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        1. Sapper 9

          He probably was, in my opinion , the political climate of the whole world is on fire.

          Since my DIL is still in the hospital, I have been watching Miss P and it has been nothing but PAW Patrol and talking about politics. lol

  1. Proud Conservative Mom

    The Long Walk to Freedom
    Parshas Lech Lecha

    By: Rabbi Jonathan Sacks ZTL

    Judaism is supremely a religion of freedom – not freedom in the modern sense, the ability to do what we like, but in the ethical sense of the ability to do what we should, to become co-architects with God of a just and gracious social order. The former leads to a culture of rights, the latter to a culture of responsibilities. Judaism is faith as responsibility.

    Last week I showed how responsibility, its evasion and abdication, forms the theme of all four dramas of Genesis prior to Abraham. Adam denies personal responsibility. Cain denies moral responsibility. Noah fails the test of collective responsibility. Babel was a rejection of ontological responsibility – the idea that the ethical imperative comes from a source beyond the self.

    This is not a small idea. For almost as long as we have documentary evidence, human beings have attributed their misfortunes to factors other than the human will and the “responsible self.” They still do today. In the past, men blamed the stars, the fates, the furies, the gods. Today they blame their parents, their environment, their genes, the educational system, the media, the politicians, and when all else fails – the Jews.

    There is a Jewish joke that says it better than any philosophical treatise. For a year, Rabbi Cohen has laboured to teach his unruly class the book of Joshua. No one has paid much attention, so he makes the end-of-year exam as easy as possible. He asks Marvin, at the back of the room, “Who destroyed the walls of Jericho?” Marvin replies: “Please sir, it wasn’t me.” Scandalised, he reports this to Marvin’s parents. Instead of apologising, they indignantly reply, “If Marvin says it wasn’t him, then it wasn’t him.” In despair he goes to the President of the congregation and tells him the story. The President listens, opens his drawer, gets out his chequebook, writes in it and says: “Here’s a thousand dollars. Get the walls repaired, and stop complaining.”

    We live in an age of “Please sir, it wasn’t me.” In one famous American law case, the attorney defending two young men who murdered their parents claimed that they were innocent on the grounds that their parents had been psychologically abusive. In another, the lawyer argued that his client was not to blame for his violence. What he ate made him excitable. This became known as the “junk food defence.” What started life as a joke has become a phenomenon. It is called the victim culture.

    Nowadays, to win sympathy for your cause, you have to establish your credentials as a victim. This has overwhelming advantages. People empathise with your situation, give you support, and avoid criticising your actions. It has only three drawbacks: it is false, it is corrupting, and it is a denial of humanity. A victim is an object, not a subject; a done-to, not a doer. He or she systematically denies responsibility, and those who wish to help only prolong the denial. They become what is known in addiction therapy as co-dependents. By locating the cause of someone’s plight in factors external to the person, the victim culture perpetuates the condition of victimhood. Instead of helping the prisoner out of prison, it locks him in and throws away the key.

    The call of God to Abraham – “Leave your land, your birthplace and your father’s house” – was a summons to chart new and different path, the most fateful and at the same time the most hopeful in the history of mankind. The best description of it is the title of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography: The Long Walk to Freedom.

    Three of the most famous denials of freedom were made by individuals from Jewish backgrounds who rejected Judaism. The first was Spinoza who argued that all human behaviour is explicable by causal laws. Nowadays we would call this genetic determinism. The second was Karl Marx who claimed that history was made by material, specifically economic, factors. The third was Sigmund Freud who contended that actions are the result of unconscious and irrational drives, the chief of which relate to the early years of childhood, especially the Oedipus complex, the conflict between fathers and sons.

    Unwittingly they provided the best commentary on the opening verse of today’s sedra. Marx said that human behaviour is determined by economic factors such as the ownership of land. Therefore God said to Abraham: Leave your land. Spinoza said that conduct is driven by instincts given at birth. Therefore God said to Abraham: Leave your place of birth. Freud said that we are influenced by our relationship with our father. Therefore God said to Abraham: Leave your father’s house.

    Liberty is not a given of the human situation. Like the other distinctive achievements of the spirit – art, literature, music, poetry – it needs training, discipline, apprenticeship, the most demanding routines and the most painstaking attention to detail. No one composed a great novel or symphony without years of preparation. That is why most theories of human behaviour are simply false. They claim that we are either free or not; either we have choice or our behaviour is causally determined. Freedom is not an either/or. It is a process. It begins with dependence and only slowly, gradually, does it become liberty, the ability to stand back from the pressures and influences on you and act in response to educated conscience, judgment, wisdom, moral literacy. It is, in short, a journey: Abraham’s journey.

    That is the deep meaning of the words Lech Lecha. Normally they are translated as, “Go, leave, travel.” What they really mean is: journey [lech] to yourself [lecha]. Leave behind all external influences that turn us into victims of circumstances beyond our control, and travel inward to the self. It is there – only there – that freedom is born, practised and sustained.

  2. Proud Conservative Mom

    Regarding the graphic…

    I’m thrilled that Binyamin Netanyahu won.
    Absolutely 💯 percent.

    I always look at things from a Torah perspective because as you all know, I am a Torah Jew.

    As per the Torah, the next king of Israel will be Moshiach who will be a direct descendant of King David, through the lineage of King Solomon.

    Binyamin Netanyahu is the Prime Minister.

    Tragically, Moshiach still has not arrived.
    At any moment however, that will change.

    I await his arrival every single day of my life, as per the Torah.
    May he make his appearance immediately.

  3. Proud Conservative Mom

    Rabbi Avraham Twerski’s Insights on the Torah
    Maximizing Faith
    Parshas Lech Lecha (Genesis 12-17)
    by Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twersk ZTL

    And he trusted in God, and God reckoned (it to him as righteousness 15:6)

    The Torah tells us that God considered the patriarch Abraham’s faith to be meritorious. But let us reflect a moment. If God spoke to any of us, would we not have an unshakeable faith? In what way is Abraham praiseworthy for believing in God with Whom he communicated directly?

    This question is also asked about Moses. How could Moses fulfill the mitzvah of having faith in God when he was in direct contact with him? We do not have faith that there is a moon or that two plus two equals four. That which we see or understand does not require an act of faith.

    The answer was given by Rabbi Mordechai of Lechovitz, who cited the Talmud that at the end of a person’s life when he stands before God, he will be asked, “Did you transact in faith?” (Shabbos 31a). This is usually understood as asking whether one transacted business honestly. Rabbi Mordechai said that it has an additional meaning. When a person transacts in business, he negotiates and tries in every way to maximize his profit. He does not settle for a meager gain. his is what one will be asked at the end of his life: “Did you transact in faith?” i.e., did you do everything possible to maximize your faith, or did you just accept whatever you were given?

    Abraham and Moses transacted in faith. They, of course, knew there was a God. They did not have to have faith in His existence. But they tried to strengthen their faith by coming to an ever greater knowledge of God, and believing even that which they could not see about God.

    Some people take their faith in God for granted. Of course they believe that there is a God. But they may not have gone beyond that to try to know more and more about God. We have great works available to us to increase our faith and broaden our concept of God. If we fail to do so, we will have no answer when we are asked, “Did you seek to improve the quality of your faith? Did you transact in faith?”

  4. Proud Conservative Mom

    Pagans Among Us
    Lech Lecha (Genesis 12-17 )
    by Rabbi Stephen Baars

    “No one is more dependent upon others than one who seeks glory.” (Rabbi Yisrael Salanter)

    Ask the average person, on a scale of 1-10, how bad is being a pagan (a believer in more than one god)?

    I am sure few would say it’s the crime of the century. Yet, when we read the Torah cover to cover, few crimes come across as so repugnant or heinous in the eyes of God.

    This sentiment is surely the source for why Jews, no matter how secular, will stubbornly ascribe to God’s unity, even if they don’t believe in Him. You’ve no doubt heard the old joke about the little Jewish boy who comes home from school proclaiming his new knowledge about three gods. His father, upon hearing the news, hollers, “There are not three gods. There is only one God, and we don’t believe in Him!”

    This sort of national schizophrenia leads to one of my favorite questions: which is worse, to be an ethical pagan or an unethical monotheist?

    On the one hand many think a pagan to be a simpleton or uncultured. I can’t imagine a pagan running for national office. On the other hand, a commitment to be ethical is no small thing either. So which is more important?

    In other words, is it better to be a nice guy but believe in 3, 6 or 245 gods, or to be dishonest and ruthless, but hold to the belief of one God?


