a criticism Heaven forbid.

      The Modeh Ani prayer and the morning blessings are helpful reminders of what we have.

      A few examples: We woke up, we can see, we can walk, we are clothed, etc., etc.

      They’re very powerful prayers, as are all of the Jewish prayers

    2. John Gillis

      I’m sorry to hear that. I hope the perpetrators involved are caught and put in the deepest hole of the Negev Desert.

  2. Proud Conservative Mom

    Accounting of Sins
    This is great encouragement for anyone who has experienced a setback since Yom Kippur.

    Chazal call the first day of Sukkos, “Rishon l’Cheshbon Ha’avonos – the first day for an accounting of sins”. What do Chazal (our Sages of blessed memory) mean by that?

    The Shelah HaKadosh explains that sins that were committed in the four days between Yom Kippur and Sukkos are forgiven (if a person does teshuva (repentance) to the same extent as if they had been done before Yom Kippur. Meaning, even though Yom Kippur has already passed, we get an extension of atonement until Sukkos starts.

    So, for those who have slipped, fallen, or had other setbacks, do not despair! By doing teshuva today, you can reset the clock to the moments after Ne’ilah! (The final prayers on Yom Kippur)

  3. Proud Conservative Mom

    Sukkot (October 10-18, 2022) is an especially joyous holiday which celebrates the close relationship we had with God in the desert, when we were sheltered beneath God’s Clouds of Glory. We relate to this closeness most now, after the cleansing and rebonding with God of the High Holidays.

    Sukkot is also the time when the crops were gathered from the fields in ancient Israel. We thank God for our material blessings of the past year and pray for rain for the coming year. We dwell in a Sukkah to commemorate the Clouds of Glory, and we take the four species as part of our supplication for rain. read more »

    Sukkot culminates with Simchat Torah, in which we dance and celebrate the completion of our yearly reading the Torah.

  4. Proud Conservative Mom

    The 7 Noachide Laws

    The Jewish idea is that the Torah of Moses is a truth for all humanity, whether Jewish or not. The Torah (as explained in the Talmud – Sanhedrin 58b) presents seven mitzvot for non-Jews to observe. These seven laws are the pillars of human civilization, and are named the “Seven Laws of Noah,” since all humans are descended from Noah. They are:

    Do not murder.
    Do not steal.
    Do not worship false gods.
    Do not be sexually immoral.
    Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal.
    Do not curse God.
    Set up courts and bring offenders to justice.
    Maimonides explains that any human being who faithfully observes these laws earns a proper place in heaven. So you see, the Torah is for all humanity, no conversion necessary.

    As well, when King Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, he specifically asked God to heed the prayer of non-Jews who come to the Temple (1-Kings 8:41-43). The Temple was the universal center of spirituality, which the prophet Isaiah referred to as a “house for all nations.” The service in the Holy Temple during the week of Sukkot featured a total of 70 bull offerings, corresponding to each of the 70 nations of the world. In fact, the Talmud says if the Romans would have realized how much they were benefiting from the Temple, they never would have destroyed it!

    Today, there are many active groups of non-Jews called “B’nai Noach” who faithfully observe the Seven Laws of Noah.

    There is an excellent book on the topic, called:
    “The Path of the Righteous Gentile”
    by Chaim Clorfene and Yakov Rogalsky.

    See also: “The Real Messiah: A Jewish Response to Missionaries”
    by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Do not murder.
      Do not steal.
      Do not worship false gods.
      Do not be sexually immoral.
      Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal.
      Do not curse God.

      The shortened version… Don’t be a DummyCrat.

          1. John Gillis

            Every time I see Obama, I think of Gustavo Fring. Makes me want to picket Los Pollos Hermanos.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Only I would trust Gustavo over Obummer any day. I also doubt that Obama has even half the patience, intelligence and/or self-control Gustavo had, which is what made Gustavo so dangerous. The guy single-handedly took out the Salamancas. He spent how many years slowly exacting his revenge against Hector?

          3. John Gillis

            And unlike Obama, Fring produced commercially viable products that,were eagerly sought after!

        1. Weary Traveler

          Feeling a lot better this week. It’s finally more like Fall around here. Now if could just find a witch that would be willing to cast a bad spell on some of my neighbors, I would be in business.


    1. John Gillis

      Yup! I’m already waiting for this, considering many corporations, including the one I previously worked for, required vaccinations.

    1. diaspora

      Anti-Semitism, Violence and Cruelty are embedded in Islam and their so-called prophet Mohammad.

    1. bill smith

      No connection, just preference.
      I’m trying to increase food based calcium intake and Bambah.

      Seeing the page often serves to remind me.

      1. AlgorithmicAnalyst

        Calcium is good for the teeth apparently. My dentist always approved of my eating dairy.

  5. Proud Conservative Mom

    Did you know that there is a Commandment for being joyous on Sukkos?
    Of course, we get rewarded for doing so.

    (I cannot help myself…I have gotten started early. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥)

  6. kicknrush

    One of the most rabid and vile antisemites of Europe,
    Annie Ernaux, Satan has drawn her mug >
    got the Nobel Prize in literature.

    If “diaballein” suceeds a second time in forgery at the beginning of November,
    meet the unrelenting rulers of our demise >

  7. Proud Conservative Mom

    IDF nabs PIJ terrorist in Jenin raid, kills two gunmen
    Drones and Apache combat helicopters provided air cover for the raid.

    (October 9, 2022 / JNS) The Israel Defense Forces together with the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) carried out a raid in the Jenin refugee camp on Saturday and arrested wanted Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative Saleh Samir Abu Zina, 25, on suspicion of involvement in recent terrorist activity.

    During the operation, Palestinians fired live ammunition at the soldiers while others threw explosive devices and Molotov cocktails at them. The IDF returned fire and identified hits.

    Two Palestinian gunmen were killed in the exchanges of fire.

    Abu Zina has been convicted twice for involvement in terrorist activities and was released from prison in 2020.

    “Since his release, Saleh has been … planning and carrying out shooting attacks towards IDF soldiers in the area,” the IDF said.

    Unusually, the IDF provided air cover for the operation, including armed drones and Apache combat helicopters. The aircraft did not provide firepower as it was not needed, the army said.

    On Friday, two Palestinian youths were killed in separate clashes with the IDF in Samaria, the Palestinian Authority’s Health Ministry said.

    The IDF said soldiers were conducting operational activity near Qalqilya when they identified a terrorist throwing Molotov cocktails at them. Soldiers shot the attacker.

    Hours later, a Palestinian was killed in clashes with the IDF north of Ramallah. The army said that a violent disturbance occurred in the area, in which dozens of Palestinians threw rocks at the Israeli community of Harasha, as well as at Border Police and IDF personnel.

    Palestinian sources said the IDF used live fire during clashes in the area, which began, they said, after Palestinians pushed back a group of Israelis that tried to attack a local village.

  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    Israeli military investigation concludes IDF activity did not cause death of Palestinian boy
    “With regard to the conclusions drawn from the examination, no correlation was found between the sad death of the child, Rayan Suleiman, and the activity of the troops in the village,” stated the IDF.

    (October 6, 2022 / JNS) No connection between Palestinian child Rayan Suleiman’s death last month and Israeli troop activity was discovered, concluded the investigation into IDF activity in the Khirbet Al-Deir Village, the military said in a statement.

    Some reports had claimed the boy died after being chased by soldiers or from fear of them. On Tuesday, the Commanding Officer of the Central Command, MG Yehuda Fuchs, was presented with the findings of an investigation into IDF operations around the time of Suleiman’s death on Sept. 30.

    According to the investigation, several suspects flung stones at vehicles during routine IDF activity to protect a central road in the area. As a result, IDF troops entered the village of Khirbet al-Deir in search of the suspects who had fled to the area following the incident. The IDF company commander inspected several buildings during the searches to identify the culprits.

    The investigation found that the military utilized no physical force or weapons of any kind during its entire stay in the area (including firearms or riot dispersal tools).

    “With regard to the conclusions drawn from the examination, no correlation was found between the sad death of the child, Rayan Suleiman, and the activity of the troops in the village,” stated the IDF.

  9. Proud Conservative Mom

    How to Tap into The Meaning of Sukkot: 5 Inspiring Life Lessons
    By Slovie Jungreis-Wolff

    Plug into the joy and spiritual depth of this incredible Jewish holiday.

    The holiday of Sukkot brings us to a place of joy, celebrating our newfound connection to the spiritual energy we’ve plugged into during the High Holidays.

    Here are 5 life lessons to reflect upon as we sit within the wall of our sukkah.

    1. Look Up

    When sitting in the sukkah one must be able to see the sky through the covering of the roof made out of leaves. It’s as if a mystical voice is calling out to us and whispering, “Look up.” Know that you will go through moments in life that will be terrifying. Your forefathers left Egypt and came into the desert wilderness not knowing how they would survive. No food. No water. The sun was scorching hot. There were snakes and scorpions. But God enveloped His children with Clouds of Glory that served as protection that continues to serve as a lesson until today.

    The sukkah is our reminder that faith and trust in God is the greatest weapon to combat fear. These past 18 months we’ve realized how much is out of our control. The world is spinning. It may feel difficult to hold on. Lift your eyes and see the Source of life. Don’t crumble. The sukkah is here for every single one of us to experience. Bask within the shelter of faith.

    2. We Don’t Need All the Stuff

    The sukkah is a temporary dwelling. We leave our homes and for 7 days we live in the sukkah. All the comforts of home are inside. Somehow we are content, even tasting joy, as we join those we love in celebration. What happened to all the stuff we thought we need to be happy?

    The 7 days represent the seven decades of a person’s life. What really counts in the end? Life is temporary. No one wishes that they had amassed more ‘stuff’. Rather we wish we would’ve spent more time with those we cherish. We regret moments lost, words not said, and opportunities for love that never return.

    Sukkot liberates us. We are given time to take a spiritual time out and think about what really matters.

    3. We Come from Greatness
    Each night we are given a beautiful prayer to say as we invite a holy guest into our sukkah. All together there are 7 ushpizin, guests, who grace our sukkah with their spiritual presence: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Josef, Moses, Aaron and David.

    These 7 transformed a morally desolate world into a place of kindness, compassion and awareness of God.

    Each of us are given an ability to draw upon the blessings of those who came before us. Their every struggle and challenge become a stepping stone for our personal life journey.

    When we realize the greatness we come from, we are given the strength to pick ourselves up and keep walking. We, too, can bring light into a world of darkness. We must only invite greatness into our lives.

    4. Discover the Gift of Humility
    A sukkah taller than 20 amos (around three stories) cannot be used. The lesson is deep. If there is one character trait that pushes Godliness out of our lives, it is arrogance. When you are so full of yourself, there is no space for anyone else, even God.

    If you want your life to be filled with love and meaning, discover the gift of humility. Know how to put others first. Don’t live a ‘selfie life’, where the lens is only turned on yourself. Feel the pain of another. Each day ask yourself: how is this world better because I exist? Make space for others. Be a giver.

    When my child was once crying, my 6-foot 2 father bent down to hear him. He picked my little boy up, cuddled him on his shoulders and said, “No one should ever be too high to hear the cries of a child.”

    We are all that child. And none of us can ever feel too high to hear the cries of another.

    5. Feel God’s Hug
    A sukkah requires at least two complete walls plus a third wall that can even be one handbreadth.

    The image is that of a hug. The sukkah is God’s embrace of us. Each and every one of us is precious. When you give someone a hug, you wrap your hands around their back and pull them close. Their face is not seen. So too, we are being embraced. It does not matter what we think we look like, spiritually, or mistakes we made that we believe may create obstacles as we try to plug into our souls.

    Enter the sukkah and know that you are loved. Every person who wants to come close is hugged. Unconditionally.

    The sukkah is speaking to us. We just need to open our hearts to hear its whisper.

  10. diaspora

    Iran’s state-run broadcaster was apparently hacked while live on air, with a news bulletin interrupted by a protest against the country’s leader.

    A mask appeared on the screen, followed by an image of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei with flames around him.

    The group called itself “Adalat Ali”, or Ali’s Justice.

    It comes after at least three people were shot dead when protesters clashed with security forces in new unrest over the death of Mahsa Amini.

    Amini was detained in Tehran by morality police for allegedly not covering her hair properly. The 22-year-old Iranian Kurd died in custody on 16 September, three days after her arrest.

    Her death sparked an unprecedented wave of protest across the country.

    Saturday’s TV news bulletin was interrupted at about 18:00 local time with images which included Iran’s supreme leader with a target on his head, photos of Amini and three other women killed in recent protests.

    One of the captions read “join us and rise up”, whilst another said “our youths’ blood is dripping off your paws”.

    The interruption lasted only a few seconds before being cut off.

    Such displays of rebellion against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are historically rare, and he wields almost complete power within Iran. But following Amini’s death, there had been some open dissent.

    Also on Saturday, social media videos emerged which seemed to show female students at a university in Tehran chanting “get lost” during a visit by President Ebrahim Raisi.

    Earlier in the day, two people were killed in Sanandaj, including a man shot in his car after he sounded his horn in support of protesters. A video shared online also showed a woman shot in the neck lying unconscious on the ground in Mashhad.

    In Sanandaj, a police official said a man had been killed by “counter-revolutionaries”, the state-run news agency IRNA reported.

    On Friday, Iran’s Forensic Medicine Organisation said Amini had died from multiple organ failure caused by cerebral hypoxia – and not from blows to the head, as her family and protesters contend.

    Rights groups say more than 150 people have been killed since the protests in the Islamic Republic began on 17 September.

    Shops in several cities have shut in support of the protesters, including in Tehran’s bazaar where some set fire to a police kiosk and chased the security forces away.

    The protests reaching the bazaar in Tehran will ring alarm bells with Iranian leaders who have counted the merchants as among their supporters.


  11. Proud Conservative Mom

    Erev Sukkos in Yerushalayim.


  12. Ozraeli

    Well, it’s been a while, and it’s a liitle late, but Shana Tova leCoolam, Happy New Year, Hag Sameach, Happy Holidays, and I hope
    everyone has repented, cleared their consience, disposed of all theirsins, & are looking forward to the clean, fresh, unblemished New

    And, Happy Sukkot!

    The video is stunning!

    For your pleasure & edification:

    1. AlgorithmicAnalyst

      Thanks, I think one of my favorite posters from olden days, ChicagoTrance, lives down there.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Shavuah Tov Tony VeChag Sameach!

      Ah, what would we do without our “good” friend, The Church?!
      I cannot begin to describe the tremendous pleasure and delight that I feel every single time I see one.

      I read an article about this.
      I don’t blink when I see it.

      (To be clear, I appreciate all of the Christians on this blog tremendously. The Church, is another matter entirely. It has oceans of Jewish blood on its hands.)

        1. Proud Conservative Mom


          Moreover, there were endless pogroms, The Spanish Inquisition, and the list goes on and on.

          I’m no fan of Islam, but there is no comparison to the amount of blood that Christians spilled.

          FYI, many Nazis were Christians as well.

  13. Proud Conservative Mom

    *Unbelievable Story-The Power Of Tehillim*

    Chaim received a phone call from a fellow Jew of around 60 years old, whom Chaim barely knew. This Jew invited Chaim to a seudat hoda’ah (a meal of gratitude to Hashem)
    Upon arriving, Chaim met 17 other men whom he either did not know. As this disparate group of men chatted with each other, they asked each other, “Why are you here?” The answer from each one was: “I don’t know.” Finally, the host began his explanation for the seudat hoda’ah and the seemingly random invitees.
    He described how a bout of covid left him so sick, he ended up hospitalized for a month until his soul left his body. When his soul left his body, he felt himself rise upwards until suddenly, his deceased mother grabbed his hand and said, “What are you doing here? Go back down!” But he said, “Ma, I want to go back down, but I don’t have the power! I don’t have the strength!”
    Pointing down, she said, “Look, look! Look at that! Looking down, he saw 18 random men in random places saying Tehillim for uhim at that very moment.
    His mother continued, “Look! They’re giving you the strength to go back down. Go! Go, they’re giving you the strength.”
    And he managed to return to his body & recover from his illness. And the 18 random men he saw?
    Those were the 18 men he invited to the seudat hoda’ah. “Here I am recuperated,” the host continued. “And I’m making this seudat hoda’ah to tell you of the power of the Tehillim, how much power it gives.”
    Chaim only said only ONE Perek of Tehillim, Yet even that one perek made enough of an impression in Shamayim to show Chaim (among the others) as part of the group giving strength to the soul of this ill man…and contribute to saving the man’s life.

    _BzH starting this week we will be going more into Tehillim_

    *Good Morning ☀️*
    *Be the reason for someone’s smile😊*
    *Shira Batya Aharonbayev*
    _Group Admin Of Daily Torah Gems_

    *😃Have anything to say? Your Feedback is appreciated!!*

    *📲 Want Your Friends/Family To Be Pa Group?*
    *Unbelievable Story-The Power Of Tehillim*

    Chaim received a phone call from a fellow Jew of around 60 years old, whom Chaim barely knew. This Jew invited Chaim to a seudat hoda’ah (a meal of gratitude to Hashem)
    Upon arriving, Chaim met 17 other men whom he either did not know. As this disparate group of men chatted with each other, they asked each other, “Why are you here?” The answer from each one was: “I don’t know.” Finally, the host began his explanation for the seudat hoda’ah (special feast of thanksgiving that one makes when one has a miraculous salvation) and the seemingly random invitees.
    He described how a bout of covid left him so sick, he ended up hospitalized for a month until his soul
    left his body. When his soul left his body, he felt himself rise upwards until suddenly, his deceased mother grabbed his hand and said, “What are you doing here? Go back down!” But he said, “Ma, I want to go back down, but I don’t have the power! I don’t have the strength!”
    Pointing down, she said, “Look, look! Look at that! Looking down, he saw 18 random men in random places saying Tehillim (Psalms) for him at that very
    His mother continued, “Look! They’re giving you the strength to go back down. Go! Go, they’re giving you the strength.”
    And he managed to return to his body & recover from his illness. And the 18 random men he saw?
    Those were the 18 men he invited to the seudat hoda’ah. “Here I am recuperated,” the host continued. “And I’m making this seudat hoda’ah to tell you of the power of the Tehillim, how much power it gives.”
    Chaim only said only ONE Perek (chapter) of Tehillim, Yet even that one perek made enough of an impression in Shamayim to show Chaim (among the others) as part of the group giving strength to the soul of this ill man…and contribute to saving the man’s life.

    _BzH starting this week we will be going more into Tehillim_

    *Good Morning ☀️*
    *Be the reason for someone’s smile😊*
    *Shira Batya Aharonbayev*
    _Group Admin Of Daily Torah Gems_

    *😃Have anything to say? Your Feedback is appreciated!!*

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  14. Proud Conservative Mom

    Chaim received a phone call from a fellow Jew of around 60 years old, whom Chaim barely knew. This Jew invited Chaim to a seudat hoda’ah (a meal of gratitude to Hashem)
    Upon arriving, Chaim met 17 other men whom he either did not know. As this disparate group of men chatted with each other, they asked each other, “Why are you here?” The answer from each one was: “I don’t know.” Finally, the host began his explanation for the seudat hoda’ah (special feast of thanksgiving that one makes when one has a miraculous salvation) and the seemingly random invitees.
    He described how a bout of covid left him so sick, he ended up hospitalized for a month until his soul
    left his body. When his soul left his body, he felt himself rise upwards until suddenly, his deceased mother grabbed his hand and said, “What are you doing here? Go back down!” But he said, “Ma, I want to go back down, but I don’t have the power! I don’t have the strength!”
    Pointing down, she said, “Look, look! Look at that! Looking down, he saw 18 random men in random places saying Tehillim (Psalms) for him at that very
    His mother continued, “Look! They’re giving you the strength to go back down. Go! Go, they’re giving you the strength.”
    And he managed to return to his body & recover from his illness. And the 18 random men he saw?
    Those were the 18 men he invited to the seudat hoda’ah. “Here I am recuperated,” the host continued. “And I’m making this seudat hoda’ah to tell you of the power of the Tehillim, how much power it gives.”
    Chaim only said only ONE Perek (chapter) of Tehillim, Yet even that one perek made enough of an impression in Shamayim (Heaven) to show Chaim (among the others) as part of the group giving strength to the soul of this ill man…and contribute to saving the man’s life.

  15. Proud Conservative Mom

    Zechariah (Zachariah) 14:16 “And it will come to pass that everyone left of the nations who came up against Jerusalem will go up from year to year to prostrate himself to the King, the L-rd of Hosts, and to celebrate the Festival of Tabernacles.”

    The Festival of Tabernacles is Sukkos!
    (I’m sure that there will be Bamba available, don’t worry…)

    It’s a glorious holiday (each holiday is magnificent in its own way.)

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Redak (a contemporary of RASHI; also a Rishon) explains that those gentiles who “came up against Jerusalem” and repented will survive for that reason, alone.
      The gift of repentance is PRICELESS.

      I forgot to clarify and explain it.

    1. bill smith

      All the previous pages have the comment section absent…. but they comments still exist.
      I think Breitbart might be having something familiar their comment sections are now on different pages.

  16. Weary Traveler

    Good intentions without wisdom, that are solely guided by emotions, is why the road to Hell is paved with good intentions in the first place. This describes the common, what we know as, “LibTARDs.” This reminds me of the scale that shows how the fool is actually more destructive than those who act out of pure malice. The common do-gooder, is typically more dangerous than the criminally insane megalomaniac control freaks like Klaus Schawb, and Yuval Harari.

    Without the fools/do-gooders, people like Schwab and Harari would have no power. They would be talking to themselves, and be treated like the criminally insane nutcases they are, and would be in padded cells instead of grooming world leaders. Evil thrives most on the fools with good intent.

    It is too easy to think that when you are tempted by evil, that it would only appeal to your more hedonistic desires such as greed or lust. But in reality, it likes to manipulate your conscience, and often appeals to your need to do good by others.

    This is what makes the phrase “for the greater good” the most evil and destructive phrase ever uttered in any language. And how every failed government, every tyranny, and even holocaust, and every other “final solution”, was brought in under that banner.

    Another thing evil does is confuse people by conflating empathy with guilt. Another example of how it likes to manipulate your conscience. As in, if you feel bad for someone who is less fortunate than you, that you should also feel guilty.

    Why? If say your friend loses their job, did you have a hand in them getting fired or laid off? If not, no reason to feel guilty. But plenty of reason to feel empathy for them because you care about what happens to them as a person. Too many have failed to grasp this over generations, which is why we are all in the mess that we are in now.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Seizing other peoples’ power/lives and their money has always been the big dawgs’ motives. Justifying these seizures through deception is as old as their crimes, which go back to humanity’s beginnings. Fortunately, there have been and still are those who reject these take-overs. Inevitably, they manage to save humanity from itself, albeit the cost.

      1. John Gillis

        Farmers and builders have often fallen victim to warrior thieves through the millennia. The American experiment was noble in the notion that all have the rights to defend themselves, their loved ones and their property with the means afforded by the de facto authorities.

        Biden, Obama and Co. want to disarm us so the balance of power is tipped permanently in favor of the tyrants.

    2. John Gillis

      I had to laugh recently because on Quora, I posted in the 2nd Amendment section. A liberal troll accused me of “conflating and expanding”. I asked him to define those terms to determine his knowledge of their definitions. He responded that conflating and expanding is to “seethe with rage”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      I guess he thought conflating was the opposite of inflating.

      So many of the 2A regulars flamed him that he deleted his post.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The left like to think of themselves as intellectuals, but at best, they are pseudo-intellectuals. It is usually those who can’t, that always want to tell others what to do.

        It reminds me of a Dilbert comic I once saw where Dogbert says, “I am not unemployed, I’m a consultant.” Life coach would have worked just as well. LOL

    3. Proud Conservative Mom

      A masterpiece of a posting!

      “Without the fools/do-gooders, people like Schwab and Harari would have no power. They would be talking to themselves, and be treated like the criminally insane nutcases they are, and would be in padded cells instead of grooming world leaders. Evil thrives most on the fools with good intent.”


      “Another thing evil does is confuse people by conflating empathy with guilt. Another example of how it likes to manipulate your conscience. As in, if you feel bad for someone who is less fortunate than you, that you should also feel guilty.”



  17. Tony

    The U.S. (and others) have announced sanctions (for what they are worth) against the Iranian morality police. Yet
    the U.S. still want to give Iran the means to bild nuclear weapons. I wish I was intelligent enough to understand.

    1. John Gillis

      There’s nothing to understand. America has become Bizarro World. Most Americans still repudiate the idea of a nuclear Iran, but these Democreeps are intent on arming the theocratic regime.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Cats aren’t usually that dumb. Humans are. Hello, Tony. Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see you. Good wishes for you and for your family and friends.

  18. diaspora

    Watchdog group says illegal Palestinian Arab construction across areas under full Israeli control in Judea and Samaria has surged by 80% in 2022. There are now more than 80,000 illegal Arab buildings in Area C.

    By World Israel News Staff

    Land grabs and illegal construction by Palestinian Arabs in parts of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli constrol surged in 2022, according to a newly-released report.

    The report, drafted by the Regavim Movement – a watchdog group which monitors illegal construction in the Arab sector – found that in 2022, illegal Palestinian Arab construction in Area C, the portion of Judea and Samaria under full Israeli jurisdiction, increased by 80%.

    The report documents 5,535 new illegal structures built in 2022, compared to 3,076 structures in the same period in 2021.

    The data was collected through fieldwork, aerial photography and GIS mapping, and compared the situation on the ground in 2021 to that of 2022.

    The study covered the period of April 2021 through April 2022, analyzing the number of structures, the legal status of the land on which they were built and the jurisdictional lines dictated by international law.

    Regavim claimed that in comparison to previous years, the data for the most recent period are “unprecedented, both in quality and quantity.”

    Most of the new structures are not temporary shacks or makeshift shelters that characterized much of the illegal activity in earlier years; in 2022, new Palestinian construction has been characterized by “palatial residences, sprawling holiday resorts, amusement and entertainment compounds and event halls, swimming pools and vacation villages, and high-rise residential and commercial towers.”

    In addition to the mass-scale construction, in many areas development and infrastructure work was carried out to lay the groundwork for future full-scale neighborhoods, such as at Khirbet Khattha near Tarkumiyeh and Lakef near Karnei Shomron.

    An analysis of construction patterns in Area C found that there are 81,317 illegal Arab-built structures in this area, covering an area of approximately 150,000 dunams – twice the total area of Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria.

    Unauthorized Jewish construction stands at 4,382 structures, of which 406 new structures were built in the time period of the new study.

    Although the disparity in number is striking, it is far overshadowed by the disparity in quality: Whereas illegal Arab-built structures are located in desolate, remote areas far from existing villages or settlement clusters, all of the illegal construction in the Jewish sector is located within the municipal “blue line” boundaries of existing Jewish towns.

    Regavim claimed that the massive surge in illegal Arab construction in areas under Israeli control is not driven by a lack of open territory in Areas A and B, which are under Palestinian Authority administration.

    “Analysis of the hard data reveals several additional important facts: Aerial photos show that in Areas A and B – the sections of Judea and Samaria placed under full Palestinian Authority civil jurisdiction under the Oslo framework, there are abundant empty spaces that remain undeveloped and completely un-utilized,” Regavim said in a statement Sunday.

    “Rather than developing these areas, Arab construction has continued to seep into the open spaces of Area C. Additionally, these same aerial photos leave no room for doubt: Arab construction is neither random nor haphazard.”

    “Construction is strategically placed, in accordance with the Fayyad Plan, according to pre-established criteria and objectives: Creating contiguous Arab settlement – a pattern that is particularly pronounced in northern Samaria; isolation and strangulation of Jewish communities; construction on the route of planned traffic arteries such as the Funduk Bypass Road and the Tekoa – Ibei HaNachal Access Road in eastern Gush Etzion; construction alongside existing highways, including Route 55 and Route 60, the main roads of Samaria and Judea respectively.”

    “The Israeli government is creating a de facto Palestinian state,” warned Meir Deutsch, Director General of Regavim. “Over the years we have documented the illegal construction on a daily basis and sounded the alarm about the Palestinian annexation of Judea and Samaria, but the most recent construction data are clear and unequivocal: Under the present government there has been a meteoric rise in the extent of illegal construction and the Palestinian takeover of land.”

    “This is not a warning light – it’s a wailing, deafening siren. Before our eyes, a Palestinian state is taking shape – and it is already posing an existential threat to the future of the State of Israel. The data indicate that the present government did not merely turn a blind eye to this phenomenon; this a clear and conscious policy, reflected in recent statements by Interim Prime Minister Yair Lapid regarding the creation of a Palestinian state.”

    Recently, Minister of Defense Benny Gantz announced: “We are enforcing the law against illegal construction in area C – on both sides, both Jewish and Arab, and I am proud of it.”

    “The data revealed by Regavim indicate that Gantz’s statement should be cause for concern “primarily because it exposes the Minster of Defense’s complete failure to grasp the impact and inevitable outcome of failure to protect the territory under Israel’s jurisdiction,” said Deutsch. “No less cause for concern is the failure of so many of our elected officials and political hopefuls, as well as a very large segment of the Israeli public, to grasp the danger posed by Benny Gantz to the security of the State of Israel.”

    1. IMSarahAnn

      Criminal trespass has dire consequences. Those who aid and abet these criminalities are inevitably held accountable. An observation made ove 86 years of living.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      ““Analysis of the hard data reveals several additional important facts: Aerial photos show that in Areas A and B – the sections of Judea and Samaria placed under full Palestinian Authority civil jurisdiction under the Oslo framework, there are abundant empty spaces that remain undeveloped and completely un-utilized,” Regavim said in a statement Sunday.”

      Regavim is a phenomenal organization.
      I couldn’t have said it any better than Sarah did hereinbelow.

      This is another criminal land grab.
      The current Leftist government is allowing these people to commit this theft by not stopping it.
      Ergo, they are in reality, aiding and abetting them.

  19. diaspora

    The hotel owner denied hosting a Sukkah party, saying, “We don’t allow Jews to come here.”

    By Debbie Reiss, World Israel News

    Palestinian gunmen on Monday fired shots at a hotel in Bethlehem for displaying Jewish symbols in one of its meeting halls.

    The upper floors were damaged but there were no injuries.

    Palestinian social media users claimed that the Bethlehem Hotel was preparing to host a group of Jews for the Jewish Sukkot holiday, and charged the hotel with “promoting normalization” with Israel by having a menorah and Star of David on display.

    The Palestinian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced the closure of the meeting hall and said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

    Elias al-Arja, the owner of Bethlehem Hotel, denied the charge that Jews were staying in his hotel. According to al-Arja, a group of tourists from the Philippines had asked to use the meeting hall during an eight-day sojourn at the hotel for a party.