    I am going to assume you believe in one God. If I am wrong, that’s OK, just go along with me for a minute. Now, let’s suppose you are presented with the possibility of there being a second god, maybe even a third. Would a person who accepted this second or third god as being real immediately become a different person? In other words, what difference does it make if I add another god if the first God makes me good?


    Well, let’s ask that question in a slightly different way. Why have the first God at all? Does the belief in one God change who I am?

    Let me give you an example: Let’s suppose you need only $1 to save your business from going bankrupt. You have spent 35 years building up this business and it gives 250 people a livelihood. You see Donald Trump’s wallet on the table (and no one is looking) with a single dollar sticking out. You reason, I will take (really steal) the dollar, save my business and pay him back, not that Trump will ever notice.

    An ethical person may reason that this makes sense. After all, in the end, it does a lot of good and no one suffers. Unfortunately, there is no little asterisk next to “Do Not Steal” in the 10 commandments, that lets you do such a thing.

    In other words, there is only one God, so such behavior does not go unnoticed and therefore, in the long run, we cannot benefit.

    One God also means I don’t have to worry about anyone else. God runs the world, He pays the bills, and no one else can mess with me. That belief is key if I am going to be ethical. If I know there is one God who is always looking, stealing and lying are pointless. You can’t out-smart God.

    You might reason, believing in one God is really constraining. If not for God I could save my business.

    And there you have your answer. I know this is a little unclear, so I am going to tell you a story that really happened to me.

    One day I got a phone call in my office. It was from a Russian Jewish immigrant, a single mother who needed my help. I had never spoken to her before and didn’t know who she was, but her story was basically this: she was about to be evicted from her apartment because she was desperately behind in her rent.

    This mother worked long hours in a minimum-wage job, and when her car broke down, she had to use the rent money to fix the car. When I spoke to the landlord (who was not Jewish), I was surprised when he told me she was a good tenant of three years and, even though she was paying back the rent she owed, it wasn’t according to the schedule outlined in the rental agreement. I tried reasoning with him, “You will lose at least a month’s rent if you evict her, and you will have to fix up the apartment.”

    My arguments were fruitless. He told me he has hundreds of tenants and he doesn’t make exceptions.

    I pleaded with him, “She’s a single mother and will be living on the street with a small child.” He was unfazed.

    In desperation, I went for the soul. Unfortunately he didn’t have one. I asked, “Do you have children?”

    He knew exactly what I meant, there is a God and He is watching how you treat this woman.

    He said to me, “Rabbi, business is business, the church is the church.”

    I really wanted to say to him, “Sir, you are a pagan. You have one god in your church that makes you feel good, and one in your business that allows you to abuse people.”

    I didn’t say that to him because I knew he wouldn’t take his anger out on me, he would take it out on the mother. Pagans do that.

    In the end, I am happy to tell you, the women got her money and I am sure the landlord regrets his decision. You might ask, how can I be so sure that the landlord regrets his decision? Because there is only one God.


    One God gives you freedom, two gods make you a barbarian.

    With one God you are free to be and do what you really know is right.

    Then why add a second god? Obviously, because I cannot understand or explain or get through life with just one God. I need another opinion, someone who will allow me to take that dollar (Donald Trump’s dollar).

    And there you have it. Once you divide God, you have really created a duality of life. At different times, places, and situations, the rules change and therefore I can change.

    Knowing there is only one God, that it’s the same God I pray to for mercy who is also looking when I turn away the beggar. I can’t ask God to be consistent, when I am not. I can’t ask God to ease suffering when I turn my face.

    And so we answer our question. Anyone who is unethical cannot be a monotheist. Anyone who is a pagan cannot be ethical.

    Monotheism is not just a reduction in numbers or a simpler way of saying the same thing (i.e., condensing 10 gods into one). There is a real meaningful and tangible difference in the people and cultures that ascribe to one or multiple gods. Knowing there is only one makes you consistent.

    It is therefore of no coincidence that, in this week’s Torah portion, God’s first encounter with Abraham in the Torah, God tells Abraham to do something “for himself.”

    “And God said to Abraham, go for yourself…”
    (Genesis 12:1)

    This command formed the relationship not only between Abraham and God, but for all of Abraham’s descendants.

    God is telling you, imagine a world where you aren’t afraid or need people, where everyone realizes that no one gets ahead by making innocent people suffer. Where good only elicits more good, and evil is repaid in kind.

    Even the suicide bomber knows what he is doing is wrong. If you ask him, “Do you really want to kill people and ruin others’ lives?”

    He will tell you, just like the guy who takes Trump’s dollar or the single mother’s landlord, “Of course I don’t want to do it, but it’s the only way to be successful.”

    These are the words of pagans. They think that to be successful they have to follow rules that are contrary to the rules of our core values.

    If there weren’t one God, they would be correct.

    How fortunate for us, and for the world, there is only one God … and they will not be successful.

  5. Proud Conservative Mom

    The FBI has identified a man linked to the nonspecific but widescale threat against New Jersey synagogues that prompted a public warning from its Newark office a day ago, multiple law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.

    The individual has been interviewed. The sources described him as a man who may have autism and said he had been bullied in the past.

    — JewishNews24

  6. Proud Conservative Mom

    A class-action lawsuit has been filed against Twitter over Elon Musk’s plan to sack thousands of staffers — as employees were abruptly locked out of their company Slack and email accounts, and barred from going into the office ahead of the mass layoffs Friday.

    The lawsuit was filed Thursday in San Francisco federal court after the company notified employees it would eliminate some 3,700 jobs, half its workforce, Bloomberg News reported.

    — JewishNews24

    1. bill smith

      I can tolerate such things happening to public companies, but Musk used his own resources and thus the company is his possession. he should be able to do with it what he likes.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Personally, I am thinking more and more that companies should not be publicly traded = beware the interlocking directorates.

        1. bill smith

          Publicly traded is ok for me, but they need a different set of rules. I’m not a fan of public unions and also not a fan of “investment company” having a controlling share in any company.

          1. Weary Traveler

            In my personal work experience, every time a company went from private to public, it all turned t crap. It becomes an awful lace to work, and the product suffers, meaning the customer gets screwed too.

            If bankers and trust fund brats wanna gamble they can just stick to Vegas and/or Monaco.

  7. Proud Conservative Mom

    Former President Trump’s inner circle is discussing announcing the launch of a 2024 presidential campaign on Nov. 14 — with the official announcement possibly followed by a multi-day series of political events, according to a report by Axios

    — JewishNews24

    1. bill smith

      For sure he is running. After a couple years of absence, about 2 weeks ago, I started getting campaign emails from his team again.

        1. Weary Traveler

          That’s not going to happen. For one that Trump vs. DeSantis is all media drama and BS. They are trying to split the bas because it is the only chance they have. Second, as popular as DeSantis is, the Trump base wont abandon Trump for DeSantis.

          70% percent of GOP voters said they want Trump, only 10% said DeSantis.

          1. Weary Traveler

            You’re welcome.

            There is so much smack going on about this election and 2024, most of the pundits, whose info many out there repeat, either don’t know what they are talking about, or worse, do, and are gaslighting us distracting us from the bigger picture.

            Talking about 2024 is their way of trying to get us all to move on from a stolen election, and even talking about DeSantis or even Kari Lake 2024, to get us to move on from Trump. And the people repeating it don’t see how they are being played.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Which is a huge mistake. That’s no different that accepting it, and saying it is okay. It isn’t.

            The main reason behind all the 2024 talk the second Brandon was “inaugurated” was simply because if Trump officially announces a 2024 run, it can easily be taken as a concession, which he never did concede. Which could potentially jeopardize other things happening behind the scenes.

            Does anyone every stop and wonder exactly what those “legal reasons” were that Trump kept referring to?

            I am not in anyway saying there will never be an official announcement about 2024 from Trump, that everyone is anxiously waiting for, but my guess is that it will not come unless every legal option has been exhausted. More of a Plan B or Plan C type of thing. Not a Plan A.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            For certain that this travesty never should have been accepted!

            YES! I have been pondering the reasons for a very long time already.

            “but my guess is that it will not come unless every legal option has been exhausted. More of a Plan B or Plan C type of thing. Not a Plan A.”

            You don’t think that the die has been cast already and that he gave up at this point?

          4. Weary Traveler

            I don’t think so.

            I know the big speculation about his next “announcement” after the midterms is supposed to be official declaration. Maybe, maybe not. But how many times, when Trump came out to “give a big announcement” that that HASN’T happened?