    “I was surprised to see that they installed the Star of David,” al-Arja told the Palestinian radio station Mawwal. “I removed it and told them that they are not permitted to hold the conference in my hotel. I don’t want any problems.”

    The hotel owner said that the guests who leaked a video from the meeting hall want to “defame” his hotel and “destroy” the city.

    “We don’t allow Jews to come here,” al-Arja said. “We never held parties for Jewish holidays. The event was organized by a church from the Philippines.”

    Several balaclava-clad gunmen from the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, the armed wing of the ruling Fatah faction, arrived at the scene after the shooting alongside PA authorities.

    “We won’t allow anyone to hold any suspicious party,” one of the gunmen told reporters. “We will strike with an iron fist against anyone who holds a normalization meeting, whether in Bethlehem or any other part of the homeland. The revolution will continue until the liberation of all the Palestinian lands.”

    A statement issued by Fatah in Bethlehem condemned the attempt to hold a “Zionist party” in the hotel, deeming it a “stab to Bethlehem and a betrayal of the traditions and values of the Holy Land.”

    1. IMSarahAnn

      I strongly suspect that those who have a problem with Jews being Jews in celebrating their Jewish faith and their social heritage, will experience unimagined consequences for their crimes. The Jews predate their belly aching adversaries by thousands of years. This reality and others in Jewish history, give excellent testimony to the strong, enduring and formidable character of a people who are wonderful friends but who can be terrible enemies if forced by the foolish.
      I edited this comment because my first version didn’t make sense.

  20. diaspora

    Maher Abelqader previously shared a video claiming that Jews are “satanic,” control the media, and questioned whether six million Jews died in the Holocaust.

    By David Hellerman, World Israel News

    New York Governor Kathy Hochul was photographed alongside a Democratic Party fundraiser with a history of sharing antisemitic social media posts, Fox News reported on Friday.

    According to Fox, the photos of Hochul alongside Maher Abdelqader were taken at the Harvard Club fundraiser event in New York City last month and posted on his Twitter account.

    Abdelqader – vice president of the New York City-based AI Engineers – removed the photos after Fox questioned Hochul’s campaign.

    “A great fund raiser by a small group of entrepreneurs and business leaders at the prestigious Harvard Club of NYC for NYS Governor Kathleen Hochul,” Abdelqader wrote in his now-deleted tweet. “Governor Hochul is an American politician serving as the 57th Governor.”

    Fox reported that Abelqader previously shared a video claiming that Jews are “satanic,” control the media, and questioned whether six million Jews really died in the Holocaust.

    He also advocated for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions campaign while promoting posts that claimed Jews are not really from Israel.

    New York’s gubernatorial election pits Hochul against Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin, who is Jewish.

    The Governor’s campaign spokesperson, Jen Goodman told Fox News Digital “Governor Hochul strongly condemns antisemitism in any form and has taken decisive action to hold perpetrators accountable and fight back against hate crimes.”

    “Antisemitism and anti-Israel rhetoric are both abhorrent and unacceptable, and the governor will continue her tireless efforts to protect the Jewish community from these attacks,” Goodman said.

    New Yorkers go to the polls on November 8.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      This pup, doesn’t deserve the dignity of our recognition, except that which life inevitably visits upon her

    2. Weary Traveler

      I am so sick of these people. As much as I support free speech, doesn’t mean I don’t want to knock their teeth out of their hateful empty little heads.

      1. John Gillis

        I’d like to tie them up, and spank them with a weightlifting belt, like they did in “Brubaker”.

          1. Weary Traveler

            No reason you couldn’t include the liquid nitrogen with the weight lifter belt. Change it up a little. LOL

        1. Weary Traveler

          Every time I encounter one of them online, I always ask them how it is the fault of the Jews that they are 35 year old virgins with no friends, and living with their mothers. They don’t like that very much. LOL

  21. diaspora

    Police Commissioner warning followed several incidents in which MK Simcha Rothman blew a shofar in a Muslim cemetery just outside the Temple Mount.

    By David Hellerman, World Israel News

    Israeli Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai warned on Thursday that Religious Zionism MK Simcha Rothman and other Temple Mount activists could spark a new war with the Palestinians, Haaretz reported on Friday.

    Shabtai’s warning followed three separate incidents in which Rothman blew a shofar in a Muslim cemetery outside the Jerusalem Old City’s Golden Gate.

    The gate, which faces the Mount of Olives and has been sealed shut since the Middle Ages, is the only eastern gate leading up to the Temple Mount. The cemetery was later added by the Ottomans in the belief that the Messiah would not be able to pass through it to enter Jerusalem.

    Sources told Haaretz that Shabtai called Rothman’s shofar-blowing a “provocation for its own sake, purely to inflame the area.”

    Shabtai reportedly added, “What he’s doing will lead us to the second Guardian of the Walls,” a reference to the 15-day war between Israel and Gaza in 2021.

    In one incident on the eve of Yom Kippur, Rothman arrived at the cemetery accompanied by several activists and fellow MK Michal Woldiger. When one of the activists refused to hand over his gun to the police, Rothman grabbed the gun himself, an abuse of his parliamentary immunity, according to a police report cited by Haaretz. Rothman only gave the gun to the police later in the evening at the police station.

    According to Haaretz, police have previously detained Temple Mount activists Yehuda Glick and Emanuel Brosh for blowing shofarot in the cemetery.

    The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court recently shot down efforts to prohibit Brosh from the site, essentially allowing him to blow the shofar anywhere along the Eastern Wall, saying that blowing a shofar in a public space is not illegal.

    Temple Mount activists say the issue is a matter of religious expression.

    The delicate status quo governing the Temple Mount goes back to 1967, when Israel liberated the the Old City of Jerusalem from Jordan during the Six Day War.

    Fearing a religious war, then-defense minister Moshe Dayan agreed to let the Islamic Waqf, a Muslim trusteeship, continue managing the holy site’s day-to-day affairs, while Israel would maintain overall sovereignty and be responsible for security. According to the status quo, Jews and non-Muslims would be allowed to visit the Temple Mount, but not pray there.

    1. Chief Mac

      Then the Islamofascists are the ones that need to prevented from approaching the Temple Mount. Punishing the victims is a totally moronic act

    2. IMSarahAnn

      They’re blessed that the blowing sound is confined to the sound of the Shofar. How much more bottom kissing is expected from our Jewish brethren who were there way before Muslims or Christians. As you know, I am a Catholic.

    3. Proud Conservative Mom

      “The cemetery was later added by the Ottomans in the belief that the Messiah would not be able to pass through it to enter Jerusalem.”

      That is indeed why the Muzzies put that cemetery there.
      Those idiots think they can stop Moshiach from coming.
      Totally delusional.

  22. diaspora

    Arab rioters clash with Israeli police conducting searches for terrorists after officer killed and two others wounded in terror attack in the capital.

    By World Israel News Staff

    Israeli security personnel arrested three suspects linked to Saturday’s deadly terrorist shooting attack, as searches continue for other terrorists involved in the attack.

    Military Police officer Noa Lazar, 18, was shot and killed when Arab terrorists opened fire at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the Shuafat neighborhood in northern Jerusalem Saturday.

    A 30-year-old guard was seriously wounded in the attack, while a third Israeli suffered light injuries from shrapnel.

    Israeli security forces, including Border Police units, were deployed to the Shuafat neighborhood to search for the perpetrators of the attack.

    Doron Turgeman, Israel Police Jerusalem District Commander Superintendent, said late Saturday night that one terrorist tied to the shooting attack was arrested during raids in Shuafat.

    By early Sunday morning, two more tied to the attack had been taken into custody, though police say the fourth terrorist, who is believed to have fired the deadly shots, remains at large.

    Helicopters were also deployed to the area to aid in the searches, with Turgeman vowing that police would find the killer.

    Public Security Minister Omer Bar Lev said police would bring the terrorist in “dead or alive.”

    The Israel police and security forces are now conducting a search for the terrorist, and they will catch him, dead or alive.”

    The Palestinian Authority outlet WAFA reported that the security searches extended to the town of Anata, on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

    Clashes broke out between Arab rioters and Israeli police in Anata and Shuafat, prompting officers to fire rubber-coated bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades.

    1. John Gillis

      Well, the crafters of these adage wanted to protect the “pecking order”. Picking your battles may be prudent, but never be a doormat.

      1. IMSarahAnn

        Some years back, my doc asked me what advice I would give her as a human being and as a professional. I quoted Sarita who observed that we are not required to set ourselves on fire to keep others warm. Another whose source goes back thousands of years, is that we/she must be kind to herself/ourselves, else we can’t be kind to others. Hi, John! Good to see you.

        1. Weary Traveler

          One of the reasons Ayn Rand was so controversial in her day, was she was speaking out against Immanuel Kant, and his philosophy of Altruism. She linked the notion of self-sacrifice to the rise of totalitarian tyranny, like Nazi Germany, and that if we, as Americans, did not reject the notion of “sacrifice for the greater good” that we too, would become just like Nazi Germany.

          70 years after the fact, she is proven to be right with the COVID medical tyranny.

          1. John Gillis

            Read Eugene Ionesco’s “Rhinoceros”. It was a play written about the mass political madness and one man refusing to capitulate. In the 60s, this play triggered mass riots in Germany, because it reminded them of their recent slide into Nazism.

        2. John Gillis

          Great to see you too, Sarah!

          Sadly, our society deems kindness to be the equivalent of weakness.

          1. Weary Traveler

            And part of that is because so many in our society have allowed themselves to be convinced that kindness and altruism/self-sacrifice are one in the same when they are not.

          1. IMSarahAnn

            The same to you, Rebecca! 🥰🤗😊 I need prayer because there are times when I’m strongly tempted to do unto others before they do unto me ! I manage to contain myself, how ever and refrain from the urgings of my baser nature.

      2. Weary Traveler

        When the Romans co-opted Christianity, they basically repackaged Pagan ideals under the banner of the crucifix. “Divine right of kings/rulers” is a pagan ideal that was adopted in pagan societies before Christendom.

        This was because empires/kingdoms relied on pecking orders, s their power could never be challenged.

        They didn’t want anyone to ever discover that their rulers were just glorified welfare queens.

    2. IMSarahAnn

      One of the Bard’s characters gave advice to another character, saying: “love all. Trust few. Wrong none.” I believe that we can do each of these, including the one about wronging none. The latter must always be done. In the process, it’s sometimes necessary to harm others, in keeping with one’s own G-d given rights: Itt’s our duty to protect our lives, our Liberty and our pursuit of happiness, when they are egregiously attacked Hi, WT! Thanks for sharing. It’s good to see you.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      They will die of climate change, after they’ve reached their majority of years. Say 80 to 90.

    1. IMSarahAnn

      I usually don’t announce my intents to the public. In this case, I’ll make an exception, namely that I would own that entire school district.
      If they’d like to challenge such an intent, they’re on. Settling out side of court might be considered with the stipulation that she will be arrested, charged, judged and sent to prison.

      1. Weary Traveler

        As if it wasn’t bad enough that we had the likes of Hugh Heffner teaching America how to jerk-off.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Unfortunately, we ALL know the name of that filthy pig. Thank God he dead now. If only he could have dropped dead before doing so much damage.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          For certain.

          Can you please post a warning ⚠️🚨 for me if you remember next time.

          Personally, I don’t want to read this filth.

          That is Heaven forbid not an attack on you.

          I don’t want to look at or read vulgar things as much as I humanly can, thus curtailing my own exposure.

          I know more than I would care to ever know for several lifetimes.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Ever since Bill Clinton, X rated material has become part of our current events.

            This is what Democrats have done. They are so SICK!!

  23. Chief Mac

    Legendary actress and Broadway star Angela Lansbury died peacefully in her sleep in her Los Angeles home at 1:30 a.m. Oct. 11 at the age of 96.

    Lansbury’s family released an official statement confirming her death, which was just five days shy of her 97th birthday, according to Broadway World. She was a highly respected and admired star whose career in the world of entertainment spanned more than 75 years. The multi-talented actress appeared in motion pictures as well as on Broadway, and is best known for her iconic role as the star of “Murder She Wrote,” according to Broadway World.

          1. Chief Mac

            It’s fine – the rains started again. Had such a dry spell and now the rains have hit. Trying to get everything done for winter

            And yours?

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Oh no!
            You had enough rain for the entire northeastern seaboard alone, this summer!

            BH, my immediate family members are doing well.
            My daughter and her family are coming for Shabbos and staying for the last days of the holiday.
            My son and his family are arriving on the eve of the last day of the holiday (Sunday).

            It’s going to be a full house.
            My 21 year old is the only one away.
            He’s studying in Israel until before Pesach.

            My sister Chaya and her family is in Yerushalayim for the entire Yom Tov. My son and a friend of his ate two meals with them thus far.

            Any time is a glorious time to be in Yisroel. Sukkos is extremely special.

          3. Chief Mac

            Actually had a couple of weeks without any rain at all. Has been getting cold enough for frost warnings so I expect a rough winter. Already have several years of firewood, finished my mowing yesterday so won’t have to do much more this year. About as well prepared as I can be with fuels, ice melt, food, generators and tractors so we will see what happens

  24. Proud Conservative Mom

    What happened with regard to Kanye West, his remarks on antisemitism (is he bipolar), Candace Owens defending him, and then Ben Shapiro allegedly defending her?
    I feel like I am on a merry-go-round.

  25. Proud Conservative Mom

    Rabbi Judah said, “They used to repeat the words, “ We belong to G‑d, and our eyes are turned towards G‑d.”

    It was related of Hillel the Elder that when he was rejoicing with the joy of the Water-Drawing, he used to say, “ …Where I love to be, thither my legs carry me.” And the Holy One, blessed is He, says, “If you come to My house, I will come to your house, and if you do not come to My house, neither will I come to yours.”

    It was related of Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel that when he was rejoicing with the joy of the Water-Drawing he would take eight burning torches in one hand and toss them upwards; he tossed one and caught one, and never did one touch the other…. (T.B. Sukkah 53).

  26. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Water Libation
    The Celebration Of The Water Drawing
    By Eliyahu Kitov
    What was the manner of the Water-Libation?

    They used to fill a golden flagon holding three logs with water drawn from the Siloam. When they reached the Water Gate they blew on the shofar a tekiah – teruah – tekiah.

    On the right of the Altar ramp were two silver bowls. They each had a hole like a narrow snout —one wide, the other narrow— so that both bowls emptied themselves together (the wider one was for wine, since wine flows out more slowly). The bowl to the west was for water and the one to the east was for wine.

    He that never has seen the simchat beit hashoevah (the joy of the Water-Drawing) has never in his life seen joy.

    At the close of the first festival day they went down to the Court of the Women, and made great preparations there.

    There were golden candlesticks there with four golden bowls on the top of them. The candlesticks were fifty cubits high. Four ladders led up to each candlestick, and four youths from the priestly stock went up holding in their hands jars of oil, of twenty-four logs’ capacity, which they poured into the bowls.

    They made wicks out of worn-out garments of the priests, and with them they set the candlesticks alight, and there was not a courtyard in Jerusalem that did not reflect the light of the bet hashoevah.

    Men of piety and good deeds used to dance before them with burning torches in their hands, singing songs and praises. And countless Levites played on harps, lyres cymbals and trumpets and other instruments of music, on the fifteen steps leading from the Court of the Israelites to the Court of the Women. Two priests stood at the Upper Gate which leads down from the Court of the Israelites to the Court of the Women, with two trumpets in their hands.

    At cock-crow they blew a tekiah – teruah – tekiah. When they reached the tenth step, they again blew a tekiah – teruah – tekiah. When they reached the Court they again blew a tekiah – teruah – tekiah. They went on until they reached the gate that leads out to the east. When they reached that gate, they turned their faces toward the west (facing the Sanctuary).

    Rabbi Judah said, “They used to repeat the words, “ We belong to G‑d, and our eyes are turned towards G‑d.”

    It was related of Hillel the Elder that when he was rejoicing with the joy of the Water-Drawing, he used to say, “ …Where I love to be, thither my legs carry me.” And the Holy One, blessed is He, says, “If you come to My house, I will come to your house, and if you do not come to My house, neither will I come to yours.”

    It was related of Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel that when he was rejoicing with the joy of the Water-Drawing he would take eight burning torches in one hand and toss them upwards; he tossed one and caught one, and never did one touch the other…. (T.B. Sukkah 53).

  27. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Joyous Water-Drawing Ceremony
    Simchat Beit Hashoeivah
    By Tzvi Freeman

    One who never saw the Water-Drawing Celebration has never seen joy in his life. (Talmud)

    The Biggest Party in Ancient Israel
    From the time King Solomon built the Temple in Jerusalem until the day it was destroyed by the Romans (with a brief interim for temporary exile to Babylonia), the can’t-miss-it event-of-the-year for Jews was the Water-Drawing Celebration.

    Envision streams of Jewish families—farmers, vintners, shepherds, merchants, craftspeople, and scholars—streaming in from every part of Israel, Syria, Babylonia, Egypt, and other nearby lands, converging upon Jerusalem and celebrating day and night, non-stop for eight days. The hot spot was, of course, the Temple Mount.

    At the close of the first day of Sukkot, Temple workers furiously began inserting sturdy poles into their brackets in the walls of the Temple courtyard. Over the poles they lay wooden boards, creating cascades of bleachers so that women could stand on the higher bleachers, with the men below—the original synagogue mechitzah (partition).

    Torch-laden boys scrambled up ladders scaling candelabras 75, perhaps 150 feet tall to light the thick wicks of the candelabras’ four enormous lanterns so that all of Jerusalem was filled with light like day. The Kohanim (priests) began sounding their trumpets, the levi’im played their flutes, lyres, cymbals, and every sort of instrument in thunderous, heavenly music, while all the people joined in song.

    The most wondrous spectacle of all was the sight of the distinguished elders, with their long white beards, singing at the top of their lungs, dancing wildly, performing acrobatic feats, and even juggling acts. The most illustrious sage, Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel, who presided over the supreme court of seventy elders, would juggle eight flaming torches—and never would one torch touch another.

    “If you never saw the celebration of the water-drawing,” Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi would say, “you never saw a celebration in your life.”

    Drawing Water, Drawing Divine Inspiration
    Until dawn. Then came the water pouring.

    What’s so exciting about pouring water? We can’t fathom. This is one of those things you just had to be there to understand.

    Fresh water was drawn from a wellspring called Mayan Hashiloach, just outside Jerusalem. As the flasks of water were ushered in through the Water Gate of the Temple, trumpets sounded and fanfare ensued.

    On a regular morning, the offering in the Temple was the meat of one sheep accompanied by a flour-and-oil mix, both thrown into the fire of the altar, along with one flask of wine poured by a kohen at the altar’s corner. But on the days of Sukkot, there was another flask, filled with this water freshly drawn from the Mayan Shiloach, poured by the same kohen together with that flask of wine.

    That’s why the celebration was called Simchat Beit Hashoeva שמחת בית השואבה—literally, “The Celebration of the House of Drawing Water.” Even though the people didn’t attend the actually water-drawing, and it didn’t happen in the Temple, they drew something else there. Here’s a passage from the Jerusalem Talmud:

    Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi said, “Do you know why it was called ‘The Celebration of the House of Drawing Water?’ Because from there they drew divine inspiration.”

    Rabbi Jonah said, “The prophet Jonah ben Amitai was one of the holiday pilgrims to the Temple. He walked into the Simchat Beit Hashoeva and the divine spirit rested upon him.”

    From this we understand that the divine spirit only rests upon a joyous heart. As the verse says, “As soon as the musician began to play music, the spirit of G‑d rested upon the prophet.”

    After the morning offerings, the communal prayers, the priestly blessings, the additional offerings, and more prayers and priestly blessings, the people parted to the study halls to review their Torah knowledge and hear the talks of great scholars, then to homes throughout Jerusalem to feast, sing and celebrate some more until returning to the Temple Mount for the afternoon offerings, followed by, once again, a night of music, spectacles, and celebration.

    Every night for six nights—excluding the night of Shabbat—beginning as soon as the afternoon offering was complete, for around 15 ½ hours until the morning offerings. As Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya would say, “Our eyes never saw sleep.”

    “But how is that possible?” the Talmud asks. “A person can’t go without sleep for even three days!”

    And the Talmud answers: They must have dozed off once in a while on each other’s shoulders while standing.

    Celebration Renewed
    Despite the destruction of the Temple by the Romans, many Jews continued to make a kind of remembrance of the water-drawing celebration, gathering together on Sukkot to sing and tell stories. Sukkot has always been the most joyous of the festivals—three times the Torah repeats that a Jew must rejoice and bring others to rejoice on Sukkot.

    And then came Sukkot of the Hebrew year 5741—the fall of 1980—in Brooklyn, N.Y. On the first night of Sukkot that year, in the large prayer hall of Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters, 770 Eastern Parkway, the Rebbe turned to speak to the crowd after the evening prayers.

    The Rebbe spoke about Simchat Beit Hashoeva. He was discussing how the celebration only began in the Temple on the second night—because they couldn’t use musical instruments on Yom Tov. He continued explaining how, when there is no Temple and no Levite orchestra, we actually have a certain advantage, because the celebration can start on the first night. We can sing and dance accompanied by our own voices. And some understood that’s what they have to do.

    About ten of them started dancing in a circle in front of the building. Eventually, they continued singing down Kingston Ave., the main street of the neighborhood. People came out of their sukkahs to join. They wound back and forth through the streets of the neighborhood gathering more and more until several hundred joyous, singing Jews found themselves at the intersection of Kingston and Montgomery, where a failure in the traffic lights had brought out some police cars. Delighted to have the protection, many hundreds of Jews continued dancing and singing there until the light of dawn.

    The next night, the Rebbe spoke again. He was obviously very pleased. “If you want to find G‑d this Sukkot,” he said, “you’ll find Him dancing on the streets.”

    A new institution of Jewish life was born—in a way, reborn. Every year since then, Jews come from every part of New York and the tri-state area to sing and dance with some of the best Jewish bands at the Kingston and Montgomery Simchat Beit Hashoeva. A little taste of the celebration in the Temple had returned.

    In that year and the coming years until 1991, the Rebbe spoke publicly every night of Sukkot. A common theme of those talks was the Ushpiz—the special guest to the Sukkah that night. Every night of Sukkot, the Zohar tells us, a party of special guests arrive in every Sukkah, each night led by a different member of the party, beginning with Abraham, ending with David. The Rebbe discussed another tradition that the previous Rebbe, his father-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, of righteous memory, had divulged—that there’s a party of Chassidic Ushpizin as well. In each talk, the Rebbe would discuss the similarities and differences between the Zohar’s Ushpiz of that night and the Chassidic ushpiz, and most importantly, what we need to learn from them in our times.

    It’s not just the streets of Brooklyn that need that Simchat Beit Hashoeva divine energy. And no one has tabs on the Ushpizin either. Wherever a Jew is found, he or she has a holy mission to zap the streets with the light of the Sukkah celebration. And wherever there’s a Sukkah, two sets of heavenly guests await us to greet them with song, words of Torah, and inspiring stories about them, about Sukkot and about the Jewish spirit.

    1. spectral 69

      They don’t mow lawns; tall grass gives them more crickets to eat, plus they trashed the gas-powered lawn mower.

        1. spectral 69

          Hello PCM. Doing well now, had an issue with hearing in one ear for well over a month. Found a Physican Assistant who was able to rectify it, she knew more than some Doctors.
          After losing your hearing and then having it restored, I am eternally grateful to her for doing it.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good afternoon Spectral!
            Apologies that I first saw this now.
            I didn’t check my notifications over the holidays.
            I forgot.

            I’m so exceedingly grateful that you got your hearing back.
            I’m wishing you the best of health always!

  28. bill smith

    Lotto update….
    I haven’t check our ticket yet, but nobody won the jackpot.
    Best we can expect is a minor prize or a free ticket.

  29. bill smith

    Just reading some poignant observation about Ukraine’s leader.
    His attitude change to hostility toward Russia, the day after Bidet was sworn in.
    People are saying the the whole thing reeks of pre-planning between him and the bidet regime.

    1. Tony

      I really don’t want to hear any more of this invented stuff. I just want them to get the fight over.

      1. george linker

        What makes you think they want to end the fighting? Seems that many want to reduce the population with nuclear war as the tool.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Do you wonder who really benefits if nukes went off? Here’s a hint; it isn’t Russia that benefits.

            The so-called “elites” have been talking about it since at least the late 60s.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            How have you been doing?
            I’ve been down for the count since Tuesday afternoon.

            I’m going to have to rope everyone in my family, as much as possible to assist with some of the cooking.

            BH, I have some things already prepared and frozen.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Physically feeling a lot better today than previously. I’m supposed to see Marty tonight to watch American Thought Leaders.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Traditionally war has always benefited the incumbent president. But that is the least of the reasons why this whole thing was pre-planned.

        Wars have always been a means to launder money, and have been great vehicles for governments to seize more power.

        Geopolitics has become a hot mess ever since the first world war, which when you get down to it, was a false flag to push globalization.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          My husband and I were talking about this a couple of weeks ago.

          World War II was directly connected to World War I.
          Indeed Hitler wanted world dominance along with the annihilation of every single Jew.

          1. Weary Traveler

            He did. But it was World War 1 that decimated Germany, creating the conditions that brought Hitler to power in the first place. Hitler had a lot of help ascending to be Germany’s chancellor.

            I’ll have to see if I can find it, but a while back, I read a very interesting article from the Brownstone Institute that talked about the strategy of Carl Schmitt, and how it is the template of the thinking used by the powers that aught not be.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Absolutely World War I created the conditions.

            Apologies that I wasn’t clear.
            My head is spinning.

            I studied Hitler’s ascendancy in great detail.

            Many don’t know that he was unemployed for several years and literally slept on a park bench.

            His rise to power was mindboggling.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Sadly, Hitler was the last that had such a mysterious rise. We saw this with a lot of our own politicians. Obama comes to mind, as does AOC.

            The Manchurian Candidate wasn’t just a story.

    2. george linker

      Like the busted pipeline was part of the plan. They are also arming someone in bangladesh with ukraine as a cover.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Exactly. No way Russia blew up their own pipeline as the media claimed. Why would they have to when they can just turn it off?

    1. Weary Traveler

      This is one of the reasons I have such poor temperament. If I had written Plato’s, Allegory of the Cave, my ending would have involved the hero throwing a live grenade down the hole and blowing all the idiots up along with the puppet masters.

      1. Sapper 9

        The Allegory of the Cave perfectly describes leftists and their PROPAGANDISTS, there are a few that are capable of waking up; I have converted 12 of them to our side and continue on the quest to enlighten them.

        1. Weary Traveler

          You are far kinder than I am. I do not have the temperament to converse with them. I have basically cancelled them at this point. My patience is nearly gone. The last nearly three years has made me more of a shoot first, and don’t even bother asking any questions kind of guy.

    1. Chief Mac

      I dislike that moron, but banks should stick to banking instead of regulating speech. They won’t close the accounts of terrorist support organizations but will ban people because of their speech, so wrong on so many levels

          1. Chief Mac

            Sarita claimed that anybody with more than 100 firearms has an arsenal. Personally I don’t feel that way, but it does mean I crossed that point a few friends back

          2. Sapper 9

            Oh yes, I am well protected, and may have posted a picture of a few of mine, I only have 50 or so, which puts me in the amateur collector division compared to CM.

  30. bill smith

    From twitter—

    Today would’ve been Danny Pearl’s (z’l) 59th birthday. Though his life was taken by Islamic terrorists, his words, life and memory, have forever been a blessing and inspiration. BDE.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      It’s a huge pity that Candace won’t get fired.

      I only heard part of the story, to be honest.

      She should not have defended antisemitism in any manner whatsoever.
      The fact that Kanye West is bipolar doesn’t excuse HER defense of antisemetic remarks.

      It’s always nice to know where someone stands on the subject.

    1. Weary Traveler

      That’s always sad. I had a similar situation a few months back when my Teddy passed away. He wasn’t exactly a kitten, he would have turned 13 in August, but still…

        1. Weary Traveler

          Thank you. I am very sorry for your loss. I know it is never easy. Our critters are irreplaceable.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Unfortunately, I have buried a few over the years. It never gets any easier.

          Just like with other loved ones, it always seems so empty without them around.

    2. Sapper 9

      I am sorry to hear that, I have had a cat since 2006 and I know it’s days are few; my daughter loves that old cat, as she got it as a kitten.

      Although they are not human, they can become an important part of our lives.

      1. Chief Mac

        I have one that my wife picked out in 2007 and she is still very healthy, my wife’s cat she got in 2006 is still hanging in there

  31. Weary Traveler

    None of us should “move on” until there is justice, no matter what part of the world. May these tyrants face Nuremberg style tribunals, be turned in to Christmas tree ornaments, and rot in Hell for all eternity.

    Australia Will Not Move On Until There Is Justice

    These perpetrators and collaborators cannot be redeemed without confession. That they must be forgiven is not in question, but apologies to and restitution for their victims are essential. Punishment, in this world or the next (or both), awaits those who don’t.

    I say even with confession, we make an example of all of them, and burn them at the stake.

    Forgiveness will get us nowhere. Only harsh and severe punishment will ensure that something like this NEVER happens again, ANYWHERE, ever again. Cancel them harder then they canceled us. Let’s see how they like their own methods being used against them.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Unless an illegal alien buys a ticket, I am sure the Canadian government is not going to want to part with that money.

      If it helps, maybe you can tell them that I am 25% Hispanic, which is factually true. LOL

    1. george linker

      The thought police seem to be showing their heads everywhere. Much the same idea was in the alex jones fines. He is not allowed to say he does not believe in something.

    2. williamdiamonz ghost

      Remember when they used to say “always get a second opinion”?
      Now doctors get fired for giving a second opinion.

  32. Tony

    Iran’s hell-hole Evin jail is on fire: Flames are seen and gunshots heard at notorious Tehran prison where
    Even in Iran, people are rebelling against their rulers.
    Probably time for Biden to re-think his policy on that country.

    1. Sapper 9

      It Obummer/Bidet hadn’t given the Iranians pallets of cash, they would have been overthrown years ago.

        1. williamdiamonz ghost

          Shavuah Tov Mom !
          I’ve been fine thank you Mom. I hope you’re making progress and feeling well, you certainly deserve to.
          How is everything going for you?

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’ve been out of commission since Tuesday afternoon until this morning.
            Insane levels of chronic pain for about 10 hours on Tuesday.
            I caught some sort of viral infection Wednesday morning.
            I literally couldn’t move.

            BH, I had some items cooked and frozen.
            The equivalent of four Thanksgiving meals are to be served from tomorrow evening through Tuesday afternoon.

            May Hashem give me strength for what needs to be done before the holiday.

            I have some sous chefs, including my youngest who just turned 18, who will help with cooking, etc.

            I’m having both of my married children and their families over.
            My daughter and her family was here for Shabbos as well.

            I’m really enjoying them tremendously.