  8. Proud Conservative Mom

    South Korea scrambled about 80 military aircraft, including advanced F-35 fighter jets, on Friday after tracking about 180 flights by North Korean warplanes inside North Korean territory in what appeared to be a defiant show of strength.

    — JewishNews24

  9. bill smith

    Remembering Israel’s PM, General, Nobel Prize Laurate, Yitzhak #Rabin z”l. who was assassinated in Tel Aviv Nov 4 ’95

  10. Proud Conservative Mom

    From sundown today until tomorrow morning is the Jewish Matriarch Rachel’s Yahrtzeit (anniversary of her death).
    Her superhuman and selfless act guaranteed that the Jewish People will eventually return home to Israel.

    There is never a dry eye by her temporary dwelling place.
    She’s known very lovingly as Mama Rochel.

    I’ll explain after Shabbos, Be’Ezras Hashem what she did.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Uh oh, don’t call him a Russian, poor kitty will get sanctioned and boycotted by the moral halfwits.

    1. Weary Traveler

      How you know this is a parody? That there is actually a sane person working as a consultant trying to help Democrats win.

  11. Weary Traveler

    What We Knew In the Early Days

    Actually, the precautionary principle goes both directions. It also dictates that we not enact policies that we know for sure would wreck lives and liberties. They did it anyway, without sufficient knowledge that the measures would achieve any positive good.

    ^This touches on what I was saying since the lockdowns were first implemented, and when many of my dipshit neighbors were actually praising local Bay Area officals = more like petty little Hitlers, for “leading the nation” in what was basically following in the footsteps of the Chi-Coms, stomping on human rights, and calling it “leadership.” Now do you see why I hate my neighbors, and fantasize about them all being rounded up and taken away?

    But my thought process through the whole thing was that was how it is so messed up that we should have to argue “medical science” to justify leaving our most basic God given human rights in tact. There is something very wrong with that whole picture. I simply cannot be the only person who sees that.

  12. Tony

    Prince William and King Charles exploded in ‘torrents of profanity’ following comments from Donald Trump about Kate
    Middleton’s 2012 topless photo scandal, new book claims

    It’s started. Trump announced a possible return, and the media are full of anti-Trump venom and propaganda.

      1. george linker

        The only politics I have seen on twitter are democrats. Guess the democarts are telling people they are liars. Maybe he does not like my responses to his propaganda

      2. Weary Traveler

        What is funny is that everyone is making more of the Musk takeover than what it really is.

      1. Weary Traveler

        As am I, and for more reasons than I can list. None of which had to do with my brief 45 minute stint on there as I only joined to lash out at certain folks. LOL

        It has more to do with having to work too hard, while those types got to come and go as they please, and got paid way too much to do as little as possible, and getting to see their gravy trains derailed. That’s but one reason.

          1. Weary Traveler

            I agree with that, and they got what they deserve, but there is still more trash to be taken out at Twitter. And if anyone thinks it will be a full free speech platform, they may be in for some disappointment. Considering some of the people Elon is surrounding himself with regarding his takeover. One such group being the ADL that instead of protecting Jews from Antisemitism, uses Jews as a sheild to protect people like Soros.

            The best thing to do about Twitter, IMO, is just burn it to the ground. To borrow a phrase from the Diaperhead on the Jihad Squad, it is “rotten to the root.”

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        Frankly, I am very very tired. We ran a slew of errands. It was 78 degrees, and I was ‘overdressed’. The result was being overheated contributing to tiredness. At least, we ”fall back” tonight adding a bit of sleep for me.

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            We are going to have mid 70s tomorrow. My sweaters want to know why they are still in the cedar chest and not out and about.🤔🤓😎😂

          2. AuntiE*TFL

            FYI for you. If you are looking for a new winter skirt, check Appleseed. I thought of you when I saw their corded velour skirt; black, navy and camel colors.

    1. Weary Traveler

      I’ll have a large pumpkin spice latte, and a chocolate croissant, and make it snappy. LOL

    1. Weary Traveler

      I have a word to call that Donkey, but I can’t say it here.

      It proves the point I constantly belabor about the evil of “sacrifice for the greater good” and how “the greater good” is really “their own gain, and hence the “sacrifice” part is an admission to what parasites they are.

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            So, let me bore you with a story. Years ago, I arrived at the school to collect my four car ride guys. Three promptly arrive at the car. Number four no where in evidence. Three are being suspiciously quiet. After 15 minutes, I asked where my fourth was. Mumble mumble mumble is the response. I go into the school seeking said rider only to find him in in school detention. When asking his misbehavior, I was told he used curse words toward a classmate. 😫😡🙀 After collecting said misbehavior, I took them to a local venue, ordered food for all, and told them to get out pen and paper. I proceeded to give them the correct/useable word for each foul word. Never again did I have to deal with that issue.

            To add to this long story, several weeks later, while in the school, the principal (who no one can say no to) strolled up to me to discuss strange new behavior by his middle schoolers. He was astonished at their new improved grasp of certain words. I put on my innocence face and said vocabulary improvement is always important. He shook his head, laughed and thanked me for solving what was a developing issue.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      You have to admit the past week has been rather positive. Musk took over Twitter and Benjamin Netanyahu was returned to where he belongs, Prime Minister!!

  13. Proud Conservative Mom

    One Palestinian was killed and another was seriously wounded after they were spotted by IDF soldiers throwing stones at Israeli vehicles on Route 60, according to Palestinian reports.

    The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed that it had shot towards suspects who were throwing stones at Israeli vehicles

    — JewsNews24

    (Good riddance to bad rubbish!)

  14. Proud Conservative Mom

    Nike has suspended its relationship with Kyrie Irving and canceled its plans to release his next signature shoe, the latest chapter in the ongoing fallout since the Brooklyn Nets guard tweeted a link to a film containing antisemitic material.

    The shoe giant announced Friday night that it will halt its relationship with Irving, who has been suspended by the Nets for what the team called a repeated failure to “unequivocally say he has no antisemitic beliefs.”

    — JewishNews24


    1. Sapper 9

      When a Illegal is allowed to become a citizen, then under “family reunification” they are allowed to bring in countless relatives; if those relatives are over 55 and do not speak english, then they can automatically get social security disability on day one.

      There are probably 50,000,000 illegals here in this country, imagine the number after an “amnesty” that allows them to “family reunify”.

      If they want to reunify, they should go home , or at the least be responsible to support the leeches.

        1. Sapper 9

          I am sure that there are many , many more, I am sure wikipedia has sanitized a few of their friends.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Probably because of the collusion we are witnessing today with big business and the powers that aught not be.

      1. Chief Mac

        Ford and General Motors built nearly 75% of all the trucks for the Nazis. Henry Ford got a check from the US government because the Army Air Forces bombed two of his concentration camps

  15. george linker

    The germans relaxed gun control in germany unless

    The Nazis sought to disarm and kill the Jewish population. Their treatment of Jews is, in this sense, orthogonal to their gun-control views. Nevertheless, if forced to take a position, it seems that the Nazis aspired to a certain relaxation of gun registration laws for the “law-abiding German citizen” – for those who were not, in their minds, “enemies of the National Socialist state,” in other words, Jews, Communists, etc.

        1. Sapper 9

          The government is expanding the number of weapons and increasing it’s ammo supply.

          They want a police state , which is controlled by DC.

    1. Sapper 9

      This is the Democrats wanting to claim that something is a “civil war”, which allows for an authoritarian power grab, and assistance from foreign nations to target their political opposition.

      1. Sapper 9

        War is brutal, bloody and lacks humanity. I have experienced a lot of it and would never want it to be necessary here; however, if it must be, I am more than willing to do what I deem to be necessary.

        1. george linker

          The only reason for any war is always someones ego has been offended. Someone who has the ability to create armies. Even a civil war will come from ego, someone trying to control others. The problem is government itself.

          1. Sapper 9

            We have wars to support the military industrial complex, which Politicians on both sides of the aisle profit from.

      1. Sapper 9

        She was released yesterday and they are both doing great, I saw Colton holding his head up and smiling after ther were released.

    1. AuntiE*TFL

      You know I think my S&W is a Democrat. It stays in its case. It never goes out shooting anyone. Basically it is just lazy.

  16. Proud Conservative Mom

    This was too funny.
    It was a long conversation with an atheist over several days about religion, the state of Israel and communism versus capitalism.
    He is a real Communist.
    (He claims his mother is Jewish. Who knows?!)
    He was mocking religion and for us believing in a G-d that cannot be proven to exist.
    I told him that it takes a far greater leap of faith to be an atheist.

    He gave a far out response when I queried him where the molecules from the Big Bang came from.
    (I’m on Twitter in a very limited capacity. There are many people in this conversation.)

    He is against prosthelytizing.
    I told him that Jews don’t prosthelytize to gentiles.

    He tweeted this:

  17. Proud Conservative Mom

    This was too funny.
    It was a long conversation with an atheist over several days about religion, the state of Israel and communism versus capitalism.
    He is a real Communist.
    (He claims his mother is Jewish. Who knows?!)
    He was mocking religion and for us believing in a G-d that cannot be proven to exist.
    I told him that it takes a far greater leap of faith to be an atheist.

    He gave a far out response when I queried him where the molecules from the Big Bang came from.
    (I’m on Twitter in a very limited capacity. There are many people in this conversation.)

    He is against prosthelytizing.
    I told him that Jews don’t prosthelytize to gentiles.

    He tweeted this:

          1. AuntiE*TFL

            I have a standard response to atheists who declare there is no proof of G*d and wonder how we can be believers.

            2 Corinthians 5:7
            “(For we walk by faith, not by sight:)”

            I have a question for you. There are one or two pieces of praise music I am fond of. Would it offend if I posted them at some point?

            No, not prosthelytizing. I just find them uplifting.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            I quote Devarim (Deuteronomy) 4:35 “You have been shown, in order to know that the L-rd He is G-d; there is none else besides Him.”
            (To KNOW, is through empirical knowledge. Over three million Jews heard Hashem speak and lived. Judaism is the only mass revelation in the history of the world.)

            You’re very kind for querying. 🥰🤗😘
            If it’s Church music that involves the Christian Bible, I would pass on it.

            The owner of the blog (@nicetomeetyou2:disqus) is a Noachide.

            Judaism is the religion of Noachides.
            Noachides just aren’t part of the Jewish nation.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            It’s a very nice song!

            Fear is a very powerful coercion to do things that we would normally never do.

            My mother taught me many years ago, that a Jew is not allowed to have total despair because we have G-d.

            Moreover, she also taught me that living in fear isn’t living.

          4. AuntiE*TFL

            To many, people use fear as an excuse for inaction. I am fond of this quote. I have no attribution available.

            FEAR has two interpretations,
            whether to
            ‘Forget Everything And Run”
            or to
            “Face Everything And Rise”.
            The only difference is how you make the choices.

          5. John Gillis

            I look into the sky, admire the snow-peaked mountains and experience the beauty around me and KNOW that God exists.

          6. Weary Traveler

            A few years back I was walking through our local shopping center one evening, and it was late sunset. A storm that was forecasted for our are was just moving in. The east was the dark clouds of the storm system, and to the west was our “marine layer”, which is the band of fog that usually rolls in during the evening from the Pacific Ocean.

            In between was a very small patch of clear sky between the two systems. And we are talking the very tail end of twilight with the dark blues and oranges. I was marveling at the sight, and as I did, these words exact came to mind; “Beyond the darkness there is light.”

            That’s my proof that God exists and does indeed talk to us if we are willing to listen.

          7. Weary Traveler

            At its core, Atheism is very nihilistic. And everything is so finite and fragile in their world view. That tends to not lead to a good view of the world, which is why many Atheists, not all, tend to be leftists. Leftism is an ideology based largely on fear.

          8. Weary Traveler

            Yes, preach by example. I think Jews figured it out. Be ready to answer all questions, but have no “outreach” per se. Let those curious about what you believe, find you and come to you.

          9. AuntiE*TFL

            And, at all times, avoid devout atheists. They do not seek enlightenment but seek discord and denigration.

          10. Weary Traveler

            Again, I refer back to one of my favorite vloggers, Pat Condell, who in his opening for a video he did titled “How To Insult A Progressive,” said; “Talking politics with a progressive is like discussing religion with a Jehovah’s Witness. Unless you play it for laughs, it will drive you up the wall.” This has been my experience with fanatics of all stripes.

          11. AuntiE*TFL

            I can tell you one way to recognize an atheist or a progressive. They do not know the difference between an evangelical and a fundamentalist.

          12. Weary Traveler

            The term “evangelical” has become more of a political term, and has gained a lot of traction since the Bush years.

          13. AuntiE*TFL

            Without pontificating, I went to find brief definitions.

            From the Christian perspective, fundamentalist has traditionally referred to any follower of Christ who believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and who believes in its ,B>literal interpretation and fundamental teachings. The fundamental Christian believes in the experience of the “new birth” which occurs when faith is placed in Christ as Savior and Lord.

            “Evangelical” is a fairly simple word, as well. It is from the Greek euangelion which means good news or gospel. An evangelical Christian, then, is just a Christian who believes it is important to tell others the good news about how Jesus can save us from our sins.

            One thing that predominantly defines an evangelical and fundamentalist is they tend to be members of non denomination affiliated churches.

          14. AuntiE*TFL

            To a large extent, yes. In many cases, fundamentalist make those of your faith who are Orthodox look like Reform. It is rare to find one as a member of a denomination affiliated group except possibly a Jehovah’s Witness church. I once worked with a Jehovah’s Witness. 🙄🙄😳😫

          15. Weary Traveler

            Most of the JWs I have known were just lost souls. Not the sharpest knifes in the drawer. It’s not difficult to see how they get sucked in to what they got sucked in to. If not the JWs, it would be something along the lines of Jonestown.

          16. John Gillis

            First time I rver met them was when I was 10. My Dad, the cheeky type, asked them, “So what is Jehova being prosecuted for?” After that, their mouths dropped and they walked away 😁

          17. John Gillis

            Bingo! Atheists are disgusting leftists and most Marxists I know are avowed atheists.

            They ridicule religion because they are miserable and evil folk.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Isn’t that ironic!
        I was literally ROTFL.

        It made me think of the atheist Fred who does the work on the house that he owns across the street from me (and BH doesn’t live there). Whenever he sees me, he tries to engage me in conversation.

        I try to avoid him like the plague.
        It’s as if he needs me to validate his atheism.

        He said to me, you’re such an intelligent person. How can you believe in a G-d that you cannot see and prove his existence?

        I told him, I see G-d in everything.
        The world screams out there’s a creator.

        If there’s food, there’s a cook.
        If there’s a painting, there’s a painter.

        Moreover, the Intelligent Design of creation is beyond magnificent.

        The atheist on Twitter believes that we evolve from monkeys.

        I responded that you can believe that.
        I’m a Reaganite Conservative and salute freedom.

        As for myself, I know that I descend from the holiest people that ever lived.

        1. John Gillis

          I’m going for my 3 mile walk Tuesday morning and the polling station is on my route.

          Hey, that girl DOES look like Moore!

          I will drive around that night and see if I can get some reactions on video.

          1. Weary Traveler

            Speaking of, making good progress on my end too. Especially now that it is colder and the elements are working with me instead of against me.

            I found out last week that the Clan of Xymox concert that was supposed to be next week got postponed until June of next year. I told the friend that I was going with, that with the momentum that is now on my side, by then I should be just as trim as Ronny Moorings himself by then.

          2. Weary Traveler

            Yeah, me too, because I prefer a winter concert over a summer one, but at June is SF is usually not hot. Hopefully by then, certain other things will have changed for the better for me also, and I will be needing a hotel room on that night since I would no longer be so close to SF.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Thanks. May I be responsible for sending more H1Bs home, and some more hipster trash back to the states that dumped them on our doorstep.

            BTW, that reminds me; the reason for the concert being postponed was because there was difficulty getting their work visas settled in time. Lets Go Brandon.

            I guess they should have sneaked in illegally through Mexico like Katie Hopkins did last summer. LOL

          4. Weary Traveler

            It was our inside joke for a while. That was back when Gary was still here. His response to my idea of renting out therapy puppies to TDS sufferers was priceless. I a meme with a bunch of puppies facing the camera and the caption, “You actually want to leave us alone with a bunch of liberals? What did we do?” LOL

          5. Weary Traveler

            She just started a new thread on her blog yesterday.

            If you want to check it out, I can email you link, in case any weirdos are lurking here.

          6. Weary Traveler

            Tell him I said hello. I feel bad I haven’t reached out in a while. As you know, I have had some stuff on my plate. Ugh…

        1. AuntiE*TFL

          On Veteran’s sites, RED translates to Remember Everyone Deployed. Because I see RED every Friday, it is why I noticed it so quickly.

      1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

        Reminds me of my father, of blessed memory, who voted straight Republican until the day he died. Then he started voting Democrat.