            I’m very grateful that you and your family are doing well.
            May Hashem enable it to continue.

          2. williamdiamonz ghost

            I think your immune system needs a boost to protect you from viruses. I’d donate some of mine if I could. Would your doctors give you ivermectin or get you on a proper regimen of hydroxychloroquine w/ zinc?

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            You’re so exceptionally kind, William.

            Zinc is a huge problem for me as is a tremendous Iron deficiency that I have.
            I’m waiting to receive approval for IV infusion for the Iron.

            I took it when I had the Delta Variant.

            Unfortunately, both Iron and Zinc cause me to be extremely and debilatatingly nauseous.

            I cannot go back to nausea Hell, and I don’t use the word Hell lightly.
            I was “there” for more than a year and a half.

            I’ve been trying to eat foods very rich in Iron.
            The last blood test that I had about three months ago showed that I had no Iron left in reserve in my body.

            My terrific internist is on maternity leave.
            I have to see what’s going on.

            I take other Vitamins separately.
            Almost all of the multis have Iron, which is a nightmare for me.

            Overall, my immune system is definitely “shot” from over 21 years of severe chronic pain.

            BH, overall my pain level has been down approximately 35% as a result of Hashem’s pity and a risky surgery that ultimately paid off.
            My radical hysterectomy could have worsened the pain.
            There are studies proving that a uterus gives a certain balance to the body.

            I was pushed against the wall to the extent that I had to take a huge roll of the 🎲 dice which ended up being a tremendous blessing.

            I’m exceedingly grateful for that and all of the blessings that I have in my life.

            I had some fun with trying to snap a good picture of my grandson.
            I opine that this picture ended up coming out very cute.
            My youngest (who very badly needs a haircut), was holding him.
            He’s almost nine weeks old.

          4. williamdiamonz ghost

            I’m very glad to hear you’re doing better. This is a funny world where some of the best things happen and some of the worst but it’s sometimes as if there’s no rhyme or reason. I guess the best thing about dealing with the worst parts is that hopefully we will learn how to overcome them.
            Spinach is my favorite “iron” food. I use it instead of lettuce on sandwiches and salads. I wonder why iron is making you sick when it should be helping you. Have they checked your red blood cells?
            He’s so cute and looks like the perfect baby. That’s what it’s all about !

          1. Weary Traveler

            One of the reasons they gave for putting Jews in ghettos was claiming they were “diseased.” “Never again”, huh?

            Seems to me they were just biding their time to do it again as soon as possible.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Ironically enough, Jews always exercised terrific hygiene.
            It’s actually a Commandment from the Torah.

            That never deterred blood libels and pogroms.
            Off of the cuff, the Jews were blamed for the Black Death.
            The Jews used the same exact wells as the gentiles.

            These demonic scum are indeed trying to set this up again.
            Antisemitism is at a global high and is escalating tremendously every single day.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Demonic is a good way of putting it. These sick and evil people need to be put out of our misery once and for good. They have cause way too much death and suffering.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Just read the link.
      I’m disgusted, but completely unsurprised.

      The demonic phrase that came to my mind throughout the reading of the article, was “for the greater good.”

      These people need to die very painful deaths.

      1. Weary Traveler

        As you know, I personally faced the otherizing talked about in this article.

        Not to mention, spending the better part of 2020 having so-called “neighbors” along with strangers on the street telling me that I deserve to die for not wearing a cloth muzzle on my face.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Very, very few. And the ones that are around, are consumed with their own families, and have very little time for someone like myself.

            So outside of two people, my support system is nearly non-existent.

          2. Weary Traveler

            True. Although I tend to bear my fangs a lot sooner than I probably should.

            It takes very little for me to tell someone that they are dumber than AOC. *Hat tip to you for that clever line. LOL

          3. Weary Traveler

            That just gave me an idea. The “booby prize” should be a little AOC statue that portrays the horse-like bucked teeth and the giant bug eyes. LOL

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      YES! These are weak people who only retain their power if they’re allowed to keep them (not every tyrant is weak, however).
      Once self-respect is taken, submission does indeed result, manifold.

      WOW! Gates of Hell really aged.

      1. Weary Traveler

        The strong tyrants are what we would commonly know as dictators. Even then, their power still only comes from the acceptance of the masses.

        Oddly enough though, dictatorships are easier to overthrow than a totalitarian regime, whereas the former centers around an individual, a clan/group or family. The later goes around an idea that permeates the masses. So even if you take out the people at the top… The former USSR is a good example of it. Communism continued in spite of many successful coups.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Your entire posting is completely spot on as usual.

          Regarding your opening paragraph:
          Those would be described as dictators.

          It’s very difficult to take out those like Xi.
          I’m old enough to remember what occurred at Tiananmen Square.

          Agreed about why Communism is so very difficult to eradicate overall.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Xi is actually in danger of being taken out by Jiang Zemin, who is in charge of the finance wing of the CCP and served as China’s President during the Clinton years.

            As bad as Xi is, and Xi is monster. Jiang is actually far worse. This was the guy who actually engineered the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, simply to make a name for himself, to be seen as a strong man like his predecessor, Zhao Ziyang, who was behind the Tienanmen Square massacre.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Since before the invasion of Hong Kong, actually. It’s been going on for a while. The CCP is not as united as the west thinks.

            China is in a lot more trouble, politically, and economically than we are told in our media outlets, who rely on CCP money. This is why you were never, outside of The Epoch Times, by any western media, that the release of COVID, and the invasion of Hong Kong coincided with the Chinese housing market starting to go in to a free fall collapse = the real story behind the “ghost cities.”

          3. Weary Traveler

            Many of us have, unfortunately. Those who are supposed to be informing us, have not been doing their jobs properly.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Even under the best of circumstances, no one person can ever be expected to keep up with all that is going on, and a lot is going on at once. There is a lot of stuff I can’t keep up with, and know nothing about, and I am an information junkie.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            You’re very generous.

            I purposefully have been tremendously curtailing my intake of the news.
            When I am so inclined, I check out my news blurbs from JewishNews24.

            Somehow, I manage to find out what I need to.

            Unfortunately, there is nothing good transpiring for quite some time already.

            If I need to find out about something important, I will be duly informed.

            That doesn’t make me an ostrich.
            I refuse to ever become one.

            I am very vigilant and do the best that I can.

            Believe me, I know more than enough.
            I very clearly see the writing on the wall.

          6. Weary Traveler

            It’s an issue of all the negativity. Sadly, there is more than enough of it to go around.

  33. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Oldest Love Affair in History
    By Jeff Jacoby (October 2019)

    Amid rising anti-Semitism, the People of the Book rejoice with the Torah.

    On Oct. 14, 1663, the English civil servant Samuel Pepys decided to pay a visit to the Jewish synagogue in London’s Creechurch Lane. Jews were a novelty in Restoration England. They had been expelled from the realm nearly four centuries earlier, and it was only in 1656 that they had once again been permitted to live on English soil. Pepys, knowing nothing of Judaism, wasn’t aware that his excursion happened to coincide with the most euphoric day in the Jewish calendar – the festival of Simchat Torah, or “rejoicing with the Law.”

    What he saw bewildered him.

    “But Lord!” he recorded in his famous diary, “to see the disorder, laughing, sporting, and no attention, but confusion in all their service, more like brutes than people knowing the true God, would make a man forswear ever seeing them more and indeed I never did see so much, or could have imagined there had been any religion in the whole world so absurdly performed as this.”

    What Pepys had unwittingly walked in on was a celebration of the oldest love affair in history – the infatuation of the Jewish people with the Torah. In Judaism, there are no saints to adore or icons to venerate. Rather, there is a book to study and teach: the scroll of the law, the Torah given by God to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai, the essential text with which Jews have engaged intellectually and been sustained emotionally for more than three millennia.

    That book is “our most cherished possession,” writes Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, the noted British theologian and member of the House of Lords. “We stand in its presence as if it were a king. We dance with it as if it were a bride. We kiss it as if it were a friend. If, God forbid, one is damaged beyond repair, we mourn it as if it were a member of the family.” If a Torah scroll is accidentally dropped, everyone who witnesses it is expected to fast in penance. When a synagogue is burned, whether by accident or by arson, there is an immediate, palpable anxiety to know whether the Torah scrolls were saved or lost.

    Simchat Torah occurs on the last day of a three-week sequence of fall holidays. It follows Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. Unlike those holidays, however, Simchat Torah is not biblically ordained. It was not imposed by religious authorities from the top down, but grew organically from the bottom up. Its roots reach back 15 centuries to the ancient Jewish community of Babylonia, which formalized the practice of publicly reading the entire Torah – from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Deuteronomy – over the course of a year. The completion of the annual cycle became an occasion of joy, marked by singing and dancing around the synagogue with the Torah scrolls. Adults and children alike take part in the festivities. And as soon as the final verses of Deuteronomy are chanted from the end of one scroll, another is opened and the first chapter of Genesis is chanted: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” The Jewish engagement with the Torah never ends; as soon as we finish, we start again.

    The “people of the book,” Jews are called. The phrase comes from the Koran, where it appears 31 times – an apt emphasis, for no nation has ever been as closely identified with a book as have Jews with the Torah. Sacks notes that by the time Simchat Torah had spread throughout the Jewish world, Jews had lost everything that would seem indispensable to national survival: land, sovereignty, political freedom, a military. Yet they still had their book to study and teach and rejoice with. Somehow, that was enough to keep Jewish peoplehood alive.

    Three centuries after Pepys made his diary entry, another renowned writer encountered Jews celebrating Simchat Torah. In 1965, Elie Wiesel traveled to the Soviet Union, where Jews lived in fear and religion was repressed. And yet, he discovered, on one day of the year – Simchat Torah – throngs of young Jews streamed to the remaining synagogue in Moscow, bravely defying the KGB to openly celebrate their Jewishness.

    Wiesel was astonished.

    “Where did they all come from?” he marveled. “Who told them that tens of thousands of boys and girls would gather here to sing and dance and rejoice in the joy of the Torah? They who barely know each other and know even less of Judaism – how did they know that? I spent hours among them, dazed and excited, agitated by an ancient dream.” It was a harbinger of the coming struggle to save Soviet Jewry, which would eventually crack open the Iron Curtain and change the trajectory of the Cold War.

    Simchat Torah returns this week amid a rising global tide of anti-Semitism. One year after the Tree of Life massacre in Pittsburgh, and just days after the Yom Kippur shooting in Halle, Germany, Jews increasingly require police protection when they gather in prayer. Nevertheless, synagogues the world over will be filled anew with the same euphoria that so startled Pepys and amazed Wiesel. The People of the Book will once again rejoice with the Law, dancing with the scrolls that have been, for 33 centuries, the ultimate source of their identity and strength.

    This article originally appeared in the Boston Globe

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      To quote a very famous Rabbi (I forgot which one 🙈), when was the last time anyone ever danced with the Constitution?!

      Torah is Divine, unique, and stands alone.
      Moreover, it is Hashem’s greatest treasure that He gifted.

      1. Sapper 9

        The Torah is the word of G-D, the Constitution is the word of man; as good as the Constitution has been, it is still the words of men.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          EXACTLY. ☝️🏆🏆🏆
          I believe that is what I once told you.

          I should have been more specific herein.
          I was contrasting as to how they are cherished and revered.

          Those of us who study Torah understand the treasure that it is, each according to our own individual capabilities.

          1. Sapper 9

            You did not need to be more specific, your point was very clear; I only meant that as a form of agreement.

  34. Proud Conservative Mom

    The seventh day of Sukkot is called Hoshana Rabbah, and is considered the final day of the divine “judgment” in which the fate of the new year is determined. It is the day when the verdict that was issued on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur is finalized.

    The Midrash tells us that G‑d told Abraham: “If atonement is not granted to your children on Rosh Hashanah, I will grant it on Yom Kippur; if they do not attain atonement on Yom Kippur, it will be given on Hoshana Rabbah.”

    Isaiah says,1 “They seek Me day [after] day.” The Talmud explains2 that these two “days” refer to the day when the shofar is sounded (Rosh Hashanah) and the day when we take the willow (Hoshana Rabbah)—the day when the heavenly judgment begins, and the day when it concludes.

    In addition, on Sukkot we are judged regarding how much rain will fall in the upcoming year.3 Thus, on Hoshana Rabbah, the final day of Sukkot, this judgment is finalized. Considering how much our wellbeing and economy depend on bountiful rainfall, it is clear how important this day is.

    The Day of the Willow
    The primary observance of Hoshana Rabbah is “the taking of the willow.” In addition to the Four Kinds taken every day of Sukkot, it is a tradition, dating back to the times of the prophets, to take an additional willow on the seventh day of Sukkot. This commemorates the willow ceremony in the Holy Temple, where large eighteen-foot willow branches were set around the altar every day of Sukkot. Every day of Sukkot the altar was circled once, to the sounds of supplications for divine assistance; on Hoshana Rabbah, the altar was circled seven times.

    Today, during the course of the Hoshana Rabbah morning services, all the Torah scrolls are taken out of the Ark and are held by people standing around the bimah (Torah reading table). The congregation then makes seven circuits around the bimah (instead of the one circuit done the other days of Sukkot) while reciting the Hoshaanot prayers, with the Four Kinds in hand. At the conclusion of the Hoshaanot we take a bundle of five willows (available for a nominal fee at most synagogues), and with it we strike the ground five times, symbolizing the “tempering of the five measures of harshness.”

    It is customary for all—men, women, and even small children—to perform this ritual. One should not use a willow bundle already used by another; a bundle should be purchased for every family member. After the bundle is used, many have the custom of throwing it onto the top of the Ark.

    Other Hoshana Rabbah Observances
    Night Learning

    In consideration of the auspiciousness of the day, it is customary in many communities to remain awake on the night preceding Hoshana Rabbah. After joyous dancing, we recite the entire book of Deuteronomy, wherein the precepts to love and fear G‑d are expounded at length. In certain communities, the entire book of Deuteronomy is read in the synagogue from the Torah scroll. After midnight, the entire book of Psalms is recited. In some congregations it is a custom for the gabbai (synagogue manager) to distribute apples (signifying a “sweet year”) to the congregants. These apples are then taken home, dipped in honey, and eaten in the sukkah.

    Morning Prayers

    Because of the length of the day’s Hoshaanot prayers, the morning service is a bit longer than the usual Chol Hamoed prayers. However, in many communities (though not in Chabad synagogues), the prayers are augmented with many standard holiday prayers as well as additional liturgy composed specifically for Hoshana Rabbah—and as such, last for several hours. In fact, in certain communities it is even customary to sound the shofar, as a call to repentance, during the course of the prayers.

    The Hoshaanot prayers and circuits are done immediately before the reading of the Torah, or in some communities, after the Musaf prayer.

    Festive Meal

    A festive meal is eaten in the sukkah. We dip the bread in honey for the last time. Many have the custom to eat kreplach—dough filled with ground beef or chicken, folded into triangles—on this day. Click here for a recipe.

    Hoshana Rabbah is also the last occasion on which we recite the special blessing for eating in the sukkah, since the biblical commandment to dwell in the sukkah is only for seven days (though it is the practice of many communities—and such is the Chabad custom—that outside of the Land of Israel, we eat in the sukkah also on the eighth day, Shemini Atzeret).

    The Meaning of Hoshanah Rabbah
    Hoshana means “save” and is the recurring refrain of the Hoshaanot ceremony performed every day of Sukkot. Hoshana Rabbah, “the great Hoshana,” was thus named because we repeat this ritual, during which we solemnly circle the Torah, seven times on this day, instead of just once as we had done in the previous days.