        1. AuntiE*TFL

          In 2020, there was a meme about Democrats being upset cemeteries were closed for the plandemic. They felt their voters would not be able to vote.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        That’s how Orthodox Jewish women dress.
        The neckline has to cover the collar bone, skirts and dresses have to cover the knees, sleeves must cover the elbows, and ankles must always be covered. (We wear knee highs, long socks, or pantyhose.)

        It’s very refreshing to see it.
        I agree.

        I heard a very fascinating story of how a secular Jew became Orthodox.
        Miriam has a stunning voice.
        In fact, she was a back-up singer for Gloria Estefan.
        One day in the summer, she got frequently whistled at (she was scantily clad because it was hot and she is a beautiful woman), she walked passed an Orthodox Jewish man who averted his eyes.
        That blew her mind.
        She felt more respected by him than anyone else.
        She decided to learn more about Orthodox Jews.
        The rest is history.
        She married an Orthodox Jewish man and they raised a beautiful family together.
        She lived in my community for many years.
        They moved to Florida in June.

  18. John Gillis

    I’m happy about Bibi being elected. This indicates a return to sanity and a possible American Revolution II in the polls.

    On an unrelated note, I tried to contact my JDL penpal, Shelley Rubin, but I couldn’t reach her. Old email addresses not working, and her website has been long deactivated. It’s a shame.

  19. Proud Conservative Mom

    🔥 *Daily Spark of Rav Avigdor Miller ZT”L*

    Why Should We Pray About Problems Before They Happen?
    As to why praying to Hashem beforehand is more effective than praying after the person is already in the midst of the problem, the answer is that praying beforehand when the person is still well demonstrates his trust in Hashem… When a rich man prays to Hashem to give him his daily bread, Hashem is pleased. When a poor man cries out, that’s also good, but there much less of a reward.

    — Ohr Avigdor Shaar Bitachon

    1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      Like instead of praying that, for the coming year, my name be inscribed in the book of life, I give thanks that it was so inscribed this past year. Hashem already knows that we want to be inscribed for the new year.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Not at all.
        All of the prayers for the Jewish New Year is to be inscribed for another year of life.
        On Rosh Hashanah we also concentrate on Hashem’s kingship.
        We daven for the day when the entire world will serve Him alone.

        Zachariah 14:9 “And the L-rd shall become King over all the earth; on that day shall the L-rd be one, and His name one.

        On Yom Kippur we especially concentrate on beseeching forgiveness for our sins as well.

        In our daily prayers, we thank Hashem for every day of life.

        The Modeh Ani prayer that we say upon opening our eyes is thanking Hashem for another day; another chance to be the best we can be.

  20. Proud Conservative Mom

    IDF soldiers thwarted on Saturday the smuggling of some 31 kg of drugs worth NIS 1.2 million, the Israeli military said on Saturday afternoon.

    A number of suspects were identified by Israeli forces while attempting to smuggle the drugs into Israeli from the Egyptian border.

    — JewishNews24

  21. Proud Conservative Mom

    A person of interest was taken into custody by the FBI Friday in Birmingham after a propane tank and clothes that had been set on fire were found near a Conservative synagogue in the city.

    According to a statement from the Birmingham Police Department, officers responded to Temple Beth-El on Friday morning around 5:50 a.m. to reports of a fire. First responders who arrived at the scene “observed a propane tank and clothing which had been set on fire in the area,” the statement said.

    — JewishNews24

  22. Proud Conservative Mom

    North Korea added to its recent barrage of weapons demonstrations by launching four ballistic missiles into the sea on Saturday, as the United States sent two supersonic bombers streaking over South Korea in a dueling display of military might that underscored rising tensions in the region.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said that the four short-range missiles fired from a North Korean western coastal area around noon flew about 130 kilometers (80 miles) toward the country’s western sea.

    — JewishNews24

  23. Proud Conservative Mom

    *BDE:* Rabbi Chaim Walkin, the Mashgiach of Ateres Yisrael yeshiva in Jerusalem and one of the most prominent Mussar personalities in Israel, passed away Sunday morning at the age of 77.

    On Wednesday evening Rabbi Walkin, who had not been well in the last few years, lost consciousness and emergency medical services were summoned and succeeded in resuscitating him. He was taken to the ICU at Hadassah Ein Kerem in critical condition and passed away early Sunday morning.

    — JewishNews24

    1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      It’s too easy to take people for granted, especially giants such as he. We expect them to be with us always then in einem Augenblick they’re gone.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            In the words of Joni Mitchell, “Ain’t it always so, you don’t know whatcha got till it’s gone.”

  24. Proud Conservative Mom

    Better catch the moon’s disappearing act Tuesday — there won’t be another like it for three years.

    The total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America in the predawn hours — the farther west, the better — and across Asia, Australia and the rest of the Pacific after sunset. As an extra treat, Uranus will be visible just a finger’s width above the moon, resembling a bright star.

    Totality will last nearly 1 1/2 hours — from 5:16 a.m. to 6:41 a.m. EST — as Earth passes directly between the moon and sun.

    — JewishNews24

    1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      We’ve been taught that nothing physical exists unless it is observed. So, if we don’t look at it will it dissappear?

      1. AuntiE*TFL

        It is like someone asking if they may see something when, in fact, they want you to give it to them, ie. May I see the letter? as opposed to May I have the letter?.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          That is so very true!
          I always say that words really matter.

          That has always been the case in the legal profession.
          I read every single word very carefully.
          One word in the wrong place, can cause alot of damage.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Two things we were taught. First, never write the word “and.” Instead, write a new sentence. Second, make it so simple that even a judge can understand it. FWIW, my Legal Writing professor was a judge.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s what my father always said.
            The meaning has to be so easy and clear. One never wants a judge to make his own interpretation of the document as a result of ambiguous and unclear language.

          3. Proud Conservative Mom

            My father is an absolutely brilliant man.

            It was an honor to work for and with him for over 26 years.

            He also emphasized how very important it is to make court documents like Affidavits, etc., interesting to read in order to capture the attention of the clerk or judge.

            He wrote masterpieces.
            He only lost one case in his entire career, when opposing counsel outright lied.

            I never applied to any other law firms.
            When I was once in court, a judge told me to stick with my father.
            He’s the best writer that he’s ever seen.

            Indeed, my father knew how to methodically lay out a case.
            He even knew how to make a boring case sound interesting.

            I learned a wealth of knowledge and skills from him.

            FYI, he never compromised his principles.
            He always was, and still is a very loyal servant of Hashem.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Not too bad, keinehora, but I’ve truly missed y’all. And you? All is well I pray, and I really do.

    1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      My pat reply to the waitress who inquires “What are we having tonight?” is “That depends on where we go when you get off work.”

      1. Weary Traveler

        On of my uncles said something very similar to a girl working at Mickey Dee’s back in the day. Good thing it was the late 70s, and no such thing as a Me Too movement. LOL

    2. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      Another expression that is often found on the rear window of automobiles and has always puzzled me is “Baby on Board.” I should care? Like I was planning to ram into the rear of your car but since you have a baby on board I’ll just hit a different car.

        1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

          Some things in life I just don’t get. Actually many things but that’s a story for another day.

      1. Weary Traveler

        LOL. This reminds me of some of the bits on Dr. Katz; Professional Therapist. It’s an animated series, that is kind of similar to Bob Newhart, but all of his patients are stand up comics, doing their routines ranting about their lives, and all the idiosyncrasies.

        One them I was watching recently, the patient was talking about a visit to San Francisco, and said that he got his nipple pierced, but it was okay because they caught the guy.

        I actually used one of the jokes from that show on a dental assistant, when she asked if I knew my gums were bleeding, and actually said to her; “they weren’t until I came in here.” She didn’t see the humor in it. LOL

    1. Weary Traveler

      Am I the only one that doesn’t want to reverse his aging process? I think I got better, not so much older.

        1. Weary Traveler

          That, and I also tend to believe that youth is inherited, whereas age is earned.

          And one thing I learned from the music world, is just because you reach a certain age, doesn’t mean you still can’t rock, and have to trade in the leather jacket and boots for a cardigan and loafers.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Moreover, with age (hopefully) comes more wisdom.

            Absolutely regarding your closing paragraph.
            My choir totally rocks.
            We have women of all ages.

            I don’t wear anything remotely “old.”
            There’s no reason why I have to look dowdy.
            Au contraire.
            I have a very beautiful wardrobe.
            (I take advantage of huge sales.)

          2. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            I’ve noticed that when I dress up I really feel different, better even. Somehow, for me, it’s uplifting.