    The name can be read to mean “great salvation.” The Rebbe explains that since size is relative, only something that is infinite can be described as being truly great. Thus, on this day we are assured that we can draw down infinite blessings from Above into every area of our lives.

    Isaiah 58:2.

    Jerusalem Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 4:8.

    Talmud, Rosh Hashanah 16a.

  35. Proud Conservative Mom

    Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration plans to continue flying migrants who entered the country illegally to Democratic strongholds, his spokeswoman said Saturday, a day after newly released records showed the state paid nearly $1 million to arrange two sets of flights to Delaware and Illinois.

    — JewishNews24

      1. Proud Conservative Mom


        It’s so fabulous to hear from you.
        I’ve been wondering how you are doing.

        I’m going to hang in there.
        I have so very much to look forward to and to live for.

        I’m a survivor and fighter and we continue to remain so, with Hashem’s Help.

        What a beautiful flower! 💞
        TYMK for sharing it.

      2. Proud Conservative Mom

        P.P.S., @williamdiamonzghost:disqus, the viral infection that I had contracted was from my sister-in-law and her family.

        They were down for the count for a couple of days.
        It takes more time for me to heal…

        No one knew until it was too late.
        BH, no one else in my family got sick.

          1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Laughter and smiles are good medicine! Reckon that makes me a “medicine man”. Lol

  36. Sapper 9

    PCM WARNING, the meme is fine, but, the article has one photo that I did not notice until I posted it; however, the meme gets the point across.

    Note: the cause of death has not been reported and this might be a coincidence.

      1. williamdiamonz ghost

        It is serial murder. The covid virus was the delivery vehicle but the vaxxxine is the warhead.
        Their intent is cull seven billion of us to build their new world order.

          1. williamdiamonz ghost

            I think he’s referring to the deceit that was forced down our throats concerning the virus being “so deadly” and the vaxxxine being “so safe” when the opposite was true.

          1. williamdiamonz ghost

            Sorry. If I was on the beach I would have covered him with sand to protect the public but it is important to reveal these people for who they are.
            I could call Klaus Schwab insane all day long but that one pic proves it. And he’s the face of the plandemic, the great reset, the neu weird odor, and the shills for big pharma we find online.
            Again, sorry for any collateral damage I’ve caused.


          2. Weary Traveler

            If he was on the beach in my day, the surfers would have beat him to a pulp with their boards, walking around the beach like that.

          3. Weary Traveler

            As Michael Savage used to say; “When the chrome was thick, and the women were straight.” LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            You mean before a bunch of commies and angry lesbians convinced a bored housewives that their husbands were evil ogres for working their butts off to provide them with a comfortable life.

          5. Weary Traveler

            That top meme states what I have tried to explain to people for years. Change is just change. Whether it is good, bad or indifferent depends on the circumstance of each occurrence.

            And that change is not always a progression in a positive direction.

            They never stop and thought about who is the beneficiary of the narrative, which is Corporate America with the workers/consumers, and the government with a larger tax base.

          6. Weary Traveler

            Right? This is really all about destroying relationships between people, so you have people who are broken down and atomized, and therefore easier to control.

          7. williamdiamonz ghost

            Great to see you too Mom !
            The scary part to me isn’t what he looks like. I saw “Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein” so I know what monsters look like.
            The scary part is that he would even dress like that, let alone in public.
            I’ll delete the pic of Klaus if you’d like.


          8. williamdiamonz ghost

            No joke. Consider the mindset of someone that would dress like that in public. That’s what’s running the show. That’s who Brandon is working for, not us.

            Someone may. They’re fighting in Donbas now but the final battle will be in Davos.

          9. Weary Traveler

            As if we needed any further confirmation that the guy was sick in the head. That just further solidifies it.

            You just can’t make this stuff up.

          1. williamdiamonz ghost

            It appears to be a troll. It’s attempting to disparage someone I follow. I’ve never seen it before.

          2. Sapper 9

            That would make sense, as it only has a little over 100 comments, I would assume that it has a newly created profile.

            Wasn’t Tbone the Gay lover of the congressman that thinks that he is Spartacus, he claimed that Tbone died in his arms. lol

          1. Sapper 9

            I am not advocating for doing either one, I only expect my cats to keep my yard mouse free, I do not need to amuse myself with silly costumes. lol

          2. Weary Traveler

            I don’t even expect that much out of mine. The companionship is more than enough. Yeah, the cat is spoiled rotten. LOL

          3. Chief Mac

            The two indoor cats yes – the two that will own the barn – oh yes I do expect them to eliminate those rodents

    1. george linker

      How does one go about determining why the bear is doing something? It could be it was simply easier to slide.

  37. Tony

    Revealed: British taxpayers spent £1.2m on translators for suspected Albanian criminals last year – more than double the total spent five
    years ago – amid surge in illegal Channel crossings fuelled by people-traffickers in Balkan state

    Immigrants cross the Channel in boats and we look after them and give them houses to live in and we are not allowed to send them back.
    We are stark staring raving mad.

    1. Sapper 9

      Near where I live, there is a small school district bragging that 52 different languages are spoken in their schools, this is in a school district supported by 12,000 residents.

      For every language, they will need at least one translator , which do not work for free.

      There was a local Chinese translator, who had only worked with one child for years, after the child graduated, she adopted another Chinese speaker, that way she kept a job.

    1. Tony

      Lots of these “activists” have surfaced recently and causing trouble. For no known reason reason the police are reluctant to do anything about them. Our new Home Secretary has said that she is going to do something about it. I’ll believe that when I see it.

      1. Chief Mac

        England needs to adopt an American institution – Baseball and the people just beat the crap out of those morons wherever they appear and they will either get the message or stay in the hospital

    2. george linker

      Those people are beyond all hope with nothing but the hate taught them by the un and science in their heart. They are selfish spoiled little children who’s parents failed them with lack of discipline. They are pure evil

      1. Weary Traveler

        They are too indoctrinated with propaganda. People like them are the reason why I think Plato’s Allegory of the Cave should have ended with the hero throwing a live grenade down the hole, taking out both the sheep and the puppet masters.

  38. Weary Traveler

    Seems to me the powers that aught not be just want to save their own sorry skins.

    They are not genuinely sorry. On the contrary, they got off on their power trips, and inflicting mass suffering on the population because they are evil and hateful.

    But even if my some miracle, they realized the error of their ways, and genuinely apologized, they should NEVER be forgiven. They should be cancelled like they did to so many people. They crossed lines that are unforgivable.

    Small Steps Toward Truth and Justice

  39. Weary Traveler

    It was a warm Tuesday afternoon, 33 years ago on this date, October 17th, 1989 at 5:04pm, the world series, which was being hosted at Candlestick Park, was interrupted at the top pf the game by a 6.9 earthquake that rocked both the San Francisco, and Monterey Bay Areas. The earthquake was felt as far away as Sacramento, well over 100 miles away from the epicenter.

    Although much of the mainstream media primarily focused on the damage in San Francisco and Oakland, namely, the fires in the Marina District, the 50 ft portion of the Cantilever section of the Bay Bridge where the upper deck came down on the lower deck, and the collapse of the Cypress Free way in west Oakland, most of the damage was in the Santa Cruz area, which was much closer to the epicenter, which was just south of the unincorporated community of Loma Prieta, in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

    Here is some raw footage I found on YouTube taken from a man who went to Moss Landing, CA = between Santa Cruz and Monterey, to film the sunset.

    A local news clip showing large fissures in the roads near Loma Prieta itself, not more than a mile or so from the epicenter.

    For those of us who were here to experience it, we will never forget where we were, or what we were doing when the earthquake hit. But for those of us paying attention, there are many lessons from that day that we will never forget.

    Lesson 1.) Much of the damage in San Francisco and Oakland that was featured around the clock on the news was preventable. It was more the result of that State of California’s corruption, and neglect to our infrastructure than the earthquake itself. A prime example of this is the 50ft section of the Upper deck of the Bay Bridge that came down. Contrary to what we were constantly told by politicians and bureaucrats through our corporate media, the Cantilever section — the Oakland side — of the Bay Bridge, did not “fail.”

    About a year prior to the earthquake, survey crews had spotted rusted bolts in that section of the bridge, and had alerted CalTrans engineers of the issue. As usual, CalTrans neglected to do their jobs. I suppose they had more important tasks like playing Solitaire on the computer, or chitchatting around the water cooler all day about how the general public are a bunch of contemptible rubes.

    After the bridge was finally repaired and reopened, Caltrans engineers insisted that the bridge was “not structurally sound for such a seismically active area”, and must be replaced as soon as possible because it was so unsafe. As soon as possible was 24 years later when the new span was built and open to the public for travel. 24 years? Really? I suppose it took them that long to get all the back room deals put together, and to come up with the funds after laundering our money.

    A perfectly good cantilever structure, made from real US steel — which we were told we can longer get — was torn down and the material shipped to Communist China. Most likely to make Chinese tanks and other weaponry to be used against us. And in exchange, instead of us just recycling the steel to build a new bridge, we got cheap synthetic Chinese steel, which was already showing signs of corrosion in under 2 years.

    Lesson 2.) Since that day, local corporate news media has used the anniversary of the Loma Prieta Earthquake, and any other small tremor we have experienced since then, to push earthquake related fear porn, and “misinformation.” The lost popular got-to catch phrase for the local media, and their expert shills is that we are “overdue for the big one.” Sorry, but that is just simply not how earthquakes work. They are actually very random. Theoretically, a “big one” can occur any day. Maybe today, tomorrow or next week. Or maybe, not for another hundred years.

    Their reasoning behind our region being “overdue” for a “big one” is based on the fact that the last time a major earthquake occurred along the Hayward fault was over 160 years ago. And somehow the averaged major activity to occur every 70 years on that particular fault line. First of all, seismic records do not date back far enough to accurately establish such an average. And second, as previously stated, that is simply just not how earthquakes work at all. But anything to keep people scared and glued to the TV. Just as they did with COVID for over 2 years.

    Lesson 3.) Americans came together and pitched in to help their communities. On the one hand, this a good decade before the reject from other states, called “Dot Commies” came in with their startups, most of which ripped off their investors, and brought in more rejects like them and cheap foreign labor displacing the local population. But there are three good examples that come to mind of this community spirit.

    First is citizens helping the SFFD put out the fires in the Marina District. The fire was caused by a ruptured gas line. The earthquake also did damage to the power and water lines, and the city of San Francisco was without power and water. The fire department was unable to pump fire from the hydrants. Fortunately, the fires were only a few blocks away from the bay shore, and pitched in to assist the fire department, running the hoses to the bay, and help handle the hoses to put the fires out.

    Second is the with the collapse of the Cypress Freeway in Oakland. Regular citizens pitched in to help find, and pull people out of cars trapped in the collapsed freeway structure at risk to their own personal safety, as anyone of the aftershocks could have brought the structure down even further, trapping these good Samaritans.

    Lastly, residents in Santa Cruz pitched in to save a local book store that had been in downtown Santa Cruz for at least 30 years. Risking both life and limb to keep the family that owns the bookstore from losing their inventory. In spite of resistance they were getting from local law enforcement.

    Compare these examples of regular people to that of our politicians and media. And think on how true this contrast still is today.

    We are better than our so-called “leaders” who think they can boss us around, and their lapdogs in the corporate media who think they have a right to tell us what we are supposed to believe. Therefore, we can overcome them, and will.

    1. Chief Mac

      I remember that date because I was in Santa Rosa, California. Grabbed the kids and went out the sliding glass door and stood in the patio which I had bricked over. I looked south at the house that was moving back and forth in front of me while I stood on my patio that was undulating under my feet in a wave up and down and the back gate was going from left to right all in a space of about 30 x 30 feet

      1. Weary Traveler

        I was at home in San Jose, CA. I was laying on the floor in my bedroom doing my homework, my mom was on her way home from work, and my stepdad was in the living room watching the world series.

        The house was shaking violently, I could not get up. I was near a large dresser/cabinet combo in my room that kept swaying, and I was afraid it was going to fall on me. If I wasn’t so much like a deer in headlights, I would have thought to roll away, and slink under the bed.

        My mom said that she thought her truck was about to blow up because of how it was shaking when she was at a stoplight. Then she saw the other cars around her shaking, and she figured out what was happening. She rushed home as quick as she could. Fortunately, she wasn’t too far away.

  40. bill smith

    I forgot that the lotto was on Friday, and not Saturday…. I didn’t buy out ticket until Saturday afternoon, only to realize that the ticket I just bought is for Oct 18th, tomorrow.
    The good news is that nobody won, and our free ticket for that draw produced a new free ticket.
    Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

      1. Sapper 9

        I have already voted, a process that required me to go to the county clerks office, provide an ID, fill out a form swearing to my reason, filling out the ballot and getting the envelope notarized.

          1. Sapper 9

            You must live in a deep blue area if you feel that it is not important, where I live, it is very important.

            I picked up a ballot researched everything on it , filled it out, had it notarized and have returned it in person .

          2. Chief Mac

            I live in a solid red area and will be voting Democrat just to get a RINO out of office – he votes about 80% with the LeftTwats already so might as well get a real one and get rid of him in 2 years

          3. Chief Mac

            Doesn’t matter – can’t get rid of the RINO because all the big businesses support him so getting out of office is the most important thing

          4. Sapper 9

            That is the problem with our Nation, the DONOR class has more power than the VOTER CLASS, as most people make their decisions based on the commercials and not actual research.

            The donors know that they will get something in return from the political class for their campaign donations and for hiring useless relatives of the political class, see Hunter Bidet, Chelsea Clinton and Paul Pelosi Jr.


          5. george linker

            I don’t believe democracy and voting makes even a little bit of difference. It is all an illusion created to make people feel like they are participating.

          6. Sapper 9

            In my state we worked hard to get rid of Claire McCaskill and to send Josh Hawley to the Senate, we made a difference; sadly, this is not always the case.

            The Soap box, the ballot box , then the ammo box, in that order.

          7. Sapper 9

            I worked on Senator Hawley’s election campaign and got VIP access to meet PRESIDENT Trump , win-win; we are getting ready to replace RINO Blunt with Eric Schmitt, he has done a great job as AG.

          8. Weary Traveler

            I live in a deep blue cesspool, and I will be out there.

            The way I see it, they are in a state of constant war, as they thrive off of drama and conflict. So, I give it back to them.

          9. Weary Traveler

            They want as few voting as possible to make it that much easier for them to cheat.

            We need to show up in person in large numbers to overwhelm their system.

          10. george linker

            I don’t buy into more voting means less cheating. I don’t even believe voting makes any difference at all. The ones everyone vote for have all been picked for them.

          11. Weary Traveler

            Kari Lake won the primary because people overwhelmed the system, as did Youngkin in Virginia.

            Think of how they cheated in 2020. They used mail in ballots, and were able to calculate how many ballots they needed to produce to change the outcome.

            This is why many states are getting rid of the voting laws that were passed under COVID.

            Apathy is exactly what these people want. It makes their lives a lot easier. The only thing that changes it is people being active.

            Notice how the other side never quits, even when their backs are up against a wall. Half of our side quits just because the other side doesn’t go down with one punch. That’s the problem.

          12. george linker

            They want turn out. That is how they feed their ego. They believe in participation to the point they want to force it with laws.

          13. Weary Traveler

            They actually want less in person turn out so they can stuff ballot boxes. That’s how they always played the game.

          14. John Gillis

            That’s what they’re already doing in Arizona. We need an anti-communist rapid response hotline to monitor these boxes.