          3. Weary Traveler

            Having a good chunk of Sicilian blood in my genetic makeup, that is one part of me that is genuinely Sicilian is liking to look your best. However, a.) My idea of dressing to the nine can be somewhat different from conventional standards, depending on the occasion. And b.) The Sicilian didn’t so much affect me with regards to cuisine. In many respects there, if there is an equivalent to the term “Oreo” that pertains to Sicilians/Italians, in that particular respect, I would be the embodiment of that term.

          4. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            When I was teaching I often reminded the students, none of whom looked as though they just stepped off a page of G.Q., “You only have one chance to make a first impression.”

          5. Weary Traveler

            That’s true on many front. My friend Marty happened to find an Armani suit in a thrift store in Manhattan that had only been worn twice, and just happened to fit him, when he needed a suit when he was interviewing for colleges. $100 for suit that $1,000+.

          6. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            When I was working court I had to wear either a suit or a uniform, i.e. jeans and a department shirt. I often found great suits in thrift stores.

          7. Weary Traveler

            Depending on the nighborhood, you can find some really great stuff in thrift stores. Often times because rich people who come from old money tend not to care as much as the rest of us, and will rid themselves of an expensive garment even after wearing it to just one occasion.

            Rich or poor, I cannot imagine hold such little value in things.

          8. Proud Conservative Mom

            There is a thrift store in Manhattan that my sister-in-law used to shop in regularly when she worked close by to it.
            She got stunning designer clothing for a joke of a price.
            The items were worn once or twice.

            There are GEMACHs (acronym for Gemilus Chessed which means doing kindness) that have everything imaginable. They’re places that lend or give away items for free.
            You name it, and it exists.
            This exists in every Orthodox Jewish community.

            There are two GEMACHs that have stunning clothing, hats, etc. in Passaic/Clifton.
            (There is also a separate one for bridal gowns, and a different one for mother or sister of the bride gowns.)
            The clothes are in excellent condition.
            One organization gets stores to donate brand new clothes.
            I have seen it for myself.
            A friend of mine ran that one (she died suddenly and shockingly overnight).
            It is set up beautifully like a store (both of them).
            All that is missing is a cash register.

            Items donated are only accepted if they’re in excellent condition.

            I’ve donated a few items that I got ridiculous prices for, and it didn’t pay to mail it back. That tended to happen extremely rarely when the size ended up running insanely off. BH, that rarely happens to me.


          9. Weary Traveler

            I can relate about the sizing. That was one thing I had to learn, especially with regards to clothes that came from overseas, as the majority of my goth clothes got shipped from Europe, but the boutiques have a good exchange policy, and even cover the shipping.

            The one issue I had stateside was buying dickies. Their sizes are labeled differently than for other pants. For instance, 40 is roughly the same as 36 for jeans or slacks.

          10. Weary Traveler

            Fortunately, I had some help early on, with a friend of mine who owns a goth boutique. I ordered one of my first pieces from here. I was able to give her my measurements over the phone, and she also directed me to conversion charts for future reference.

      1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

        The oddest thing is that I don’t feel old. That is not until I look into a mirror.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Thanks, I truly believe humor is in our DNA. Much of today’s goyish humor is shmutz. A notable exception is “The Three Little Pigs” aka the “Three Dimunitive Swine” found on Drybar.

        1. Weary Traveler

          By most standards, I am not old, but I never really feel old, other than understanding the “young” less and less each day.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Wrinkles? At 83 or so I must resemble a raisin that was far too long in the sun. Yet I rise at 5 am every workday then work from 6:30 a.m. until 7 or 8 p.m. with no breaks. And it’s real work. I own a small restaurant but I’m the dishwasher and we don’t have a dish washing machine. I don’t know from yelp but I’ve been told we have some good reviews there. 8th Haus in Anaheim, CA. We open at 7 and by 8 there is a 1 hour wait time.

          2. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Somehow I like working. In March of 2015 I retired from law enforcement. The first year was like dying, little by little, but dying none the less. I even took up a temp job in a warehouse. Then on March 15, 2020 the Wuhan plague hit us. That very day I had to sack 10 wonderful young waitresses and the wife and I, plus a very close couple had to carry on (both certified geniuses, myself I’m just certifiable).
            It’s tough work but a certain kvetch makes it nearly unbearable.

          3. Weary Traveler

            I used to like working. I loved it once. I used to hate the idea of retirement because I wondered what would I do with myself.

            But then one day I was told that I was nothing more than a lab rat, and not even a human being. And that if I knew what was good for me, I would take an experimental drug that was being called a “vaccine.” That was the final insult to years of injury of not being properly rewarded or ever given credit for the times over the years I went above and beyond.

            Now it’s lawsuit time, and I can’t wait for early retirement. And I hope to God I put them out of business.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’ve always loved to work myself.
            It’s priceless when you love what you do.

            I remember you telling me that you had to sack those lovely waitresses and how much revenue you lost monthly due to the lockdowns.

            You’re certifiably TERRIFIC! 😃😃😃

          5. Sapper 9

            I believe that I ate there when I visited Disneyland, if I remember correctly, it was only a few miles away; however, I am not positive.

          6. Weary Traveler

            It’s been almost 30 years since my last visit to Disneyland. I know we ate at some local places nearby, but the only one I remember was the Bob’s Big Boy that was right next to our hotel. I miss Bob’s Big Boy. They had good burgers.

            Few are still left, but all in So-Cal from what I see.

          7. Sapper 9

            I loved Bob’s big boy , one of our local restaurants has one of the old Big Boy statues out front. Lol

            I took my nieces to Disneyland a few years ago, unfortunately, my standards no longer allow me to spend money at pedoland.

          8. Weary Traveler

            The one that was the closest to us was right by a Century Theater complex. If you didn’t overdue it on popcorn, it was a great place to go afterwards for a burger and a shake. Or even before the movie. I miss those days.

    2. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      I wish the time change might be scheduled for 8 pm or even 9 pm. I’m dog tired after staying up until 2 a.m. just to set my clocks back.

        1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

          As I recall, in my day New York didn’t change time. Is that true today? Or am I merely dazed and confused?

    1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      Yet he opposes amnesty for military who were sacked for refusing the jab. Sure has his priorities straight.

      1. Weary Traveler

        That’s what I would expect from a guy who takes inappropriate showers with his own daughter.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Brilliant way for him to turn that right around back on them, since they used that very picture to mock him.

    2. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

      Let’s not be complacent. Get out the vote. They play hardball while we play tiddle winks.

    1. george linker

      That says it is alright to lie in the news and if it is discovered they will later downgrade lying to a misjudgement

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        I am presuming that it’s a joke.
        That being said, Manischewitz once tried to market an item with gefilte fish in it that made zero sense.
        It received alot of negative responses, so I don’t know if they went through with it.

        1. Weary Traveler

          I was referring to one of the comments that was included in the screenshot that called that particular variation of Bamba a “crime against humanity.” It didn’t take much to make the leap to Fauci after that.

    1. george linker

      Why is it that the people never notice that the constitution does not allow for there to be a president yet they are always claiming the constitution?

        1. george linker

          No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President. This statement eliminated the presidency after that generation died off. They intended no king. A president is just a king with a different title.

          1. Sapper 9

            No person EXCEPT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, OR a citizen of the United States , at the time of the adoption of the constitution; this was to allow a person that was a citizen at the time , but, who wasn’t born here to be president, not to prevent future generations of natural born citizens from holding the office.

            This was to “grandfather ” the immigrant citizens into being able to be president , but only the ones here prior to the Constitution.

          2. george linker

            That is not what it says. All one needs to do is remove the part in the commas

            No Person except a natural born Citizen at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.

          3. Sapper 9

            If that was correct, which in my opinion ,it isn’t, the Presidency and Supreme Court would have died out a long time ago, as there would be none eligible to be president and the president nominates justices.

          4. Weary Traveler

            I think what is actually being referred to here by natural born citizen, is say your parents were immigrants who became citizens, had you when they were citizens, making you a natural born citizen.

            So your parents would not qualify for the office, but you would.

          5. Sapper 9

            That is part of the meaning, as that would be covered by natural born citizen, but, it also allowed for immigrants that were here prior to the constitution to be eligible.

          6. george linker

            Basically everyone is following a flawed document. Most don’t even know the constitution was put to a popular vote and was voted down.

  25. bill smith


    On Friday there was a huge windstorm…. power went out for a few hours, but more drastic, my internet service was down until 5 minutes ago!
    Some catching-up to do.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Ah, you’re talking to someone who appreciates those with a sense of humor like myself.
            Truth be told, you post it on the blog manifold.
            Ergo, I thought you were yanking my chain so to speak.

  26. Proud Conservative Mom

    On my way home from choir today, I saw two big signs on the highway in NJ: ” Democrats are Commies.”
    I wish I could have taken a picture of it.
    I was the only one in the car and driving.

    From one of my best friend’s lawn in Passaic: “Had enough? Vote Republican.”

    1. Weary Traveler

      Conservative women by far are way more beautiful than lib women, and unlike lib women, are actually attractive and tend to age much better.

    1. Weary Traveler

      The Fakestinians are worse than a plague. They feed off of the host to kill it, and then what?

          1. Weary Traveler

            This regime would be enough to even make mother Theresa sound more colorful than the NYC Transit System. LOL

  27. Tony

    Playful kitten is found to be neither male nor female because it has NO sex organs in ‘veterinary first’

    Tabby-and-white Hope was originally thought to be a female by Cats Protection

    However the homeless kitten has no sex organs either externally or internally

    A vet said it appears to be a case of agenesis — the failure of an organ to develop

    Not content with changing our kids’ sex, they are messing around with our pet pussy cats now.

    1. Weary Traveler

      On the bright side, it might be useful if you ever decide to apply for a government grant. LOL

  28. Tony

    Eco warriors demand UK pays up to £1 TRILLION in damages for its role in climate change
    You have all been watching the goings on at this COP27 lark in Egypt. They want the “rich” countries to pay compensation to the “poor”
    ones for climate change.
    Can anyone recommend a good brain surgeon ?

    1. Sapper 9

      That was the agenda of the Paris Climate accord, it was a scheme to redistribute wealth from functioning nations to the non-functioning ones.

    1. Tony

      Your Democrats are frightened that Donald Trump is planning to steal your next election. It’s in all the media.

        1. Weary Traveler

          It’s like I say, even if they accidentally stub their toe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night….

        2. diaspora

          Absolutely! Latest research by the Wicked Dems/Leftists have determined that the Titanic was sunk by a Zionist Iceberg /sarc!

    2. Chief Mac

      To LeftTwats the Constitution doesn’t mean a damn thing. The feral government has no authority over elections whatsoever

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      That was a very interesting article.
      I read it in its entirety.

      I agree that RINOS like McConnell and McCarthy don’t want Trump to run again.
      Because Trump is so very popular, they won’t risk saying it.

      Biden*’s entire presidency is a cruel joke on the American people due to a stolen election.

      I opine that the entire Congress will flip red, and Trump will not only run again, but win.

      1. Weary Traveler

        This is also why they keep trying to use DeSantis as a wedge.

        The GOP establishment forgets that most of us have moved on from the parties, and that MAGA is about an America First agenda, and Trump is the front man. People want him to finish what he started.

  29. Tony

    The BBC is facing calls for a public inquiry and potential legal action after a watchdog found “significant editorial failings” in its handling of reports about
    Jewish students being subjected to an antisemitic attack on a London bus.
    Ofcom began an investigation into the broadcaster after complaints by people including the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Chief Rabbi.

    [Further to earlier report]

      1. Tony

        The problem was that they reported the original accusations, but did not report it when the accusations were shown to be wrong. Obvious bias on a sensitive situation, which is unforgivable for a national broadcaster,

    1. AlgorithmicAnalyst

      They are actually interfering in my county, one of only 2 places in California. I have been trying to figure out why 🙂

  30. Proud Conservative Mom

    Ben Shapiro Publicly Scolds Candace Owens For ‘Garbage’ Tweets, Owens Fires Back ‘You Have My Number’

    I really detest Candace.
    I opine that she’s worse than Ruffalo.
    Ruffalo, was at least always honest about who he is, namely a rabid antisemite.

    Candace is a liar and shyster.
    It’s worse than I thought…
    (As per the article.)
    I opine that her time on The Daily Wire is going to be over sooner rather than later.
    What a disgusting person.
    An antisemite dressed up in sheep’s clothing.


    1. Weary Traveler

      The Democrats through their foot soldiers, BLM and Antifa were acting just like the Brown Shirts.

          1. Gary Ritzman

            European cities were built along rivers and often have more than one.
            American cities were also built along rivers and tributaries flowing into larger a larger river or lake.

          2. Gary Ritzman

            Your welcome. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to send you pictures I took. I forgot it was on the Danube.

      1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

        The book “Where You Go I Go” about my dear friend Jacob Eisenbach follows that path.

        1. AlgorithmicAnalyst

          I feel good right now. I got one of those Mike Lindell MyPillows and it helped with my headaches (I was waking up too often with a headache before).

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            Good morning AA!
            That is such AMAZING news!
            TYVM for sharing this information.

            I’m so very joyous that the pillow helped you so very tremendously.

            May Hashem bless you with wonderful days and nights always!

    1. John Gillis

      Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heroes had more backbone!

      He’ll go back on his word soon enough.

      1. Proud Conservative Mom

        Good morning!
        Eretz Yisroel belongs to the Jewish People alone.
        HASHEM gifted that beautiful and holy land to US.
        Those who deny it won’t ever change the truth!

        Bamidbar (Numbers) 23:19 “G-d is not a man that He should lie, nor is He a mortal that He should relent. Would He say and not do, speak and not fulfill?”

        Shmuel Aleph (Samuel l 15:29) “And also, the Eternal (One) of Israel will neither lie nor relent, for He is not a man to relent.”

        Hashem ALWAYS keeps His Promises.

        (Take that, all of you antisemites in the world!)

    1. John Gillis

      That’s pretty transparent of her. Her pandemic record was pretty abysmal, and that’s putting it charitably.

        1. John Gillis

          There is always the option of pelting him with eggs and tomatoes! 😉

          Seriously though, I think a watchdog group should be formed to watch every move ol’ Bill makes and portray him in the most negative light. But unfortunately, Bidet dropped the “N-bomb” in the Senate and was never called to task.

          1. Proud Conservative Mom

            I’d love to be able to do that! LOL!

            I remember reading that Bidet* said that.
            If you think about it, that’s not surprising that he didn’t get called to task.

            The Dems had Robert Byrd as a minority and majority leader of the Senate.

      1. John Gillis

        I’ve seen some people trashing Cheri Beasely signs. I know we’re supposed to take the higher road, but Democrats got away with it for too long. I’m glad that they are getting a dose of their own medicine!

  31. Chief Mac

    Only took half a day but I voted despite the local government fraud attempts. I live in a small town and the mayor has to notify the county that a person is a resident. Well I have lived here for a few years and found out I am not on the voter rolls. Went to the first polling location and found it is not a voting place anymore – no notification at all. Went to the second polling site – not on the city rolls so I could not vote for the mayor, so was directed to the board of elections and told them of the facts and demanded to right to vote. They confirmed I was eligible to vote and directed me back to the second polling place to finally vote. I also filed a criminal complaint against the mayor for voter fraud with the board of elections.

    Voting should not be this hard

    1. Proud Conservative Mom

      Oh my goodness!….

      I once had the issue during Covid when they changed the location and I had to locate it.

      Your story trumps mine totally.

      I’m so sorry that you went through that.
      Kudos to you for sticking to your guns.
      (That didn’t surprise me one iota.)

      Going to Parsha class.

      See you later, Be’Ezras Hashem.

        1. bill smith

          Even in highly Republican states, DEMs control all areas of influence…. charities, election workers, academia, etc…

          1. Weary Traveler

            Where I live it’s the opposite. Especially when you get to the county and city level. It literally becomes a choice between the lesser of the two evils. I would love it if there was a “none of the above” option on the ballots.

          2. Chief Mac

            I saw that Sonoma County is getting feral election monitors to attempt intimidate Republican voters

          3. Weary Traveler

            That doesn’t surprise me. There are two cities in particular that are problem cities in that regard, that seem to be in a race to see who can be the most communist; Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

          4. Weary Traveler

            Count yourself lucky. If not for all the used up old brain dead hippie trash, and the drug addicted homeless that lives there, it would actually be a pretty little town.

          5. Proud Conservative Mom

            That sounds like a really charming place.
            Good grief! 🤦

            Polls close in an hour in NJ.
            In NY, at 9.

            Do you opine that they’ll mysteriously find truckloads of votes in the middle of the night?

            There were two Orthodox Jewish men who were poll watchers at my voting location.

          6. Weary Traveler

            They are trying to pull crap already. They have too much to lose to back off, which is why everyone has to be extra vigilant.

          7. Weary Traveler

            I am sure they are going to try to find a way to “find” more ballots = stall the results. Especially in the battleground states. This is why I am not so sure that the National Guard monitoring 14 states may not be such a bad thing.