          15. Weary Traveler

            I think you are going to see more of that in red and swing states now that people have caught on. Blue states will be a challenge, but a few of them like Oregon and New York, are showing strong possibilities of flipping.

          16. Proud Conservative Mom

            I just posted that we need to take a page out of Virginia’s and Arizona’s books.

            YES. Apathy is exactly what they want and complete and utter despair.

            I cannot even relay to you how many times over the years I have stated your opening paragraph.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Paisley grew again!
      How does she like school this year?

      I love how you captioned your pictures.

      You just gave me a perfect “excuse” to post pictures of my grandchildren.
      They were so much fun to have over.

      It’s way too quiet in my house…

      1. Sapper 9

        They are beautiful children, you need no excuse!

        We have been compressing the Critical Path on our major project; I am ahead of schedule, but we have been working 60-70 hours a week for over six weeks to get way ahead; yesterday was my first day off in six weeks and I took advantage of it to the fullest.

        Our fuel truck was stolen, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise, even though I had to call in a few favors and pay a delivery driver for his lunch hour and extra evening hours; the idiots that stole the truck didn’t realize that it was bone dry. lol

        Paisley loves to have her picture taken and generally poses for the photos.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          Oh my goodness!
          Those are very difficult hours to put in.
          You must be totally exhausted.

          Well you certainly know how to spend a beautiful day off!

          It’s a really adorable age because you can really have conversations with Paisley, I would imagine.
          She’s also very beautiful and adorable.

          Esther is three, but has such a mature speech and has such excellent problem solving and reasoning skills.
          I feel like I am conversing with someone much older.
          Rachel is turning 2 tomorrow and is a real character.
          Avraham gets into alot of trouble, LOL.
          Yisroel is a mushable squishable who just turned nine weeks.

          I’m beyond blessed on so many levels.

          1. Sapper 9

            Paisley was a little behind in her speech development for a while; however, now she is ahead.

            I am building what the city calls “the anchor point” for a new industrial-heavy commercial area, I want to stay ahead of schedule to keep in the running to build more of this area.

            We have moved millions of cubic feet of earth, not as impressive in cubic yards. lol

            The State had to close one side of the interstate for two weeks to strengthen the off and on ramps ,in preparation for future heavy traffic

          2. Sapper 9

            The pediatrician said she was just stubborn , I think she was correct; however, her mother spent a lot of time encouraging her.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      I love how the gentleman explained the words in a very interesting and engaging manner.
      (That’s coming from a person who knows the words.)

      I never heard of Arise before.
      That’s very good to know.

  41. bill smith

    Saudis Accuse Biden of Impeachable Offense; Durham Exposes Mueller and Comey Lies


    President Joe Biden is being accused of quid pro quo by attempting to get Saudi Arabia to delay cuts to oil production until after the 2022 midterm elections. The Saudi government issued a public release exposing the attempt, and this could be an impeachable offense for Biden, on par with former President Donald Trump’s calls with Ukrainian leadership that Democrats (wrongly) voted to impeach him over.

    Meanwhile, special counsel John Durham is continuing his investigations into the Crossfire Hurricane scandal, and a recent trial exposed that former FBI Director James Comey and former special counsel Robert Mueller lied about key information.

    1. george linker

      Most do not even care if the democrats do something. It is all about getting rid of republicans. The truth has been lost to climate change.

      1. bill smith

        DEMs are subjected to a very low standard. I usually hate that normal people are subjected to the highest standards, but then I think that this is also part of the reason why we are so much better then them. Our actions could have repercussion, theirs does not.

        1. Sapper 9

          DEMs are subjected to NO standards at all; there is no separation between the ~~media~~ propagandists, Hollyweird, the alphabet agencies, academia, the teacher’s union and the DNCCP.

        2. Proud Conservative Mom

          I agree with @sapper9:disqus
          Dems are held to no standards.

          Personally, I would like to think that we would be better than them because we are (including everyone on this board), moral and normal people.

          When I was a registered DemonRAT when I was domiciled in NYC, (I chose that method in order to weed the worst out in the primaries), my morals and values didn’t change even though I was a fake Dem.

          Of course in the general election, I voted straight Republican.
          When I moved to NJ (17 years ago), I couldn’t handle it anymore and registered as a Republican as did my children when they became old enough to vote.

  42. Weary Traveler

    Farty Pants Fartwell is one to talk. It was the left that criminalized peaceful protest and is currently holding political prisoners in a gulag in DC.

    ‘MAGA Republican’ Police Arrest Woman For Having Abortion in Bizarre Ad By Swalwell

    1. Sapper 9

      This meme describes many Democrats and some Republicans.

      Fang Fang helped Swallowswell with his political career from the very beginning and all the way into congress.

      After the FIB visited him to ask questions about her, someone tipped her off and she fled, I wonder who tipped her off. sarc

      1. Weary Traveler

        Without that assistance, all that guy would be doing right now is working the drive-thru in a local Burger King.

        All Democrats are losers.

          1. Weary Traveler

            You would probably then be over qualified to be a BK manager. I had a coworker who used to work at a BK when she was in high school. The stories she told me made me never want to eat there again. She said the only requirement for the job is a pulse. They’ll even hire homeless people off the streets, apparently, based on one of the stories she told me about a particular coworker she had there.

    1. Felix

      I am actually blessed with a cat like that. Almost exactly like that. But when she gets like that she drools a lot.

    1. John Gillis

      Now that is something I know professors would get behind. In one of my undergrad classes, I had a sociology professor whose lesson plan was focused on hunter-gatherer societies. She even believed in her heart that such societies were morally and ethically superior to Western societies and argued that these people had a better quality of life. SMH.

      1. Weary Traveler

        So what is stopping any of these professors from giving away everything they own, and going to live in a cave somewhere in the woods?

        Notice how they are not so quick to go lead the lifestyle they preach to the rest of us.

    2. Proud Conservative Mom

      Good morning WT!

      This was so incredibly well done!
      I love the sarcasm!

      The Hell of having issues with one’s teeth alone, could indeed kill people from infections.
      Women absolutely died during childbirth and it wasn’t uncommon.

      The moronic Leftists present that lifestyle as if it was the grandest way to live.
      That’s what they want to do to us.

      And of course, if one builds someone else a house the builder shouldn’t even think about receiving payment.
      What kind of idiot has such notions of creatively making a living?

      1. Weary Traveler

        Like I said to John below, I have to wonder if these leftists think it is such a wonderful way to live, then why haven’t they given up all their material belongings, and gone out in to the remote wilderness to live off the land? Not like we would try to stop them.

        I just find it very telling that they are not so willing to go live the lifestyles they want to inflict on us.

          1. Weary Traveler

            That makes two of us. I for one am sick to death of being lectured to by hypocrites and dimwits.

  43. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good morning/afternoon everyone!

    I hope that you are all doing great in every single manner!

    The Jewish holidays are over until Chanukah or (this is my most fervent hope and dream every single day of my life) until Moshiach comes.
    New holidays will be instituted.
    May he make his appearance right now!

    (The holidays were so very beautiful.)

    Going to read the board Be’Ezras Hashem after I do my walking.
    I’m late in doing it today.

    Yesterday, and the night before was the ecstatic dancing with the Torah.

    Throughout our long and very painful exile of over 2,000 years, we had no Bais Hamikdash, no offerings, and all that came with it.
    But we always had since 2448, our precious Torah.
    The Torah has always been our lifeline and strength for those who held onto it with their hearts and souls.

    Ashrecha Yisroel (how lucky you are (the nation of) Israel)!

        1. Eileen Mother of Leopard Cats

          Hello, I am doing well getting ready for winter and enjoying a littler of Bengal kittens. The event gave me a smile to see them enjoying their cultural heritage instead of another depressing woke outrage. It was a good way to start the day with something positive.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Good morning Sapper9!
      One of the biggest problems with purchasing smuggled drugs, is that one never knows what they are getting.
      Moreover, even if one receives a pure version, the dosing has to be handled extremely carefully and under the guidance of an anesthesiologist who specializes in pain management.

      I have a huge problem with the @#$_&-+@#$_&-+@#$_&-+ government (pardon my language) swinging on only opposite sides of the pendulum.
      There is never any middle ground.

      I tremendously support those people who have legitimate chronic pain to be prescribed the medication that they need to have some quality of life.

      Any pain medicine is potentially addictive.

      It is cruel and unusual punishment what the government has done to sick people.

      As my pain doctor so aptly and succinctly put it, (which echoed what his professor taught), is that not prescribing adequate medication for pain relief is no different than denying chemotherapy to a cancer patient or insulin to a diabetic.

      I concur absolutely with that statement.
      They are CORRECT.

      I know that I went off on a tangent.
      I just couldn’t help it.

      1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

        Chilly start this morning, busy outside since it warmed up. Sunny and dry! Doing fine! 👍

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          That’s terrific!
          I’m so very grateful to hear that.

          My friend’s outdoor pool is open until the end of this week.
          I’m not quite the polar bear she is.
          I have to check the forecast.

          1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            “No man in the wrong can stand up against a fellow that’s in the right and keeps on a-comin’.” Texas Ranger Bill McDonald

            Just keep on a-comin’! Ornery and stubborn will triumph in the end.

      1. Philo Kvetch

        eassa, an interesting tidbit involving gun registration, is the quiet demise of the NY COBIS program (Combined Ballistic Identification System).
        The State collected a spent casing from every handgun sold, and maintained a ballistic “fingerprint” database. After ten years collecting this info on the hundreds of thousands of handguns sold and maintaining this database, the State quietly ended the program as not a single crime had been solved with it.

          1. Philo Kvetch

            It certainly does, but the sad part is that the blinders they wear prevent them from recognizing the obvious truth; that honest citizens don’t commit crimes and criminals don’t register guns.
            They are incapable of learning that simple truth.

          2. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Public school indoctrination system. Corrected for accuracy. 😎

            “A general State education is a mere contrivance for molding people to be exactly like one another; and as the mold in which it casts them is that which pleases the dominant power in the government, whether this be a monarch, an aristocracy, or a majority of the existing generation; in proportion as it is efficient and successful, it establishes a despotism over the mind, leading by a natural tendency to one over the body.” John Stuart Mill

          3. BBQman aka quetzal

            I felt it, I and many others have lived our entire lives connected to a world currency system predicated on lies. Despotism lives during current times, what will trigger a balance?

          4. BBQman aka quetzal

            The upward trend in government spending was practically a flat line of around $116.00 per capita from 1880 to 1913, then, it starts going up at an accelerated pace to the $57,000 per person today. After a careful review of the potential triggers that created this environment, it has been concluded that the last eight words of the 16th amendment are the Genesis. These words allowed congress too delegate away their constitutional duties to unelected unaccountable and now unacceptable bureaucrats and this is also true for many states legislators.

            “Passed by Congress July 2, 1909. Ratified February 3, 1913.
            Note: Article I, section 9, of the Constitution was modified by amendment 16.

            The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, {{and without regard to any census or enumeration.”}}
            The government crapped on the Constitution big time with the 16th.
            Thomas Jefferson was very concerned that private banks should never have control of public funds. I share his sentiments.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            Absolutely the government spending has become insane.

            The clause that you referred to essentially gave Congress the ability to create a Fourth Column, which is precisely what was described.

            I share Thomas Jefferson’s sentiments as well.

          6. BBQman aka quetzal

            There’s evidence out there proving the 16th was never ratified by enough states either, it’s an unconstitutional amendment.

          7. BBQman aka quetzal

            I was helping my daughter and husband get ready for a horse riding trip this morning, a lot of people trailer their horses to a cool location, set up campsites, then ride new trails during the day, they usually camp out there for a nite or two!
            Cersei is my daughter’s horse, she’s like having another dog around, very social animal.

          8. saltysailor

            Trying to find in @legaleagle45:disqus legaleagle45’s posting history where he addressed this.
            So far all I have is…

            “Do you mean the so called ToN amendment which was never ratified by a sufficient number of states?
            Favorite claim by certain conspiracy theorists which has been debunked numerous times.”

            I’ll keep looking for the detail he did on it.

          9. BBQman aka quetzal

            Philander Chase Knox (May 6, 1853 – October 12, 1921) was an American lawyer, Rothschild man, bank director and politician. A member of the Republican Party, Knox served in the Cabinet of three different presidents and represented Pennsylvania in the United States Senate.
            Philander Chase Knox was a co-conspiracist who joined ranks with those who met at Jekyll island. He was connected to Andrew Carnegie who later sold Carnegie Steel to J.P. Morgan who was at Jekyll Island, Morgan and Benjamin Strong Jr. both had strong ties to Knox!

          10. legaleagle45

            ToN Amendment = Titles of Nobility…

            The conspiracy theorists assert that it validly adopted but that the ratification was suppressed by lawyers and bankers because the honorarium “Esquire” is a title of nobility, and it would strip any and all lawyers of their citizenship and ability to hold any public office… including judges, prosecuting attorneys and all elected officials who happen to have a law degree.

          11. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

            Busy while the sun is shining! Gonna have another mini vacation next week. Chores to get done before Tuesday!! Doing good so far. 👌

  44. Sapper 9

    The CDC has voted to require COVID vaccines in the Children’s vaccination schedule for federal programs.

    Un-elected bureaucrats should not be dictating our lives, we are supposed to be able to vote for those that make our rules.

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Agreed, most definitely.

      FYI, even those medical professionals who were pushing the Franken-jabs were not doing so for children (not all of course).

      This entire saga is absolutely outrageous and demonic.

      1. "Divergent" sgthwjack ✯

        Basic truth concerning the American health care system from my US rep.

        “…America’s health care system has evolved into an insurance-run, government-dictated bureaucratic racket that works for everyone except patients and doctors.” Chip Roy

  45. Proud Conservative Mom

    A man has been charged with stealing and burning a Mezuzah taken from a Jewish home in Bloomington Indiana.

    Nineteen-year-old IU student Jeremy Chung Ho Park Patzelt faces trial for stealing and burning a mezuzah from a home on the night of Sept. 29.

    Patzelt was charged with two counts of criminal mischief, a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.

    — JewishNews24

  46. Proud Conservative Mom

    Liz Truss’s crumbling government was dealt a fresh blow on Wednesday with the departure of Home Secretary Suella Braverman following a security breach.

    Ms Braverman said she had made “a mistake” by sending an official document regarding migration policy via her personal phone and had tendered her resignation.

    — JewishNews24

    @anthonyquest:disqus, what is going on please?

  47. Proud Conservative Mom

    Taxpayers will get fatter standard deductions for 2023 and all seven federal income tax bracket levels will be revised upward as the government allows people to shield more of their money from taxation because of persistently high inflation.

    For couples who file jointly for tax year 2023, the standard deduction increases to $27,700 up $1,800 from tax year 2022, the IRS announced. Single taxpayers and married people filing separately will see their the standard deduction rise to $13,850, up $900, and for heads of households, the standard deduction will be $20,800, up $1,400.

    — JewishNews24

  48. Proud Conservative Mom

    Argentina’s justice department has asked Qatar to arrest a top Iranian official for his alleged participation in a 1994 attack on a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires that killed 85 people.

    Federal judge Daniel Rafecas late on Monday requested the detention of Iran Vice President for Economic Affairs Dr. Mohsen Rezaei Mirghaed, who is currently in Qatar, so he can be tried in Argentina.

    Argentina does not currently have an extradition treaty with Qatar.

    — JewishNews24

  49. Proud Conservative Mom

    Two senior officials from the Palestinian militant Hamas group visited Syria’s capital on Wednesday for the first time since they were forced to leave the war-torn country a decade ago over backing armed opposition fighters.

    The visit appears to be a first step toward reconciliation between Hamas and the Syrian government.

    — JewishNews24

  50. Proud Conservative Mom

    Israel has offered to help Ukraine in developing an early-warning system but will not provide weapon systems, Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Wednesday.

    “Our policy vis-a-vis Ukraine will not change – we will continue to support and stand with the West, we will not provide weapon systems. We have asked the Ukrainians to share information regarding their needs, and offered to assist in developing a life-saving early-warning system,” he said.

    — JewishNews24

    1. Weary Traveler

      I don’t even know why Israel would give them that much. But then again, look at Bennett.

        1. Weary Traveler

          As of now, anyone providing aide and comfort to Zelensky is a traitor to humanity trying to start thermal nuclear war. If not for western interference, this whole thing would have been over in a matter of weeks if allowed to play out on its own. But western “leaders” can’t allow that because they have too much dirt to hide to Ukraine.

          This isn’t hard to figure out. If Russia losing is a foregone conclusion, and Putin’s days are numbered — as we have been told for months — then why in the blue hell are we sending Zelensky billions of dollars every month?

          Anyone who hasn’t figured this all out by now never will.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            You positively NAILED it.

            You and I are critical thinkers.

            There are those who blind themselves.
            And then of course, there are those who have a very specific agenda.

            As always, the sheeple support who they are told to support.

          2. Weary Traveler

            The good news in all of this nonsense is that the chicken hawks are losing traction, because people are being crushed with inflation, high energy prices, and no one, other than some sick politicians, and their contractor buddies, want thermal nuclear war.

            A nuke can ruin anyone’s day. Even if it goes off 100 or more miles away from you, fallout can travel up to 2,000 miles, depending on the megaton blast of the warhead.

            Just ask the people of St. George Utah about that. And all the people that died from cancer back in the day when the Department of Energy was still conducting above ground testing of nuclear weapons at the Nevada National Security Site, just to the north of Las Vegas, NV. And back in those days, nukes were just little firecrackers compared to what they are capable of today.

          3. Weary Traveler

            And the scary part is, Brandon, and other western “leaders”, are picking a fight with someone who actually has the most powerful nukes available.

            These people are suicidal.

          4. Sapper 9

            My very first Job in the Army was as a 12 Echo , Atomic Demolitions, deploying small transportable nukes; with our open border and the Democrat’s eagerness to give terrorist states the green light to develop nukes, this is a real threat.

            Note: 12 E no longer exists as a job specialty and since they were all trained as Combat Engineers, almost all became SAPPERS.

          5. Sapper 9

            Chicken Hawks? , or War Hawks?, a chicken hawk is an old , queer, man, who seeks out little boys. lol

          6. Weary Traveler

            That would apply to them too. But from what I understood a Chicken Hawk to be, is a warmonger, but too chicken to fight the war he wants Mr and Mrs. Smith’s son to fight.

  51. Proud Conservative Mom

    Former President Donald Trump had high praise on Tuesday for rapper Kanye West even as the hip-hop star continued to face backlash over antisemitic remarks he made in a pair of TV interviews. “He was really nice to me. Beyond anybody, he was,” the twice-impeached former president said in a new interview. “He was great to me.”

    It didn’t matter that West’s rant took aim at Trump’s own son-in-law, Jared Kushner, asserted that Kushner, a former White House adviser to Trump, only brokered the Abraham Accord peace deal between Israel and some Arab states because he hoped to benefit financially.

    — JewishNews24

    Can you please shed some light if you can, please?

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s terrific to hear!
            Thank G-d!

            My DIL and son came to me sick for the last two days of the holiday.
            They didn’t realize it until it was too late
            My husband caught it last night.

            I caught it today.

            One of my oldest friends has a stash of Ivermectin and everything that comes with it.
            She’s bringing it over to me tonight ASAP.

            I have got to find some better ways of having a “good” time.
            Thank G-d, it is something that goes away!

            That meme says everything.
            It’s worth 1,000 words.

          2. IMSarahAnn

            Praying that you and everyone who is ill get well quickly. Good to see you. We’re about a D+ G-d bless you!

          3. stevemusicmaker

            Sorry to hear, Rebecca.

            You may know this, nevertheless, take 1mg of Ivermectin for each 10 pounds you weigh. I weigh about 160 pounds, I would take 15mg or 16mg of Ivermectin daily, with fatty food (doubles absorption and blood levels of Ivermectin).

            Don’t forget your daily dose of zinc, since zinc actually kills the virus once Ivermectin opens the doorway to the cell allowing zinc to work. Ivermectin inhibits it, too.

            Take at least 5,000 IU or 125mcg of D3 daily, maybe double this dose while having symptoms of virus. I take 5,000 IU daily and do blood levels of it, for my bones. I’ve taken it for years now.

            I took my Ivermectin daily until my symptoms (gravelly voice, post nasal drip) went away, only two days, but in retrospect I realized that was too few days, should have taken at least 5 days minimum, maybe even 10 days, knowing what I’ve experienced (hindsight).

            I started taking Ivermectin again several weeks later after seeing symptoms that I thought might be long_covid, like hot flashes, heart flip-flopping, and though I did not want to admit it, even pain underneath my pectoral muscle on the left side, which I now think may have been inflammation of the membrane around the heart, which the virus can inflame.

            I did 2 sets of 10 days of daily Ivermectin, a month apart, and all those nasty symptoms went away. Ivermectin is an anti-inflammatory, calms things down.

            The only lasting change was tinnitus, which I noticed almost immediately. I mention it because so many people who have caught Fauci’s-flu mention they also got tinnitus after infection (people who didn’t take Ivermectin). It is still annoying somewhat, not greatly, but I don’t fret over it.

            There are other vitamins and things to take, be sure you study up on it.

            Much love and take care of yourself, love.

            P.S. Remember, Ivermectin also treats the flu, I believe it’s Influenza A, but I take Ivermectin at the outset of any sore throat, or sniffles, or post nasal drip that I know are not allergy in origin. I do not wait for a fever to show up!!!

            Ivermectin also treats shingles and herpes viruses. Amazing medicine, should already be in everyone’s medicine cabinet ready to be used at a moments notice of flu or cold-like symptoms!

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good morning Steve! 😊😊😊
            How are you feeling now?
            It’s always very marvelous to see you.

            I cannot thank you again for all of that information.
            Knowledge is power.

            You don’t know how many other people you might be helping who are reading your posting.

            May G-d bless and protect you and your family always!

          5. stevemusicmaker

            Good morning!

            I am feeling pretty good, get tired sorta easily. Getting access to the right type of pain med to treat restless leg pain & jerking is my current difficulty. It is under control, just not the best pain medication (side effects), I know what works! I’m working on getting it…. Drug addicts really messed up the average ability of normal people to get long term use of pain medication, even when the pain med is acknowledged for treating said condition. I know many of my friends have had this difficulty, you included!

            You are welcome for the info. I believe knowing how other people have handled COVID infection is important, especially if we’ve had to go outside medical channels to get treated. I have found Ivermectin, at the amounts I’ve talked about (1mg per 10 pounds) to be quite benign, I had no idea I was taking a medication, no side effects, except it treated my infection and then some.

            I am glad you were helped! I can only hope that others have stumbled across my many posts, 5-7 months ago, concerning treatment of COVID and Long-COVID and other infections that Ivermectin helps.

            Thank you for your response, you are in my prayers, as well!

          6. Proud Conservative Mom

            I am so very sorry for all of your health issues. Chronic pain on top of that is very hard to deal with.

            YES. The government has made it almost impossible for us to receive adequate pain relief.
            It is INSANE.
            They are just harming legitimately sick people.
            Those who want to purchase drugs illegally to get high, will always find a way to do so.

            Have you ever tried Neurontin (Gabapentin) and Subutex (Bupinorphine)?

            After a very risky surgery (it was a real role of the dice, it could have made the pain even worse) that eventually reduced the pain by 35%, I have been able to survive for the most part.
            There are times when I am incapacitated from the pain.
            I had this for about 8-10 hours this past Tuesday.

            I only first heard about the condition that you have because a friend of mine has it.
            It sounds horrible.

            I will absolutely continue to pray for you, Steve.
            Please come by more often if you can.
            No pressure.

          7. ray

            I have RLS too, along with knee cramping. It’s worse at night or in cold weather.

            What medicine are you attempting to access for your similar condition?

          8. stevemusicmaker

            P. S. Do not take orange juice or NAC (N- Acetyl Cysteine) while using Ivermectin. They compete and interfere with Ivermectin, but fine after totally finishing treatment.

            ALSO, — VERY IMPORTANT:

            I take warfarin to thin my blood and Ivermectin really increases its effectiveness, so if you take warfarin, you will likely need to cut the dose of warfarin in half and then you’ll need to check your INR after five or six days on your normal dose without any Ivermectin usage.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Here’s what I do know about the story. And we talked about this topic here before in the past. His reference was to the “Jews in Hollywood.”

      Now as I have mentioned before, there are people of Jewish background, and with Jewish surnames is Hollywood at the upper echelons. However, they ten to be secular self-hating jews.

      However, these people do not really run Hollywood so to speak. Most are behind the camera, and in the finance sections.

      All you have to do is ask yourself how Jewish people are portrayed in Hollywood. More often than not, in a very negative light.

      So who really runs Hollywood? Better question, who are you not allowed to criticize at all in Hollywood? There’s a few groups that come to mind; the alphabet people. Muslims, and the CCP.

      Most of the studios receive major funding from the CCP. Have you ever noticed all the reboots, and awful Marvel movies that are made of late?

      That is because they are not being made for US audiences, but the Asian markets. Mainly China. And in more than a few of these films, the CCP is portrayed as the heroes, and at best, the US military is portrayed as just along for the ride, if not flat out inept.

      My point being, at best case scenario, Kanye’s comments are out of pure stereotypical ignorance that has been around for decades.

      Also, unfortunately — and this is where I run the risk of sounding like Archie Bunker — there has been for at least for the last 40 to 50 years, a lot of bad blood between the Jewish Community and the Black Community, partly for the same reasons the blacks and Asians do not typically get along, and that is because the two cultures could not be more diametrically opposed to each other.

      The difference is night and day.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        TYVM for that very informative posting.
        I remember what we spoke about regarding Hollywood.

        I didn’t know that about the CCP and the movies catering to the Asian markets..

        Regarding blacks and Jews.
        Ironically, Jewish homes were stations in The Underground Railroad.
        Moreover, under the Cantor’s podium in the first Orthodox Jewish Shul in America (The Touro Shul), there is a secret entrance to a place where escaping blacks were hidden in the shul.

        During the Civil Rights Marches, a plethora amount of Jews marched with the blacks who later stabbed us in the front and back.

        Any hatred is unwarranted from their side.
        Talk about biting the hands that feed you.

        Moreover, they became a bunch of low lives who always wanted to be victims; never wanting to help themselves.

        Contrast THAT to my people!

        1. Weary Traveler

          Hence why I gave the timeline that I did. A lot of this was the result of LBJ’s “great society”, aka, “war on poverty.”

          Before then, the blacks and Jews had a lot more in common as both had strong family and community ties, and black neighborhoods had more black owned businesses.

          Kanye comes from the hip hop culture, which unfortunately, is riddled with antisemitism, thanks mostly to the influence of groups like “The Nation of Islam”. Why they would align themselves with anything having to do with Islam is mind blowing, since Islam was, and still is, the biggest offender in the slave trades that they are still whining about being the “victims” of, 160 years later.

          Islam is no one’s friend, not even to other Muslims.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s correct.
            The timeline IS the difference.

            My head feels like it is stuffed with cotton and spinning.

            Agreed about the entire poisonous hip hop culture and the cancer that is Islam.

            What do you think of Candace Owens?

            Apparently, Kanye is purchasing Parler.
            George Farmer, her husband, is the CEO of that company.

            Kanye put her in the spotlight and that is where her loyalties lie, as well as to Parler.

            What a shyster she turned out to be.
            I know they are (she and her husband) big time Christians.
            As you know, many of them hate us automatically for allegedly killing Jesus.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Outside of accurately exposing the fraud of BLM and the big lie around George Floyd, I really don’t pay much attention to her. I really don’t see much of a point when so many people are sounding alike and repeating each other.

            I don’t follow as many as I did a few years ago. Only if they add something a little different to the conversation, will I tune in to hear what they have to say.

            A lot of times, I think people like Candace and Kanye are only propped up to be brought down. This recent fiasco is proof of that.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            I listened to her when she was a novelty.
            Then I stopped because of the reason you described.

            After the Dems stole the election, I stopped listening to every news show because it was too darn depressing.

            I do really enjoy Greg Gutfeld, however.
            My sister Devora sends me YouTube clips of his shows.

            Your closing statement is very interesting. 🤔

          4. Weary Traveler

            I’m no social media expert, so I have no idea what a person has to say or do to go viral, but I do find it interesting how some of the people who have gone viral have.

            I remember 2015 when YouTube was blowing up with pseudo celebrities/pundits, calling out the BS of SJWs. Very few of those people who had prominence then are still around. Some, people just got bored of, and moved on from. Others got caught up in some scandal, and would get used as a poster-child for how bad conservative populism was.

            And you know how the left is = like piranhas. As soon as they smell the slightest hint of blood…

            Also what you said above about Candace’s husband, alludes to the suspicions I have about people being propped up just to be brought down at just the right time.

            Notice how this is all happening so close to a major midterm election? Funny how also, now, I am being told why I should suddenly embrace Tulsi Gabbard.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s so very true about the SJW.

            Moreover, remember that crazy woman whose name I don’t even remember anymore who was making a huge fuss about contraception not being affordable?
            She was used as a prop before an election and discarded eventually, and very well deserved too.
            I had no sympathy for her whatsoever.

            Indeed, the Left is like piranhas and sharks.
            They smell the blood very keenly.

            The timing of Parler and how we are all being told to embrace Tulsi Gabbard.
            I saw that alot today.

            Just no.
            We didn’t just fall off of the turnip truck.

          6. Weary Traveler

            Based on what I have been seeing in Truth Social, not everyone is fooled by Tulsi.

            A few days ago, I made a snarky comment under one her posts on Truth Social about how the “conservative” males gushing over Tulsi are just as pathetic as the middle aged females that were gushing over Bill Clinton back in the 90s. LOL

            The person you are thinking of was Sandra Fluke, who was a law student at the time.


          7. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’m usually very good with names.

            I’m told that I have the memory of an elephant.
            But of course, am very human.

            That’s very fortunate for we patriots that your tongue/keyboard could cut through steel, LOL!

          8. Weary Traveler

            And unfortunately, this pointing out a real life phenomenon. There are a lot of guys out there just like that.

          9. John Crawford

            I like what she is saying, but she is too newly arrived on the Republican side. I doubt she is a Conservative, based on her past standings.
            Semper fi

          10. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good evening! 😊😊😊
            How are you and your family doing?
            It’s always so terrific to see you.
            I almost didn’t recognize you because of your new avatar.

            She is relatively new on the scene and she shot to fame relatively quickly.

            I’m usually far more cynical and alot less trusting.
            I know that I wasn’t as guarded.
            This came from Dennis Prager endorsing her by employing her and giving her a show on YouTube.
            A short time later, she shot up to stardom.

            She married Baron Farmer’s son George who is worth 130 million dollars as of about three years ago.
            They had a wedding fit for royalty in one of President Trump’s vineyards.

            I will never give her any credence again.

          11. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. But Trump defended her when she was being accused of being a “Russian Asset.”