          8. Proud Conservative Mom

            That’s precisely what I have been very concerned about — the mysterious ballots that seem to miraculously make an appearance in the dead of night

            I concur absolutely, regarding the National Guard in the battleground states.

          9. Weary Traveler

            No, Santa Cruz gets grief for being a scale model of Berkeley = hippies and homeless, but on the coast. Not even close, when you look at Sebastopol. Sepastopol makes Santa Cruz look like a red state.

          10. Weary Traveler

            Fortunately, Sebastopol is a good hour drive from me. But, I am right next door to Berkeley and Oakland, which is like being in the third world.

          11. Weary Traveler

            Mostly why I want to leave the Bay Area.

            People are much nicer and less pretentious down in the Monterey Bay Area. Carolyn doesn’t want me to leave, because she shays I am among the only two people with a brain she knows.

          12. Weary Traveler

            Probably not. Unless she could ever convince her husband to retire, and then move after passing the business down to their son. Or, she outlives him.

            But the guy doesn’t seem to want to retire. He talks about it at times, but never does many more than that.

          13. Weary Traveler

            That’s exactly what she says.

            Then saying has to live vicariously through me, which is pretty sad if I, of all people, have the life to envy.

          14. Chief Mac

            I retired from Sonoma County in 1996 – Sebastopol is in the western part of the county. I worked for University of California at Santa Cruz which is about 200 miles south of Sonoma County. So I have personal experience in both places

          15. Chief Mac

            Santa Cruz is far to the right of Cesspool. And Santa Cruz was to the left of the Soviet empire

          16. Weary Traveler

            Exactly. More so than you realize. I have actually heard more locals in Santa Cruz saying FJB and pro Trump stuff in local bars and restaurants in Santa Cruz of late than I hear in my own area.

            I should just consider myself luck that the dumb blurts have slowed to a trickle over the past few months.

    1. John Gillis

      I’m sorry to hear that. Leftist media of course would not report it.

      I do hope that the recent turn of events in Israel will make things better for Israelis and in time, when we’ve turned the US around, we’ll improve our relations with Israel.


  32. John Gillis

    You’ll all love this……when I cast my ballot, I noticed a large lesbian trying to take pictures of a voting scanner. One of the poll workers told her she can’t take pictures and she became indignant: “How do we know electricity is going to that machine if there’s no plug?”, she said before storming off.

    Gotta love it!

        1. Weary Traveler

          Not even that. Rockefeller coined that therm way back in the day to create the illusion the supply was finite, when in reality, they are naturally produced by the earth.

          In truth, we would never run out of them.

    1. george linker

      Another one of those sports people who think sports makes them into someone improtant. All he does is dribble on the floor in his underware.

      1. bill smith

        Biden’s speech has already been leaked…. this is (apparently) the only speech that he will be making either late tonight, or tomorrow”

        “on the advice of my lawyer, I invoke my 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination.”

    1. John Gillis

      And Biden is hiring 87,000 IRS agents….hmmmmm!!!!

      I know, just a coincidence, LOL. But Biden would hire these illegals sight-unseen to enforce tax laws with “assault rifles”.

  33. John Gillis

    Good news from my neck of the woods:

    UPDATE 9:06 p.m. ET:

    With 65 percent reporting in North Carolina, Republican Ted Budd has taken the lead in the U.S. Senate race.

    UPDATE 9:05 p.m. ET:

  34. Proud Conservative Mom


      1. Weary Traveler

        It’s all they ever done. Without cheating, they would have gone the way of the Whig party long ago.

  35. bill smith

    Isn’t it the house who decides impeachments?
    If it is, and normal people get a huge majority, I hope they impeach bidet for having bad breath…. just to show what kind of hoax impeachment can be if used for partisan purposes and not with honest intentions.

    1. Weary Traveler

      Yes, the House decides impeachment, but it is the Senate that has the vote whether or not to actually convict.

      1. Sapper 9

        They would never get enough Democrats, unless the Democrats are trying to ditch Bidet, then it would be a favor to the Democrats.

        Impeachment even if unsuccessful would bring the Bidet family’s corruption into the light, and the FIB’s actions to hide it.

    1. Weary Traveler

      With under 30 percent reporting, at worst, Hochul’s lead will be very narrow. But Zeldin could actually still pull this off.

          1. Weary Traveler

            LOL Definitely.

            Hochul is one but many examples of what I always say about how not every criminally insane psycho looks like Charles Manson. Pretend she was never a politician, and you never heard of her, and were shown a picture of her. You would most likely just assume, educated, upper middle class professional whose vices were no worse than just a red wine or two after work.

            Yet, Here she is, and she has committed worse crimes than Charles Manson.

          1. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            Doing well, and you?
            NYC is hopeless, but as I recall, once outside the Big Prune, NY isn’t too bad. Let’s hope.

          2. Weary Traveler

            They actually did elect, and even reelect a Republican mayor before, as did LA at one time. You can’t say that about other large cities like Chicago. Now there’s a place that is hopeless.

          3. John Gillis

            Illinois is forever Blue because of its famed history for its corrupt politics. Al Capone wasn’t as dirty as this lot.

          4. Proud Conservative Mom

            Hanging in there, BH.
            My heart is always very full when I hear that you’re doing well.
            May that continue for many more years to come, Be’Ezras Hashem!

            I’m fascinated to see what will transpire.

          5. Don't press 1 for English (TG)

            I’m going to retire now, hopefully I’ll awaken to find both houses of congress are a bright, glow in the dark, RED.

        1. Weary Traveler

          Not all of us. One of the main reasons I so vehemently reject Christianity, is the notion that we could, or even should pay the wages of the sins of others.

          1. Weary Traveler

            The notion of paying the wages of someone else’s sin is just evil. Such a thing once existed. They were called “whipping boys.”

            What gets under my skin when any you-know-what hits the fan, or looks like it is about to hit the fan, and I hear that “we get what we deserve.” Pardon me, but who the eff is “we?”

            I don’t like being dragged in to the actions of others, for one. As if it isn’t enough that if enough people in a society behave poorly, that those of us not participating in those actions get to get dragged down with the rest, but then when it is said that “we deserve”, that is, without naming me, saying that I deserve what happens next. Or that you, I, or even the one saying “we” does, although is not a part of.

            How is that supposed to work?

            That I always felt as it is adding insult to injury, because it is. This is why I hate collectivism so much.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            It IS adding insult to injury.

            Moreover, how does it make sense that a just G-d holds you accountable for the bad actions of other people?!

            It makes ZERO sense.

            Don’t worry about it.
            Hashem only holds you accountable for what you do or don’t do, alone.
            Trust me on this.

            You can take that to the bank!

  36. Proud Conservative Mom

    Trump’s impeachment manager wins House race in New York
    Democrat Daniel Goldman wins election to U.S. House in New York’s 10th Congressional District, The Associated Press projects.

    Goldman represented the Democrats in the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

    Goldman is another Jew hater.
    I don’t know if he’s Jewish.
    A last name alone means nothing because of intermarriage issues that exist.

      1. Weary Traveler

        Usually when something like that happens, it will be in mid spring, September going in to October if there is a strong enough in air patterns.

        But it can happen if there is a big enough winter storm.

        The only thing unusual about now, is that it was mostly clearing up, with slight rain expected later tonight. But it started pouring for a brief while, and there was the rumble of thunder.

        1. Proud Conservative Mom

          The weather patterns have been bizarre all over.
          I was walking around without even a sweater until today.

          I’m freezing currently. 🥶🥶🥶
          (My body gets effected terribly by the extreme drops in temperature.)
          That’s okay.
          As long as it doesn’t make me sick again.

          In any event, I will survive that, but it ain’t no fun.
          (Apologies for sounding like a kvetch. I’m normally very upbeat.)

          1. Weary Traveler

            I think all of us are sounding a little more like curmudgeons these days, and for good reasons.

          2. Proud Conservative Mom

            Most definitely.

            I’m very grateful that overall I am able to live life with a sense of optimism — and I am no Pollyanna.
            (If I ever even remotely sound like her, I will make an appointment with a psychiatrist.)

            We live in very dark times.

  37. Proud Conservative Mom

    Good night my fellow Vinnyians! 💞💞💞
    If I can exercise some discipline and restraint, I will try to go to sleep 🥱 💤😴.
    I might go to visit my parents tomorrow, Be’Ezras Hashem.

    Sweet dreams, rest well, and wake up feeling incredibly healthy, strong, and pain-free!

    1. John Gillis

      Good night, Rivka! Sweet dreams and hopefully you’ll wake up to a nation put back on the right track!